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I would like to thank in particular :

  • My father (†) for the work, he has done to trace the Cavey family's roots in France.
  • Gilles Guillot (†), my best friend, who showed me the way to build my first site in the mid-90s at the time of Compuserve. Gilles suddenly passed away on October 8, 2001. He was 47 years old.
  • Ian Hunter who helped and encouraged me to write this website.
  • Eternal gratitude to Dan Cavey, who rewrote many pages in correct English (i.e. Anglo-American), to make the site easier to read for visitors. Dan also came up with the motto of the Cavey Family Worldwide Society ("Putting the Cavey puzzle together") which is displayed on the home page.
  • Many thanks to Colin Stevenson and Julian Cavey for the great work they do in Britain.
  • Michael R. Cavey and Thomas J. Cavey for their contribution to "The Debate".
  • Ronald D. Cavey who pointed us to an Irish branch of the Caveys that I had never heard of before.
  • Bill Norris, Sharon Ryan-Zinkand and Niki Lathe Marie Ervin for the work they did in organising the Cavey reunion 2001.
  • My first visitors : Donna Cavey (Maryland 24 June 1997), Bruxy Cavey (Ontario - 27 June 1997), Kurtis M. Kiesel (USA - 27 June 1997) and Suzanne Cavey (New-Zealand 07 July 1997).
  • So many Cavey contributors whose names are mentioned on the site and their families.
  • All the others who sent me valuable information about their branch of the Cavey family.

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