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From :

Jean-Luc Cavey (France) 29th October 2010  

My father, Pierre Jean Cavey, who has worked very hard about our family name in the Seventies, has passed away on Wednesday 20, october 2010.

He was 88 years old and had no sign of health problem. He was going to his mail box when he has fallen on the ground and has hited the metallic gate of the garden. This caused a rabbit punch.

During the World War II, my father was a resistant from the very begining of the Nazi invasion in France (may 1942). He was at the head of a military intelligence team working for the British SAS. As such he has received several French military medals including the order of merit.

Later, he has been Director of one of the most powerful wind turbine in the world at that time (

He has been honored by the Lions Club International Association as a life member.

The Cavey family web site would not exist if my father had not given to me the pleasure of searching for Cavey Worldwide.

He is in peace now for eternity.


Jean-François Cavey (France) 25th May 2009  


My name is Jean Francois Cavey. I live in Rouen and I am 27 years old. I am the son of Jean Luc Cavey ! another one ;-) born in La Lacelle in Orne. I have just discovered your site which I browsed briefly. It's really nice and complete, congratulations ! I notice by the way that our American friends seem to be much more active than we are seeing the last dates of messages ... we'll have to remedy that ;-) . Thanks again for this site.

See you soon,



Jean Pierre Thimoreau
(France) 29th September 2006


I have no connection with CAVEYs, but with CAREYs. However, my experience as a parish register searcher makes me certain that a lower case "r" and a lower case "v" are easily confused in slightly old handwritten records. I have done a lot of research on the CAREYs and I finally stopped in 1588, date of the ennoblement of Nicolas CARREY.

My imagination, fuelled by a number of coincidences, leads me to believe that the CAREYs (or KARYs) originated in Ireland well before the 10th century, that they migrated to the Channel Islands and Normandy, one of them being at Hastings in 1066. These families lived between England and France (Normandy) for several centuries. One of them was awarded the Garter, another beheaded by Isabella I, another married Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne etc...

There was a Carrey manor in Lisieux, razed to the ground in 1944 (the American pilot may have been a Carey...?!) See.

I have not managed to establish a link between the Normans and the English.

Jean Pierre Thimoreau


Jacques Leforestier
(France) 28th September 2006


La Feuillie is very close to PIROU ... While researching the LEFORESTIERs of the region, I found a small lead that I have not yet exploited (I don't live nearby...)

So for information :

a very small detail, 19 10 1721 la Feuillie, we find quoted a Marie CAVEY wife of Nicolas FAUTRAT. I do not know more and this information is subject to caution.

On the other hand, more consistent:
1 11 1749 baptism Marie Anne Françoise LEFORESTIER daughter of François day labourer and Marie CAVEY his wife, marr Jacqueline DUBOCQ sister-in-law of the said wife assisted by Louis CAREY brother of the said day labourer at Pirou

especially :
30 10 1750 baptism of Pierre Jacques LEFORESTIER son of Jean provost of the abbey of Lessey and Marie CAVEY (it is a question there of a Jean or François, married to a Marie CAVEY in Pirou on 25 7 1762? undoubtedly another one)

In any case, this couple Jean LEFORESTIER provost and Marie CAVEY had many children, often younger, found between 1750 and 1 10 1776, date of the death certificate of Jean LFT prevost of the religious of Lessey for their seigneury of Caville, at 63 years old

At the time I did not make an exhaustive list of the CAREYs of La Feuillie ...but of the LFTs ...


Jacques Leforestier


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 18th September 2006

Hello Claudie,

I was delighted to receive a message from a Cavey in France.

I am responding late as I have a lot of work to do when I return from holiday and have not had much time to deal with my personal messages.

Thank you very much for your offer of help. To be honest, I'm not sure what to do with the translation of the site and your opinion would be helpful.

Can the stories of the Maryland Caveys be of interest to the Caveys of France?

Wouldn't it be better if I had a French section dedicated to froggies?

When we compare the research of European Caveys (FR and UK), what strikes me is that we are looking several generations back while the North American Caveys are looking for their grandfather!

On the other hand, it is my father (85 years old) who has the information on the Caveys of France. I regularly receive requests for information but I do not have the documents at hand. Obviously my father has no Internet, nor a computer... If I create a purely French part of the site, I will trap myself.

I'm at this point in my thinking.

In any case, I would like to add you to the Cavey mailing list. There are 85 or 86 of us from all over the world. I hope to read you soon.


Claudie Cavey
(France) 31th July 2006


I am CLAUDIE CAVEY, I live in Le Mans and I have consulted your site several times, I am bilingual in English, if you need help with the translations, please let me know. I have noticed that the Anglo-Saxons understand the spelling of my name better when I spell it - in English - than the French who often make me repeat it.

Good day to you.


Nicolas Cavey
(France) 5th November 2006

My name is Nicolas Cavey, I am 18 years old and I live in Bordeaux, France. I think this site is great and I would like you to guide me so that I can help you.


Lucie Cavey
(France) 17th October 2006

I discovered your site with pleasure and great interest, bearing the name Cavey myself. Apparently we are from the same branch of the Cavey family as I am from the Manche. To be more exact, I am the daughter of Jean-Marie Cavey, himself the son of Amand Cavey who was a farmer in Muneville Le Bingard. If you have more information about my family origins and if we have common links I would be interested in knowing more.


Ingrid Cavey
(France) 26th April 2005


My name is Ingrid Cavey, my father Pierre-Jean Cavey, son of Bernard Cavey and Pierrette Guerin. My grandfather was born in Rouen, I am very attentive to your site, I find your work formidable, I do not know if we are part of the same history of the name and I would be at your disposal if you have questions to ask me about our origins.


Noël Cavey
(France) 22th April 2005

Hello Jean-Luc,

I have just seen a comment from you on engineering F1 dated 16 February 2005.

I am not very keen on genealogy. It's true that at times, it may occur to me to search the Internet - we say browse - with my name alone. The search engines are powerful enough to find what is there. I have been in Italy for almost 10 years, leaving my only mother in Normandy in her little village of Lithaire. I know almost nothing about my father's family. His grandfather had, I believe, followed the construction of the railway line in the late 1800s, driving horses. But the origins have always remained vague, between Brittany and Normandy.

Your site is complex enough to spend little time on it. I wish you all the best and good luck.

Best regards. Noël


Gerard Lechot
(France) 31th March 2005



I information retrieval concerning the couple Joseph Lechot and Charlotte "Nettie" Carvey born it 6/12/1898. I do not have any information concerning this Joseph Lechot and I do not know his parents. Thus impossible to locate it in the general tree. If somebody could provide to his information I to me thank some it by advance. Herewith what I found known the site:

|Charie and Floyd | |I cuts |
|Carvey | |Below is the following for custom: | |(the USA)
16 | |William Carvey B 10/26/1776 Mr. Elizabeth Hawley B 3/26/1848, Children: Mathias, William Jr.,|
|April 2004 | |James W, Jane, John, Francis, Hiley, Samuel Peter, Isaac, Ellen. |
| | |Mathias B 1798? some say 1803…? |
| | |Mr. Laura E "Annie" Bailey B 1805 D 4/3/1883. |
| | |Their Children… Stephen P B 1827 New York, Avery Palmer B 4/17/1828, Peter Mathias B |
| | |11/5/1832, Anna "Jeanette" B 1833. |
| | |Stephen P B 1827 Mr. Callista Ewer (No information.) |
| | |Their Children: Stephen B 1855 in Wisconsin, Rhoda, Sara, Smith, Jenette (also known have |
| | |Clarinda), Mercella, Marion, Herbert E, and Peter (I cuts some of the dates above.. goal |
| | |still peicing… |
| | |Stephen B 1855 (buried in Libby, MT records are being researched) married Alice Augusta |
| | |Bergen B 1863 D 1/20/1947.. they had Children Floyd Willis B 6/18/1895, and Charlotte |
| | |"Nettie" B 6/12/1898 m Joseph Lechot |
| | |Floyd Willis had 11 children most are still living room |
| | |We are trying to research the parents of William Carvey and his decendants.. kind has world |
| | |connect.. |

Cordial greetings of France.


Gerard Lechot
(France) 30th March 2005


This message is for :
Charie and Floyd Carvey
(USA) 16 April 2004

I search more information about this family.

I have a Peri, Joseph Lechot in my database but I have not his parents and more information about his.

Can you help me?

Stephen b 1855 (buried in Libby, Mt. records are being researched) married Alice Augusta Bergen b 1863 d 1/20/1947.. they had Children Floyd Willis b 6/18/1895, and Charlotte "Nettie" b 6/12/1898 m Joseph Lechot


Pierre-Jean Cavey
(France) 16th March 2005


A few years ago, I received a telephone call from Mr Pierre-Jean Cavey. He was retired and subsequently sent me a letter. I had some problems at that time and I lost interest. Today, I would like to do some research on my paternal and maternal family in order to discover my origins and know the past of my ancestors. I have equipped myself with a small genealogy software.

My name is Pierre-Jean Cavey (born in 1954), son of Bernard Cavey (born in 1933 in Rouen & died in 1988) and grandson of Pierre Cavey (born in 1902 in Le Havre & died in 1975).

Strange that we have a similarity between Pierre-Jean Cavey and his grandfather Pierre Cavey.


Pierre-Jean Cavey
(France) 15th March 2005


My name is Pierre-Jean Cavey, I was born in NIORT (France - Deux-Sèvres) on 4 March 1954 to Bernard Cavey, born in Rouen, and himself to Pierre Cavey, born in Le Havre


Pierre-Benoît Cavey
(France) 23th January 2005


We are the Cavey family from Port-en-Bessin, Normandie. We are very happy to discover this site. It's the first time we go on this site and we are very excited!

We are 5 in our family. Our family lives in Port-en-Bessin at least since the 19th century. We know 7 others Cavey in Port-en-Bessin and 5 Cavey in the south of France.

My name is Pierre-Benoît, I'm 18. My brothers are called Thibault (21) and Alban (14) and my parents are Pierre-Albert and Beatrice.

We hope we hear from you soon.



Biniou Hurlant
(France) 6th January 2005

Hi everybody!

My grandfather and my mother lived in this manor [The Fontenil] in Louviere en Auge, from 1960 to 1972 and I can remember when I was young : it was a magic house!!!!

[Signed] : Biniou Hurlant [Howling Bagpipe].


Dimitri Bicherel
(France) 4th January 2005

Let me introduce myself: Dimitri Bicherel I am 25 years old and I live in Rouen.

I am doing my family tree and I came across your site about the Cavey family. It turns out that I have one of my branches located in La Manche bearing this surname.

Here is my meagre information:

Anne Cavey born 15.02.1736 at La Feuillie died 12.05.1812 at Sainteny
Married on 08.02.1763 at Sainteny with Antoine POISSON

She is the daughter of :

Julien Cavey married on 30.04.1716 at La Feuillie with Anne QUIROT
He is son of Henry Cavey and Marguerite THOMMINE:

Have you already come across my ancestors during your research? Is it possible that they belong to the same branch as you?



Jean-Gabriel Bourgeois
(France) 13th October 2004


I am really interested in your work on the Cavey family, and I congratulate you on the work you have done, it is wonderful!

For my part, I am working on a Cavet family which is the surname of my paternal grandmother. This family is located in the Drôme (26) more precisely in Dieulefit and Bourdeaux... I am doing this research initially for genealogical questions and more recently for my studies of History, where I am entering my 4th year, in a Master's degree at the Sorbonne, and I am writing the monograph of this family which is close to my heart... I don't know if I can help you or if you can give me some information, but I think your site is great...


Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 25th July 2004

I have been researching spellings close to Cavey and in particular Cavet and Cavez, thinking that they might be variations.

Geographically (from memory) Cavet are particularly found in the North and in the Savoie. The areas where your surname is most widespread do not cover those of the Caveys who all come from Normandy. I don't think there are any links between our two names but we can't be sure of anything.

  • Distribution of the name Cavey in France between 1891 and 1915:
  • Distribution of the name Cavet in France between 1891 and 1915:
  • Distribution of the name Cavez in France between 1891 and 1915 :
  • Distribution of the name Cavé in France between 1891 and 1915 :

Even if the surnames are - supposedly - not spelled, the geographical distribution is revealing.


Philippe Cavet
(France) 13th July 2004

Hello I am called Philippe Cavet I was born in France on May 09, 1971. I am the son of Jacques born the 05/03/1938 him even child of Maurice.

It is possible that our family originating in Burgundy is a family link with the Cavey of America


Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 22th October 2003

I have just returned from holiday and my father and I have been looking for the contact details of Jean-Pierre Bloch-Cavey. Unfortunately he wrote to me by e-mail and we have not found any paper trace of him.

I suggest that you contact my father for the Caveys de Pirou and give him the information you have: he will be able to cross-check it with the information he has found.

Yours sincerely.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 3th October 2003

I'm sorry I didn't reply to you earlier: PC problem. I'm going on holiday with your email to discuss it with my father (he has Jean-Marc Bloch's address).

I will be back on 20/10.

I'm back on the 20th of October.


Roger Cavey
(France) 2th October 2003

Being from the Manche for several generations, I would like you to add me to your list of Cavey family research. It turns out that in Créances itself, there are already several namesakes who are not related.


Sonia Fritsch
(England) 1st October 2003

I wrote to you in April, looking for links between your skulls and mine. At that time, you told me that you had to see your father before you could answer me. Did you see him?

My skulls were from Pirou before they went to England, and I have so little information about them that I am interested in anything you can tell me.

There is for example a message on your site from Jean-Marc Bloch Cavey, who speaks of research done in Pirou, and of a family tree. If you don't have time to answer me, perhaps you could give me the address of this gentleman?

Thank you.


David Cavey
(Marseille) 15th June 2003

My name is David Cavey and I live in Martigues ( 13 ). I am married and I have two children, Alexandre and Yvan. We are teachers. I am originally from La Manche (50) as my grandmother, who has just passed away, lived in Créances near Pirou. My parents and all my family still live in this area.

I found this site fabulous and I want to thank Jean-Luc Cavey for this remarkable work.

Thank you


David Cavey
(Marseille) 13th June 2003

I found this site by chance and I would like to ad my name to the list .

David Cavey from Saint-Mitre les Remparts in 13, France (near Marseille). I originally come from Créances ( la Manche ). I have two sons : Yvan (3) et Alexandre Cavey ( 1 ).


Pierre-Hervé Léturmy
(France) 25th April 2003

I took some time to answer you but I went to your site. However, I did not find any genealogical information and it is therefore difficult for me to know if there is a family link!

However, you can check my family data on

My maternal great grandmother was Mathilde Cavey, probably from Montlhéry, born in 1872. It could be that this branch also has some roots towards St Lo in the Manche.

Perhaps you can tell me more...


Hubert de La Morinière
(France) 22th April 2003

The young lady Cavey, Esther, that you could see in my data on Généanet, is there as the wife of a ROUSSELIN (family from which I come).

This Rousselin-Cavey couple currently has several hundred descendants (of which I am not one). I do not know the parents of this lady Cavey. All I can say is that the Rousselin-Cavey couple lived in Rouen in the early 19th century.

I would have to find one of her descendants to have more details!


Christian Broutin
(France) 21th April 2003

I visited your site, and saw that you mention Saint-Patrice de Claids.

That is where my Cavey's come from:

SOSA 203 : Marie Françoise Dorothée Cavey° 22.03.1744 St-Patrice de Claids - X before 1767 Jacques LE LONG (from St-Hilaire-Petitville) - + before 1824 St-Côme du Mont

SOSA 406: Pierre Camille CaveyX

SOSA 407: Marie Louise MERIENNE

Impossible to go further by the civil status, because there are apparently no parish registers prior to 1744.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 21th April 2003

I myself am from the "Pirou" branch. It is true that I was not able to take care of the site in 2000-2001 for health reasons. I am sure that my father could give you some information, unfortunately, he is 80 years old and does not have Internet (he has never seen the site).

On my side, I don't have the documents he collected.

This is the main reason why I decided to translate the site into French: many Caveys in France are trying to build their family tree and the site is poor in information about the French branch of the Caveys because they do not speak or write in English.

As soon as I go to my parents I will check with my father if he has any answers for you.


Sonia Fritsch
(England) 21th April 2003

Merci de votre message, je connais votre site et j'avais déjà écrit moi-même pour demander si nous avions un lien de parenté , mais je n'ai pas eu de réponse . Je n'ai pas encore fait beaucoup de recherche de ce coté de ma famille aussi je ne remonter pas très loin, mais mes Cavey viennent de Pirou, comme l'une de vos branches française.

[Note of the editor] Translation :

Thank you for your message. I know your site and I had already written myself to ask if we had a tie of relationship, but I didn't have an answer. I didn't make a lot of research about that side of my family so I cannot go back up very far, but my Caveys come from Pirou, as one of your French branches.


John Lea
(Texas) 08th January 2002


Bumped into your site while doing a search on Villedieu le Bailleul.

Although I don't have a clue as to our kinship, if any, our family lived in Bailleul (just around the corner) from about 1000CE until 1067CE. My 31st great grandfather was Warin (Guerin de Bailleul) and his son was Hugh de Bailleul (a monk). He was married to the niece of Roger de Montgomery and moved to Sussex following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. As his name implies, he was a builder of castles. He, or his father, built a large moated and fortified manor house (not standing) at Bailleul (next to the Church of Saint Martin) and then supervised the building of Arundel castle in Sussex. In 1071, Roger de Montgomery was granted lands in the midlands of England to include Shropshire. Warin was appointed the first Shire Reeve (Sheriff) in the same year and moved there to continue the building of castles and surpressing the Welsh. He built a wood and earthworks castle a Hendomen near Montgomery in Wales and another in the town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and in addition constructed the Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul at Shrewsbury. He was dead at the time of the Domesday Book in 1086.

Our surname was changed to de Lega some time in the eary 1100s and then the de was dropped to just Lega and then to Lea (pronounced Leeuh). The reason I mention all of these things is to ask if you found any references to the family name of de Bailleul during your research at Villedieu le Bailleul. There was also another Commandery of The Knights Templar, subsequently to become the Poor Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, at Halston on property right next to Whittington (the home of Fulk Fitz-Warin), another of Warin de Bailleul's sons.

I believe them to be connected, i.e., the one in England to the one in France.


Sonia Fritsch
(England) 25th Octobre 2000


I find your website searching for Cavey's genealogy on internet . I 'm looking for some of my ancestor, named like that, but was not completly able to apreciate your website cause my English is note good enough. I would have like to find first and second name list, to see if they is any possibility for me to find a bond between your work and mine, but didn't find such kind of list on your site . So, I drop you a line, to tell you what I found by my side, hopping if you got anything for me, you will reply .

On my family Tree, I got a Georges Cavey, borned around 1831, working in a groceries store in 1861 , and married to Virginie Alexandrine Lecacheur. (In Cherbourg, Manche)

They got at least 2 kids, Georges, borned in GB after 1860 and Alexandreine, borned in Cherbourg ( 50, France) in 1860 , who married some guy named Coopland , in GB .

I got photos of them , taken in Kingsland . I was desesperatly looking for any way to find what happened to this family, but I thought it would be impossible from France to find people who vanished in England around 1860. But I can hope that this Cavey family, comming from Normandie, go to England to joined other Cavey . And if I could have the choice , your Cavey Family will be perfect as it seems you already make a great job with your family tree ! : )

Anyone can hope , no ?

So, if there is any possibility my Cavey would habe been related to yours, please, drop me a line.

Thanks in advance


Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 24th April 1999

Dear Julian,

I was delighted by receiving your letter.

It is the first time that a Cavey sends such significant information to me on our family by the post office. I hope this will encourage others Cavey that have no computer or no Web connexion to follow your way.

Concerning the common roots of the Cavey/Cavy/Cavye and the Cavie I believe that Colin will soon tell us what he thinks about your viewpoint.

Looking at the links between the Cavey from France and those of the South-East of England, I share your opinion. I have never heard of Cavey Huguenots in France: all are Catholics or Atheist. Thus, my opinion is that persecutions against Huguenots in France do not caused the immigration of Cavey towards England. More simply I believe that Normandy and Sussex being on each side of the Channel, shifts in population could take place in one way or in the other. For example one Cavey may went to England, meet a pretty girl, marrier her and remain definitively in Sussex... If you consider how the Polynesians have colonized their islands I expect that it was not so difficult to cross the Channel even in the middle age.

It is very probable that Cavey (the noble branch) fought with of the King Henry VII. During the War of the Roses, the French were allied to the Scottish agains the English. And this could explain why the armorial bearings of Claude (de) Cavey have two pinks in bottom of the blazon.. According to the specialists these pinks correspond to Scotland (see...)

I believe, finally, that Cavey originating in Ireland result quite from MacDevitt. It is probable that this name is the result of the anglicisation of the name, either in Great Britain or in the United States. In this case Cavey of Ireland would not have any link with those of France and England.

By the way : do you notice that Caveys from the old continent are researching for the links between the UK branch and the French one while the Caveys from the new one are researching for the links between themself ?


Thierry Cavey
(Paris) 10th April 1999

We have learned through an exchange of emails that there is a website about the Cavey family. As we are doing genealogy on our own name we would be very interested in getting a brief explanation in French of how the site works.

Thank you in advance.


Jean-Marc Bloch-Cavey
(Paris) 20th January 1999

I am indeed the son of Jeanne Cavey, divorced from Bloch, a senior civil servant decorated with the Legion of Honour, unfortunately deceased, daughter of Alfred Cavey, granddaughter of Paul Cavey, great-granddaughter of François Cavey, great-great-granddaughter of Vincent and Etienne Cavey...

Since his death I have been doing genealogical research and I went to...Pirou (village, bridge and beach), this research allowed me to establish a family tree going back to 1700.

In Pirou I met Yves Cavey who gave me a partial photocopy of a family tree entitled Pirou 1, Pirou 2, Pirou 3, I think it is possible that this is the result of research done by your father.

See you soon, a stammering internet user cousin.


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