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Here is some other information my father and I have collected about some Caveys in France. I shall try, one day, to put this information into the page "Cavey's in France". At the present time I give you these information "as is".


  • A Louis Cavey is quoted on the "Registre des gardes nobles de la chambre des comptes de Normandie" ("Register of the noble guards of the Accounts Chamber of Normandy") which collect the names of the Normandy families from 1581 up to 1700.

This book is avaible for reading at : Archives départementales du Calvados, route de Lion sur Mer, 14000 Caen France.

  • Jacques Cavey : was deputy, under the French Revolution (1789), for the county of Saint-Patrice-de-Claids (Manche, Southern-Normandy). It should be underlined that the second deputy for this county was Guillaume Michel de la Lande (see what I wrote about Marquis du Four de la Londe on Caveys in Belgium & India page).
  • More than one Cavey, particularly those who where members of the clergy, have migrate to Jersey (Jersey is one of the British Chanel Islands just in front of Normandy) during the French Revolution (1789). I never went there but I have been told that some of them are buried there and that their graves are still visible.
  • According to the "Archives departementales de la Manche" (Notary public archives), The 24th of May 1698, a marriage settlement happened between Michel BERTAULT, son of Jean and Gilette GOUYSALL and Simone CAVEY, daughter of Nicolas CAVEY and (_____) BANEVILLE, in the presence of Jean BERTAULT, father of the above Michel and (____) LADILAGE and Jacques CAVEY and (____) CAVEY, uncle of the girl.

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