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From :

Colm Cavey
(Ireland) 5 Mai 2004
  Hi there, I was browsing through the Cavey info and noticed that there seems to be a bit of a mysterie about Cavey's in Ireland.
If you are interested I can advise of who's who. Ireland is small and the Cavey's in Ireland are even smaller.

There are three entries in the Phone book but there are only 4 Cavey households.

1) Me - Colm & Geraldine & Family.
2) My Brother Kevin & Ann & Family

We are both the Sons of William (Bill) Cavey born in 1902 in Dublin. He had Two brothers and a few sisters. (Pushing the memory cells now). One brother James emigrated to Northern Australia around 1930 or thereabouts and remained a bachelor until he died about 30 years ago. His other brother Frank lived in Dublin and had a son Maurice. Frank died quite some time ago.

3) Maurice now lives in South County Dublin. Maurice has two sons Declan & Aiden. I believe Declan lives in England.
4) Aiden has a Design business in Dublin. I think Aiden remains single.

So in Ireland there is only 4 Cavey's and we are all closely related.
Colm & Family
Kevin & Family

I might add that I am now 57 but as a child I vaguely remember my father talking about an Ohio connection. Either a Cavey from here went there or the other way around.

Hope this is helpful


Tom McKevit
(Ireland) 3 December 2000
  Cavey, McCavey, McCavett, McCavitt, McKevitt, MacDavitt, McDevitt

Good day to you, sir or madam!

Would you think that all of these names could come out of the [David] O'Doherty Clan?

Since your name is Cavey, my guess is that you live in Maryland? Am I close?

Someday, take a look at the website

Have a happy holiday season,


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 16 August 2000
  To all !

This the shortest mail I ever received from a Cavey.

But it's one of the most important mail we ever have received since the Cavey's group has been created !

Remember "The debate" ' page on the site.

Peter provide us what we were looking for :

The Caveys'way : France > England >Ireland (just few Caveys).

Sure, there is a possibility for the Caveys' in USA to be cousins of the rare Caveys from Ireland. But's not the most probale explanation...

Maryland's Cavey should have to become familiar with the idea that in the far past they are originating from Normandy (beside, a nice place to be from...)

All the best.


Peter Cavey
(Ireland) 6 August 2000


My name is Peter Cavey and I live in Co Wicklow in Ireland. There is only 1 other Cavey family in Ireland and that is my Fathers brother.

There is a total of 13 Cavey family members between my Dad and his brother. All I know about the name is that is Anglo Saxon and it originated in France.



Mary Cavey
(Ireland) 31 July 1998

Hello to those Caveys out there. I would love to get more information of, for example how my Grandfather came to Ireland


Feargal O'Donnell
(USA) Tue, 26 August 1997

Dear Jean Luc,

Cavey is a small area near the town of Ballygawley.


Sean Ruad *{:-)
(USA) Wed, 20 August 1997

CAVEY, when originating in Ireland (which is rarely), is written of as being a variant form of MacD~A'IB~ID~ (M'Cavy) - also MacCAVE, CEAVEY and CAVE - MacD~A'IB~ID~ is itself a variant of MacDA'IB~IO~ (M'David or M'Davy) - ` son of David '


Ronald D. Cavey
(USA) Sat, 12 July 1997

Write any time you like. I would love to exchange information. My branch of the Cavey clan in the USA has been traced back to 1790. I am following up this letter with a copy of a letter I sent to another Cavey in the UK, giving a short history of the Caveys in the Baltimore, Maryland USA area.

Below is the copy of the letter Ronald is speaks of :

The Clan Cavey here had its genesis in Ireland - Counties Tyrone & Donegal.

The original settlement here was in Woodstock, Maryland and has been traced back as far as 1790.

From what I can remember from some research I did years ago, the Cavey family originated around the 16th century as an offshoot of the Dougherty Clan - the patriarch being named David Dougherty.

The original Irish name means "Son of David". The Irish name was anglicized into at least four branches: McDavid, McDaid, McDavitt and McCavey. The McCavey version was actually closer phonetically to the Gaelic. This was later shortened to Cavey. All three however, trace back to David Dougherty.

This research was done a number of years ago, and this is all the information I can recall from memory at present and believe it is accurate.


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