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From :



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 6th June 2013


Due to the loss of my mother, I have been far away from home in May and I am just finding your mail today.

Nigel Phillips seems to be no longer in the family list as far as I can see.


Best regards.


Maureen Bradley
(Australia) 23th April 2013.

Your web site on the Caveys is amazing!  Is there any way of contacting Nigel Phillips concerning George Cavey and Son’s shares. George Cavey was my Great Uncle.


Maureen Bradley
(Australia) 22th April 2013.

One of my anceasters was:
Earnest Cavey Born 1869. My Grandfather Lived 21 Ancona Rd.
Plumstead S. E. 18 London England.

Related to George Cavey & Sons As a young child was taken to see an ailing Uncle George.His only daughter intelectually challenged!

Other members of family,from family Bible:

  • Robert Cavey 1836
  • Elizabeth Cavey 1841
  • Earnest Cavey 1869
  • Florence Cavey 1871
  • Eliya Lily 1874
  • Ellen Cavey 1877
  • Winefred Cavey 1880
  • Edmond George Cavey 1883

Does this have a connection with Nigel Phillip's search for George Cavey?

Our family now live in Australia and would have been hard to find. We come from Plumstead England .


Delcie May Robinson
(Australia) 7th June 2012

Chris Ski,Sarah

Alice is my mother's sister having been a Cavey, I may be able to help you re Edward Cavey who married Emma Linford. The home is to have an historical sign errected on 17th June 2012 at their home at Cargarie, Victoria,would be wonderful if you could be there.

Regards Delcie.


Denis Lincoln Cavey (Australia) 15th June 2011  

My grandfather was Harry Cavey who immigrated from England in 1913 with his defacto Fanny Webster (nee Swain) Harry was born in 188 1Horsell-Surrey England to Henry Cavey and Eliza Legg.

Harry married Fanny Webster in 1929 and registered all the births of his children in Western Australia in 1929 and he died in 1933 of his war wounds from World War 1


Seymour Jacobson
(Australia) 11th May 2011

A Terry Cavey was a great friend of mine at Selhurst Grammar School, in Croydon, 1953-1959

I left the UK soon after and lost touch with him. I believe he went to Reading University but they have no records

I have been searching for him for some time and would ask if you know of anyone matching that description

Kind regards from Downunder.


Chris Ski
(Australia)13th August 2010

Hi Sarah!

Alice Cavey is my grandmother, her parents, Edward Cavey & Emma Linford are my gt grandparents. Edward was born in Birkshire England in 1853 & Emma was born in Melbourne in 1862.

I have been able to trace Emma's family back but I am having trouble with Edward's parents. I have Edward or Edmond for his father and his mum as Ellen Walson or Watson. I have no date of birth for either of them.

Any information is much appreciated.

When reading through the Cavey site, there is a Delcie May Robinson who's mum would have been my father's aunty.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


Faisal Grant
(Australia) 26th July 2010

Dear People at Cavey Family Worldwide Society, I'm trying to track down Ann Schreer, who has the same g g g grandmother as myself, Elizabeth Urry. Her email address ( ) seems to have been shut down.

Is there any way you could pass on my email and me email address to her please?

Gratefully yours,


Denis Cavey
(Australia) 20th January 2009

To Brian and Barbara Elphick.

 I have heard from your sister Bev.Laz that you are also doing the Cavey Family Tree. Please contact me on (08)9276 2405 so we can match information for I grew up with all the Cavey's and still know a few.


Denis Cavey
(Australia) 6th January 2009

There are no names like that in my files or photos of the Caveys I am only interested in the Caveys that migrated to Western  Australia in the Early 1900s.


Denis Cavey
(Australia) 6th January 2009

At the moment i am only interested in the Caveys that migrated to Western Australia from England in the early 1900s.


Denis Cavey
(Australia) 6th January 2009


There are Caveys all over the world and at the moment I am only interested in the Caveys that came from England in the early 1900


Brian Alan Elphick
(Australia) 14th September 2008


Brian Alan Elphick email address is [Click...]

Please click on this email address.  Waiting to hear from you.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 14th September 2008

Sorry Brenda, but I do not store any e-mail addresses except those which are in this list.


Brenda Barnes (Cavey)
(Australia) 14th September 2008

I am trying to contact Brian Alan Elphick as I think he may be a cousin but the email address is incorrect can you send me his full address so I can make contact with him.

Denis Cavey
(Australia) 10th September 2008

There are several relations of Charles, Queenie, Percy , Grace , Silvia, Robert and Merle Cavey who lived in Bayswater /Bassendean area for many years .

The families were never very close and drifted apart over the years


Brian and Barbara Elphick
(Australia) 1st September 2008


Thank you for including us with the Cavey group.....much appreciated. Please 'invite' us so we can join in as per Yahoo's instructions.

My husband Brian Alan Elphick was born in Western Australia.  His mother was Queenie Violet Cavey.  We believe that is the correct spelling of the last name.  Queenie was born in Woking in Surrey.  Her father was Harry Cavey (was that his first name or middle - we only know him as Harry).  Harry and Queenie and children came out to Australia in approx 1914.  They arrived in Western Australia and went to Marvel Loch which is a mining town southeast of Southern Cross.  Harry Cavey took part in a major underground mining disaster - he was part of the rescue team.  A group photo of the rescuers is in the museum in Southern Cross.  We would dearly love to find out which person in the photo is Harry.


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 1st September 2008

Hi yes I did send over for the Marriage of Selina Eleanor Cook, Married:1 Frank Edwin George CAVEY in 1896. They had a Son Born March 1898, Woolwich, called Frank Edwin G. CAVEY. Frank Edwin George, Selina's Husband Frank Died: 27yrs Sept: 1900, Medway. Selina Married 2: Alfred Henry TREW, this name can be spelt TRUE, also. 1901 Census: 100, Glyndon Road,Plumstead,London, Woolwich. TREW family:

Alfred Henry TREW, 25yrs, Born 1876, Newington Sry, Shell Fitter (Gun) Len ( Selina Hellen, 24yrs,Born: 1877, Plumstead.

Frank E.C. CAREY TREW, Born: 1898.
Married:Frank Edwin George CAVEY,21yrs, Bachelor, April 8th 1918, St. Marks Church,Plumstead. Father: Frank CAVEY, Deceased, Occupation, Clerk.M: Vera Annie MORGAN, 22yrs,Spinster, Lived 6 Roydens Road, Father: George James Blunckard MORGAN, Stoker. Witness's" William John MORGAN and May Evelyn JOHNSON.

BIRTHS: June 1924, CAVEY, Frank Edwin George, Mother: MORGAN, Thanet, 2a- 1731.

December 1900 :Marriage CAVEY, Selina Helena, Woolwich 1d- 2071, Married:
TREW, Alfred Henry, Woolwich. 1d- 2071.
With all the Spelling being wrong, it has been quite hard to work all this out, but as you can see how it should be spelt.

Selina COOK's Mother was Isabella JOHNSON, who was my Great Grandfathers Sister.They were all Born in Plumstead,Kent,England.

What a Jigsaw to work out but I am sure that this is right now.

Noeline Kiwi in Brisbane.

[Note of the Editor] : note that Plumstead is the town where the tokens of G. Cavey & Sons store was located. Consequently I would recommend Noeline to get in touch with Nigel Philips in UK.


Delcie May Robinson
(Australia) 20th August 2008

I was traveling in Queensland and visited a Charters Towers cemetery and came across the grave of Benjamin Cavey native of kent England aged 36 years.

I wondered if he was related to my Grandfather Edward Cavey who died 1917.


Delcie May Robinson
(Australia) 20th August 2008

My mother Pricilla (maiden Cavey) married John Edward Humphries. Pricilla's parents names Emma Linford father Edward Cavey. I married Ormond Buckingham Robinson now deceased. My mother's siblings are Alice William Emmett Alfred Elizabeth.


Brian Alan Elphick
(Australia) 12th June 2008

Reference Charles Harry Victor Cavey who would be my Uncle Charlie who is the brother of my  late Mother Queenie Violet Elphick (nee Cavey). I believe my Mother Queenie was born in Woking Surrey UK. She came out to Australia approx 1914 with her Mother Fanny and Fanny's partner Harry Cavey. Also the sisters (Grace, Merle, Sylvia) and brothers (Bob and Percy)came to Australia at the same time. They all went to Marble Lock, Western Australia.  Marble Lock is south of Southern Cross. Other sisters and brothers who died in their early years in Western Australia I believe to be Daisey, Alan and David. There was another sister Elsie who stayed behind in England but came to Australia at a later date.


Brenda Barnes (nee Cavey)
(Australia) 1st June 2008

My father was Percy Kitchener Cavey, he was born on 8th May, 1915 in WA not long after his father Harry & mother Fanny Cavey arrived here from the UK.

He had five sisters and 2 brothers. I would like to get in touch with any other relatives out there.


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 1st January 2008

Hi I would like to be connected to your Site as I have a Frank Edwin CAVEY, Married :elina Eleanor COOK.1896.March.

Can you please explain how to get onto your sight with my records please. I have had your emails sent to me, but I am not sure as to what to do?

Best regrads, Noeline Mullins Kiwi in Brisbane,Australia


Patricia McGufficke
(Australia) 20th November 2007

To Mike JOB:

I have a James Cavey b March 1822 in Sussex to John Cavey and Mary Bowlin.  James arrived in Sydney aboard the barque "Morayshire" of 316 tons on 20 May 1839 under Master Lamotte with his widowed Mother and 5 siblings.

James married 1844 at St Lawrence’s Church of England, Sydney, Ann Ashmead, b.1822 but Ann died 24 May 1846 in Chippendale, NSW.  Their children were Mary b.1844 d. 23 Feb 1846 and James G. b.23 Apr 1846 d. 18 Dec 1846.

James was a labourer when his son, James, was born in 1846.  His death is not recorded in NSW, so he could well be “your” James.

Mary CAVEY’s Will was signed and dated at Enfield on 26 April 1856.  Witnesses were Thomas Hughes of Strawberry Hill and Humphrey Richardson, Botany Road, Redfern.  Thomas Hughes, householder of Strawberry Hill, Sydney, and Thomas Bateup, carrier, of Chippendale were Executors of the Will.  Mary's houses, land and premises were to be sold by Public Auction or private contract and the balance after payment of funeral and other expenses were to be divided as follows: a quarter share of her estate to her sons Stephen, James, “AT PRESENT IN TASMANIA” and Thomas and the remaining quarter share to her grandchildren, Sarah, George and William Fotheringham of Pyrmont.  Her grandchildren's share was to be invested until the youngest reached the age of 21 years.

Please contact me as I would love to know more about your wife’s CAVEY family.  I have quite an amount of information on various CAVEY lines in Australia and in Sussex.


Patricia McGufficke


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 2nd October 2007

Hi everyone, I have just got back in my snail mail a Certificate I sent over to England for. Now if anyone has anymore info on this family I would love to have it. This is the Certificate. The Father on this Marriage Was also Frank CAVEY He Married My Selina Eleanor COOK. Which is my JOHNSON family.Here is the certificate:

St. Marks Church, Parish of Plumstead,County,London.

1918 Marriage:
08 April 1918. Frank Edwin George CAVEY, 21yrs, Bach: Labourer, 6 Roydene Road, Father: Frank CAVEY,  Deceased, Clerk.

Vera Annie MORGAN, 22yrs,Spinster, 6 Roydene Road, Father: George James Bluckard MORGAN,Occ: Stoker.

Church of England. Signatures of Witness's: William John MORGAN and May Evelyn JOHNSON.
I am now looking for sibblings of this family.
Hope this can help someone and also find me more of my families.This is proof of my family.

Best Regards,

Noeline kiwi in Brisbane


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 1st September 2007


I am sending over in a few weeks for a Marriage certificate of Frank Edwin George CAVEY's, Marriage so hopefully that will help me get more info and show that what I have found is correct.


Lucinda Cavey
(Australia) 24 May 2007


Hello my Name is Lucinda Tamara Cavey

Yes i am a Cavey.

My Father is  a Cavey, He is a Cavey his Name is Peter Thomas Cavey, We live in Australia, and i come across this web page and was wondering if you know of any Peter Caveys that live in Australia, NSW in the Enterance up north of Sydney. I think My Father would be happy to find out more about his Heritage and so would i

If you can get back to me asap I would be more then Happy

Thank you


Mike Job
(Australia) 30 March 2007

Hi, I am looking for help on the Australian Caveys.

My wife is descended from James Cavey who married Martha Macdonald 17 Sep 1850 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

James died on 8 Feb 1883 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and his death record shows his age as 59 and his place of birth as England giving his birth as about 1824 . James was a publican in Tasmania and his occupation on his death certificate is "Malster".

I cannot find any record of James coming to Australia.


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 12 October 2006

Hi well I would like  to do that. And I must say thanks for asking as I have people just take my info without asking and I wouldn't do that to anyone.

Thanks for this let me know what you would like and what you have?

I do have a few census amd Marriage etc.

Regards, Noeline in Brisbane

Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 9 October 2006

Hi I have some of my records of the CAVEY family.
1896 Marriage: Registry Office, Woolwich, London.
GROOM: Frank Edwin CAVEY, 03 March 1896. 23yrs Bachelor, Writer at the Royal Arsenal. ADDRESS: 1 Griffin Road,Plumstead, FATHER:Ambrose CAVEY, Civil

BRIDE:Selina Eleanor COOK, AGE: 18yrs, Res: 252 High Street, Plumstead.
FATHER: George COOK. Occ: Labourer at Royal Arsenal. Witnesses: Edward and
Annie PRICE.

The family of my Frank Edwin CAVEY.1881 census.
Address: 112 Plumstead Road, Plumstead,Kent.England.

Ambrose CAVEY,Head M,M, 52yrs Wickham, Kent.OCC: Foreman Control Dept Royal
Sarah CAVEY Wife,F,M, 52yrs ,Welling,Kent,
Frederick CAVEY,Son, Unm.M, 21yrs, Plumstead,Kent, Writer Royal Arsenal.
Walter CAVEY, Son, Unm,M, 17yrs Plumstead,Kent., Messenger Royal Arsenal.
Lucy CAVEY, Dau F, 14yrs, Plumstead, Dressmakers App.
Kate CAVEY, Dau,F, 12yrs,Plumstead, Kent, Scholar
Arthur CAVEY, Son, M, 10yrs, Plumstead,Kent. Scholar.
Frank CAVEY, Son, M,8yrs, Plumstead,Kent, Scholar.

1901 Census:
Ambrose CAVEY,Head, Born abt 1829, Welling,Kent.
Sarah CAVEY,Wife Born abt. 1830. Welling.Kent.
Arthur CAVEY,Plumstead, London, Son,Born abt 1873.

This family is connected to the JOHNSON and COOK family of Plumstead,Kent
Parents of Selina Eleanor COOK ,
Parents: George COOK and Selina JOHNSON.

[Note of the Editor] There is, obviously, a link between Noeline family and the G. and Sons tokens I have found on the eBay.


Ian B Clarke
(Australia) 24 April 2006

Dear Jean-Luc,

I stumbled across your site when looking for information on Lord Cave, and have found it interesting – well done.

 I was always led to believe that Wyamus de Cave was a close associate of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  He and his descendants stayed in England and went on to onto become Lord Cave in perpetuity (Now Lord Verney – Cave).  I was told that we are descendants, however there is also talk that our family is descended from an affair of lady Sarah Cave in the early 1800’s, as Lord Cave was very elderly when they married.  

Regards, Ian B Clarke. South Australia. {ianbclarke at}.


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 18 April 2006

Hi I have noticed on your site you have Violet CAVEY who Married Eric SEARS. Do you have anymore info at all on this Marriage. Also I have CAVEYS in my Family from England that Married my JOHNSON family

Could you email me in regards to my request.

Regards Noeline Mullins kiwi in Brisbane


Noeline Mullins
(Australia) 3 November 2005

Hi I am Noeline Mullins, Brisbane, Australia. I am a New Zealander living in Brisbane.

I would like to put my CAVEY Family on your site please. Here is proof of my family.

1871 Census:128 Plumstead Road.
Woolwich,Plumstead,Kent, England.
Ambrose CAVEY, Head,42yrs Foreman Control, Dept. AR, Bn Kent,Welling.
Sarah, Wife, 42yrs. Kent ,Welling
Frederick, Son 11yrs, Scholar, Kent, Plumstead
Walter,Son, 7yrs,Scholar.Kent.Plumstead
Lucy,Daur, 4yrs, Kent Plumstead.
Arthur,Son, 5mths, Kent, Plumstead
Kate, Daur,2yrs, Kent,Plumstead

1881 Census:
112 Plumstead Road, Woolwich,Plumstead,Kent.
Ambrose CAVEY,Head,52yrs,Foreman Control, Dept R. Arsenal, Wickham,Kent.
Sarah,Wife 52yrs Kent. Welling.
Frederick, Son, Unm, 21yrs, Writer R. Arsenal, Kent,Plumstead
Walter,Son, Unm,17yrs, Messenger R. Arsenal, Kent,Plumstead
Lucy, Daur, 14yrs Dressmakers Apprentice, Plumstead,Kent.
Kate Daur, 12yrs Scholar,Kent,Plumstead
Arthur,Son 10yrs Scholar,Kent,Plumstead
Frank, Son,8yrs Scholar,Kent,Plumstead. ( Mine )

1901 Census:
Woolwich,Plumstead,London. 1 Griffen Road.
Ambrose CAVEY, Head,72yrs. Living on Own Means,kent,Welling
Arthur,Son, S,28yrs, Clerk Royal Arsenal, London, Plumstead

This is my connection:
1896 Register Office, District of Woolwich,London. 03 Mar 1896
Frank Edwin CAVEY, 23yrs Bach,Writer Royal Arsenal, 1 Griffen Road, Plumstead, Father: Ambrose CAVEY, Civil Pensioner.

Married: Selina Eleanor COOK, 18yrs, 252 High Street, Plumstead, Father: George COOK, Labourer Royal Arsenal.
Witness's: Edward PRICE and Annie PRICE.

Selina Eleanor COOK,is the Daughter of my Selina Eleanor JOHNSON. who was Born 1857
Daughter:Selina Eleanor COOK ,
Born: 1877,Plumstead,Kent,England.

I cannot find Frank Edwin CAVEY and his wife Selina Eleanor CAVEY, (Cook) in the 1901 census. They just seemed to have disapeared. Could you please let me know if I could put this tree on your site.


Denise England
(Australia) 22 january 2005

Hi just found this site for my mum who is a Cavey from Australia. She would like to know if anyone has any information on her father Charles Harry Victor Cavey born 19th October 1912.

His place of birth shows Surrey England maybe registered there his birth certificate shows Lincolnshire.

He had 4 sisters Queenie, Sylvi,Grace & Meryl and 2 brothers Percy & Bob I'm not sure where they were born if in Australia or England.


Karen Gaitskell
(Australia) 24 April 2004


I have been looking through your CAVEY site on the internet and have found it very interesting. I would like to send you some of what I have on my CAVEY line to see if anyone is following my pathway. My name is Karen Gaitskell. My Grandmother was a Avice/Avis Hilda CAVEY before she married and then became Mrs George Tom Emanuel SHELTON.

Avice Hilda CAVEY b30 May 1896, Bells Lane, Tenterton, Kent England. She died 4 Feb 1975 Perth, Weswtern Australia. She was the seventh child of William Levi CAVEY and Maude Frances (Fanny) HODGES. Avice/Avice other brothers and sisters were: Florence, Charles Levi, William Herbert, Percival Ernest, Albert Edwin(Bertie), Frederick Stanley, Maud Marion, Winifred Mirial and Frank.

William Levi (known as Levi) and Maude HODGES married 1884, Susex, England.
William Levi was born 1858 Peasmarsh, Sussex, Kent, England and died 29 March 1939, Perth, Western Australia.
He was the first born of four children. The others being: Caroline Rebecca, Thomas and Steven.
Their parents were Steven CAVEY and Charlotte CLARK married 1857 Peasmarsh, Sussex, England.
Steven CAVEY's parents were William Cavey born 1784 Beckley, Sussex, Eng. and Rebecca REEVES. They were married 1815 Staplehurst, Kent, Eng.

Steven was the fifth child of this marriage. The others being: Samuel, Caroline,Emma and Thomas
I was also sent some info that William CAVEY b 1784 was possibly married before he met Rebecca. First wife being Elizabeth unknown in 1807.

Maybe someone will be able to add some info to my tree?

My email is

Many thanks for your time


Faye Andison
(Australia) 23 January 2004

I would like to contact Joyce Downs of Okato to say hello, we used to visit Caveys a lot, and Joyce looked after us while mum was away, I don't know how I got on to this but it bought back many memories.

My e-mail is mickandi at Faye Andison [Hynes NP] now in Queensland Australia.


Pat Armidale
(Australia) 5 August 2003
  THOMAS CAVEY Born TYSUS, Sussex Served in 4th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 40

Covering Years 1813-1836. Reference for records WO 97/260/16.

Thought someone may know where he fits in.

Pat, Armidale, NSW


John Nerurker
(Australia) 3 June 2003
  I was wondering whether you might be able to help.

I was a school friend with Andrew Cavey in Epsom Surrey. We both left in 1984 and have since lost touch. In 1991 I migrated to Australia and am keen to get in touch with Andrew. Do you by any chance have any contact details?

Thank you


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 16 April 2003

I have found this site in Australia :

Erindra Pty Limited

I would suggest that Australian Caveys have a look on the Caveys that are listed there and, if there is a connection, send appropriate information to the owner of the site (Robyn ARKINSTALL).


Naomi Cavey
(Australia) 30 September 2001


Hi Jean-Luc

I Live in Australia and Sonia is married to my first cousin Jon, Gordon is our uncle.

He [ Gordon] is one of 7 sons and 1 daughter from Taranaki in New Zealand, So there is a tribe of us now all spread out in NZ, Australia, Europe Britain and Asia.


Naomi Cavey
(Australia) 30 September 2000

Hi im Naomi Cavey, from NSW Australia

My email address is


Jenny Jones
(Australia) 25 July 2000

Thank you very much for your help but being a novist at all of this I am somewhat confussed. I am not sure what I need to do now. In addition to not being very familiar with England and the surrounding districts etc.

I have, over the past few days, been able to extract some further information from my family but it still isn't much to go on.

Grandfather: John George Cavey
DOB 2/11/1885-7? Peasmarsh? Sussex
Died 29/7/1945 Tudley Nr Tonbridge

Married ?/8/1920

Bessie Charlotte Huggins
DOB 1/8/1898?
Died ?/4/1985

If it isn't too rude could I ask for some guidance please. Where do I go next? What do I do?



Jenny Jones
(Australia) 22 July 2000

I now have further information on my grandfather

John George Cavey
Born 2/11/1885 (we think)
Died 29/7/1945

Married ?/8/1920 (we think)
Bessie Charlotte Huggins
Born 1/8/1898 (we think)
Died ?/4/1985


Jenny Jones
(Australia) 22 July 2000
  I am a little lost and attempting to trace my mothers ancestors. I am not sure where to start or what to do but I noticed your site and thought you might either be able to direct me or by chance could be related.

I have little information to go on but I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Cavey John George
Born 2/11/?
Sussex England

Bessie Charlotte Cavey (Nee Huggins)
Born 1/8/?

John Henry Cavey
Born 3/12/1921
Paddockwood England

Dorothy Eileen Cavey (My mother) Married: Frederick Edward Jones
Born 10/3/1925
Paddockwood England

George Edward Cavey
Born 24/5/1927
Tudeley England

James Alfred Cavey
Born 9/6/1929
Tudeley England

Reginald Cavey
Sussex England???

Annie Cavey
Born ?
Sussex England?????

Elizabeth Cavey
Born ?
Sussex England ????

Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Jenny Jones


Frank Clavey
(Australia) 14 April 2000

Dear Sir:

My name is Frank CLAVEY and as your last name is CAVEY, I am wondering if there is a connection, my search of my family roots are mainly around Sommerset, England and believe that the early Clavey's may have come : from France around the fifteenth centuary.

Your comments would be greatfully recieved.



Patricia McGufficke
(Australia) 19 August 1999


Many of us are interested in your father's family tree. Could you possibly post it on the web so that we all have access????

I am one of the Caveys from the Midwest. Our Cavey ancestors are of Irish descent and hail from County Clare, Ireland.



Patricia McGufficke
(Australia) 17 August 1999


If you are excited about the Australian connection, imagine how excited I am finding you all "out there"! With the help of my mother and father, I've been researching the name since 1983, but once we'd traced our roots to England, it became a lot more difficult. My mother is very happy to hear the news, unfortunately, my Dad, whose grandmother was a Charlotte Cavey, passed away in 1994.

I will be thrilled to receive a copy of the Family Tree from your father. My mailing address is:

Patricia McGufficke
345 McMillans Road
ANULA NT Australia 0812

Alison, you mentioned Mary (who first came to Australia) - do you have any information on her and her family? I have tracked back a ways on her BOWLIN/HOLDEN family, and I can also fill in lots of blanks about Cavey family groupings in Australia. There were 32 baptisms and births listed in the NSW registrations from 1842 to 1900. Does everyone want my family groupings, even those for the Cavey females?

Thomas Cavey, b. Nov. 1819, married Elizabeth Meek in Sydney in 1846. The Meeks were a prominent family in Sydney, and the following references were obtained from unsourced and undated newpaper articles on the Marrickville Municipality (a local government council) held in the Mitchell Library (the State Library of NSW):

Mrs Cavey (nee Meeks) 11 May 1825 5o 28 June 1907, aged 82 years. She sailed for Australia on her 13th birthday. Landed in Sydney 7 January 1839 and taking a bullock team started on their journey to Wardell's Bush. Her husband died in 1868. (This was Elizabeth Meek).

'Myrtlebanke', Myrtle Street, Meeks Estate Marrickville, Miss Cavey, late Assistant teacher at Tempe College will reopen the school at the above address 18 January, ?? Children under 10 preferred. Piano taught.

In loving memory of my dear husband and our father and grandfather, who departed this life 20 July 1922. His wife and children Alick, Ethel and Eva and grandsons, Arthur and Fred Rushbook. (Refers to John Cavey and Elizabeth Schwebel)

Marriage of William Cavey, 4th son of the late Thomas Cavey, Marrickville to Ellinor Morris at All Saints Church of England, Petersham on February 30 1889.

Edward Cavey, died 31 October 1917, an old Marrickville resident and employee of Marrickville Municipal Council's Works Department for 11 years. A former employee of William Moyes.

I found 6 CAVEYS listed in the 1851 Census for Beckley, Sussex (however I don't have that material readily available as my database is on a PAF Macintosh program and my Mac is almost dead (and not Y2K compliant). I have a new PC but have not yet had my material copied acoss. I don't even know if it is possible without a lot of work.

I've been re-reading postings to this group going back to April 1999 hoping to pick up additional information. Originally I'd not given it too much attention, seeing most information was centred in France. Before writing this message, I've been trying to find all my background material, as over the years I've corresponded with various people, who will also be excited to hear our news.

That's it for now.

Best wishes to you all,


Patricia McGufficke
(Australia) 13 August 1999

It's not very often that messages about English Caveys appear. Alison's message mentioned Caveys from Kent and Sussex and that really caught my attention.

My Cavey line who came from Beckley, in East Sussex, are highlighted below:

From Beckley Parish Registers.


THOMAS CAVEY, chr. 1 June 1755, marr. Mary Baker at Beckley on 18 May 1778.

THOMAS CAVEY, ch. 10 June 1780, Beckley, marr. Dianah Boullin (Bowlin)
MARY CAVEY, chr. 15 Feb 1782, marr. John Russell, 26 Dec. 1805
WILLIAM CAVEY, chr. 10 Oct. 1784, marr. Elizabeth 4 May 1807, Beckley
JOHN CAVEY, chr. 31 Dec. 1786, marr. MARY BOWLIN* 2 Nov. 1810 (John's occupation was given as Farmer on Thomas' death certificate)

MARY CAVEY, b. Feb 1815, marr. 1840 Alexander Fotheringham, d. 1848, Sydney
STEPHEN CAVEY, b. Sep. 1817, d. 1879, Kogarah, NSW
THOMAS CAVEY, b. Nov. 1819, Rye, Parish of Sussex, marr. 5 Jan 1846 ELIZABETH MEEK, St Peters, Tempe, NSW, Australia. died 25 August 1868, Marrickville, NSW

JOHN, b. 1846, marr. Elizabeth Schwebel 1879, d. 20 Jul 1922

ELIZABETH MARY ANN CAVEY b. 1879, marr 1900 Charles A T Rushbrook Arthur Fred
LESLIE JOHN CAVEY, b. 1887, d. 28 Jan 1890
ETHEL M CAVEY, b. 1892
EVA M CAVEY b, 1897, d. 12 May 1938&nbsp

JAMES, b. 1847, marr. 1879 Anne Elizabeth Morris

JANE E. CAVEY, b. 1881
HILDA M CAVEY, b. 1893, d. 1894

MARY, b. & d. 1848, NSW
MARY Ann, b. 1849, d. 1865, NSW
THOMAS CAVEY, b. 1852, marr. 1878 Eleanor Lawrence

WILLIAM T CAVEY, b. 1882, marr. 1905 Dorathea C H Fickel, b. 1886
(seven children)
PININAH CAVEY, b. 1884, d. 1890
SARAH F. CAVEY b. 1888, d. 1890
MARY A.M. CAVEY, b. 1890
EDITH O CAVEY, b. 1898

WILLIAM CAVEY, b. 1854, marr. 2 Feb 1889 Eleanor Morris, Petersham, NSW, d. 28 Sep. 1902


EDWARD CAVEY, b. 1856, marr. 1878 Sarah Ann Jones, d. 31 Oct. 1917

FLORENCE MAY CAVEY, b. 1880, d. 1900

CHARLOTTE CAVEY, b. 21 June 1858, Petersham NSW, marr. 13 Sep. 1884 CLEMENT DYER at Marrickville, NSW,&nbsp d. 2 March 1933, Bexley, NSW

REUBEN DYER b. 1885, d. 1885
IDA MARY DYER, b. 7 August 1887, marr. 11 Feb. 1911
WILLIAM PATTEMORE-DUTTON at Surry Hills, NSW, d. 27 September 1974, Bexley, NSW

GLADYS MARY DUTTON, b. 1911, marr. 1935 Archibald Lucas
WILLIAM HENRY DUTTON, b. 9 Feb. 1914 Rockdale, NSW, marr. 24 Feb. 1940, Phyllis Merle Elliott, Bexley, NSW,&nbsp d. 27March 1994, Wahroonga, Sydney

PATRICIA DUTTON, b. 19 Aug. 1942, Kogarah, NSW, marr. 1962 (1) Douglas John McGufficke, (2) 1983 Peter John Edwards

GRAEME NEAL McGUFFICKE, b. 6 Mar. 1964, Camperdown, NSW, marr. 6 Oct. 1990 Karla Mari1e Weidner,&nbsp Champaign, Illinois, USA.

MEGAN WEIDNER McGUFFICKE, b. 27 Jul 1994, Greenville, S.C. USA
IAN WEIDNER McGUFFICKE, b. 12 Sep. 1997, Greenville, S.C. USA

ROBYN LOUISE McGUFFICKE, b. 16 Feb. 1964, Camperdown, NSW, marr. (1) Graeme Frederick Trezise 14 Feb. &nbsp 1987, Darwin, Australia (2) Andre Stuyt, June 1998, London, England.

JUSTIN LEIGH TREZISE, b. 14 Aug. 1987, Darwin
RHYS JAMES TREZISE, b. 15 Aug. 1990, Darwin

NEVILLE KEITH DUTTON, b. 23 Jul 1926 Bexley, NSW, marr. 1948 Norma Asquith, d. 1 October 1991, Belmont, NSW

ETHEL E. DYER, b. 1889, d. 1890
DAVID THOMAS DYER, b. 8 Jan. 1892, marr. 1916 Juanita Fairbairn, d. 1972
WILFRED J. DYER, b. 19 Nov. 1894, marr. Daisy?

STEPHEN, b. 1860, d. 1863
SARAH, b. 1861, d. 1862
STEPHEN, b. 1863, d. 1866
ROBERT TUNNAH b. 1865, d. 1866
MARGARET ANN, b. 12 Oct. 1867, marr. 1893 Arthur James Hillier, d. 2 Oct 1921, Marrickville, NSW

THOMAS GEORGE SCHWEBEL CAVEY, b. 21 July 1884, marr. Eunice Eleanor M. Nelson
ARTHUR JAMES HILLIER, b. 14 Mar 1894, d. 7 Dec. 1894
MARGARET ANN HILLIER, b. 29 Oct. 1895, marr. Ernest Rodger
ELIZABETH DOROTHY HILLIER, b. 10 Oct. 1897, d. 9 Sep. 1898
CHARLOTTE MARIE HILLIER, b. 20 Sep. 1899, marr. 30 Jul 1921 Frank Dench
WILLIAM RICHARD HILLIER, b. 31 Oct. 1904, marr. 17 Mar 1941 Winifred Evelyn Hallinan

BARBARA, b. Jan. 1821, d. 1847
JAMES b. Mar 1822, marr. 1844, Ann Ashmead, b. 1824, d. 1848

MARY CAVEY, b. 1844, d. 1848
JAMES G CAVEY, b. 1846, marr. 1879 Anne Elizabeth Morris

SARAH, b. Sep. 1826, marr. 1850 Joseph Smith, d. 1902

ELIZABETH, chr. 22 March 1789, marr. Jesse Fielder, 7 May 1813

SAMUEL CAVE, chr. 30 Oct. 1757 at Beckley.

* Mary and her 6 children left Gravesend, England, on 20 October 1838 for Sydney on board the "Juliana", a 549 tons barque government immigration ship. The "Juliana" was wrecked at Green's Point, Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope on 19 January 1939 after a voyage of 90 days. Some of the surviving passengers, including Mary and her children, continued on the barque "Morayshire", which arrived in Sydney on 20 May 1839. The "Morayshire's" master was Master Lamett/Lamotte and the ship was 316 tons, from Cape of Good Hope. Source: Vol. 21 shipping Records, Shipping Arrivals, 1826-1840.

Mary was registered as a member of the Church of England, could read and write and was a laundress.

I have information on other family groups, including: BOWLIN, MEEK, DUTTON, DYER, PATTEMORE.

Hopefully, someone out there may connect.

Best wishes, Pat McGufficke, Darwin, Australia


Troels Kjaer
(Greenland) 11 February 1999

I just found you site, and itīs good. I am looking for a Cavey family from Gulgong, NSW, australia. They have family in New Zealand. I was an exchange student in 1989.


Ron. G. Kitchenn
(Australia) 11 November 1997

It may be a small matter of interest for you to know that the Melbourne (Vic) Australia telephone directory has 12 "Cavey".

I have not approached any of them to tell them of your home page, but may be able to telephone some of them in due course.

My wife (nee Cavey) is not aware of any connection with any of them.


Patricia McGufficke
(Australia) 2 September 1997
  My great grandmother was a Cavey whose parents were born in England. I will provide you other details later.
Ron. G. Kitchenn
(Australia) 28 July 1997

I am not aware of any U.S. connection - but then, there's so much I'm not aware of! My wife's maiden name was Cavey, and we haven't been able to go very far back in tracing the family, all of which are in UK, based in late 1800s in or near Plumstead, Kent, to the east of London. Here's an outline, in which I've put in the known dates and places :

  1. William Henry Cavey : married Charlotte Candey; they had a daughter Charlotte Caroline, born at Plumstead in 1876. At that date, he was described as a "cow-keeper". I haven't yet established the connection between them and the following, but it seems probable that Charlotte Caroline and William John (below) were sister and brother..
  2. William John Cavey married Catherine Martha Barker and lived in Plumstead; he died in 1935, and was a farmer and perhaps dairy owner. Their children were Darby, Joan (twins, died early), Kathleen (unmarried), Sidney (emigrated to Australia as farmer, joined army in WW1 and died of influenza in a Greek hospital near Dardanelles), Percy and Frank (16 Mar 1888 - 27 Apr 1967). In later years William and Catherine, Percy and Kathleen lived (and died) in Peterborough, Northamptonshire. Frank is my wife's father. When he married Eleanor Prior (29 Sep 1894 - 9 Sep 1969) at Knebworth, Herts, ENG on 25 August 1917, he was living at "Broomings, Chelmsford" - presumably also the address at that time of his parents William John and Catherine - very likely a farm. Frank and Eleanor lived at Knebworth, Herts and Hitchin, Herts, and had three children: Nora Beryl (my wife, b.6 May 1920) , Colin Cyril (19 Aug 1921 - 18 Jul 1966), and Wendy Eleanor (7 Nov 1933 - ) who is married to Barry M. Cook.

There are no other known Caveys.


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