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From :

Todd Brown
(Kentucky), 18th July 2014.


Hi Fellow Cavey,

My grandmother (Cecelia Cavey Clawson) was born a Cavey in Kenton Kentucky in 1897.  I would like to join the group.

Thank you,


Margaret Clarke
(Maryland) 17th Avril 2014

My hUsband's grandmother was Florence  Cavey who married Charles Clarke. We have been told by family that Florence was part American Indian.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 26th March 2014

The Cavey cemetery which is at 39°14'51.30"N / 76°46'32.30"W is close to Onella (which is 2 miles North from the cemetery)

From Ellicott City you should drive to College Avenue as Rob wrote. The cemetery is just in front of the crossing: College Avenue & Doncatser Drive.

Woodstock seems to be 7.37 miles north-west from this Cavey cemetery.


Bill Elliott
(Maryland) 26th March 2014


I am a descendant of Rezin Cavey.


Kathleen Dewit
(Maryland) 26th March 2014


Charlie- Are you related to Rezin Cavey, who was my great great grandfather and who is buried in St. John’s Cemetery?


Charlie Bell
(Maryland) 26th March 2014.

Is Rob referring to the Cavey Cemetery in Woodstock or Oella?


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 26th March 2014

I have received the mail below from a Rob Powel.

Unfortunately I cannot get in touch with him because the email address is rejected by Eastlink (Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender : Suspect mail not accepted for Eastlink).



Rob Powell
(Maryland) 26th March 2014

I grew up right next to a Cavey Family Cemetary that seems long forgotten even in my time growing up there in the 1970's it was overgrown.

Here are the coordinates to it in google earth. Latitude 39°14'51.30"N Longitude 76°46'32.30"W .

I grew up at 4531 College Ave. Ellicott City MD 21043. I played throughout that entire forested area and would enjoy sharing the many secrets of the area that I feel are profoundly related to the very foundations of America. I have map references to the old Cavey Rd. which is still there in the forest not visible to google earth. Its a lovey walk in the woods and can share how to get to it and some of its history and what it was later integrated into which ios now lost to history.


Belinda Cavey
(Maryland) 19th June 2013

My name is Belinda Cavey and I married Richard Cavey of Essex, MD.

His father was Richard Harry Cavey of Baltimore, MD. I was wondering if I could join your group as I am trying to put together is family tree. I am back to Thomas J. Cavey born in 1834. But I think I have hit a wall.

Any information would be great!


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 6th June 2013

Hello Mike,

I was absent from home in May and I just read your mail right now.

Any material related to the cavey is welcome including pictures.

Note that I can no longer add members to the family group. I can only invite people and they must accept or reject the invitation. I let you decide.

All the best.


Mike Schwing
(Maryland) 29 April 2013.

I've been pouring over your website all day! My Mom has been insisting we are Irish all my life. I'm a Maryland Cavey and I go to the Woodstock Inn, where the Md. Caveys originated several times per week! I did not see it mentioned on your site that the Inn was owned by Skeeter and Blanch Cavey around the 1950's, but many of the bar patrons recall them fondly. I will gladly take photos of the Cavey Cemetary if you still need them! I hope to hear back from you!!!!!  Cavey Cemetary is mapped on google.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 15th April 2013

I am having a hard time getting into the Cavey group.  Did something change that I missed? Anyway, I would like to put onto the group the passing of my father:

Morris Nelson Cavey August 19, 1920    -   February 27, 2013
Born:  Baltimore, Maryland
Died:  Anaheim, California
Mother:   India Cooms Cavey Stewart
Father:   Ernest Frost Cavey

Morris grew up in Sykesville, Maryland in Strawbridge Orphanage for Boys. In 1943, he entered the US Navy and served his country proudly for 30 years.    He served in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam earning 2 purple hearts and dozens of awards and commodations. His final few years in the Navy, he taught Nucular Weapons Technologies and was exposed to radiation as well as, at times, Agent Orange. Sadly enough, the US Government does not like to award their veterans any rcognition or additional monies until after they have passed and gave him nothing for his service outside of his pension.    Such a sad thing as we fought and have all the documentation that he was entitled to more, but it would be easier to push a battleship up the hill than to try and reason with the US Military Veterans Affairs.   Again, very sad.

Anyway, after his 30 years of service to his country,  Morris worked as the electrician at a newly opened hospital in Lakewood, California for 10 years.  He retired after that and lived with his wife, Minnie, for 48+ years.   Minnie passed in 2001 from lukemia.      Morris was developing dementia and in 2007 was placed an assisted living home dedicated to dementia care. He was well taken care of by the staff and in his last few weeks, Hospice took great care of him also. There is an ancestry chart on that gives, what is known about the relitives of Morris N. Cavey if anyone thinks they may be interested in seeing if there is any relations.

Thank you for maintaining the site Jean-Luc.


Mary Ann Cavey McFarland
(Texas) 11th April 2013.

It is with sadness that I inform you of the loss of our Aunt Mary Jo. Please keep Liz, Mike and Stephen in your thoughts and prayers. Much love,


Gary D Easterling
(Ohio) 14th April 2013.

I am Gary D Easterling and I found your website while researching my family tree.  I am descended from the Cavey line through my grandmother, Hazel Mae Cavey.  I would like to find out more information from this side of my family. 

My lineage is: Hazel Mae Cavey married Delphin Easterling Frank W Cavey married Lola Ann Murphy John E Cavey married Anna Mae Stanley John W Cavey married Mary J Eubanks (or Willis) Levi Cavey married Margaret Allison

My side of the Cavey Family is from southeastern part of Ohio, Athens and Hocking Counties.

Thank you for doing this website and if I can be of any assistance please let me know.


Kenneth Johnson
(Wisconsin) 9th March 2013.


I am the son of Edith (Cavey) Johnson, she is from Elkhorn, Wisconsin. I am looking to see if any of the Caveys from eastern US might be related. Mother's dad was Daniel Leo Cavey and his dad was Michael Cavey born 1862 or 1863 in Parish of Kilkeedy, County Clair, Ireland. Michael's dad was John Cavey born in the same parish in 1838. Michael's mom was Mary O'Keefe. John's mom was Anna who died in Ireland in 1865.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any help I can give please contact me.


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 5th March 2013

Hi Ken,

Are you referring to the graves of Rezin Cavey, et al? If so, it is St. John's Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Ellicott City, Maryland. I did not post the photos, but Rezin was my great great Grandfather.


Laurie Slatniske
(Maryland) 5th March 2013

To be exact, it is in Ellicott City, MD. My great grandparents are buried there as well. They are descendants of the Woodstock MD Cavey's.


Mike Kimber
(Alaska) 5th March 2013

Maryland USA


Kenneth Johnson
(Wisconsin) 5th March 2013.

Where is Saint John's cemetery. Is it in the U.S.A. ? If so what state and city.

Is it in Australia ?


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 22th February 2013.


I have received pictures of Cavey's graves at Saint John's cemetery (Ellicott City).

Sender would like to remain anonymous on the web.

Here they are :

All the best.


Kathleen de Wit
(Maryland) 1st September 2012

My GG grandparents were Rezin and Maria Cavey from Ellicott City, MD born around the start of the 1800's. I have read almost all of the Cavey family wesbite and blogs with great interest. I would like to have French ancestry through the Caveys. I have photos of some Cavey graves from St. John's cemetary in Ellicott City, including those of Maria and Rezin Cavey.

Please keep me posted if you send out Cavey-related email to a distribution list.

Thank you.

Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 27th July 2012

Hi, I am looking for Rezin Cavey's parents and other links.

Good to hear from a Cavey.


Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 21th July 2012

Hi. I am looking for the Maria Cavey that married Charles Wesley Sullivan. They both worked in the mill. They later moved to Baltimore City. If your Maria married Charles Wesley Fenton it is not the same one.

Thanks, Rachel


Debra Gair
(Maryland) 5th May 2012

Sure sounds like it to me.

He also says: Maria Cavey born in 1843, parents were Rezin Cavey (1804-1879) and Maria Fenton (1799-1886). They had 10 childrren and they are buried at St. John's episcopal cemetary, Ellicott city.


Debra Gair
(Maryland) 5th May 2012

Hi peggy,

I've been digging amd see where Rezin was married to Maria Fenton. Daughter Maria married Charles Wesley Fenton.


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 1st May 2012

Hi again,

After I sent this, I thought about the daughter of my great great grandfather, Rezin Cavey. He and his wife, Maria, had a daughter named Maria, born about 1843. They all lived in Ellicott Mills, as well. I can't find any info about who she married.

Wonder if that is her!


Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 1st May 2012

Thank you very much, some of the information is right on, and some not, but we know how that goes. Again, thank you.


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 1st May 2012

Hi Rachel,

I do not know your family, but I did a quick search on Ancestry. Com and came up with this info:

According to the R. Jefferson Family Tree, Charles' parents were John Charles Sullivan and Martha Osborne; and his wife was Maria Cavey. They married in 1867.

Children were:

  • William B. 1868
  • Wesley Eugene b. 1871
  • Cora b. 1875
  • Osborn b. 1877
  • Roswell b. 1877

One World Tree says that Maria was born in Delaware; Charles was born in Ellicott Mills, Anne Arundel Co., Howard Dist.---------pre Ellicott City, Howard County. The 1870 census shows them living in Catonsville, Md.

Hope this helps. I know how it is when you can't figure something out.


Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 30th April 2012


I have been asking for help for 10 years. I am looking for Charles Wesley Sullivan b. 7/08/1841, d. 03/04/1926, married to Maria (Mariah) Cavey b. 6/1846, d. 4/08/1931 Married 9/17/1867. They both worked at the Oella Mill. He was a supervisor. They lived on Dillon St in Baltimore City in the 1900. I have her name listed as Mariah (marriage lic.), Maria and Marie. On her death cert. it is listed as Maria at the log at Baltimore City Hospital in 1931.

Some one should know something or you would think so. HELP Me Please.


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 30th April 2012

Hi Carole,

I hope that you still a member. In 2005 you requested info about Brice Cavey.

I am in the middle of researching that family now. I don't know if I am related to these Caveys, or not. I am trying to tie together four Caveys, all born around 1800 in Ellicott Mills, Woodstock area of then Anne Arundel Co., Howard District------Joseph, Rezin, Brice, and Henry.

Brice was married to Phoebe A. Holzer, born 1798 in Pa.; she died in 1870.

Edward was their most interesting child. He was a career soldier, enlisting in 1856 in Baltimore, Md. In 1860 he was fighting Indians at Ft. Staunton, New Mexico Territory. In 1861, he was at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Then with the Civil War, he was in an Artillery Unit, regular Army, 2nd Regiment, Co., I. He was discharged in July, 1864 Via disability at Ft. McHenry, Md. Unfortunately, nothing more can be found about him.

I would be interested in seeing the info you have about the others. I cannot find anything about a mother or father for either Brice or Phoebe.

I am the great great granddaughter of Rezin Cavey.


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 30th April 2012

Hi Clarence,

Hope you are still a member.

In 1997 you sent a request for info on the Jean-Luc Cavey site. I am related to you through your grandmother, Agnes Cavey.

Your father Clifton's parents were Artimus and Agnes Cavey. Yes, they were both Caveys. Agnes was the older sister of my grandfather, Edward Francis Cavey who owned the Bar, gas station complex in Woodstock. Their other children were:

  • Archie Bernard, b. 1897
  • Leonard Francis, b. 1899
  • Gladys, b. 1903
  • Gordon, b. 1906

There are pictures of your mother, father, grandmother, and uncles on


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 30th April 2012

Hi Peggy, Sorry, I am the wrong Carol from the 2005 request. I am researching Clara India Coomes Cavey. It has been a merry-go-round trying to find information, but some piecesare finally falling into place. Hope you find the correct Carol(e).


Kenneth Johnson
(Wisconsin) 28th April 2012

For Mary Lynn Cavey: Thank you for the update, I would like to get to know you and any others that you mentioned. I have Tomas J. Cavey's children from his posts but the family had lost track of his dad's branch of the family.

Any help is appreciated.


Mary Lynn Cavey
(USA) 28th April 2012

I happened to see this email and thought that Ken might want to know that sadly Thomas J Cavey, who is referred to in the message, died this past year. However, Thomas has many cousins, children of Lawrence and William who are still living.


Kenneth Johnson
(Wisconsin) 27th April 2012

This in response to Thomas J. Cavey (Jakarta) 21 April 2003. I have listed in my geneology records: a John Cavey whose father is Martin Cavey and mother is Mary (Holmes) Cavey. Martin's siblings are Mary, Nellie, Lawrence, and William. They are from Delevan, Wisconsin. Martin's father was John Cavey and his mother was Mary (O'Keefe) Cavey. This John Cavey was my great-great-grandfather.


Niki Ervin
(Maryland) 19th April 2012

Hi Bonnie, Oh I am so so deeply sorry


Bonnie Hannon
(North-Carolina) 19th April 2012

Hi Niki,

My dad passed away on March 11, 2011. I miss him very much. My dad and I were very close and it's still hard. My mom and my sister Rebecca and her daughter still live on what was my grandfathers farm in Linthicum, Md.

My husband, son and I live in North Carolina.


Niki Ervin
(Maryland) 19th April 2012

Hi Peggy. This lady who is shown holding the "KEY" family bible... (who's name escapes me :( I am so sorry...) hope someone could help me out here.. I just have photos of the bible and of this name written. I will make note of this info ~

Thank you so much. :-)


Niki Ervin
(Maryland) 19th April 2012

To Bonnie Hannon

Your Dad Lycester Ezikel Cavey, Jr is My Dad's first cousin ;-) you can have them contact each other if you like. His name is Tom Lathe


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 19th April 2012

Dear Nicole Lathe Ervin,

I am not sure whether you are still a member of this group. If so, I just saw some pictures of the 2001 Cavey Reunion, one of which was a picture Of the above Bible. I am giving you some additional info about this family. Reuben Cavey was married to Mary Lee (Molly) Key, who died between 1897-1900. Pauline Esther was their last child, and in 1900 she was living with Molly's mother, Harriett.

Reuben then married Elizabeth Cavey, my grandfather's sister. His name was Edward Francis Cavey. Yes, they were both Caveys. They married much later after her death. Their children were Reuben A. And Bernard Austin shown on that page of the Bible. They were my mother, Margaret Jane Cavey's, first cousins. I remember visiting Bernie, his wife Marie, and their children in Riviera Beach, as a child. My mother was particularly fond of them. I don't know who has possession of this Bible at this time, but it may provide some

Answers to some of my questions.


Krissy Kramer
(Maryland) 18th April 2012

Nellie Cavey is my GGgrandmother she and her husband, William Hood, where from Ellicott City, Md. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Cavey and his wife Mary Anne Frost.


Charlie Bell
(Maryland) 17th April, 2012

I've been reading quite a few emails recently relating to the obviously large Cavey family network in Howard County, Maryland (including Woodstock and Ellicott City) so I wanted to contribute my two cents worth.

My paternal grandmother was Grace Mildred Cavey who was born in Granite, Maryland and moved across the Patapsco River to Woodstock. She was the daughter of Reuben Cavey and Mary Ellen Key and the granddaughter of Joseph Cavey who owned and operated a farm on the Patapsco River at a location which is now a State Park.

Please continue to include me in your missives especially if I am able to help. I have Cavey second cousins in California and in Ellicott City.


Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 16th April 2012

Hi, I am still trying to locate Mariah Cavey. She married Charles Wesley Sullivan in Oella, Maryland in 1868 ><. They both died and buried in Western Cemetery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 13th April 2012

Hello Niki ! 

Nice to see you again on the family list. Back to the US, isn’yt it ?



Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 12th April 2012


It has been a year since I last posted a request for info about the Woodstock, Md. Caveys. So, I will try again. My family begins with Rezin Cavey, born between 1800 and 1807. His son, Noah, born 1832, was my great grandfather. He was also in the Civil War with the First Md. Infantry. Noah's son, Edward Francis Cavey, born 1886, was my grandfather. His daughter, Margaret Jane Cavey, born 1915, was my mother.

The Caveys(Priscilla and Edward) owned a tavern, gas station, and presided over the Post Office on Woodstock or Old Court Road near the railroad tracks.

If anyone knows anything about this side of the family, please let me know. I am wondering if there is a connection to the Joseph Cavey-Sarah Knight clan. Thanks,


Niki Ervin
(Maryland) 14th April 2012

This is what I have: I am the Granddaughter of Mary Margaret Cavey Lathe.

Her brother was Lycester Ezekial Cavey born 1906-Oct 1976. I have listed as his children: 1. Lycester Ezekial Cavey JR. who married Mary E. Capion..2. James 3. Theo 4. Patricia 5. Mary Evellyn 6. Virginia b 1937


Bonnie Hannon
(North-Carolina) 12th April 2012

My name is Bonnie and my dad was Lycester Ezikel Cavey, Jr the brother to Virginia Cavey and son of Evelyn and Lycester Ezikel Cavey, Sr


Ken Cavey
(Maryland) 12th April 2012

I have done a lot of family research which is located on


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 4th October 2011

In 1900, Clara, age 8, lived with her father Edward H.(K?) Coomes (born July 1856 in Maryland - a blacksmith), mother Josephine (born June 1864 in Maryland), and siblings William E. Coomes, 16, Mary E., 14, David C., 12, and Margaret F., 1, in election district 4, Howard County, Maryland. Clara's birth info is given as Oct. 1891.

In 1910, at age 18 and single, she lived in Ellicott, Howard County, Maryland (2nd district, 2nd precinct) with her parents and siblings Margaret P., 11, and Lola K., 9. All lived in the household of her widowed uncle, Joseph B. Coomes.

In 1920, India Cavey, age 28, widowed, and her two children (Virginia, 5, and Ernest, 2 and 11/12) lived in Election District 2 of Baltimore County with her sister Mary Weber, 34, Mary's husband Theodore S. Weber, and their children Margaret, 14, Edward, 12, and Josephine, 9.

There were several male Caveys who lived in Howard County and were born around the same year as Clara India Coomes. Two who lived in Ellicott were Walter T., born about 1884 and Artimus C., born about 1887 (died in 1910). Also, a Wesley T. lived in Elkridge, Howard County and Dillie (?) A. lived in West Friendship, Howard County; both were born about 1892.

The 1930 census has India C. Cavey, age 38, widowed, and son Ernest F., 13, living in the Clarksville district of Howard County, Maryland with her parents Edward K. Coomes, 74, and Josephine J., 66 (both born in Maryland, as were their parents). Also living with Edward and Josephine were two grandchildren: Charolett E. Detrow, age 11, and Edward C. Dutrow, 7.

There is a Social Security death record for an India Stewart, born October 30 1891, died July 1977, last residence was Phoenix, Baltimore, Maryland. If she remarried this could be her.

P. S.: This is not my family....


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 4th October 2011

Is this website still active or has it been moved to another site? I have been finding information on my father's past and would like to put it out there to see if there are any relitives who may respond.

Thank you very much


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 9th September 2011

9th September 2001 : ten years later

On that day, I was working at home. I must say that at that time, I used to work at home three days a week : Thuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (I was at my office on Monday and Friday).

When I was working at home, I also used to have the radio switched on. Not to listen something. Just to have a noise in the background.

That Tuesday, at abt. 14:50 (local time in France), my attention was drawn by a reporter who was interviewing a Paris's firefighters officer in the radio set. They were speaking of how to extract people from a tower at fire. I first thought that there was a fire somewhere at Paris-La-Défense (the Paris business area). I jumped from my seat in my home office and ran to the living room to switch on the TV.

On the continuous news channels, they were showing footage from CNN Live. Jumped to the CNN Chanel that I can receive. I saw the fire in the north tower on the World Trade Center. That was a few minutes before the time when
second plane has hit the south tower which I saw live.

Just the time to send a mail to the top level management of KPMG in France.

I have been seated in my living room a very long day, trying to understand what was happening in New-York City and Washington and why it was happening. Unable to understand. Unable to measure the extent of the disaster the day itself.

Ten years later, I still remember as if that was yesterday.

Deepest sympathy.


Kristie Kramer
(Maryland) 26th May 2011

My second Great Grandmother was Nellie W. Cavey who was the daughter of Nathan Cavey. Nellie was the mother of my great grandmother Gertrude Hood who was the mother of Joseph Kramer who was the father of Wayne Kramer who is my father. I have a photograph of Nathan with his wife Mary Ann Frost and a photo of the house Nathan built for his family. I would love to have more information on the Cavey family of Howard County Maryland.


Peggy Ruley
(Maryland) 8th April 2011

I have been reading your website about The Cavey's. My mother was Margaret Jane Cavey from Woodstock, Md. Her father was Edward F. Cavey and her mother was Priscilla Garheart Cavey. Together they had five Children from 1912 to 1920. I have seen nothing About this part of the family in the website.

They also operated Cavey's Tavern in the 1950's and 1960's. The tavern was on Old Court Road.


Cynthia Ann Gorton (Maryland) 10th December 2010  

My mother was Margaret Virginia Cavey. She was daughter of Evelyn and Lycester Ezekiel Cavey


Patrick Allen Cavey
(USA) 18th June 2010

Hay whats up !

My name is Patrick A. Cavey S.R.

I'm just looking for my roots


Deb Wentz Schlichting (Maryland) 30th March 2010  

Hi, I'm related to the Cavey's of Woodstock. And from Reuben Cavey came Charles Key Cavey (married to Lillian Viola Clemsen) and from their children came my grandmother, who was Mary Rita Cavey (her siblings were Joyce Albert, Martin, Edward Key, John, Thomas, Joseph, and a brother Ignatious who died as a child).

My grandmother had 4 children with Harold Dorsey (Joyce Ann, Thomas, Joseph, and Donald).

My mother Joyce Ann Dorsey Married Joseph Henry Wentz, Jr. (then having 3 children: Kimberly Ann, Deborah Ann, and Joseph Allen)

Hopefully this info is helpful and I would love to receive info regarding the Cavey Family!!


Donna Cavey Buppert(Maryland) 17th March 2010   Thanks for your research and work with the history of the Caveys. Donna Happy St. Patty's Day!
Barbara Harrison (Pensylvania) 18th March 2010  

John Cavey my mother's father in Carnegie PA married Annabelle Hermann in the 1920's I do believe.


Patty Cavey-Rivera
(Ohio) 15th January 2010

I found this upon searching the internet for Glouster, OH. I also downloaded a picture of a tombstone for John E. Cavey and Anna M. Cavey which i would like to send to the sight but i do not know how.

In Loving Rememberance of...

Janet Kay Richards who passed away on Friday, September 18, 2009.

A funeral service for Janet Kay Richards, age 69, of Newark, will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, September 22, at the Newark Chapel of Henderson-Van Atta-Stickle Funeral & Cremation Service. Burial will follow in Wilson Cemetery.

Janet died Friday, September 18, at The Ohio State University Medical Center - Columbus. She was born August 26, 1940 in Glouster, Ohio to the late Charles W. and Florence A. (Kennedy) Cavey.

Janet moved with her family to Newark in the mid 1950's and graduated from Newark High School. She worked at the old Newark Hospital, and General Hose and Anchor Coupling in Hebron. Janet was a telephone operator for Hyatt Regency Hotels traveling from Ohio to Texas and Florida. Janet gladly retired in 1995 from Walmart in Heath as a department manager. She enjoyed going out to eat at various restaurants, camping, playing bingo, traveling to casinos, taking trips to southeast Ohio where she grew up and traveling to Georgia to visit with her late sister, Ruth Ann.

Janet is survived by her husband of 27 years Robert A. "Bob" Richards of Newark; daughter, Kimberly (Mark) Nelson of Milford Center, Ohio; son, Kevin (Sandy) Layton of Avon Lake, Indiana; five grandchildren, Jennifer (Karl) Heinmiller of Columbia SC, Matthew Nelson, Sean Nelson both of Milford Center, Lindsey Layton, Alex Layton both of Avon Lake, Indiana; brothers, Larry (Maria) Cavey of Coshocton, James (Barb) Cavey of St. Louisville; brother -in-law, Larry "Pete" James of College Park, Georgia.

In addition to her parents Janet was preceded in death by her sister Ruth Ann James and brother, Curtis Cavey.


Misty R. Price
(USA) 12th January 2010

My mother is Mina Marie Cavey. My grandmother was Chevetta Cavey and my grandfather's name is Ernest Cavey. My birth mother Mina does not tell us (my twin sister and I ) very much of our family and we desperately want to meet them. Any help that you could give would be so very appreciated.


Emma Wilsdon
(USA) 25th November 2009

Hello there ,

I am sorry to disturb you. I am not a 'cavey', however, I am searching for an old teacher of mine by the maiden name of 'Pauline Cavey'. I have been trying to locate her everywhere; friendsreunited and genesreunited. I know she has a sister called Valerie Cavey. On looking through your extremely interesting site, I notice you received information from a Valerie Cavey regarding Cavey history. I know this seems very cheeky and I hate to ask but it seems like my last resort; Would it be possible for you to pass on my email details to Valerie, so that she can contact me, so that i can find out if she is Pauline's sister, and maybe finally locate her?

I realise this is alot ot ask and understand fully if this is a big request.

Many thanks

Emma Wilsdon


Barbara Longnecker (Maryland) 07th August 2009  

My family comes from Joseph & Barbara  Miller fom Ellicott City, Maryland. I find that there are Katherine  Miller married William Cavey, Teresa Miller married Dennis Cavey, Frederick Paul Miller married Rose Ella Cavey and looking for information on these families.



Kristie Kramer
(Maryland) 3rd August 2009

I have been for the last 10 years researching my family tree. I have a great grandmother, Gertrude Hood Kramer, her mother was Nelly Cavey Hood. Nelly married William Hood what year I dont know. They lived in the same area as your family, Prince William's co. va. and around the Ilchester, md and Ellicott City, md area. If you have any information on William Hood and Nelly Cavey could you please let me know.

Thank you so much,

Kristie Kramer


Thomas Cavey
(Maryland) 7th July 2009


I am a Cavey living in Eldersburg, MD and stumbled across this site.

Thomas Cavey


John Dryfhout
(Maryland) 26th April 2009

In the process of completing a genealogy on the James Boyes (Boise; Boys; Boyse; Boyce etc) family - (his will is dated Dec. 4, 1747 in Londonderry NH) he includes his apparent brother-in-law William Cavey. Presumably his wife Margaret was Margaret Cavey. Londonderry settled in 1718 by Ulster Scots - a significant community in NH.

Am working with others on this Boyse family genealogy and would be interested in learning of any research or related sources on the Cavey family(ies) of colonial NH or MA.


Cindy Dunn
(Texas) 23th April 2009


I saw your website and thought I maight give this a try. I am searching for my Great great great grandmother. I always thought her name was Madeline Cowie, born in Switzerland about 1812. But I have recently found her listed as Virginie Cavey, and passenger manifest says Magdeline Virginie Macchieraldo. She married Jean Macchieraldo about 1845. They are listed as being from Sardinia. I think they lived in Italy (Savoy) and it was under Kingdom of Sardinia when they immigrated to US 1860. Does the name "Cavey" sound at all like "Cowie"? Maybe to an American? Is Magdeline Virginie Cavey a relative of anyone's?

Thank you so much!

Cindy Dunn.


Maureen Cavey
(Maryland) 19th April 2009

Greetings Jean-Luc!

I am a Cavey, the daughter of Edward Key Cavey. This website has been enormously helpful in tracing the earlier Caveys. My great, great Grandfather was Reuben Cavey. Does anyone know when our clan arrived in the U.S.?


Maureen Cavey
(Maryland) 16th April 2009

For Lisa Bernard (Cavey) I am your cousin.

I am the daughter of Edward Key Cavey. Our Grandfather was Charles KENNETH Cavey. His father was Reuben, Jr. and I believe his father was also Reuben. It's possible that Joseph & Sarah were the older Reubens' parents. The complete list of our parents' siblings is: Edward, Ignatius (deceased at 13 yrs), Thomas, John, Mary Rita, Martin, Albert and Joseph.


Donna (Cavey) Bittner
(Nebraska) 11th April 2009

Donna Bittner, the daughter of Frank and Myrtle (Padgett) Cavey was born on March 24, 1927 at St. Edward, Nebraska. She attended school at St. Edward, NE.

On December 12, 1945 Donna was united in marriage to Donald Bittner who was stationed in the Army. After marriage, the couple lived in the Albion area where they farmed until 1992. 

Donna was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church. Donna enjoyed working with plants and flowers, spending time with family and friends, cooking and baking, and working on the farm with her husband and family. 

She is survived by husband, Donald Bittner of Albion, NE; Children: Donnie Bittner of Genoa, NE, Dennis Bittner of Primrose, NE, Duane Bittner and wife Janet of Alda, NE; Dale Bittner and wife Jayne of Norfolk, NE; Danny Bittner and wife Debbie of Albion, NE; Diana Licona and husband Edwin of Albion, NE; 13 Grandchildren and 9 Great-grandchildren.

Donna was preceded in death by her parents, Frank and Myrtle Cavey, brothers Spike and Duane Cavey, and sister Vernetta Bennet.

Funeral Services will be at 2:00 p.m. on Monday at the Levander Funeral Home in Albion with Rev. Michael Kern officiating. Burial will be at Evergreen Cemetery in St. Edward, NE. Visitation will be Sunday from 6-8 p.m. at the Levander Funeral Home in Albion.


Nancy Smith
(Maryland) 1st April 2009

I have found mention of William Cavey in the 1747 will of James Boyes of Londonderry, New Hampshire, US.  William is "a dear brother" of James but at that time, the term could also mean a brother-in-law, step-brother, or half-brother.  James Boyes wife was named Margaret and she may be the sister of William Cavey.  This family seems to be part of the Ulster immigration of the early 1700's.  While most of the group were low land Scots who settled in Ulster, Ireland in the 1600's there is some tradition that a small group of French Hugenouts from the Isle of Jersey also went to Ulster where the two groups intermarried for several generations before going to New Hampshire and in 1718 and later.

I am interested in finding out more out this possibility.  Do you know if any y-DNA Cavey surname studies are in progress?


Sharon Oxenham
(Maryland) 5th March 2009


My grandmother, born in 1896, was a member of the Cavey family in Woodstock, MD. I am trying to learn more about the family and came across the Cavey Family website online. I live in Ellicott City, which is just a few miles from Woodstock.

I am interested in learning more about this group.


Sharon Oxenham.


Tracy Heiney Eastridge
(Maryland) 1st February 2009


I am currently researching the Cavey branch of my family tree.  My great grandmother was Elsie Cavey born 1907 and her father was Roswell Cavey born 1872.  I haven't been able to find any information on the two.  Could you help?  I would appreciate any help that you could provide.


Tracy Eastridge.


Bonnie Cavey-Zepeda
(Maryland) 22th January 2009

I know my birth father was catholic and his family was from the state of Maryland. I was born in 1945 in Michigan to Francis Cavey and Neva Arlene. Francis has a brother Bernard in Michigan. My father is deceased I was adopted at 3 weeks of age. I know I have 4 1/2 brothers  and I would love to know who I am. My grandmother was Pearl. I also had an aunt. My dad's sister named Pearl. I have a sister Joyce.  Please send me any information you can. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters. I would love to pass our history to them. I have looked for years to find out my nationality any help is greatly appreciated.


Bonnie Cavey-Zepeda
(Maryland) 22th January 2009

I know my father Francis Cavey was from Maryland and I know his mothers name was Pearl. He also has a sister named Pearl. I was born in michigan in 1945 to Francis and Neva. I was adopted by Nevas' parents and want to know my fathers family I know he has a brother Bernard and had a daughter Joyce and sons(4) one is Roger please any help to know who I am would be greatly appreciated I have no history.


Erica Cavey Schwable
(Maryland) 22th January 2009


Hi I was just checking out the site and I'm trying to find out as much as I can about my heritage. My grandfather, John Evan Cavey was from the Glouchester, OH branch of Cavey's. He was born in 1919 and passed away in 2003. I believe his father was John McKinley, and his father was John Evan who was mentioned on the page I found. I know they were coal miners and my grandpa got out by getting into the paper business. He also served in WWII at Pearl Harbor. My grandma and I were just getting ready to go through a lot of his things and clean house but I was wondering if there were any public records or anything official that there is easy access to.



Lisa Bernard
(Maryland) 20th January 2009


Hello Charlie Bell,

I would love to have more information about the Cavey's from you and your cousin Will Chambers. I didn't see an email cc'd with Will's email address though. My grandfather, Charles Kenneth Cavey died when I was a baby so I never knew him and I don't remember my parents talking about him much. He married my grandmother, Lillian Clemsen (spelling) and they had 7 children including my father Albert Joyce Cavey. I do remember my Dad saying there was an area in Woodstock where most of the Cavey's came from in his family in Maryland. I can see on census records that we are descendants of Joseph and Sarah. My Uncle,(my fathers oldest brother) Edward Key Cavey's obituary reads "Grandson of Reuben, Great Grandson of Reuben, Great Great Grandson of Reuben but I cannot find any information that states that in census records. The only Reuben that could have been my Great Great Grandfather only had a son named William and a daughter. The only Charles K Cavey I can find is the son of William (who was the son of Reuben)and the census records show the wife of William as Magaretha. I am not positive if they are my great grandparents or not. Boy, this is so hard to follow sometimes. Any information you can give me is very much appreciated.

Thank you and Happy New Year,


Charlie Bell
(Maryland) 5th January 2009

Hi Lisa,

My name is Charlie Bell and I reside near Woodstock in  Howard County, Maryland. We may be related within the same Cavey line. My  cousin, Will Chambers has more information about the Caveys if you are  interested. He is CC'd on this message.


Dawn Miller
(Maryland) 5th January 2009

Do you have his contact info?


Dawn Miller
(Maryland) 5th January 2009


So can I have those pictures or purchase them from you ?


John Bernard Cavey Sr.
(Maryland) 3rd November 2008

Hugh Bone Cavey was the father of Leo Bernard Cavey, my father. That would make him my Grandfather. He lived in Woodstock, MD.

Samuel Cavey was my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. Nathanuel Cavey was my Great-Great- Grandfather. Nathan was my Great-Grandfather. Hug Bone Cavey was my Grandfather. Leo Bernard Cavey was may Father.


Hannaleigh Scaglione
(Maryland) 4th January 2009



I am Hannaleigh Cavey Scaglione. My father was Charles (Jake) G. Cavey III. He had posted on your site before he passed 4 years ago as did his father and my uncle Mike. As far as I know my grandfater was the only child of Charles G Cavey SR. They lived in Mayland, and I have heard many stories of the woodstock cemitary from my father. If any one could tell me if they know of any siblings of Charles G Cavey Sr. i would love to hear. I have noticed many other Charles that have poped up so i am naturally curious.

Thank you for this website. Iit helps me stay close to my father.


John Bernard Cavey Sr.
(Maryland) 3rd November 2008

My mother was Betty Robinette Married Frank Buel around 1943 in Ellicott City, MD. Frank Buell owned the Esso Gas Station there. His brother, Bill, owned the restaurant next doot at Rogers Ave. and RT 40.

My mother, then married my father Leo Bernard Cavey. He worked at the County Cab Co. in Catonsville, MD before he died on August 19, 1960. Leo was born December 20, 1916. His father was Hugh Bone Cavey.

Leo's brother where Dan, Nathan and Tom Cavey all from Ellicott City, MD. Their father, Hugh Bones Cavey was norn in Daniels, Woodstock, MD Area.

I have three sisters, one half sister and one half brother. My mother is 82 years old. I'm going to be 58 in Dec. 2008. I was born in December 2, 1950in West Baltimore city, MD, close to Edmontonson village shopping center. I hope Bill Norris gets this e-mail or a Cavey or anybody connected with the Cavey's.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 10th November 2008


Same answer than for Debbie. I have given theses pictures to Bill Norris except one which has been given to another member of the list (can’t remember to whom).



Dawn Miller
(Maryland) 10th November 2008

I came across your site and saw pictures of my grandparents on there that were purchased by Jean-Luc. They are Virginia Cavey and George Miles. Plus you have pictures of my great Aunt and Uncle, Beatrice Cavey and William Rose. Virginia and Beatrice are sisters.

If at all possible I would like to have these photos of them.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 10th November 2008



Sorry but I have not kept these pictures for my own usage. I have sent most of them to Bill Norris. One have been sent to another member of the list but I cannot remember to whom.



Debbie Taryn
(Maryland) 10th November 2008


You have purchased pictures of my parents and other relatives on ebay back in 2003. their names are: Virginia Cavey, Beatrice Cavey, William Rose, Norman Cavey, and Gilbert Cavey. Virginia and George are my parents.

I have never seen these pictures can you send them to me or can I purchase them from you?


John Bernard Cavey
(Pennsylvania) 2nd November 2008


To Bill Norris, I"m related to you .

I talked to you awhile back about 1993. My great,great,great grandfather was Joeseph Cavey,my great,great grandfather was Nathanel Cavey and my great grandfather was Nathan Cavey. My

Grandfather was Hugh Bone Cavey. My father was Leo Bernard Cavey, my name is John Bernard Cavey Sr. I live in PA


Barry Cavey
(Maryland) 1st November 2008

I am the son of the late Ralph Cavey who was married to Kathy Cavey (step mother) and they lived in Baltimore County. Anyways Kathy did alot of research on the Caveys and one of the things I remember was the Cavey family crest. I noticed one of the pictures shows Chris Cavey holding a Cavey tee shirt.  How would I or could I buy a few tee shirts? 

Thanks for any info.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 31th October 2008

Desperately looking for kin of Ernest Frost Cavey and India C. Cavey. 

Please help


Hannaleigh Scaglione
(Maryland) 9th September 2008

My father was Charles G. Cavey III. He passed away four years ago and I have decided to find out all I can about him and my family. Any help would be wonderful.

Thank you


Lucy Cavey
(USA) 26th September 2008

I am Lucy Cavey, maried to Michael Cavey, born 1971 to Peter Cavey. We have 2 children now - Anna Penelope Cavey born 3rd October 2003 and Harry Thomas Cavey born 30th March 2005.


J. J. Mort
(USA) 6 September 2008

Sorry for the delay.  We have had a medical crisis in our family and I can't get to my research as much as I would like to.  I'm new to this type of forum.  Is this the address that I use to post? 

Brice Cavey was born about 1800 in Maryland and Married a Phoebe A. ??.  She was born in PA.  (Ohio census records)  Their son Wilson A. Cavey was born in 1832 in Maryland (Ohio census records) and married Grace (Gracy) Jane Moorhead in 1862 in Muskingum County Ohio. 

Thank you for your help!


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 2nd September 2008

What time frame are you talking about.... There was a Brice  but I have to look.

Note of the Editor : Sharon is answering to the J. J. Mort question below in this page.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 1st September 2008

Dear Michele,

So glad to know what happened to the information that  Cathy had gathered.  She worked hand and hand with Bill Norris and the information in regards to Cavey's in Woodstock, MD they got from me. So if  there are ever any questions about the information you will know who to  contact.

Take Care,


Lisa Bernard (Cavey)
(Maryland) 29th August 2008




My name is Lisa Bernard (Cavey). Granddaughter of Charles K. Cavey born in Woodstock, Maryland. (Haven't found any information on him yet, but social security records for my Uncle Edward Key Cavey list Reuben and grandfather, great grandfater and Joseph as great great grandfather). I have been looking at the cavey website for more information about my family. Please add my name to the mailing list.

Thank you,


Lisa Bernard (Cavey)
(Maryland) 28th August 2008


I just found out this evening that my grandfather Charles Key Cavey was the grandson of Reuben Cavey. Is this any relation to Joseph & Sarah Cavey of Woodstock, Maryland ?

My father was Joyce Albert Cavey, his brothers were Edward Key Cavey, John Cavey, Thomas Cavey, Martin Cavey and Joseph Cavey. There was also a brother Ignatious who dies when he was a child. There was also a sister Rita. My grandmother was Lillian Viola Clemsen.

Thank you for any information.



Devils Angel
(USA) 8th July 2008

I may have left due to full mailbox or been removed due to full mail box while I was in hospital Easter week... 

I have a funeral home card for a friend of my family:

Charles W Cavey 1923-1990

I grew up calling him "Uncle Buck" although I am told he was not related by blood....   I have no clue who he was related to....  


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 2nd July 2008


Sorry for the delay, but I do not store the email addresses on the web site nor else where.

I have not found any information about the Villedieu le Bailleul (except what is already on the site).



Brian MacEvilly
(Texas) 2nd July 2008

Bonjour, In 'Caveys in France', a John Lea, Texas contacted you in January, 2008 regarding 'Villedieu le Bailleul'. Is it possible to put me in contact with him? I am descended from the De Legas, the family which the De Bailleuls became. Many thanks for your help. I find your site very fascinating.

Brian MacEvilly (Staunton/Leigh)


J. J. Mort
(USA) 10 June 2008


I'm a descendant of Brice Cavey's son Wilson A. who married Grace Jane Moorhead.  Am looking for their ancestors and hope you all can help me.


Note of the Editor : no idea of where is "J.J." from. Classified in US awaiting further information from him.


Angela Lunczynski
(Maryland) 30th May 2008

Hi there,

I live in Catonsville, Md.  I live in a home that was built in 1879, I believe by the Cavey Family.  I believe Cavey family residents lived here until approximately 6 years ago.  The home was very lovingly maintained and I am attempting to do the same right now.  I was looking at your site because I am in a bit of a legal battle with a local business that would like to put a parking lot on the property next to mine.  I think this would be a horrible shame for the street and the historical value of the home.  I was trying to find any historical information I could about the property.  I believe Mr. and Mrs. George Cavey lived in this home and one of their children lived in a smaller home on the property perhaps built by Mr. Cavey's broher.  If you have any information for me that would be wonderful.  I'd be glad to send you a few photographs as well.  In addition there is a book called Catonsville, 1840 to 1880, there is a picture of Mr. Cavey loading a flower van.  It's a wonderful photograph.




Patricia L. Rivera
(Ohio) 16th January 2008


I am a Cavey from Ohio, my name is Pat and I would like to get in touch with either Connie Rowe Cavey or Mina Cavey. I saw that Mina was writing about her dad Ernie who was my uncle. I am his brother bill's daughter. I would love to get an email or a way to contact her.


Thomas Cavey
(Maryland) 16th January 2008


I grew up in Catonsville MD and my father grew up in Ellicot City MD.


Michele Cavey Cordell
(Maryland) 9th January 2008

I am Michele Cavey Cordell. I have all of the history of the Cavey's. I received the information upon Ralph Leo Cavey's death. His deceased wife Cathy did most of the work on the history of the Cavey's. If someone is interested in the info, them email me.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 5th November 2007

Does anyone have any information on Edward Ewing Cavey's parents.  I read the father was Ernest F. Cavey of Maryland.  Please email me information if possible on Ernest F. Cavey.  This may be my grandfather. 

Thank you


Mike Lochner
(Maryland) 28 September 2007


Hello Rachel.  Did your husband and cousin have any luck?



Barry M Cavey
(Florida) 24 September 2007

Hey, I'm not sure what all info you log, but I figured that I'd make an announcement on behalf of the Florida Caveys that I've gotten engaged to Brandi Wainwright and will be married next year.


Barry M Cavey

*son of Barry J cavey

*Grandson of Ralph Cavey and Mildred J. Carpentier.


Mary Lundy
(Maryland) 24 September 2007


I would be more than happy to run copies for you...just let me know when and where.  I just finished entering all of the information we gathered last Saturday about my great grandmother Rosanna.  Mother¹s mother died in childbirth.  My mother was raised by her Grandmother Rosanna and always thought she had only four siblings (Aunt M, Uncle Bill, Aunt Nell and Aunt Annie)!  To learn that she had 12 brothers and sisters was a tremendous shock to my mother last Saturday.  Great Grandmother never talked about her family and there were only four or five occasions when my mother met them.

Mother does remember traveling by car with Rosanna to visit Aunt Annie during the 1920¹s.  Rosanna was closest to her sister Annie who was 10 years younger than your great grandfather, William James (Bill).  Your grandfather, Uncle Bill,  attended Rosanna¹s funeral in Sykesville in 1954 when he was 90 years old.  I remember him as being tall and thin with a wonderful personality and he didn¹t look 90...more like 75!  He may not have been tall ...I was just short at 12 years old!  We also remember that he was a barber and I think he was still working!  Does your father remember him?

I need to talk to your dad some more...I have so many questions.  Could you ever come our way for a visit?  We are near Dulles Airport...about 70 minutes from Ellicott City.

Thanks again for everything.  Let me know when you are ready for help.



Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland 22 September 2007

One more thing…did you get any pictures at the reunion or know of anyone who did?  It would be great to put some pictures and additional information on the website. 

Thanks, Debi


Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland 22 September 2007

Hi Mary,

We were very happy that you were able to join us.  I know my father enjoyed talking with you and sharing his information.  It’s hard on him now being confined to assisted living and dialysis, so the interactions are especially meaningful. 

I am going to try and scan his manuscript as a PDF file as you suggested.
When I get it done I’m sure he will be happy to share it with you.  As I mentioned, in my new job I am limited to the printing and copying I can do, so maybe we will call on you to print a few copies, if you wouldn’t mind.

I’ll keep you posted and please keep in touch!



Mary Lundy
(Maryland) 21 September 2007


Hello Debi,

Stephen, Mother and I would like to thank you for including us in the Cavey gathering this past week-end.  We enjoyed meeting everyone and I especially liked being able to fill in missing information about my great grandmother¹s family.  We were impressed by the incredible amount of work that your father has completed.  If I can help in any way to reproduce his information, I will be happy to assist.

Mary Lundy


Barbara Harrison
(Pennsylvania) 21 September 2007

My Mother was Dorothy Ann Cavey, her father John Cavey, they lived in Carnegie Pennsylvania USA.

Any information you have about this line is appreciated.  As I find more about us I am willing to share


Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 3rd September 2007

Hello MD Caveys,

We have arranged a Cavey mini-reunion on Saturday, September 15, 2007, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Trolley Stop in Ellicott City.  This reunion is primarily for the descendants of Joseph Cavey and Mary Ann Knight from Woodstock/Grays, Maryland; however, all are welcome to attend! 

The Trolley Stop is located at 6 Oella Avenue, Ellicott City, MD 21043-4705.  The only cost will be the price of your meal.  Please RSVP to Debi Gair, dgair1[], if you plan to attend.  Hope to see you there!

Debi Norris Gair; Bill Norris; Will Chambers; Topper


Patsy Campbell
(Maryland) 1st August 2007)

My grandmother was a Norris. Her brother was William Norris {Bill]. Her father was Alfonzo.from Ireland. He was killed at 42;she was very young and remembered little.

WE are from southern Ohio.They lived in Racine,Promeroy area. I live in Gallipolis, a French settlement about 50 miles away. Could the Bill Norris in your site be related?



Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 2nd July 2007

Hi, I'm here, but I have not been able to find any thing else out about Maria (Mariah) Cavey. All of my leads just dried up. My husband and his cousin are going to Annapolis on July 10 to look around the archives. I will let you know if they find anything.



Mike Lochner
(Maryland) 2nd July 2007

Can any one help me with this one. 

"Rachel and John,

I hate to be a pest, but I am trying to proceed in my geneology quest.  Do you know any more about Charles Wesley Sullivan's Father (James Charles Sullivan)?   Since he was born in 1809, and my Great Great Grandfather (Henry Sullivan) was born in 1814, and the fact that Henry and Charles W. lived next door to each other in 1880 on Pratt Street, maybe Henry was an Uncle of Charles W., and James and Henry were Brothers??  What do you think? Please respond...Please!"

I am not able to get a response from Rachel Sullivan.  She might not be in the Baltimore area any longer.  Thanks!

Mike Lochner


Linda Cavey
(Maryland) 2nd July 2007

Norman Cavey and Gilbert Cavey are brothers. William Rose is a brother-in-law married  to Beatrice Cavey.


Lynda Hain
(Iowa) 1st July 2007

I have not heard much about the Cavey's in the Iowa area of the United States but I know that my father, Donald Cavey talked about our Irish heritage many times when I was growing up.

My grandfathers name was Edward and he died when my father was 14 years old. I don't have a lot of information beyond this. I'd be interested if you have any further information on this branch of Cavey's.


Mary Lundy
(Maryland) 20 June 2007

How exciting to find your wonderful web site.  I am Mary Patricia Arrington Lynch Lundy ggranddaughter of Rosanna Cavey who was a daughter of Nathan Cavey and Mary Ann Frost.  Having just started to investigate my mother's line, finding your site has already been more than I hoped for.  Great Grandmother, Rosanna Cavey (1858-1954),  lived in Sykesville  Maryland after her marriage to William Henry Hobbs ( until her death in 1954.  She raised my mother, Cecelia Rose Hobbs Arrington Davis from her birth in 1916 to her marriage in 1934 (Cecelia's  mother passed away in childbirth). 

I spent every third weekend and summers visiting the Hobbs home in Sykesvlle (1942 to 1962) where all of this loving family would gather for Sunday dinners. There were nine Hobbs children.   My mother, Cecelia,  is 90 years old, lives with us and has an incredible memory so she continues to be a good source of information.

Having access to the Norris-Cavey-King family tree would be so helpful.  We are planning a trip to Ellicott City this week-end and hope to find a few of the cemetaries.

My husband, Stephen Lundy,  and I live in Loundoun County, Virginia.  We are both educators, high school and college history and I recently retired from Fairfax County after teaching mathematics for 30 years.  We have been dabbling in genealogy for the last five summers when time allows.

Thank you.


Edward Joseph Cavey
(Michigan) 20 June 2007

I am a Cavey - Edward Joseph.  I registered with the Cavey family website (with Jean-Luc) back in 1997.

I live in michigan and have several Cavey relatives in Iowa and Ohio.


Patricia Rivera Cavey
(Ohio) 7 June 2007

I am related to the ohio caveys and would like to join the cavey yahoo group so i can communicate and respond to stuff on the us caveys site. How do i do that? also please put me on your email list, i used to have an aol address but i had it changed


Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 24 May 2007

Hi Jean Luc,

I haven't been to the site for a while and now I see my father's name, Bill Norris, mentioned many times.  I thought I would give you an update.  His health is poor, but he is still kicking.  His eyesight is almost gone, so he just recently entered an assisted living facility off of Harford Road in Baltimore.  I do have regular contact with him, so if anyone wants to get a message to him they can do so through me.

Good to talk to you again,



Linda Cavey
(Maryland) 28 April 2007

I know the names and the connection of the people in the pictures bought on e-bay if you haven't found out already. I would be glad to share info with you.


Steven Cavey
(Maryland) 18 April 2007

I don't know much but my fathers name is Leonard E Cavey, his sister is Mildred Purper maiden name was Cavey, my grandfathers name is Leonard A Cavey. As far as i know my grandfather passed in the 40's sometime, my father in April of 03.

We are from Baltimore and are still here.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 18 April 2007

Jean Luc has it really been 10 years! 

I really  think it is time for another reunion here in Maryland.  If anyone is  interested in helping me I would appreciate it.... Nicky are you out  there?!?!?  It seems like yesterday I ran into Cathy Cavey and we realized  that her Grays/Ellicott City Cavey's were actually part of my Woodstock  Cavey's!  What a wonderful bridge that was to her and I!  I had the  Woodstock info and She had the Grays info.  Her and Bill Norris had worked  long and hard on finding all their info.  At first it seemed all too easy  that this was the answer for all three of us.  But as we started putting  things together it all connected.  Thank God for my Grandmother and her  vivid memories of the Old Home Place in the hills behind the Woodstock  College!!! 

Thank God I had such an undying interested in all of her  wonderful stories and wrote it all down. It is not the gift I give to my  children and grandchildren.   The map my Uncle made of how to get back  to the old home place really helped.  My grandmother used to climb those  hills for as many years as she could, taking my father, aunt and uncle  with her, to walk back into the past of her childhood home, the home  of Mollie and Jack and before them Reuben and Mary C. Strebeck Cavey. 

The journey taken with Cathy Cavey and  Bill Norris was something I will treasure forever.  I am sure that Cathy is  in heaven, with all the ancestors she searched for, for so many years... getting  the stories of their lives.

I would really like to try to get  together another reunion of the Woodstock/Grays/Ellicott City Cavey's.  

Bill if you are out there I could not do it without you or Nicky!!!!!


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 18 April 2007


I would love to talk to you.  

You can reach me at  410 242 8956

My Great Grandmother was Mollie (Mary Jane Cavey) who  lived with her husband and children( one of which was my grandmother)  in a home built by her father, Reuban Cavey (son of Joseph and Sarah  Cavey) in the hills behind the Woodstock College and not too far from the Quarry

Look forward to speaking to you!


Joseph Bailey
(USA) 5 April 2007

I noticed a message from a John Lea, Texas, who discussed Bailleul, West Flanders, and some of the de Bailleul family members...I would like to discuss more with this John Lea of Texas,.

Would you please forward my message and ask him to contact me, if he is willing?


Gina Keitz
(Maryland) 28 March 2007

I may be distantly related to you.

My Great-grandmother was Florence King and her mother was Mary Bower King. Many years ago Bill Norris sent my mother (Beatrice Lillian [Lachenauer] Boublis) a copy of the Norris-Cavey-King family tree information. I'm trying to get in touch with Bill Norris again and would like to share my genealogical findings with the family.

Can you please have this lady email me re: King?  My 2nd great was Eva Estelle Parrish who married Thomas J King.  I would love descendant info.

Thank you.


Norma B. Cavey
(Maryland) 28 March 2007

My late husband was Edward Francis Cavey of the Woodstock Baltimore Caveys.

We did extensive research on the family and connections to the Catholic Church. I can tell you the name of the Cavey who was instrumental in converting Woodstock area families to Catholicism & ties to the Society of Jesus and Woodstock seminary.

My husband was a prominent Jesuit before our marriage.

I would like a snail mail address to send photos and materials. Lots of stuff.


Earlyn E. Wiles Stanco
(Maryland) 11 March 2007


Just came across your letters from November on the  web site. Your gr-grandmother Florence Alverda King and my gr-grandmother  Margaret Anna Rebecca King Wiles were sisters. Your grandmother (Bea) and  grandfather (Elmer) used to visit back and forth with my parents Earl and Evelyn Wiles. I always thought they were the best. My sister Bea was named after your  grandmother. We called your Mom 'Little Bea'.



Earlyn E. Wiles Stanco
(Maryland) 10 March 2007


I have the same info. on Minnie Cavey that you do. Mine came from the Howard County Historical Society, which came from Bill  Norris.

Earlyn E. Wiles Stanco


Gina C Sessions-Keitz
(Maryland) 27 February 2007

I see many mentions of Bill Norris on your site.  I was previously in contact with him and would like to be again.  Do you know how I can reach him?

Thank you, Gina C Sessions-Keitz

My great aunt was married to a Cavey here in Maryland...  I believe Bill had contact with them before they passed away.


Keith Austin
(Maryland) 20 February 2007

I saw your website and wanted to get on the mailing list.  My name is Keith Austin.  I am from Baltimore. 

My great-grandmothers name was Minnie Ritter, but her maiden name was Minnie Cavey.  Through the census I believe her parents were Robert and Rosa Cavey and I believe Roberts parents were Nathaniel and Mary A. Cavey. 

Just wanted to try to confirm this or find out where my great-grandmother fits in.  Thank you.


Thomas B. J. Aliandoe
(Maryland) 11 February 2007

I am a medical doctor (General Practitioner) working at the International SOS Clinic in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have once had a mister Thomas Cavey visiting us in the clinic here, and I believe he has now moved back to the USA. I found your website purely by chance, and remember Mr Cavey (I believe his full name to be Thomas J. Cavey).

If you happen to contact him, can you say hi to him from me? I understand that for privacy reasons you cannot release his e-mail address (but I give you permission to give him mine, if he wants to).

Best wishes


Joan Pepin Tschida
(Minnesota) 22 January 2007

I am interested in contacting Sharon Zinkand and Michael R. Cavey re my relationship with the Cavey family. I am related to the Bodka, Miller, and Gallagher families through my grandfather James Bodka, who was born in Lonaconing MD. He died in Minnesota, I have a few photos and letters from his MD family.

Please advise, thank you


Joan Pepin Tschida
(Minnesota) 21 January 2007

Dear Sir, I am new to your Cavey site. I found an entry by Michael R. Cavey dated 1 October 1997 which relates to my family. Mary Bodka Miller was sister to my grandfather James Bodka. How, please, may I contact Michael Cavey? I have an old letter dated late 1800s written by Mary Miller to her brother, my grandfather. I have the family history of James who married in Minnesota. Any help that you can give me would be appreciated.

The above is regarding my mother's side of my lineage. On my father's side I was born a Pepin, the family from France to Canada in the 1600s.

Thank you for your consideration.


Laura Rusch
(USA) 24 November 2006


I know I just wrote you but i just remembered that I  have some antique steel-plate photographs of some of the Caveys which I'm sure Bill Norris's relatives would be interested in. these people, I don't know how I am related to and I would like to know who the people are in them. I'm so excited to have seen Bill Norris's name and some other familiar names, Je regrette que je ne parle pas en français.

Merci, merci, Merci pour ce site!

Laura Rusch


Laura Rusch
(USA) 24 november 2006


I may be distantly related to you. My Great-grandmother was Florence King and her mother was Mary Bower King. Many years ago Bill Norris sent my mother (Beatrice Lillian (Lachenauer) Boublis) a copy of the Norris-Cavey-King family tree information. I'm trying to get in touch with Bill Norris again and would like to share my genealogical findings with the family.

I also have my bachelor's degree in French. If you need some help in translation,please ask.

Thank you for keeping this website. I saw Bill Norris's name on it!


Jeanette Robbins
(USA) 17 November 2006

Hi--My name is Jeanette Robbins I am trying to locate my Great Grandmother Celia Augusta Cavey she married my Great Grandfather Milton Peter Webb. My Mother Penny Lehmuth was also looking for her as well. Celia Augusta Cavey and Milton Peter Webb are the Parents of Lillian Gloria Webb my Grandmother. If you have any info's please email at


Sabine Canestrier
(Nevada) 6 October 2006

My maiden name is Cavey, my father Bernard Cavey is from Pirou (manche/France) and his parents are Auguste and Yvette Cavey.

I find your web site amazing and I didn't know there were Cavey all over the world. I myself live in Las Vegas/USA but I'm from France.

If you would like any more information, don't hesitate to contact me,

Sabine Cavey/Canestrier


Clare Perry
(Ohio) 2 October 2006

Descendant of Mathias Cavey (Toronto, Iowa), formerly of Ross County, Ohio.

Looking for information on Cavey family in the Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa areas.


Steven Dale Cavey
(somewhere) 26 September 2006

Hi my name is Steven Cavey, my fathers name is Leonard Edward Cavey, he passed away in 2003, my grandfather was Leonard Asberry Cavey and was married to Ida marrie Mitchel.

I,m just looking for any information on my ancestors from both sides.

Thank you.

Emily Burns
(Rhode Island) 24 September 2006

I have been reading the posts at your website; I read one from Tomas Cavey that said that he also had Irish Cavey ancestors. If he would still like my e-mail address, please send it to him...also, there is a post from 2004 from Janet Cavey (maiden name) in England; I believe, after having read her post, that she and I share great-great-grandparents and are cousins. I would like to give her my e-mail address as well, if possible.

Thank you--the site has been very helpful!


Emily Burns
(Rhode Island) 19 September 2006


I have found out a little more about my Irish Cavey ancestors from the 1901 and 1891 English Census records. My great-grandmother, Jane Cavey, was born in Wigan, Lancashire, England c. 1866. Her mother, Bridget, was born in Ireland in the early 1830s (unfortunately, I don't know her maiden name). Her father, Patrick Cavey, was born in Ireland in c. 1831. Besides Jane, they had a son, Patrick, who was born in Wigan c. 1870.

Jane Cavey married my great-grandfather, James Burns, who was also from Ireland, in Wigan around 1890.

If anyone recognizes these people from their family tree, I would love to hear from them.


Sandra Englehart
(Iowa) 4 September 2006

I'm researching the Charles Gilbert Cavey lineage. 

My father-in-law, Fred Englehart, is making plans to marry Catherine Ann (Roberts) Cavey, the former wife of Charles Gilbert Cavey 2nd (1932-2004) and the mother of Charles "Jake" G. Cavey 3rd (1959-2004).  I enjoy researching genealogy and would appreciate your help to sign me up.  I've just begun researching the Cavey genealogy and would like to contact Charles' other son, Michael Ladd Cavey. 

How can I obtain Michael's email address? 

Also, how do I obtain access to the genealogy?  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your consideration.


Lily Brown
(Florida) 1st September 2006



I not related to you in anyway, Im writing you because, about 1 hour ago, I was watching Discovery Channel here in Florida, USA.  Its about HAUNTING PLACE, and eeriely enough, the ghost haunting the SUMMERWIND house, somewhere in WISCONSIN, was WILLIAM CARVEY, landowner during 17th or 18th century..very interesting and spooky.  Apparently, he helped to unite two red indian warlords, in gratitude they gave him big piece of land...if you go, to WISCONSIN ARCHIVES, you probably traced WILLIAM CARVEY.

Thanks a bunch.  Hope this helps



Kaitlin Cavey
(Missouri) 23 July 2006

Hello Again.

This is Kaitlin Cavey from missouri once again. I dont know how much help i can be on the cavey-irish connection, but i do know that my grandfather was pure irish and either his father or great grandfather emigrated from ireland. I will speak to my father more about our family not too well informed...but hopefully i can dig something up and help you out!

Write Back!



Kaitlin Cavey
(Missouri) 23 July 2006


My name is Kaitlin Cavey. I stumbled upon the site, and I know my father has actually been a member of the site in past years. I didnt know if it would help, but there are are five caveys in my family living here in missouri. I dont if there are any other caveys elsewhere in missouri, but i thought this update might be helpful. Good luck with your site, Ive found it very informative and interesting. You've done a wonderful job!

Thank you,

Kaitlin Cavey


A Garvey
(Maryland) 14 July 2006

Hi Penny

I am a descendent of  Henry Cavey & I would like to share any info with you. I also agree with your "hunch" that  Joseph and Henry were brothers. Hope to hear from you.

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Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 5 July 2006

Does any one have any information on a Mahalith Cavey born in 1819 in NY, living in Michigan with her 2 daughters and 2 sons. The children were born in Michigan ranging from 8 to 2 yrs of age. No mention of father. Shows up on the Michigan census in 1850. Children - Mariah, William, Susan and Edward.


Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 2 May 2006


I have Icel Cavey married to a Woodrow Kelly but do not have any of their children.  Also I show her grandmother as Anna Mae Stanley and I think you have her named spelled differently.  I would like to have all information you can give me on John Evan Cavey and Mary Tippie.  My e-mail is {DesignStch at aol} if you want to contact me direct.



Paty Rivera
(Ohio) 30 April 2006

I have some info on icel kelly she's my aunt

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Joyce Coster
(Maryland) 24 April 2006

We spoke years ago (1992 maybe) and Bill wrote the story of the old house in Ellicott City.

He gave a copy to Dorothy O'Brien, my aunt.  My existing Cavey relatives are my aunts Dorothy O'Brien and Helen Davis.  My mother, Patricia (Sears)  and aunt Mary (Swift) are deceased. I knew Aunt  Nan (the postmistress in Ellicott City) Tess (our granny) aunt Ine, Eva, Agnes, Rose, and there were brothers who died earlier.  I think one was Wesley.  There is a Cavey monument in St. John's cemetary in Ellicott City and the homestead which is now an historical dwelling which has been refurbished and is gorgeous.   I remember when Ine and Eve put Aunt Nan in the nursing home on West Road in Towson.  We went to see her every weekend when I was about 10.  I am now 49 and remember Ine and Eve's home on Midmeadow Road in Towson.  My father built it as part of Jett Development in the 60's.

Granny (Theresa) married Thomas Lundy and had four daughters - Dorothy, Mary, Patricia and Helen.

Aunt Nan never married - lived at the homestead with her parents and raised Dorothy who was bore by Theresa but the father was never known.  Now THAT is a family secret to this day.  Aunt Dorothy turned 85 in March. She was Theresa's mother, but Thomas Lundy raised her as his own.

Thomas Lundy died before I was born.  I am the daughter of Patricia (Theresa Cavey's daughter).  She married Joseph Sears and, thus, was Patricia Ann Lundy.

I am a breast cancer patient who never has recovered.  Been fighting since November, 2001.  My prognosis is not good, but I do remember you, Bill, and all the years of work it took you to write that "bible" on ancestry. 

When we first "met", I was married and living in Westminster, MD.  Since then, too many things have happened and I am on my own - and very happy.

Please write back.  My sister, Nancy Rothwell, would be so happy that I have found you again and the bit of history she can have for her children.

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Robert D. Davis
(Maryland) 17 April 2006


From : Robert D. Davis
Dear Monsieur Cavey,

This e-mail pertains to what I read on your web site which, was written by Bill Norris  and Sharon Zinkand, who were exploring some of your family's history in what's now the Patapsco State Park in Maryland, USA.

While attempting to research a quarry that I'd seen while riding on horseback, through the aforementioned park, I happened upon your web site.  Perhaps it may interest you and your relatives that there's a horse-farm near the park, which may be helpful to your family's genealogical exploration in Patapsco State Park.  I lead trail rides through the park and am familiar with many of the trails there.  The farm, Misty Manor Farm, can accomodate up to twenty-five people at a time on horseback rides through the park, which might make it easier for you and your relatives to travel through the park
to see such places as the remains of old house mentioned by Ms. Zinkand, which belonged to her great grandfather.

For further information, Misty Manor's website is

There is also a historian for the state park who may also be of help to your family; his name is Robert Bailey (I'm not certain if I have his last name spelled correctly); the telephone number where I'm told he can be reached is: 1-410-737-0451.

Best of luck with your genlealogical research.  Hopefully you'll be able to visit this part of the U.S. and ride through the Patapsco State Park on horseback to see some of your family's history there.

Best wishes

Robert D. Davis


Jack Dolby
(Maryland) 16 April 2006


I am a direct descendant of Alfred Brice Cavey, referenced on the web site.

Alfred Brice Cavey had a daughter Mary Elizabeth Cavey, her 2nd marriage to James Andrew Brannan (first marriage was to Joseph Munsch), their son Alfred Charles Brannan married Hannah Elizabeth Griffith... my mother's parents.

I tried to contact that web site through the address {Family at}, but the email bounced.

I am not actively doing genealogical research right now but have some information for some of the folks on the above-mentioned page.

Jack Dolby


Charlotte Cavey
(Maryland) 15 April 2006

My name is Charlotte Cavey and I live in Lansdowne, Maryland, USA.  I am trying to get family history information.  My granfather's name was William Thomas Cavey, his wife Myrtle Irene Parker Cavey.  My father was Charles Edward Cavey. 

My email address is {char2blue at}.


Mina Marie Cavey
(Ohio) 30 October 2005

Hi this is Mina Cavey. My parents divorced when I was an infant and I was never told anything about my father.

I was not even allowed to speak of my father or my family. When I got older and away from my mother , I kept calling Dayton, Ohio phone information .Finally I got hold of my uncle Tom Cavey and he put me in touch with my father. I spoke to my father once and told him I always loved him and a  week later he passed away. My fathers brothers and sister are so elderly , they have a hard time with  remembering the past. The only thing I was told, was that they lived in a coal mining town in Ohio in the Smokey Mountains and the small town was so poor that it doesn't exist anymore.All I know is that his brothers  and sister moved to the Dayton and West Carrollton area. But now I cant find any of them in area.

My father,  Ernest Ewing Cavey passed away December 20,1994. He was 65 . On my birth certificate it only says that he was born in Ohio. I was born in Montgomery. county, Dayton,Ohio on June 1,1956. His brothers , Tom , John ,  and Bob and his sister Icel Cavey would have been born in the place in Ohio. Wherever that is ? I don't  even know his parents name.

I just want to know about my family that my mother unjustly kept from me. I  know next to nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 30 October 2005

Just checked my records and also 1930 census records.

Ernest was the son of John Cavey and wife Mary and resided in Trimble County,
Athens County, Ohio.  Ernest was age 11/12 or 1 month old at time of census. 
Other siblings listed are dtr Icel age 11, son John age 9, Son Forest age 7,
son Bobie age 6, son Billie age 2 9/12 and then son Ernest age 11/12.

family line is --
John M. Cavey & Mary
John E. Cavey and M. Anna Mae Stanley
John Washington Cavey and Mary Willis
Levi Cavey and Margaret Allison

Levi was born 1812 in Maryland. 

If Mina would e mail me direct I can give her dates and other siblings, etc.  Levi Cavey and wife Margaret are buried in Jackson County, Ohio.  Their daughter Sarah was my ancestor.


Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 30 October 2005

Can Mina furnish a little more information on her father such as when and perhaps where he was born.  I have information on some Ohio Cavey's and will try to help if I can.


Mina Marie Cavey
(Ohio) 29 October 2005

I was born in Dayton Ohio. My father was Ernest Ewing Cavey.

My mothers name was Chevetta.

My father had three brothers and one sister. Brothers were; John, Bob, Tom & sister - Icel Cavey. I don't know a lot about my family's my mother kept me away from my Cavey side of my family. My mother has passed away and my father passed away December 20,1994. He is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in West Carrollton, Ohio. I am desperate to know anything about my family. I don't even know the names of my grandparents.

Please Help if you can! I was born June 1,1956.


Jo Brown Parsons
(Florida) 15 October 2005

I have been out of touch for over a year.  Am now taking care of my  87 year old father.  I saw a notice from PAt Rivera with an AOL email address.  

I tire that address but it is no longer valid.  Would you have an address for her.  I believe we are related 


Barry Cavey Jr.
(Florida) 8 October 2005


My name is Barry Cavey.  I am 23 years old and my father (same name) came down to Tampa from Baltimore when he was young and I have resided here my whole life.  My deceased Grandfather and his wife had done extensive research on our family tree and gave me about a 3" thick book of the results of this reseach.  Unfortunately, I'm not excatly sure where it is after letting one of my aunts borrow it.  Our branch now resides in Tampa, FL; Wildwood, FL; Miami, FL; and Pheonix, AZ.  I was looking for a better picture of my family shield and that's how I came accross the site. 



Barry James Cavey
(Maryland) 8 October 2005


My name is Barry James Cavey. 45 yrs

My father’s name is Ralph Leo Cavey , deceased.

My mother’s name is Mildred Joyce Carpenter (Cavey) 70 yrs

I have 1 brother , Ralph Craig Cavey , 43 yrs

I have 2 sisters,  Joyclyn Kim Cavey , 48 yrs. And  Michele Cavey , 45 yrs

2 sons,  Barry Martin Cavey , 23 yrs and Logan Barry Cavey 9 yrs.

1 daughter, Meagan Elizabeth Cavey , 10 yrs.

Anyway just a little info on my family.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 11 August 2005

All !

Debi Gair Norris, and I must say, myself have the tremendous pleasure to inform you that our fellow Bill Norris is back and in good shape.

Bill e-mail address is {Nrrs24 at}.

You are welcome back at home, Bill !

We have no doubt that each member of the Caveys list would like to welcome you warmly.

Debi and Jean-Luc


Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 9 August 2005

Bill Norris is back!

I don't think he will mind my announcement - Bill is back. His e-mail is {Nrrs24 at}.

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Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 8 August 2005

Bob, Thank you for the information.  I will send you some information later on Levi and John W.



Robert Lee Cavey
(Ohio) 8 August 2005

Some information to fill in the blanks of the fourth fifth and sixth

Frank Washington Cavey b 1890 died Aug 1961
m. Lola Alice Murphy b 1-26-1895 died 6-27-1963

Ellis H.     deceased
Jean         deceased
Blanche    deceased
Ruth         deceased
Hazel        deceased
Stella        deceased
Robert H.   deceased
Frank W. jr  deceased
Frieda         living    Hollister Oh.
Robert H. Cavey b 1925 died Dec. 1979
m. Margaret Ellen Hogue b 1929 died 1999
children :
Mary Margaret
Lola Bell
Robert Lee
Charles William
Robert Lee Cavey b 11-14-1954
m Francine Ann Dixon b 11-17-1959
Dawn Marie
Margaret Ann
Brandy Kay
Crystal Renee
Robert Lee jr
Richard Allen
Jessica Leann

Hope this provides a little more information for you.



Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 8 August 2005

Jean & Robert -- I missed a generation -- here it is again

Levi Cavey b 1812 Maryland  wife Margaret b 1808 PennsylvaniaZ In Carroll County Ohio 1840 and Jackson County Ohio by 1860

John Washington Cavey b Feb 5, 1837 and wife Mary Willis b 1844

John Evan Cavey b May 13, 1869 m Anna Mae Stanley b 1871

Frank Cavey b 1890 m Lola Murphy

Robert Cavey b 1925 m Margaret


Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 7 August 2005

Robert, here is what I have on your family.

Levi Cavey b 1812 Maryland wife Margaret (believe her last name to be Allison) Levi and family were in Jackson County, Ohio in 1860 census.

John Washington Cavey b Feb 4, 1837 Carroll County, Ohio married Mary Willis in Jackson County, Ohio.

Frank Cavey b 1890  m Lola Murphy she died Athens County, Ohio 1963

Robert H. Cavey b abt 1925 wife Margaret

I would like to have more information on Frank and Robert and their families.  Levi was my ancestor through his daughter Sarah.   I have not been able to prove anything in Maryland as to who his parents were.  Levi shows his place of birth in all the census records as Maryland.

I would be glad to exchange information with you.  John Washington Cavey was married more than once.


Robert Lee Cavey
(Ohio) 7 August 2005


My name is Robert Lee Cavey of Fostoria,Ohio I am the son of Robert H. and Margaret E. Cavey.

My grandparents were Frank W. and Lola A. [Murphy] Cavey of Hollister,Ohio.

I am 50 years old,married with 7 kids and 10 grandkids.

Would be interested in joining your group and hearing from this line of the Cavey family.


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 5 August 2005

Hi Debi,

It's good to hear that Bill (I still call him  Billy, old habits are hard to break), is doing better. He's done a great job  researching the Cavey family. It's also good to know you have caught the bug.



Bob Benjamin
(Maryland) 5 August 2005

Hello Bonnie,

I do not know if you are interested or not but I am forwarding a copy of an obituary for a Harrison Cavey Sr. dated 6-14-2003.

Today I have been inundated with emails from people concerning the Cavey family. I am not a relation but if you ever see a posting I have made concerning an obituary (that is what I post) for a member of the Cavey family please send me an email and I will] gladly send you a copy.

Good luck in you searching.

Bob Benjamin


Bonnie Hannon
(Maryland) 5 August 2005


My name is Bonnie (maiden name Cavey)  I was born in Linthicum, Maryland

My dads name is Lycester Cavey, Jr.  My grandfather was Lycester Cavey Sr.

I don't know much about my ancesters.  Just checking to see if anyone knows my grandfather. 



Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 5 August 2005

Dear Jean-Luc,

It was wonderful to get a response from you.  Please use my {dgair1 at}.




Jean-Luc Cavey
(Paris) 5 August 2005

Hi everybody,

Debi Gair has send the mail below both to the Caveys Ancestors Site and to myself.

I am very happy to learn that Bill feels better and that he and Debi are working again on Marylander Cavey Tree.

Also, it's great to learn that Bill will be on line soon.

I have received a few other mails from Cavey which I am forwarding to the list in a couple of hours.

Personnal message to Debi : I think I have two e-mail address from you in the list : one is {dgair1 at}. The other one is your professional address {dgair1 at}. Which one would you like to be listed ?

All the best



Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 5 August 2005

Hi Earlyn,

I am Bill Norris's daughter.  I think I remember meeting you when I was a child.  I was always with my grandparents, Maude (Cavey) and Ernest Norris.  I guess I've caught the bug and am following in my father's footsteps in researching the family history.  He's been sick, had a two-way by-pass in May, but I saw him tonight and he's doing much better.  I think he's on his way to getting back online and continuing the research.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Maybe we can do another Cavey Reunion next year!


Debi Norris Gair


Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 5 August 2005

I am Debi Norris Gair, Bill Norris’ daughter. 

My father had a two-way bypass in May. I saw him this week at his home in Dundalk, and he seems to be doing much better.  I’ve caught the bug and am now assisting him in the genealogy research. He’s itching to get started again, and I think he’s on his way to being back online soon.

I haven’t visited the Cavey website in quite sometime and it’s great to see so many are responding. 

I found a Corpl. Owen Cavey, Died 16 Feb 1781 in the Revolutionary War.  He served between Aug 1, 1780 and Jan 1 1782. I’m wondering if this could be the missing link to the Caveys of Maryland, since I think this would be the earliest one in the US.  Found on the Maryland Archives website: Maryland Archive online

Hope to hear from you soon and hope my dad will be back online soon!



Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 3 August 2005

Does anyone have information on a Corpl. Owen Cavey, Died 16 Feb 1781 in the Revolutionary War?  He served between Aug 1, 1780 and Jan 1 1782. Wondering if this could be the missing link to the Caveys of Maryland.

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Debi Norris Gair
(Maryland) 2 August 2005

Message Board Post:

Hi Earlyn,

I am Bill Norris's daughter.  I think I remember meeting you when I was a child.  I was always with my grandparents, Maude (Cavey) and Ernest Norris.  I guess I've caught the bug and am following in my father's footsteps in researching the family history.  He's been sick, had a two-way by-pass in May, but I saw him tonight and he's doing much better.  I think he's on his way to getting back online and continuing the research.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Maybe we can do another Cavey Reunion next year!


Debi Norris Gair

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Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 23 June 2005

I am pretty sure that Bill no longer have an access to the web and to this list.

In August 2004 I had the pleasure to have a call with him. His phone number was +1 [410] 288-3185.

I would suggest that you have a direct contact by that way and that you give us the feedback.


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 23 June 2005

I have a favor to ask of Bill.

I received an email from Dawn Sweet Loughlin  asking me to see if anyone can help her locate anyone who can shed some light on  R. Irvin Sweet married to Violet Babylon, or Madeline Sweet.

I remember the  family and know that Violet died, but am not sure about Irvin.


Maxine [Ghorvath ?]
(Washington ?) 6 July 2005

My Grandmother's sister (Minna- born in 1877) married a Charles Cavey and they lived in Nome Alaska. 

They had a son - Charles Cavey Jr.  He married someone named Anna.  Charles Cavey Jr. died on Mar 2, 2002 and Anna Cavey died on Jan. 2 1988. They lived in the Seattle area - last known area was Tukwila, King, Washington.   Charles and Anna had two daughters - Joan and Linda.  Joan married a Johnson. 

I am trying to contact Joan but is very difficult to find a Joan Johnson in the Seattle area - I can not remember her husband's first name!   If anyone can help me find Joan (Cavey) Johnson it would be very much appreciated.  Linda also lives in that area - but I do not know her husband's name. 

I would be grateful for any response.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 3 JulyAugust 2005

No luck finding Bill Norris. The number is out of service.



Mary Ann Cavey McFarland
(Texas) 27 April 2005


I would love to see a picture of Alfred Cavey. If you could share that I would be so grateful. My grandfather Joseph Emmett Cavey was born in Columbus, Ohio but I don't know where his father was born.

Since I live near the National Archives, I should do some work on census records. Whatever information you have and are willing to share would be most welcomed.

I am on my way to Ohio for a family wedding and look forward to sharing your information with my Cavey relatives.


Carole Graham
(Maryland) 27 April 2005
  Hi Rachel,

Sorry I haven't responded sooner--I've been out of town for a week! I'm so excited to hear from you! I'll be home tomorrow and can get back into my genealogy files, but it sounds like we may have a connection. Did Charles live in Cleveland, Ohio? I believe I have tracked him in the census records and city directory there in the early 1900s. I have a photo of Alfred Cavey and of his second wife Martha that I'd be glad to share...


Richard Cavey
(USA) 24 April 2005

Does anyone have any connections with "Sachs" that married any Cavey's?


Mary Ann Cavey McFarland
(Texas) 19 April 2005


My family may be the one Bill Norris was referring to when he said others were researching those you have mentioned. I will get my information together to share with you...soon.

My father is Lee Eugene Cavey (DOB 5/23/1913) son of Joseph Emmett Cavey and Linnie Schocker.
Joseph Emmett is the son of Charles Brice Cavey who was the son of Alfred Cavey.

We need to talk. My father is very much interested as am I. He will be 92 next month and has always wanted to know more about his ancestors on his father's side. My grandfather, Joseph worked for the railroad just as you had mentioned.

Look forward to comparing notes. Mary Ann Cavey McFarland


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 19 April 2005

You are quite welcome.

I'm going back to the Historical Library this week and will see if I can find out more on Ernest.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(California) 18 April 2005

WOW, Thank You So Much! I am a bit confused however.

My father, Maurice Nelson Cavey, son of Ernest & India, was born in 1920. If Ernest passed away in 1918, how can this be? Again, thank you. I have come up empty handed on both Ernest & India.

Thank you!


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 16 April 2005

Found info at the Howard County Historical Society Library this week.

Cavey, Ernest F., beloved husband of India C. Cavey. Born 01 July 1887, died 03 November 1918. He is buried in the Linden Linthicum Cemetery eastside of Rt. 108 on southedge of Clarksville, Maryland.


Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 3 April 2005

Hi Guys!

Just to clarify the info you have on Reuben below is the son of Joseph and Sarah Knight Cavey, not Reuben the son of Reuben and Mary C. Great to see so much information sharing going on!


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 2 April 2005

Hello William,

The only info. I have on Reuben son of Joseph and Sarah, is that he was born 07 March 1823 in Woodstock, MD, died 1881, married Mary Catherine Strebeck who was born 1823 and died 1893. The children I have for them is William Edward Cavey born 18 November 1850, and Mary Jane born 05 September 1865? Any other information you can share with me will be greatly appreciated.

I have visited the Key burial site at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Frederick County as I am also researching my father's family (Weil, Wile, Wiles) and go there quite often.

Thanks and have a great day. Sure is soggy here.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(California) 2 April 2005
  Hi William,

Thank you so much for looking and I will try both contacts you mentioned.

Take care!


W. G. Chambers
(Los Angeles) 2 April 2005

Hi Carol,

Unfortunately I have nothing on any of the names you mentioned in your message. Have you tried contacting the Howard County Historical Society in Ellicott City. They have many records on the Caveys as Howard county was the site of the early Caveys in Maryland. If you contact them, ask to see the Kathy CAVEY file, she did a great job on the Caveys and their extended family. Sorry I cannot help you. Also you should check the church records of St. of St. Alphonus Rodriguez Catholic Church in Woodstock, Md., They have extensive birth, baptismal, marriage and death records on the Caveys and, many Caveys are buried in their cemetery. Ask for father Lacey.

Good luck.


Carole Graham
(Maryland) 1st April 2005

I just thought I'd throw some information out there about my 4G Grandfather Brice Cavey and 3G Grandfather Alfred B. Cavey and see if it rings bells with anyone.

Brice Cavey
Birth: 1795, Maryland
Marriage: before 1822 to Phoebe (b. about 1798 in Pennsylvania)

Children (all born in Maryland):
Matilda, b. 1822
Emeline, b. 1823
Alfred B., b. 1829
Wilson A., b. 1832
Edward, b. 1837
Mary, b. 1843
Eliza, b. 1846
Sarah, b. 1850

In the 1830 census, Brice & family are living in Baltimore County and in the 1840 & 1850 censuses, they are living in Anne Arundel County. In the 1860 census, Brice, Phoebe, and Wilson are living in Muskingum County, Ohio.

The eldest son, Alfred married an English woman named Sarah, and moved to Iowa, where they are listed in an 1856 state census. Alfred and Sarah had daughters Fanny May (b. 1854, my 2G Grandmother) and Mary and a son named Joseph. Sarah died between 1860 and 1870 and Alfred married again--a woman named Martha. Alfred and Martha had daughters Lula and Maudella, and possibly a son, Charles--he may be Sarah's son. In the 1880 census, the family is living in Richmond, Indiana. In the 1900 census, Alfred and Martha are living next door to daughter Maud and her husband Grant Mitchell, in Greenup County, Kentucky.

Both Brice and Alfred worked for the railroad during their lifetimes. Some of Alfred's sons also worked on the railroad.

Information I'm looking for:

Names/dates/places of Brice Cavey's parents
Full name of Brice's wife, Phoebe - names/dates/places of her parents, her birthplace, etc.
Place/date of date for Brice and for Alfred

I have read a message on the Cavey message board from Bill Norris in which he mentions an Alfred Brice Cavey b. 1829, who is a son of Brice, who made a trip west by wagon train with his wife. He also mentioned that he knew of other Cavey who were researching this line. Can anyone help? I have a fair bit of info about Alfred, Emeline, and Wilson and some information about Alfred's children that I'd be glad to share.

Thanks so much! (I just know some of you are my relatives!)

Carol Cavey-Ross
(California) 1st April 2005
  Hello William,

Would you possibly have any information on an Ernest Frost Cavey from Maryland. I believe he was a farmer. Had a child (my father) with India Coombs. My father, Morris (Maurice) Nelson Cavey was born August 1920 and placed in Strawbridge Boys Home in Sykesville, MD in 1926.

These are all the details I have on his side of the family. Any thing you may have would be much appreciated.

Carol Cavey-Ross, Lakewood, CA.


Michael Cavey
(Nebraska) 1st April 2005

Michael Cavey here.... from Clinton living in El Paso TX.

All of my aunts uncles and such are from Nebraska.


W. G. Chambers
(Los Angeles) 1st April 2005

Hello Earlyn,

Yes, I am related to you and the thousands of other Cavedys who seem to be coming out of the woodwork.My mother was Harreit Evekyn Cavey, born in Granite, Md. in 1896. Her mother was Mary Key Cavey ( a cousin to Francis Scott Key), her father was Rueben Cavey, the son of Rueben Cavey who was the son of Joseph Cavey. I am a cousin of Bill Norris and lived on Overhill Road in Catonsville until I moved to Ca. in 1970. I have two filing cabinets full of data on the Caveys and Keys.

What would you like to know ?


Bonnie Hannon
(Maryland) 30 March 2005

Thanks for adding me to your list.

I saw where a Rachel Lynn Brunner wrote in looking for her dad in February 2003. Her dads name was Lycester Ezikel Cavey. He is my brother. I know she hasn't gone into your website since then, but I didn't know if she was still wanting information.


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 30 March 2005

I recently sent an email stating that I am Earlyn E. Stanco of Catonsville, Maryland, USA, and a part of the Cavey Family. My gr. grandfather was William James Cavey who married Caroline Elizabeth King. My grandmother was Clara Edna Cavey who married George Washington Harden. My parents were Evelyn Isabel Harden and William "Earl" Wiles. Bill Norris is my second cousin. I enjoy reading what other Cavey Family members have to offer about the Cavey's and have also gotten some useful information to add to what I have collected.

Please add me to your mailing list and post what I have written.


Earlyn Stanco
(Maryland) 25 March 2005


My name is Earlyn E. Stanco gr. granddaughter of William James Cavey and Caroline King Cavey. My grandmother was Clara Edna Cavey. Bill Norris is my second cousin. I live in Catonsville, Maryland, USA. I am interested in gathering more information on the Cavey family.

Earlyn E. Stanco


Bonnie Hannon
(Maryland) 25 March 2005


My dad is Lycester Cavey, Jr my uncles are James Cavery Theodore Cavey. My dad lives in Linthicum, Maryland.

Could you tell me a little bit about the site.

Thanks Bonnie.


Mike Lochner
(Maryland) 1st February 2005


I have emailed to a number of people within the last few days. 

Hopefully we can respond and I can make a great connection.  Here is what I have sent.  I am trying to make a connection between Charles Wesley Sullivan and my Great Great Grandfather (Henry Sullivan) who lived next door to Charles Wesley Sullivan at 875 West Pratt Street (Baltimore) in 1880.

I also posted this one.  "Looking for information on Henry and Martha (Vansant) Sullivan. Henry was born in 1812. He died on 9/16/1890. Martha was born in 1818 and died in 1882, I think. They were married on 2/15/1840. I am trying to fill in the blanks and find out about their Brothers and Sisters."


Mike Lochner
(Maryland) 27 january 2005
  Hello. I was just on the Les Caveys des Etats-Unis site and found the folllowing message:

Rachel Sullivan (Maryland) 19 August 2004 Hi, my name is John Sullivan, I am looking for my G-G-Grandmother Maria (Mariah) Cavey b. 1844, d. 04/08/1931, she married Charles Wesley Sullivan d. 03/04/1926, children were Wesley d.03/18/1957, Thomas, William, Frank d. 12/15/1881. They both worked and lived in Oella.

Later they moved to 3131 Dillon Street, Baltimore, Maryland. They are buried at Western Cementery.

I have been trying for 10 years to find some information. Can anyone help?

I think I am related to Charles Wesley Sullivan and Maria Cavey. My G. G. Grandfather (Henry Sullivan) lived next door to them in 1880 at 875 West Pratt street in Baltimore Maryland.

How can I reach these people? I have a lot of information, and am looking for more connections.


Patricia Cavey
(USA) 8 november 2004

Delighted to dicover the Family Cavey site ,and would like to add to it with info from our side.

James 1882 was my husband's grandfather. He married Mary Elizabeth Carroll in 1903. They had 3 children:

- Patricia1904 James1905 and Rhys 1912. As James 1905 was in Ireland with his grandmother in 1911, he did not appear in the Census and was therefore overlooked . Patricia married William Medhurst in1934 and had 2 children Patricia1938 and David1942, she died in 1947. James married Gladys Kenney in 1932 and had 1 son Peter James 1934. Peter married Patricia Day in 1958, the have 3 children Helen 1959, Ian James1961 and Philip Adrian1967. Helen married Ian Cuddeford in 1980, they have 2 children:

- Mark 1989 and Kayleigh 1991. Ian married Susan Gadsby in 1986. They have 3 daughters Sophie 1991 and twins Maia and Eve 1998. Philip married Katherine Smith in 1995 and they have 2 children Alice 2000 and James 2003.James 1905 died in 1994. This brings this branch up to date. Thanks for a great site, Pat Cavey.


Stuart James Cavey
(USA) 6 October 2004
  My name is Stuart James Cavey aged 35. Son of Ivor John Cavey (b 31/08/39 d 8/6/87)

I am interested in tracing my family tree back further


Robert Cavey, Maint. Chief lll
(Maryland) 20 September 2004

I typed in Cavey on google search, and it directed me to this site. My mouth dropped open when i saw how many Cavey's there were in the world.

How can i subscribe to the web site.

Robert Cavey
209 seagull dr.
Havre De Grace, Md. 21078


Bill Elliott
(Maryland) 1st September 2004

Hello everyone.

My name is Bill Elliott, and I am a new member of the group. I am a descendant of Ezekial Cavey and Rebecca Tacey. I am writing to ask for your assistance. I know that Rebecca Tacey's father, George W. Tacey, served for the Union in the Civil War. However, I am not sure if any Caveys connected to Ezekial served. There are a number of Caveys on the Civil War muster rolls for Maryland, but I have not yet been able to make a connection. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I am a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and we are currently attempting to locate the final resting places of our ancestors in order to register them with the Veterans Administration and insure the safe keeping of their burial sites and/or the placement of grave markers to memorialize their service. Any information you could give me about Caveys, Union or Confederate, would be greatly appreciated.



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 30 August 2004
  I have decided to have a call with Bill Norris today and I had him !

He was very surprised to receive a call from France !

We have had a long discussion about many subjects...

He has received the four pictures I have won on eBay last year. In his opinion, these pictures are the originals while the pictures he has in hand previously (he got them from his mother) and which were digitalised by Nikie were olds reprints.

Bill is in good health, in so far as one can be after a cardiac attack.

That was nice to heard of him and a great moment.

Kindest regards.


Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 26 August 2004

Hi Carole

Will do it right now!


Carole Graham
(Maryland) 26 August 2004
  Just saw mention of the website on the previous message and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share login information for it--have never been able to the Cavey site. I have my GGGG Grandfather Brice Cavey back to Maryland, in the 1840s but have been unable to find any more information....

Thanks for any help!


Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 26 August 2004

Hello again!

I sent Bill Elliot an invitation to our site. Hope that it will be helpful to him!


Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 26 August 2004


If Pam could send me her email address I will send her an invitation to the Cavey Family site at My and she could be in touch with Maryland Cavey's.


Bill Elliott
(Maryland) 25 August 2004

Hello. My name is Bill Elliott, and I believe I may have some common ancestors with Nike Lathe Ervin.

I am also a descendant of Ezekiel Cavey and Rebecca Tacey. I noticed the information that Ms. Ervin posted on the Cavey family site. My genealogical interests focus mainly on the Civil War period as I am an active member of the Sons of Union Veterans here in Maryland. I know that Rebecca Tacey's father, George W. Tacey, served with the Potomac Home Brigade.

I was curious if Ezekiel Cavey's father and/or uncles served as well. There are two Caveys, Joseph and William ,in the muster rolls of the 1st Maryland Infantry. Do you know if they are related to Ezekial? If so, I would love to know. I am currently in the process of having the graves of several Civil War ancestors registered with the Veterans Administration to assure their future care and preservation. I would love to do this for the Caveys as I am doing it for George W. Tacey as well. Also, I would very much like to subscribe to the website and contact Ms. Ervin about our possible family links. I look forward to hearing from you as it sounds like we may be of distant relation.


Pamela Cavey
(Florida) 24 August 2004
  My name is Pamela Ruth Cavey, my father is Frank James Cavey, son of Frank Cavey & Helen. My fathers uncle was Dan Cavey from Hollywood, Florida.

My dad was born in Towson, Maryland (I think) but sent to Florida to live with Sam & Florence Winters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida around 1930 and grew up her and met my mother, Muriel Marie (Kelly) Clapp, in 1945. They married in 1947 and remained in Ft Lauderdale where both are still living. My brother is Gregg Frank Cavey, which also lives here in Florida.

I travel all over the world and have yet to run into another Cavey and extremely surprised to see so many of you are out there. Especially since no one can ever pronounce our name!

I travel to Maryland quite frequently and would love to see any of my relatives.


Bill Elliott
(Maryland) 24 August 2004

My name is Bill Elliott, and I live in BelAir, Maryland.

I am a descendant of Ezekial Cavey and Rebecca Tacey. Rebecca's father, George W. Tacey, was my great-, great-, great- grandfather. I know that he was a Union soldier in the Civil War, and I would like to decorate his grave with a Veteran's Administration marker denoting his service with the Ist MD PHB Infrantry. As his descendant, I am a member of the Sons of Union Veterans.

I know his military service, but, unfortunately, I don't know much else about him. Having seen his grave marker and his name on the Cavey site, I thought someone might be able to tell me more about him and about Ezekial Cavey. Also, it would be fun to find some distant relatives that I've never had the chance to meet. I'd appreciate any assistance in this matter.



Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 20 August 2004

Hi, I am a cavey from Baltimore, Maryland. I belonged to the Cavey group several years ago, but I go discouraged and stopped looking. Please put me back on your list. It would be greatly appreciated.


Rachel Sullivan
(Maryland) 19 August 2004
  Hi, my name is John Sullivan, I am looking for my G-G-Grandmother Maria (Mariah) Cavey b. 1844, d. 04/08/1931, she married Charles Wesley Sullivan d. 03/04/1926, children were Wesley d.03/18/1957, Thomas, William, Frank d. 12/15/1881. They both worked and lived in Oella. Later they moved to 3131 Dillon Street, Baltimore, Maryland. They are buried at Western Cementery.

I have been trying for 10 years to find some information. Can anyone help?


Sherry McManus
(Maryland) 8 May 2004

My daughter found this website which has our names on it. I am related to Sharon Zinkand of Arbutus, MD.

I'd like to find out how to become a member to access the rest of the info that is marked private. Also under the Maus name on the Lathe Family, there is a new one - her name is Kelli Taylor Maus daughter of Patricia Ann Kick and Jeffrey Maus. I look forward to hearing from you.

This is neat!!

Oh, on also on the Lathe Family page, the last name of Sharon is listed as ZINKLAND - it has an L in it.


Natasha Cavey
(Maryland) 21 April 2004


Megan Cavey-Mangold posted information in the US Cavey family site on (Maryland) 26 November 2003. I have a suspicion that the Joseph Cavey she mentions in her statement may be my husbands long-lost grandfather. He seems about the right age and most certainly in the Maryland region. The Joseph Cavey we are referring to served in the UK during WWII, and was last known (in the 40's) to have lived on Herbert Avenue in Maryland. This is all the information we have. If you have contact details for Megan or could somehow put us in touch, please let us know.

Thanks ever so much


Charie and Floyd Carvey
(USA) 16 April 2004
  I have

Below is the following for us:
William Carvey b 10/26/1776 m. Elizabeth Hawley b 3/26/1848, Children: Mathias, William Jr., James W, Jane, John, Francis, Hiley, Samuel Peter, Isaac, Ellen.

Mathias b 1798? some say 1803...?
m. Laura E "Annie" Bailey b 1805 d 4/3/1883.
Their Children... Stephen P b 1827 New York, Avery Palmer b 4/17/1828, Peter Mathias b 11/5/1832, Anna "Jeanette" b 1833.

Stephen P b 1827 m. Callista Ewer (no info.)
Their Children: Stephen b 1855 in Wisconsin, Rhoda, Sara, Smith, Jenette (also known as Clarinda), Mercella, Marion, Herbert E., and Peter ( I have some of the dates above.. but still peicing...

Stephen b 1855 (buried in Libby, Mt. records are being researched) married Alice Augusta Bergen b 1863 d 1/20/1947.. they had Children Floyd Willis b 6/18/1895, and Charlotte "Nettie" b 6/12/1898 m Joseph Lechot

Floyd Willis had 11 children most are still living

We are trying to research the parents of William Carvey and his decendants.. kind a world connect..

Please consider sharing your info!


Hazel N Regot
(Maryland) 7 April 2004

My grandmother was Mary Jane Convey-Cawvey- Cavey etc.I cant find any info on her. She was b abt 1840 in IL and m to Elijah Richard Dickey Brawley abt 1861 in Mo. They raised thier children in Mo. Maybe this might be my lucky site.



Michael Cavey
(Maryland) 30 March 2004

Hello.. I am a new Member -- Michael D Cavey. Although I grew up in Clinton Maryland, my father (Michael M Cavey) grew up in Nebraska.... so I have no idea where my family tree information will be.

I am very interested in learning more about my any info on a good starting point will help.



Chris Cavey
(Maryland) 26 March 2004

Hello fellow Caveys!

My name is Chris Cavey and I stem from Caveys out of Oella, MD (Upton Cavey->Sylvester Cavey->Anthony Cavey). I'm a casual reader of the website and I've finally deceided to get involved. I want to see where I fit into the Cavey family tree and well as get my family properly "rooted" if they're not already. Just tell me what I've got to do in order to join the mailing list, as well as the US Cavey's website.


Nikki Cavey
(Maryland) 17 March 2004

My name is Nikki Cavey, and I am from Western Maryland.

I think most of my family has came from this area, but I do know my grandfather has some Irish in him. My great-grandfathers name was Andrew Cavey but other than that i'm not real sure of as of now, but i have been trying to come up with soem real answers, If any one knows anything helpful please contact me at summer {child05 at}, with the subject family tree info.

Thanks for your help if you can provide me with any assistants.


Michael Cavey
(USA) 1 March 2004

I am Michael Cavey living in the United States.

I would like to add my name to your "Cavey" list, and also learn more about other "Cavey's" in the world. What is the proper procedure?


Charles M. Bell
(Maryland) 10 February 2004

Hi Carole,

Thanks for responding. Small world.



Carole Graham
(Colorado) 10 February 2004
  To C. Bell:

The name doesn't ring a bell.... It's interesting that you mention Galesburg - that's where I went to college.



Charles M. Bell
(Maryland) 10 February 2004

To Carole Graham...

Do you know Steve Mathers of Galesburg Illinois?

C. Bell


W. G. Chambers
(Los Angeles) 6 February 2004

Hello Jean-Luc.

I am a Cavey ( Mothers Side ) from Howard County, Maryland. My maternal grandfather, Rueben Cavey married Mary Key, a direct descendent of Francis Scott Key. I am interested in joining your group. Have much data and documentation on the Cavey and Key clan of Maryland and Virginia.

Please advise how I go about becoming a member.


Carole Graham
(Colorado) 29 January 2004

I would like to join the Cavey mailing list.

My name is Carole Graham and I my great-great grandmother was Fannie May Cavey, born in Ohio in 1854. Her father was Alfred B. Cavey, born in Maryland in 1829.

I am hoping that maybe some of the folks on the mailing list know more about Alfred's ancestry.


Carole Graham
Cortez, Colorado


Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 25 January 2004

Jean Luc

Tried to access the yahoogroup site to add information but could not gain access. Please let me know how to do that. I wanted to comment and send some information for Pat Riveria who was inquiring about an Ohio Family. I think this is probably her connection.

Cyrus J. Cavey b abt 1865 died 1917 married Letisha C. Tippie Cyrus was the son of John W. Cavey b 1837 Carroll County, Ohio and first wife Mary Willis.

John W. Cavey was the son of Levi Cavey born about 1812 in Maryland. Levi's wife was Margaret (believed to be Allison) Levi and wife and John and wife are all buried in Jackson County, Ohio. I do not have any of the children of Cyrus and his wife.

Please send me the info to access the site. I also descend from Levi through his daughter, Sarah Cavey Graham Glassburn whose second husband was Alfred Glassburn. They were the parents of my gggrandmother Almira Glassburn Grover.


Pat Rivera
(Ohio) 22 January 2004

Anyone with information about Cavey's in Ohio i.e. John and Mary (maiden name Tippy) Cavey would greatly be appreciated those are my grandparents and i would like to go back farther email me at {patrivera1 at}.


Pat Rivera
(Ohio) 22 January 2004

I am a fourth generation Cavey from the ohio area.

I have some additional information, so please whoever gave the information (D.Jo and Carroll Erskine) please email me so we can exchange info.


Megan Cavey-Mangold
(Maryland) 26 November 2003

Hello ,

I am posting this message to maybe find some more information on my family.

My father passed a few years ago (Courtney Cavey), he was an only child. His father is Gilbert Cavey , passed in 1980 married to Arlene Dillow passed in 1984 . Gilbert has 4 brothers; Thomas, Joseph, William, and George. His sisters are Lola, Virginia and Mary. This Cavey clan were born in Baltimore,MD grew up in Morrell Park and Pigtown.

I have no other information as of yet but would like to find out more if possible. With so many Cavey's in Maryland I would think someone else might know more


George R. Cavey
(Maryland) 18 November 2003

Hi, Nicole

I have sent a long message to you on the website as New Content. Hope you got it.

George R. Cavey Jr.

P.S. You had previously given me you email address as {nervin at}. However, I find that that is now an invalid addy. Hope to hear from you soon.


George R. Cavey
(Maryland) 14 November 2003

Hi, Nicole

Forgive for being so late in getting around to answering your message to me on May 23 of this year. I was out of town for an extended period, then you were out also; then I misplaced your message and just recently relocated it, etc., etc.

At any rate, I believe we are more closely related than you suspected. My paternal Grandfather, George William Cavey, was your Ggrandfather’s (James Cavey) brother, hence your great uncle. He was the one who carved the Rumson Memorial at Harpers Ferry. Ezekial Cavey and Rebecca Tacey where my Ggrandparenents. George William Cavey married Frances Zepp, who was probably related to Sarah Ellen Zepp. (I don’t think they were sisters because I knew two of my Grandmother’s sisters (Katherine (Kate) Zepp and Elizabeth (Bess) Zepp. She had several brothers whom I did not know and possibly other sisters). My Ggrandmother Zepp’s maiden name was Albright.

My grandparents settled in Woodstock, MD and raised six children, all deceased. My father, George Raymond Cavey, was their eldest child and was born on June 12, 1899. My grandfather worked periodically as a stonecutter, principally on various monuments in Washington, DC, and also had a small farm in Woodstock. Later, the family moved to Baltimore where my father went to work for GENERAL ELECTRIC and met my mother, Ida Edna Walch. GE moved my father to its Philadelphia plant in 1929 where I was born on Feb 25, 1934. I have an older sister, Doris Rae Cavey McKay, who has two sons and a daughter and a grandson and granddaughter. I am single, having never married. My remaining living relatives are my Aunt Katherine’s two daughters, Delores and Betty Young, my uncle, William Amberman, who married my aunt Marian, and six cousins (two sons and three daughters) who are the children of my father’s youngest brother, Ernest, who, unfortunately, became estranged from the family and my sister and I have lost touch with our cousins. I would like to locate them if possible.

So, as you see, we are fairly closely related, cousins of some sort, (Three times removed???) . I’m not sure what the correct term would be, but my great uncle James was your great great grandfather.

If you can add anymore information to the above, or if I can supply you with more information, please let me know.

[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


George R. Cavey
(Maryland) 14 November 2003

Hi, Jean-Luc

I am trying to send an e-mail letter to Nicole Lathe Nervin and the email address that I have ({nervin at}) doesn't seem to be valid. Could you give me her correct address, or have her contact me. I believe we are close relatives (Greatcousins).

Thank you.


Susan Hood
( Maryland) 23 November 2003

I just read Nicole Ervin's Posting on Bill Norris. I was so glad to hear that he's been located. I jotted down his address, and sending him a card.

Thanks for sharing the information/update with us.


Christi Dimbath
(Ohio) 28 october 2003

My name is Christi Dimbath. I am the daughter of Fred F. Cavey, son of Jesse V. "Jake" Cavey of Glouster, OH. I now live in Wilmington, OH and have a brother, Jay Cavey who lives in Chicago, IL.

I find your website very interesting. I was not aware of any Caveys other than those in Ohio.


George R. Cavey Jr
(Maryland) 7 September 2003

To whom it may concern:

Yesterday, I sent an email saying that I am George William Cavey's (the sculptor of the Rumsey Monument at Harper's Ferry) great grandson, and that I would be interested in sharing family history with other Cavey's.

However, I am not sure my email address was included with the message. It is {gcavey at}. Hope to hear from someone soon.


George R. Cavey Jr
(Maryland) 6 September 2003

My name is George Cavey. I am the oldest grandson of George William Cavey who carved the granite Rumsey memorial in Harper's Ferry.

He was the brother of James Cavey and the son of Ezekiel and Rebecca (Tacey) Cavey. I would be interested in sharing information about my branch of the Cavey family with other Caveys, and learning of my families origins.

Please contact me with appropriate info as to how to do this.


James Patrick Cavey
(Maryland) 20 August 2003

My name is James Patrick Cavey of Churchton MD son of Patrick William Cavey and grandson of the late James Patrick Cavey 12/30/1912 to 3/17/1953, he died when my father was very young and my father lost touch with his fathers family.

I'm a bit interested in catching up with them. He was raised in Washington DC and said his father was from Virginia somewhere. if you would lead me in the right direction I'd be much abliged.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 4 August 2003

Bill Found

His health isn't great. I understand he had a heart attack and is plagued with congestive heart failure. He has no phone.. or computer hookup.That I know of and needs an emotional boost. His address is 101 Center Place, Apt. 200, Dundalk, MD 21222. ( I think this place is senior citizen’s apartments).

If any of you Marylanders could stop in and see him that would be a great uplift to him I am sure.

[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Niki Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 4 August2003

Sharon, perhaps you could contact Debi?? (Bill's daughter) I will be pc-less in just a day. As it is going to be boxed up. msn id is: {irishdebi at}

[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Niki Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 4 August2003


HI Jean-Luc.

Nope, I have not heard a word from Bill in ages it seems. I have no idea where he is. Sharon had been looking for him a few months back. We are really wondering where he is and if he is ok.. Strange he would just disapear.. ?? Perhaps Debra would know.. that is his daughter. I could try and contact her. I think she is still on my msn...


[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 2 August 2003

Niki, do you have news from Bill ? I would like to remove the popup window from the site if he and his wife are in good health.

[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Erin Cavey Dehn
(Maryland) 3 August 2003

My name is Erin Cavey Dehn, I'm trying to get any information on the Maryland Cavey's, specifically in the Baltimore area. My grandparents are Edward Cavey and Cathrine Ely, father's name is David. I've just started looking for information but haven't been able to come up with much. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Erin Dehn


Niki Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 1st August 2003


Hi all.. Yes I am coming back to Virginia!

I have been in Central Asia Almaty Kazakhstan for about two years.. now.. I am ready to come back to civilization.. !!

[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 30 July 2003

Good. Where were they gone ?

[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 29 July, 2003

Niki's coming home!!!!! Be back on August 8th!!!


[Note of the editor] This post has been first sent on the US Cavey Family' site.


Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 7 July 2003

Hi All,

I have not had any word of or from Bill Norris. I know Niki was in touch with his daughter though and she might know of his where abouts. If anyone hears from him please let me know too.



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 7 July 2003

No news from Bill Norris as well as his wife despite the popup window I've put on the site since months.

Don't understand what has happened.


Susan Hood
( Maryland) 7 July 2003

I was wondering if anyone has heard form Bill Norris. Haven't heard from him in a long time.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 17 June 2003
  To do so, you should go to the US Cavey Family site : the site has a build-in familly tree who whorks fine (I've used it).

To become a member of this site you just nee to sing-in for free.

If you have some issues lets the group know : I'm sure that Sharon and Nikky will help you.


Karen Hopkins
(Maryland) 16 June 2003

My yahoo email is {kwlredkat at}. I would like to look at the cavey family tree and will need the pass word. My grandmother was Anna Cavey married to Robert Peddicord


Ruth Ann Cavey Suggs
(Wisconsin) 2 June 2003

I'm a new Cavey to your site: Ruth Ann Cavey Suggs, born in Elkhorn, WI to Justin Vincent Cavey and Elizabeth M. Kadlec Cavey.

A few months ago I scanned your old site and found information from Thomas J. Cavey in Singapore to be a probable match to my lineage. I tried to e-mail him, but his address was undeliverable. I see now he's in Jakarta. I'd love to hear from him: I believe his grandfather was my grandfather's uncle. Could you hook us up?



Sharon Ryan-Zinkand
(Maryland) 21 May 2003

On May 18, 2003, MAURICE FRANKLIN CAVEY III, 54, beloved husband of Vicki R. (Doolin) Cavey, loving son of Grace Marian Cavey, Arbutus, MD; devoted father of Danielle Cavey, Glenwood, MD and Noelle Cavey Gray, and husband Bradley Gray, of Frederick, MD; loving brother of Sharon Carmody, Parkton, MD and Kent M. Cavey, Arbutus, MD; and Pop Pop to Quinlin Elizabeth Gray and Aubrey Josephine Gray. He was preceded in death by his father Maurice Franklin Cavey, Jr. Friends may call at the Witzke Funeral Homes, Inc., 5555 Twin Knolls Road, Columbia, Maryland 21045, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 P.M. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 1:00 P.M. on Thursday, May 22, 2003, at the Church of the Resurrection, 3175 Paulskirk Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042. The family has requested that memorial donations be made to The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Development Office, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, 401 North Broadway, Suite 1100, Baltimore, MD 21231. Arrangements by the Witzke Funeral Homes, Inc., Columbia, Maryland 410-992-9090.

Published in the Baltimore Sun from 5/19/2003 - 5/20/2003

[Note of the editor] This death notice has been first published on the US Cavey Family site.


Emily Burns
(Rhode Island) 28 April 2003
  Dear Jean-Luc & Thomas:

I'm sorry I haven't been reachable. I think I let my Yahoo mail account lapse. The Cavey mail has been forwarded to my main e-mail account.

Thomas--my great-grandmother was a Cavey from Donegal. He first name was either Jane or Agnes--my sources aren't consistent. I would like to know about your Cavey ancestors and I will tell you all I can about mine.



John A. Sullivan
(Maryland) 21 April 2003

Hi, I wish to get information about a relative of mine.

Mariah Cavey Born 1844? Died 4/8/1931

Married to Charles W. Sullivan

She lived in Oella and worked at the Oella Mill where she met Charles Sullivan. They later moved to Baltimore City and lived on Dillon Street.

I would appreciate any help.



Slatniske, Laurie
(Maryland) 18 April 2003

I'm searching for some of the pictures.

I know I saved them on the computer but I can't seem to find them. My kids and I were in a few of the pictures.

If I find them I will pass them on.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 16 April 2003


I believe that I can help this gal.

My Great Great Grandfather was Lycester Ezekeal Cavey. He went by the name Zeek. nickname. My Grandmother had a brother named Lycester Ezekeal.. and I believe he named his kid the same. this name went on. My Grand Uncle Theodore Cavey is still alive and lives in the Baltimore area.

If she wishes to email me, perhaps I can give her his number (it is listed in the telephone book). I am sure that he would be the one to answer her questions or send her in the right direction.

In the meantime I will ask my father if he can answer any questions..


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 15 April 2003
  Hi Donald,

You were right !

This is due to some error while researching for CaVey in Google. Possibly a misspelling somewhere on a site.

This also indicates that it's time for me to change my spectacles...

I have removed the Puerto-Rico map.

So sorry...


Donald V. Cavey
(Maryland) 15 April 2003

On your site you list a Cavey Place , with the name of Cavey Puerto Rico.

This is incorrect! The correct spelling is Cayey Puerto Rico as viewed on the map. I work for a pharmacutical company, and we have a manufacturing facility in Cayey Puerto Rico, I am also a Cavey. If this town was called Cavey I would definately have known about it.

Also there is some pictures of the Cavey Cemetery that were taken during the family reunion. They can be viewed at that site!



Susan Hood
( Maryland) 31 March 2003

Since Andover doesn't exist anymore, I would suggest calling North County High School, or the board of education to find out where the old year books are for his graduating year so you could look to see if he was listed in there. You may contact the Anne Arundel Genealogy Society as well. They may have old year books for you to look through.

I would also suggest writing a letter to vital records to get a copy of his birth certificate, your birth certificate should provide his name and date of birth, and possibly where he was employed when you were born. If he's still alive and your looking for him for reunion purposes, the social security administration may be able to help if you send them a letter, they could contact him and let him know that your searching for him, and it would be his option to contact you.

Good Luck.


Rachel Lynn Brunner
(Maryland) 24 February 2003

Hello, my name is Rachel Lynn Brunner.

I was born in 1983 and I am from Pasadena, Maryland. Though I do not remember my real father, I believe that his name is Lycester Ezekeal Cavey. I believe he was born sometime around 1964 in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I have no real information other than he may have attended Andover High School.

I do have some pictures of him with others whose identities are unknown. Any information that you could relay back to me, or even any suggestions for better ways of finding information would be very helpful.

Thank You.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 03 January 2003

Jean Luc,

Could you please send info to Brenda Dunn at {bldunn at}.

She is a Cavey searching for her roots and I don't know how to get her into our group.

Thanks and a Blessed peace filled New Year to you!!!


Donna Jo Brown Parsons
( Florida) 10 December 2002
  Below is the post sent by D Jo & Carrol Erskine on the US Cavey Family Site (the one which is hosted at

"My mom, Donna Mae Humphrey Brown, died on Thursday, December 5, 2002, in Zephyrhills, Florida. She was the granddaughter of John and Anna Mae Standley Cavey of Hollister, Ohio. The daughter of William and Essie Elma Cavey Humphrey also of Hollister, Ohio. The Cavey Family was very important to my mom and enjoyed many fine times with all her NUMEROUS Cavey Cousins.

Keep her in your prayers Jo"


Penny Lehmuth
(Maryland) 5 October 2002

Hi Bill:

It looks like you have extensively research the Cavey line in Howard County. Your missive didn't state that it included Baltimore County, but I am assuming that it does as the Cavey family moved back and forth between the two. I would like to throw a few Cavey names at you to see if they tie into your family line.

Henry Cavey b.~1806 or 1812 (depending upon which census)
m Sarah (?) b.~1808
Nathaniel* b~1820
Thomas b.~1825
William H b.~1832
John D b.~1836
Sarah A b.~1838
Joseph B b.~1839
Zachariah b.~1847
Mary E b.~1851
Margaret b.~1855

*May not be their son - Sarah's age would be 12 when he was born - could be younger brother of Henry.

John D. Cavey (son of Henry)
m Mary (?) b.~1845
as of 1870 Census - known children:
William b.~1866
Kate b.~1868

I believe William (son of John) is the same William H Cavey found on the 1900 abd 1920 census in Baltimore Co.

Family as follows:

William H Cavy b.3/1866
m Lizzie M Clark b.2/1868
Pearl b. 5/1894
Florence b. 7/1892 m Herbet Clarke
Emma b. 2/1894
Cecelia b.7/1900 m Andrew Webb
James b. 1904
Ida b. 1905
Stanley b. 1906
Vernon b. 1909

William and Mary were married about 1888/9 - there are also three unknown children born to the couple before 1900 but as they are not listed on the 1900 census I surmised they were dead. William is listed as living on Christian Ave in Baltimore in 1890.

Dates and location links the families together, but I was wondering if you have anything in your records that confirm my "hunch." I also believe that Joseph and Henry were brothers. Any ideas on who their father might be?

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Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 31 August 2002

Jean, I'm still on line and watching the list.

I have sent Rita the information she requested.

Connie Rhea Rowe


Charles M. Bell
(Maryland) 24 August 2002

Hello Everyone.

My name is Charles M. Bell and I am the grandson of GraceMildred Cavey the daughter of Mary Ellen Key and Reuben Cavey who was born and raised in Woodstock, Maryland. I moved to Ellicott City (Howard County)Maryland from Illinois without knowledge of my remote connection to Woodstock.

Mary Ellen Key is a First Cousin to Francis Scott Key of Carroll County, Md. I would love to hear from anyone who has knowledge of this slice of the Cavey Family.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 16 August 2002

Can you help me?

My house burned taking with it all my Cavey info. John W Cavey Charles Thomas Cavey grandpaw great grandpaw.

A Connie Rhea sent you some info to put on the new can you e mail it to me.

Thanks for your help.


Jo Mahan
(Arizona) 15 August 2002
  I have been wanting to for some time to try and find more about Cavey's and my relatives. My membership to your "Putting the Cavey Puzzle Together" is pending right now, but I wanted to take the time to write and give you what little information I have about my relatives.

My Great-Grandfather was William Cavey, born in Kentucky, in 1800, died in Washington, Missouri, date unknown. He was married to Bertha, maiden name unknown, born on August 9, 1893, in Missouri, died February 1981, in Bakersfield California. They had 3 children, Clarence Jefferson, born October 23, 1912, in Iowa, died July 1985, in Bakersfield, Florence L., born in 1914, in Iowa, and Lucy L., born in 1916, also in Iowa. I do not know anything about the girls. Clarence was my grandfather. He had a son Clarence Jefferson Cavey Jr, born October 25, 1940.

There is also a step-son, William Cavey, unsure of birth date, currently living in Fresno California. Clarence Jr. had four children Cynthia Lynn, born December 12, 1958, Joan Dee, born July 19, 1960, Kelly Lee, born July 19,1960, and a son Kenneth Dean, born April 4, 1963, all were born in Florence Arizona. I am one of the twin daughters born to him.

I have found it hard to gather information, since my father and my grandfather did not meet until my father was 28 years old. Also with a couple of divorces and re-marriages, well it gets confusing.

Thank you for your time, your web site, I just wanted and needed to share my information with someone.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 28 June 2002
  Death Notice

M. Franklin Cavey Jr.

On June 23, 2002 M. FRANKLIN CAVEY, JR., beloved husband of Grace Byrmes Cavey; loving father of Sharon and her husband Neal Carmody, M. Franklin III and his wife Vicky Cavey, Kent and his wife Debbie Cavey; grandfather of Noelle and her husband Bradley, Danielle, Kathleen, Christina, Neal and Ashley; great grandfather of Aubrey and Quinlin; beloved brother of Barbara Krach. Also serviced by many other loving relatives and friends.

Relatives and friends are invited call Ambrose Funeral Home, Inc., 1328 Sulphur Spring Road, Arbutus on Tuesday from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 P.M., where a Wake service will be held at 4:30 P.M. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Wednesday at 1 P.M. at the Church of the Ascension, Interment following at Lorraine Park Cemetery.

In lieu fo flowers please send donations to the Ascension School, 1400 Maple Avenue, Halethorpe Md 21227.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 2 Mail 2002

Hi Susan,

I haven't heard from him since February before he changed his email address.

I did figure out a new one but I am not sure if still gets mail from it as he never answered me.

Email me and I will give it to.


Susan Hood
( Maryland) 14 April 2002


I was just wondering if anyone has heard from Bill Norris? I haven't heardfrom him in a good while, and his email address didn't exist the last time I emailed him?



Denise Hindman
(?) 21 March 2002

I can not help you with the question below, but I have a question for you. Do you know of a family of Cavey's who were orphaned? All I have is my son-in-law's grandfather's name and one of his brothers. The name is Arthur Eugene Cavey, his brother is Robert Cavey. Arthur died while in the service.

He died 4-20-1944 off the shore of North Africa, He was inducted from Maryland and his status is Missing because the ship he was on went down and only one body was ever found.

His brother Robert was born in 1909 and died in 1980 (I think). Arthur was born 8-14-1914 and doed 4-20-1944 aboard the SS Paul Hamilton.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thank You!


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 20 March 2002

Hi Jean-Luc !

I am Donald V. Cavey of Maryland U.S.A. I am decended from Joseph Cavey born in Maryland 1791. I know that for some time there has been a debate over weather Cavey's in Maryland originated inFrance, England, or Ireland.

There is now a genetic test available for male> decendants (paternal) that could settle this issue scientifically. It is available at ( and cost about $200 US. It can be ordered through the mail. If I took the test, then you were also to take the test, we could prove that we were directly related. Is this of some interest to you?



Bill Norris
(Maryland) 9 March 2002

Hi Earlyn,

I didn't know you were also researching the family. That's great! I have all of Nathan and Mary Ann's children and all their ancestors that I have been able to locate. Nathan's father was Joseph, Sr. and lived across the road from Nathan on College Avenue, Ilchester. His house was blown up in March of 2000 to make way for the new housing project by Dr. Taylor. Joseph had 13 children and 84 grandchildren. I'm trying to locate all of their descendants.

I'm writing a book on their descendants which is around 400 pages now and still growing. I'll call you and then bring the information you want to your house.

I'm sure you know that Shari Kelley is also doing research on the family. She was at the reunion last year and ran into my daughter, Debi. They had graduated from high school together but had no idea they were cousins.


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Emily Burns
(Rhode Island) 8 March 2002

Dear M. Cavey,

I found your web site while doing genealogical research. One of my great-grandmothers was a Cavey from Donegal. She walked across Ireland sometime in the late 1800's and went to Wigan in northern England. I wish I knew more about her, but all I know is that she was Catholic, her first name was Jane, and she married my great-grandfather, Jim Burns. One of their sons was my paternal grandfather. I am sure that I have relatives in Donegal and in Wigan, where my grandfather was born, but I have never met any of them. My grandparents came to America around 1930 and unfortunately the
connection to people back in Britain and Ireland was lost. I hope that perhaps one of them will see your site as well.

Thank you for an interesting and helpful site! I never knew that I might have relatives in France.



Denise Hindman
(?) 26 January 2002

My son-in-law wants to find his relatives. He knows his mother was adopted, but her real father was Gene Cavey. He was in the military in the 40's and was killed when she was only 2 or 3 months old. He also knows they were from Massachuettes. There was a brother named Robert from Illinois.

He said his grandfather and 8 or 9 other children were orphaned when their parents died in a fire. Do you have any information on this line of Caveys?? If so we would very much appreciate your help, only if it is aname or two.

Thank you for listening,

Denise Hindman, mother-in-law to Guy Matthew Dillon, his mother is Jeanne Cavey (adopted by Lederer, married to James Dillon).


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 18 November 2001

Here ia a program that calculates a birthday from info given as years, months, days.


( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 15 September 2001

Hi Everyone,

We have heard from Niki's Dad that she is o.k. They are to remain low key with all that is going on, but seem o.k.

Will let you know as soon as I hear from her myself.


Peter Cavey
(Ireland) 14 September 2001

Friday was a day of mourning in Ireland. Shops, Hotels, Public Services etc were all closed for 24hrs as a mark of respect to the people whose lives were tragically lost last Tuesday.

At 1.47PM (8.47am - ET) up to 3,000 people turned up at the US Embesay in Dublin with candles where they all paid tribute to those who are not with us anymore.



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 14 September 2001

It's 12:03 (GMT+2) here in Paris, France.

To day is a day of mourning in Europe in memory of the 11 september disaster.

At 12:00 live stopped here for 3 minutes of silence, including radios and TV (programs have been suspended).

President J. Chirac presided a ceremony with the "Grade-Républicaine". The"toll for the dead" ("sonnerie aux morts") was sounded by the military fanfare.

The bells of all the churches tolled for death in every towns.

Cars, tube, train, stopped too.

God bless you.

BTW : some (good) news from Niki and her family will be apreciated by all of us.

Thank you.


Donna Jo Brown Parsons
( Florida) 14 September 2001

One thing for sure, the Caveys stand together.


Laurence Larroque
(France) 14 September 2001


I'm Jean-Luc's sister. Like every body in the world , all Frenches are astounded by this disaster. There's a lot of assembling organised today. I live in Gers, in the Southwest , and on sunday, at 6 pm , in the church Ste Bernadette in Auch, we take a time of prayer with all the community who wants to participate : Scouts de France, Pax Christi, Jeunes CHrétiens du Gers, Diocèse...

All the french pupils are conscient about this tragedy.All teachers in the schools try to explain us what happened.

We all think a lot to american people.

God bless America

Bill Norris
( Maryland) 13 September 2001
  Hi friends and relatives,

Tomorrow is U.S. Pride Day. Everyone wear U.S. colors. Try to be wearing as much red white and blue as you can. Send this message to as many other people as you know. Let's get the whole country into it. At least send it to 10 other people.

They are asking people to drive with their headlights ON in a show of solidarity and in remembrance of those who lost their lives ..... please pass the word along.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Bruce and Annette Cavey
(Florida) 13 September 2001

Dear peter,

I thank you for your thoughtfulness in the aftermath of the destruction both here in New York and Washington. everything has slowed down due to this horrible and senseless act on innoncent people. I feel from talking tomany friends and clients that we as a people have felt that we were all beyond any harm. Please keep those effected by all this in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank-you again , your Florida cousins, Bruce and Annette Cavey .

P.S. my family is orginally from Baltimore , Maryland and from some indications we do have some Irish blood in us. Keep in touch.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 12 September 2001

Jean Luc,

I have sent email to Niki but I doubt she is set up yet. I asked her to please get in touch as soon as she can. I will email her Dad today to see if he has heard from her. I wish she were closer to home....

Things here in America are very dark. It is impossible to comprehend the magnitude of what happened yesterday. It seems we all know someone who's life is scarred by what has happened in Washington and New York. Today all I can do is cry. My son is fire fighter as is my husband and son in law. Our best friend is a Police Officer. I guess that is what hits closest to home to me. These brave heroes put their lives on the line everyday and we just take it for granted that they will be there for us when we need them. The Fire Department and Police Department families are worldwide and tightly knit and we are feeling the loss and pain of loosing our fallen brothers and sisters.

My son's Rescue Squad is on call to go to New York. My sister who is a nurse is trying to find out if she can be of any help there and would go in a heartbeat to help. We all are flying our American flag's in unity, with pride but in mourning after this senseless act of evil. We are in pain and in sadness right now but next will come anger then justice will be served. It will not bring back all the innocent people who did no one harm. But it might protect our children from this satanic evil that plagues our world. Thank you to our Cavey family world wide who are keeping us in their thoughts and in their prayers as it will sustain us.

I will let you know when I hear from Niki.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 12 September 2001

Thank You Jean Luc.

Would everyone please keep Niki and her family in your prayers... I am very worried about them being in a foreign land with all this going on. Hopefully we will hear from them soon!

Please keep us in your prayers as Satan has reared his ugly head in our back yard today and we are a nation in shock and horror.


Peter Cavey
(Ireland) 12 September 2001

I am hearing the news here in Ireland and I want to send my deepest condolances to the families and loved ones of all those affected by this sheer act of cowardice by whoever is involved in this attrocity.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 11 September 2001
  Paris, 16:37 GMT + 2 (4:37 pm GMT + 2)


I want to let us know that here, in France, we are learning what has happend at the World Trade Center in NY and the Pentagone at Washingtonn DC this morning.

All the National TV and radios have ended their program to continously relay the programs of the US TVs about these attempts.

Be sure that the French and European people are on your side at this cruel moment.

I want to offer my condolence and sympathy.

God bless you.


[Note of the editor]

11 September 2001 8:46 a.m: The hell falls downover the New-York World Trade Center

The 11 September 2001 and the following days, the Cavey family has been, as all of the civilized people, under the shock of the agression against the New-York World Trade Center.

I was, myself, at home that day, and I saw the drama live on the TVs minute after minute.

Several mails of compassion were exchanged between us, over the Ocean, through the mailing list.

This site is not intended for such a subject.

However, my thought is that it is impossible to keep this tragedy out of the site and continue as if nothing has happened.

I have put (above) some significant messages received.

I have also kept the mail regarding Niki's family as we were anxious about them during a few days.

We will never forget : The World Trade Center Memorial.

Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 29 June 2001
  To All !

I've received this mail from a new Cavey living in Birmingham, England and whose father came from Maryland.

I believe that Caveys from MD will easily retrieve the Herbert Avenue (probably at Baltimore).

As you can imagine, Evan looks forward for any information about his grandfather Joseph from which he got the Cavey name (see below).

To Evan

Everyone here welcomes you.

I've added you to the family group so that you can share any useful information with others Caveys especially in Maryland (the"berceau" of US Caveys). You will quickly see that the Caveys are more that cordial.

By the way : I would be interested by a picture of you so that I can see the resemblance. If you have one in electronic format feelfree to send it.

All the best to all.


William G. Chambers
(California) 26 June 2001


My name is William G. Chambers, I reside in Anaheim Hills, Ca. I was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, Jan. 19, 1928 and lived in that area until 1970 when I moved my family to Ca., My mothers maiden name was Harriet E. Cavey. She was born in Howard County Maryland in 1894 to Reuben and Mary Key Cavey. Mary Key is a direct descendent of Francis Scott Key.

I have been researching the Cavey and the Key family for five years, with great success.

Are you interested in the Cavey-Key connection ? If so, I would like to exchange information with you, particuarlly on the Europen origin of the Caveys. Look forward to hearing from you.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 26 June 2001
  Hi Barb,

As I explained previously (my mail dated : Fri Jun 15, 2001) I've removed the "Member's page" from the site in order to avoid spamming or unsollicited mails.

You did'nt sent to me the exact URL you type in your browser to reach the Caveys Family World Wide Society. Pease do so.

Abt the Cavey Reunion 2001 group, you need to join it if you want to post mails. As I, now, forward these mails automaticaly you must recieve them. If you cannot join this group, please register to this group (Contact Sharon at : {JemyJames at}).

Looking forward to your mail.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 19 June 2001

With my daughter's help I am now able to get into the Caveys' site but do not see my name as a member.

I have joined before and I thought you said you also added my name. I am unable to get into the messages and perhaps that is because I am not a member.

The former error message still comes up but I can click and remove it. My internet is through a local company ccp, I then go throu Internet Explorer and geneology to the Cavey sit. Please enter my name as a member, if I am not active at this time.

Thank You.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 15 June 2001


Can you forward me the exact URL you use to reach our family site ?

Please copy and paste the exact URL you typed in your browser : it seems that you are the only one who cannot enter the Cavey Family Worldwide Society site.

Thank you to let me know which browser you use : I've no problem neighter with Ms-Ie nor Netscape.

I whish to help you as much as I can. I'm (and all other Caveys are) very interested by our Autralian line as well as the New-Zealand line.

All the best.


Donna Jo Brown Parsons
( Florida) 15 June 2001

Hello cousin.

My great grandmother was Anna Cavey Standley Cavey who died in March of 1965. Anna was the widow of John Evan Cavey. I'm sure we are related somewhere back in time.

My name is Donna Jo Brown Parsons and I live in St.Petersburg, Florida, USA. I am 58 years old, have three children, and four beautiful, smart, grandchildren. It is a grandmothers right & duty to brag about her grandchildren.

Would love to email if you are interested. I'll send you a copy of my family tree if you are interested.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 14 June 2001

As it has has been some time since I have been able to enter the Cavey Family Worldwide Society it I am going to try this method. There were some people interested in the Australian line of Caveys.

I got my information from Julian Cavey inScotland, father of Allison Cavey, who is a member of the Cavey Society.

William Cavey was the son of James Cavey 1665 and Elizabeth Pickering. William was baptised 13 April 1673 at Tonbridge. William was a wanderer , he fathered a baby, mother Joane Good, who was a servant at the ale house. Later he fathered another son, John baptised 23 July 1703. Later William married Eliz Day, 29 Nov 1744. They had 6 children, the 2nd being Thomas D. baptised on the 1st June 1775. Thomas remained in Beckley Parish all his life & at 22 married Mary Baker, May 18, 1778 and had 9 children.

In 1785 father Thomas D. was a shopkeeper and employed 4 different youngsters. All were from the Bowllin family, whose father was a blacksmith. Mary Bowlin 22 later married Thomas D's brother John.

John was a farmer and he & Mary Bowlin had 7 children. In 1834 John died at age44. Mary could read & write and with nephewWilliam and wife Ann, left England on Oct 20 1838 for Sydney Australia on board the "Juliana. The ship wrecked at Green's Point, Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope on Jan 19, 1839 after 90 day of travle. Mary & her 6 children(Ann had died at age 15, continued on the barque"Morayshire" and arrived in Sydney on May 20 1839. Once settledin Auistralia Mary's son Thomas married Elizabeth Meek in Petersham N.S.W on Jan 5, 1846 and had 9 children, 2 had died, therefore began a new generation in Australia.

This is the only information I have about Mary Bowlin, hope this is the one you're looking for. I do have information about the Cavey's up to now if anyone is interested.

Recently found that Julian Cavey's greatgrandfather and my greatgrandfather were brothers. It's very exciting to find new realatives. My greatgrandfather was Steven E. Cavey son of Thomas and Rebecca, whose father was James Cavey. Hope to hear from someone.


Leslie Sheppard
(Maryland) 7 June 2001


My grandfather was Ira Cavey and his daughter Sylvia (Bettye) is my mother.

We will be at the reunion on Sunday and look forward to meeting you.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 3 June 2001
  Hi !

It's Bill Norris Birthday on June 10.

I wondered why the Cavey Reunion 2001 stand on June 9.

I understand now : Bill is awaiting for kisses, gifts and a very very big birthday cake with some candles (don't know how many).

Well done Bill...


Anyway have a very happy birthday. I'm sure that, with the Cavey Reunion 2001, this day will be a day you can't forgot for evermore.

All the best to all and especially to Bill.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 1st June 2001
  To all,

Be advised that an anonymous person whose E-Mail is : has sent a request to become a member of our family group.

As I do not know who is this person and as his E-Mail is suspicious (Herbalife ?), I have rejected him to avoid spamming.

June 9th is coming soon now.

Be assured that here, in France, my thoughts will be with you.

Have a good reunion.

Many kisses to my unknown cousines from over the sea.

And the best for the men.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 30 May 2001

Jean Luc,

Between Niki, Bill , and myself we will have plenty of pictures for you the next day and we will send an account of the reunion and the walk through the woods to where the Cavey's lived in the 1700's.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 29 May 2001
  Sorry to have been so long Sharon, however it's done now.

I have added a popup window with a link to the Cavey Reunion site and an other one to your e-mail.

An other thing. I would like to introduce a new member : Laurie Slatniske.

Laurie is daughter to Patricia Sharon Cavey, granddaughter to William Murray Cavey.

She lives in Maryland in the US. Her email is

Laurie, hope to learn more about her family history

It's, as always good to heard of a new Cavey. You'r welcome Laurie.

By the way : who is in charge to report the meeting so that the article can be sent to the Caveys from over the sees and oceans ?

And, of course, take a lot of pictures which can be scanned and uploaded on CFWWS' site...

All the best from Paris.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 22 May 2001
  A lot of thanks to Bill Norris, Niki Ervin and for all the others who have send to me a gretting card for my birthday.

It's good to read of the family while you got one year more...

Now that I'm 54th years old I'll like to stop the clock ;:o))

54th years it's good enough and I've decided to keep them "as is" for the future years comming.

I've no need to get much more.

Have a happy Cavey Reunion 2001 since I shall not be with us this year. I hope teh Cavey Reunion 2002 will comming soon.

All the best.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 21 May 2001
  Thank you Barbara for your mail.

I reply to you and the whole group coz it is not the first time I heard of this.

Since Geocities as merged with Yahoo they have added some features such like advertising on each page. The consequence of this is that the code of my pages is modified without any bearing with the content of my own pages !

One of the consequences of theses changes is that you cannot display our family web site trough frames (it hangs).

I've plan to move the site from Geocities to but this needs time because I want to make changes on the site at the same time (suppress some pages which are not useful such as maps, remove the member list to prevent spawming, etc...).

I'll try to upload the site "as is" on my own server and see what happens. I'll report as soon as possible if it works.

I feel better that the past months however, now it's my mother who have some health problems. She had a hip prosthesis less than a month ago and I'm his nurse by now ;:-o))

Here, in Paris, after unexpected months with rain every days (it was rainy all day long since October to be true) causing important flood in many French countries we have a beautiful weather too.

Have a good day.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 21 May 2001

Thank you for answering my letter. I tried all of the sites you sent and this is the error message I get.

An error has occured in the script on this page.
Line 234
Char 1
Error could not complete due to error 8000000a
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page.
yes no

If I do yes or no it makes no difference. I only get as far as the screen showing CaveyFamily World Wide Society with your name and then I get the error message. Thank You again I contacted my net company and they told me to talk to the administrator of the site, so that is what I'm doing.

Hope all is going well for you. We are having beautiful weather, a little cool for this time of year, in the 60's and 70's.

Hope to talk to you later.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 20 May 2001

Hi Jean-Luc!@!

Sharon forwarded this to me..

As for using a link for the Cavey Reunion site.. this isn't possible as the site is set up for invite that link or a link won't work..

The only other alternative is to leave our info and emails and some Reunion info, etc.. If they wish to attend then can contact us for further info, directions, etc.. but you can give them the basics of where and when etc.

Will we be seeing you???


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 20 May 2001
  Hi Sharon,

I'm trying to put a, announcement on the Cavey Family World Wide Society Site. However I can't find the correct link to the CAVEY REUNION 2001 Site !

What should I do ? What's the right URL ? When I go on the site I still have something that look like a php3 request or so...

By the way, I expect this site will still continue after the meeting : either family trees or family recipes should continue to be shared and I've not plan to copy them on the Cavey Family World Wide Society Site after June 9th...

Looking forward to read of you.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 20 May 2001
  Hi Barbara,

It good to read of you.

What's your problem ? What's the error message you got while trying to reach the Cavey Family World Wide Society ?

As Geocities as made some change on their servers, do you update the site' URL ?

The corret URLs are : (however works fine too) and as an alternative you can type ( is no longuer valid).

I've walked trough the family site just before posting this mail and it seems to work as it should (not 100 % perfect that is :/ ).

Now, your E-Mail : it was up-to-date on the Cavey's Group. So you will receive this mail twice. There is no way to change the addresses on the site itself (I'll remove the Members' List in the future).

If you need instructions to reach the CAVEY REUNION 2001 website please contact Sharon Zinkand ( or Bill Norris ( or Niki Lathe Ervin (

Hope this helps.

All the best to the family.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 8 May 2001

Hi all! :)

Well folks.... the time is really drawing nearer to that big day!!! The Reunion Committee has been working hard wrapping up the finial plans , now and need to let everyone know the details..!! :)

  1. We are having a silent auciton!! :) Please bring one item from home that you no longer need or wish to bring for the auction table.. things in good condition please :) or new?? whatever!! This is to have a little fun and also to offset the cost of our pavillion..and other expenses..
  2. Bring photo's or objects that you would like to share with all of us!! I will try and have a scanner there to scan some photos into our computer..
  3. Don't forget to bring a picnic for your family..and essentials..such as tablecloth and utensils etc...We will have the grills ready to go for all who wish to cook on the grill..
  4. Bring a desert for the desert table to share with all the cousins :)
  5. The Reunion time will commence at 12:00 pm Noon..!!! Directions to the site are located on the family page..
  6. If you haven't ordered your tee shirt or other Cavey products you can still do so located on the family site page top at the scrolling message area. Just click on this as it scrolls by
  7. Also, if you have a talent, you'd love to share with us. Email me and let me know!! Singing perhaps?? or whatever! :)
  8. I have a listing of who has signed up for the reunion thus far on the family site. I will be updating this as new names become available to me.

If you are having difficulties filling out the form.. please contact me asap! :) thanks !! So far looks like we will have over 70 people!! :) The cost thus far will most likely be 3.00 a person.. to cover the cost of our pavillion.. I will update you prior to the Reunion and let you know the actual cost.. The more who attend the more the amount goes down. :)

Looking foward to meeting all of you!! :)


Jake Cavey
(Arizona) 29 April 2001

After originally planniong to go to the reunion, I find that my family will not be in attendance. My 19-year-old son Derrick has been called by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to serve a two-year mission in Asuncion, Paraguay and leaves June 13 for the church's missionary training center in Provo Utah.

Please forward any genealogical information (family trees) and photos to me. I wish I could be there but his farewell is June 10.

Have a great time you all.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 26 April 2001

This time I have found your adress ( in the group while I was unable to find the adress you provided the last time you required to unsubscribe.

I have removed *this* e-mail from the group.

If you receive this mail twice (one to your e-mail, the other via the group) this may due to an ancient e-mail still in the family group. Please, let me know *by posting a mail using the e-mail to be removed*

To the others members : if you have more than one e-mail and wanted to unsubscribe, *please* send me a mail via the e-mail to be removed. I'm not a diviner and I cannot find your e-mail among 100 if you use a other one which is not in the group !

This is why any member of the group can unsubscribe himself here : or by posting a blank mail (using the e-mail to be removed) to : (see the group policy on the same site).

By the way, any one can subscribe by the same way : the site and /or a blank mail to

On the mailing-list' site you can manage your account as you like. Quite simple J.A. is't it ?

All the best.


J. A. Cavey
(California) 26 April 2001

Please take note; I have asked repeatedly that these correspondance from the Cavey groups not be forwarded to my e-mail address. I have several that clutter my box and find it rather disturbing since they have nothing to do with my research and waste my time going through them.

When I want to find out information, I simply visit the site or contact someone. I don't need to receive these messages. I have contacted Jean Luc and Bill Norris regarding this, I consider a third request to be enough. Am I being heard yet?


Shari Kelly
( Maryland) 26 April 2001


I am planning on attending the family reunion.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 26 April 2001

Anyone having problems accessing the Cavey Family Reunion site please email Nikki at {nervin at}


Sharon at {JemyJames at}


[Note of the editor] At that point I suddently understood that the site that caused problems was not the Cavey Family Wordwide Society Site but the Cavey Reunion 2001 Site ;:-)


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 25 April 2001
  Hi Barbara,

Everyone has began doing websurfing one day ;:-o))

Even if I have not find a piece of time to work on our family site since the 27th July 1999 (due to health problems and a lot of work in my company), I have walked trough the site today using Internet Explorer 5.5 and it seems still working fine.

The exact URL is that will redirect you to the geocities place where the site is still hosted.

I have in mind to rebuild it on my own domain but this need time to go.

If you write to the group, anyone who want to reply, replies to the whole group. So, if you want to write a letter to one single member, you must use his own e-mail rather than the family group e-mail {caveys at}.

Hope this helps.


Mary Ann Cavey McFarland
(Texas) 25 April 2001


I, too, am having difficulties accessing the website. But please include my name and email address for reunion purposes. I live in Virginia and lived in Baltimore prior to moving here. Please contact me for additional information, if needed. I am looking forward to the reunion and hope to attend. Let me know what I can do.

Look forward to hearing from you or someone from the reunion committee.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 25 April 2001


I added you to the listing as I couldn't find you in our members list.

Try again with the password and user Id that gives to you via email. If you have any problems let me know..and I will try and work them out for you.

Niki Lathe Ervin (

A Cavey decendant & One of the site Administrators!


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 25 April 2001

I now have a computer rather than web tv and am having problems getting to the Cavey world wide society. Is it because it is not through yahoo. Each time I try I get an error has occured on this page.

I am going through Internet Explorer. I am very new to the computer and need some help. If I write a letter to someone who is a member of the Cavey group, will they get it using the Sorry to be so dumb about what to do, but I need help.

Thank you.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 24 April 2001

Just a reminder to all of our Cavey relations near and far....

We are having a Cavey reunion on June 9, 2001 at the Patapsco State Park in Maryland. I

f you are interested in attending please email me at so that I can invite you to the web page that has all of the information and the registration form.

Hope you all check it out!!!


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 24 April 2001

Dear Jean Luc,

We are having a hard time accessing this site from here.... We have heard to wait a few weeks and we will have better luck!!!

P.S. Could you spread the word of our reunion through your web site? I don't remember how to do that.



Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 22 April 2001

Dear Jean Luc,

Could you put the word out through the Cavey Family W.W. site about our reunion being held in Maryland on June 9th ? They may contact me forfurther information. I am afraid we have missed some Cavey's who may be nearand would like to come.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 24 April 2001
  To all !

I don't know if you heard of this site :

It's a Mormon' site that collect everyone who have lived some weeks on Ellis Island before being allowed to reach the US coast.

If you just type 'cavey'' in the lastname field you will find not less than 26 caveys that have been on Ellis Island coming from various countries (not only Europe).

Have a look and search for your other familiy names.

All the best.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 13 April 2001

Can Chris Cavey tell us where the coat of arms he put on the site comes from ? Is it dated ? Is seems to be older than the coat of arms I put on our family site in 1997 (Arms of Claude (de) Cavey) because there is no roses at the bottom.

The Dec 13, 2000 Donald Cavey wrote : "I have a simular coat of arms for Cavey , but different ! The shield is black, with only 3 gold eagle heads in the same pattern as the rosters. The knight's helmet has 2 feathers on top with an ostrich head between them." Is there a way to have these coats in an electronic format ?


Earlyn E. Stanco
(Maryland) March 2001

Nathan Cavey and Mary Ann Frost

Any information on date of birth and death and where buried would be appreciated.

[Note of the Editor] This message was first sent on Message Board at


Carol Cavey-Ross
(Maryland) 23 march 2001


My name is Carol Cavey-Ross and I have emailed before asking for help but I never saw anything on the site. The following is the information I have
regarding my Cavey roots. I am desperately seeking relatives.

My Father: Maurice (Morris) Nelson Cavey, dob: 8/19/1920 Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland. Placed in Strawbridge Home for Boys June 1928. Graduated Sykesville High School 6/6/1938. Went to live at Boys' Home Society in Baltimore 6/26/1938. Entered Navy shortly after.

My Grandfather: Ernest Frost Cavey, dob: 7/11/1890: Occupation: Farmer
My Grandmother: India Cavey nee Coomes, dob 10/30/1891, Maryland

Other Relatives:

Maternal Aunt: Mrs. A.E. Smead - Parkville, MD
Aunt: Mrs. T.S. Weber - Woodlawn, MD
Aunt by Marriage: Mrs. Elsie Coomes, (last know address but no longerexists) 1518 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD

This is all the inforamtion I have. I would like to find livingrelatives to mainly explore medical background and find other family.

Please help!


Dan Cavey
(Florida)  18 February 2001

Thank you very much for your e-mail. Maybe some of those who are carefully putting together the family history will be able to use this information to help strengthen the link between the English and French Caveys.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 18 February 2001
  Hi Barbara !

Thank you for your post.

The bug has been corrected since several weeks but is still on some pages onthe site.

To avoid it go to (best way) or (if the first one is too slow in the US)

What has happend is that geocities has modify the URL without any notification to the webmaster (the old URL was (just a "~" removed...).

I suggest that you keep your favorites links updated.

Kind regards from Paris.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 19 January 2001

My name is Barbara Cavey Dunn and I live in the U.S.

Each time I come onto the Cavey link I get a message which says there is an error on the script, and I have to answer yes or no to continue on the script.

My internet provider told me to let you know of the problem.

Also I am unable to get into the messages. I get a message saying I do not have permission to access jlcavey/on this server.

I am a member of the Cavey society, could you please let me know what is the problem.

Thank You.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 16 January 2001



[Note of the editor] The above link is dead since the reunion has helded.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 18 December 2000

I am looking for Levi in Maryland can't seem to do any good.

If you have anything Please send it to me


Donna Jo Brown Parsons
( Florida) 18 December 2000

Thanks for your reply at this busy time of year.

Will send you a copy of our "hillbilly" side of the family after the holidays.

Merry Christmas


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 18 December 2000

Levi Cavey came from Maryland, and was probably a brother to Joseph , Henry, etc. They were all born in the late 1700's, or early 1800's.

Their father probably was John Cavey, but this is not confirmed


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 18 December 2000

My grandfather was Charles Thomas Cavey. His father John William Cavey and his father Levi CAvey from Maryland. I have worked for years to find Levi's father. could be this Thomas as they always handed names down.

If you find any info about Levi Please let me know Rita Ray


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 18 December 2000

So glad to hear from you. Your E mail was dated Nov 8 and I just received it 2 days ago. I live in the United States, don"t know if that caused a problem or not with the delivery.

We live in Savannah, Mo. a town of about 5,000 in Northwest Missouri, which is in the center of the US. We are a farming community, although my husband is aretired truckdriver.

My dad (Lee Cavey) was a farmer, as many of the Cavey"s were. I have been corresponding with Julian Cavey and have much of the Cavey background from him. Thomas Cavey Jr. came to US in 1861 and Stephen in 1862. I am not sure when their parents came to the Us but Thomas and Sarah are buried in Longmont Colo.

I don't know the port where they landed or how they got to Colo., which is very far inland. Those are some of the misteries I am trying to solve. I will send you more details after the holidays. As Christmas is a few days away it is a very busy time.

Again it is good to hear from you and will write again later


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 3 November 2000

  Hi Jean-Luc,

We finally got the reservation and the date firm for the CAVEY REUNION 2001, it will be JUNE 9, 2001. It will be held in Catonsville, Maryland, USA, in close proximity to the region where the early Caveys lived.

Further information can be gotten by contacting Bill Norris at {bitlead at]

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Tim Cavey
(Maryland) 21 October 2000

No I'm a local Cavey. Have many relatives in the St. Alphonsus Cemetery.

Not sure about LIberty Dam. Will try to check into it.


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 20 October 2000
  Hi Tim,

You must be familiar with the Liberty Dam Area. I have been there but not for any activities. Who runs it? Do they have pavilions for up to 200 people? How does the cost compare to the Pickall Area of $203 for a pavilion for 200? We are leaning toward something closer to our area of interest right now, but I'm sure other options will be considered if you get us some information.

I checked the membership list on Jean-Lucs site and the only Tim and Timothy Caveys on the list are from Canada. Are you one of these?

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Tim Cavey
(Maryland) 20 October 2000

Any date is fine with me.

Just keep me posted. What are the chances of the Liberty Dam area?

Keep in touch,


Emily Cavey
(Maryland) 19 October 2000

I would not be able to go on the 9th of June, but please don't change it for that reason... for so many people the 9th works...


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 18 October 2000

So far it looks like June 9th is the day? Anyone else have any input?


Susan Hood
( Maryland) 18 October 2000
  Hi !

May 5th or June 9th, 2000 look OK to me.

Whatever you decide is fine with me, I do prefer the Saturday options, because my first Sunday of each month are booked until July 2001.


Jake Cavey
(Arizona) 18 October 2000

Either one works for me but I would prefer June 9 if you have to make reservations.

My publishing schedule at Cat Tracks (the University of Arizona sports weekly) allows for that and I can spend a little extra time in the area as well.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 17 October 2000
  I was wondering how everyone felt about the following two dates as possible Reunion Dates;

Saturday, May 5, 2001 or Saturday, June 9, 2001

I am kind of leaning towards June 9th cause it would make camping much more comfortable for those that may opt for that. We need to decide a date before we can figure out how to make the reservation at the State Park.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 17 October 2000

If my records are correct .today is Sarah Knight Cavey's 207th Birthday!!!!

She is wife of Joseph Cavey, of our Woodstock Cavey's.

Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 17 October 2000

Hi Everyone!

Just spoke to St. Alphonsus's and they will not rent us the hall. The more I thought about it the more I thought that would be the perfect place to have it. I asked her if they would make an exception for us since all of relatives were parishioners and helped build that church into what it is today, but she didn't budge. : ( I also called the State Park and they will take reservations right now so we need to come up with a date . . . and figure out the money end of it to make the deposit and do we want to be in McKeldin or Pickall. I am willing to throw in some cash but I cant' do it all. Does anyone know exactly which
one is closest to Woodstock... I can't think where McKeldin is, guess I should look at a map...: o

Let me know what I can do next!


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 17 October 2000

Charles Cavey III Jake My grandfather's name is Charles Thomas Cavey there just has to be a connection somewhere John William is my Great grandfather . got his picture in a Union uniform. He came home from the war for a while, Morgan's Raiders came through and chased him but never got him. They stole chickens, horses and food from the house.

My cousin Peggy worked hard with me to find our Maryland connection. Levi's father. She passed away but I am still looking. when I find it I am going to dedicate my book to her about our Cavey's.

If you find anything about Levi Cavey and Margaret Allison sure would love to have it.


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 6 October 2000

Hi Bill, This Austin Widerman situation is the perfect example , why John Cavey , can not be assumed to be the father of Joseph Sr. Both Austin's lived only a short distance from each other , and did not know it most of their lives. I do believe it will be proven that they had a common ancester . Documentation is very important. The internet is only a tool , and not reliable as the original records are. In this situation , if records were reviewed, it would be clear that these men had different middle names.


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 6 October 2000
  Hi Don,

I'm sorry I had your family screwed up. I have fixed the file. Kathy Cavey had gotten some info back to Austin, found the other info coming from Joseph forward and assumed it was the same Austin Cavey. That proves once again what happens when you assume something without good documentation. I had to fight with her all the time about proper documentation.

When you get a chance send me some dates and places of births, deaths, marriages, burials on your parents and grandparents. I still have some holes in my file.

Any of the genealogy programs on the market today, I believe, would be able to accept GEDCOM files. Check to see if you have the ability to "import" files. Your program wouldn't happen to be ROOTS III would it? That's what my old one is that doesn't create GEDCOMs, but if that's what you have I could send you a disk that you could load onto your program. ROOTS III was very good, but as with most programs it has been passed by and made obsolete.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 6 October 2000
  I don't believe there is a Harry in my line. Rita Ray
Jake Cavey
(Arizona) 6 October 2000

I noticed you mentioned a JOHN W. CAVEY, my great grandfather had that name and I've had a difficult time finding info on him. I do have all the info on his wife and children in Baltimore, my grandfather, Harry Cavey, was the youngest.

Please e-mail me if you have more info.


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 5 October 2000

Bill, also besides their being two Austin Widermans, my grandmother said her husbands middle name was Julius , and the two men kwew each other, and probably had a common ancester.


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 5 October 2000

Yes, there were two Austin Widerman' s one was born 10/19/1894 and died 1987 , and my grandfather was born 3/11/1911 and also died in 1987. This death date could have caused some confusion, along with both living in the same area


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 5 October 2000
  Hi Don,

The Census of 1910 gave the family of Sarah Catherine and John Widerman and listed 3 girls and 1 boy,

Grace E b 1887
Birtie M b 1889
Lillian M b 1890
Austin W b 1895

Do you think this was another Austin W. Widerman?

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 5 October 2000

Bill, I got your e-mail message this morning at the caveys e-group !

I think there is a problem with your last column on the right . I do not believe that Sarah Catherine , is related to Austin Widerman ( my moms father)


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 5 October 2000
  Hi to both Donald Caveys,

You guys are 4th cousins through Don R's mother and 4th cousin once removed (and extra generation in there) through Don R's father.

It is easier to understand when put into columns.

Joseph, Sr Joseph, Sr. Joseph, Sr.
Cornelius Reuben Reuben
Charles Althea William Edward Sarah Catherine
George Cornelius Emsley Austin
Roy Oscar Clarence Joseph Janet M
Donald Robert Donad Vernon, Sr. Donald Vernon, Jr.
Donald Vernon, Jr.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 5 October 2000
  Hello Don,

Been busy and I am going out of town tomorrow. I am the son of Roy O Cavey, son of George C Cavey of Ellicott City, MD. I can get more information for you soon if that is OK.



Rita Ray
(Maryland) 3 October 2000

I have it but don't know how to use it.

Tell me I would loveto have the GEDCOM FILES to look at.


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 2 October 2000

Hi Bill,

I only have one geneology program , and I don't believe it will except GEDCOM. What would be some programs that would?




Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 2 October 2000

Dear Bill, (and the rest of the Cavy Clan)

I have been reading and rereading your mail from your great expedition and it sounds as if you were at the Philosophers cabin all right. Something just doesn't sit right with me... Sorry, since my hysterectomy last year my memory has gone kaput!!! But for some reason Cathy and I knew that that was not the home of Reuban (then his Daughter Mary Jane Cavey's home). I am in the process of reviewing the video that my husband and son made on there trip
back those hills of Woodstock. He hasn't had a chance to sit down with me as of yet to reacquaint me with what they found. They too were at the Philosophers cabin their first trip and we discounted that as the home of Rueban. I don't know now if it were after showing and explaining to my Uncle where there were. (who by the way was Olin Henry Walsh, husband of Audrey Ruth Gosnel Walsh, daughter of Genivive Ruth Kimber Gosnel Ryan, granddaughter of Molly, Mary Jane Cavey Kimber). He had made the trek many times with my Aunt Audrey and my grandmother (Genivieve Ruth Kimber Gosnel Ryan) and great grandmother(Mary Jane Cavey Kimer Brown).

On a second trip, after the crudely drawn map and written out directions that my Uncle Henry gave me, that I believe you followed. And confering with Beverly Giffith, a friend (Vince Metalla, who lives in Woodstock and hunts the hills, and maps of the land from the 1850's, they came to another, much older cabin with only an old stone fire place still standing that seemed more likely to be the home of Reuban.

I have to go back through all of my stuff and check my notes. I may even have a phone conversation on tape of my Uncle describing the way if I can locate it. I don't want to cast doubts on your trip as there were a lot of things that sounded like you were in the right place. I just need to go back and check my info, review my video and notes and see what I come up with..... Also just to set the record straight...the last time my Grandmother was in those hills to the "old home place" was in the late1960's. She passed away in 1983, at 98 years old. No doubt a childhood of climbing those hills helped build her a strong heart. My husband, Jim and son, Chuck made the trip in 1991/92. He had told a work aquatance Vince Metalla, of my search for William Knights grave and since he lived and hunted the area he told him he would go on a search mission with him. I originally thought that the grave would have been one of the ones near my grandmothers home since she told me of the graves near her childhood home. Hence the search for the old homeplace.

It is in times like these that I miss Cathy so much, I don't know how but she kept all the facts straight and could have set us all straight. I believe she must be watching down on us trying to set us all in the right direction. God Bless her and Jean Luc!!!!

Sharon Ryan Zinkand

daughter of William (Buddy) Ryan & Mildred Louise Grewe Ryan
son of Genivieve Ruth Kimber Gosnel Ryan & William A Ryan
daughter of Molly (Mary Jane) Cavey Kimber Brown and John Kimber
daughter of Rueban and Mary Catherine Strebeck
son of Joseph and Sarah Knight Cavey)

P.S.- Bill if you haven't already visit the State Park this week, could you find out the earliest we can make reservations for next May? I was told they would not take reservations till Jan. 1st 2001.


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 2 October 2000
  Hi Don,

Do you have a genealogy program that can accept GEDCOM files? If so, I could send you a GEDCOM file that would be fun for you to look at, but is still incomplete.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Donald V. Cavey JR
(Maryland) 2 October 2000


Hi Don,

I am Donald V. Cavey JR.

What line of Joseph Sr. are you decended from ? My line is as follows

Joseph Sr.>>>>> Reuben>>>>> William Edward >>>>> Emsley >>>>> Clarence Joseph >>>>>Donald Vernon Sr. >>>>>> Donald Vernon Jr. (born 1957 )


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 2 October 2000


I sent that last email before I read this one. You are very welcome and I'm glad that it means so much. I'll meet you at the reunion if not before.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 2 October 2000

Mary Ellen Cavey dau of Levi had a son Reason, Rezin from MD.

The names all match handed down generation to generation, Charles Thomas John William, Paul, Ralph, I certainly hope we can tie Levi in somehow.


Emily Cavey
(Maryland) 2 October 2000

Thank you so much for the information Bill!

I am so excited! and I know my father will be as well. If there is anything I can do to help with the Cavey Reunion, please let me know. I owe you a great deal!

Thanks so much and I look forward to meeting you one day face to face!



Bill Norris
( Maryland) 2 October 2000
  Hi Emily,

I don't mind at all giving the information again. I got the direct line to you input into my new program and I'm sending you a GEDCOM file (I hope). My old program (Roots III) was written before GEDCOMs were invented and cannot create GEDCOM files.

The earliest Cavey of whom we are certain is Joseph Cavey, Sr., who married Sarah Knight, d/o William T. Knight. (1774-1842).

( @ @ )
Bill Norris

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Unfortunately, the GEDCOM File never went through the Caveys Yahoo Mailing List.


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 1st October 2000
  Hello to Jean-Luc and Cavey descendants everywhere,

Rueben Cavey was the son of Joseph Cavey, Sr., he married Mary Strebeck.

James Zinkand of Arbutus, MD, had made this trip about 10 years ago at the request of his wife's grandmother who had lived in the house as a girl. James' wife is Sharon (Ryan) Zinkand and she has a map, made by her uncle, of the area. However we didn't have the right map. But Sharon had given us some verbal directions also.

We entered on the gated (State Park Property) piece of paved road that is at the end of the "new" (1972) bridge over the Patapsco River, on the Baltimore County side. It is a remnant of the Old Court Road as it used to go up to the old steel and plank bridge that existed for many years before "Agnes" washed it out in 1972. We passed the old bridge abutment, passed a gated road that leads up the back of the Job Corps Center and forded the stream that runs down behind the Job Corps Center, which had been Woodstock College of the Jesuit Priests.

Just across the stream a small footpath goes off to the left and follows the river. Old road tracks also go basically with the path up the river a good ways. But the main road turns right and goes up the hill following the stream. This is the roadbed of the Fox Rock Quarry Railroad that brought the blocks of granite from the quarry down to the river. This also may have been called the Fox Rock Quarry Road after the railroad ceased operation. It has extensive cutting from the bank and filling in many places to give it a gradual grade, but the grade seemed still very steep, in places, for a railroad.

Part way up we ran into a Mr. Bear who was on horseback. He rides everyday, age 87. He told us to turn left at the first crossing of the trails, and go back to about 100 yards before the powerline and look for a chimney that might still be standing from the old house. He had stopped and talked to the Jesuits when they had used the house for studying, and Beverly Griffith says they called it the Philosopher's Cabin. There had been another house on the grounds that they used for studying and it had a name, maybe it was called the Astronomer's Cabin.

We followed Mr. Bear's directions and came to a large field. At the far end (probably north) we came to another clearing for 4 utility lines, but they were underground and not overhead lines as we were expecting. From the crest of the hill we could see the railroad and where the lines went up the bank in Howard County. We thoroughly searched the woods beside the field, as Mr. Bear had said, and only found a continuation of the old roadbed that the path had left before it went on to the field.

At this point we were getting tired and a little discouraged. Will was ready to call it quits. I suggested that he and Paul go back up the field and check the higher ground at the rear of the field where we had entered it. I had a hunch that the old roadbed could be found on the other side of the utility clearing and wanted to go just a little further since we had come that far.

We split-up and I did find the roadbed and followed it for about half a mile when I saw some bushes that looked out-of-place. They proved to be around a manmade low stonewall. I then saw the tall red brick chimney about 40 feet ahead. It is about 14 feet high and has a fireplace at the base and only one brick is missing. Went back to the utility line and met Will and Paul. We came back to the homesite and explored and compared ideas on what we were seeing.

The house sits about 40 feet above and faced a very small stream that flows down to the river on the upriver side of the utility lines. There are remnants of the springhouse on the stream in front of the house. The chimney was evidently at the rear of the house and there were about a dozen stone pillars, set out from the foundation of the house, that were probably supports for a substantial porch that was around the front and both sides. The grooves in the top of the pillars were made for 3x10 supports (or about that size). About 10 feet in front, beyond the pillars, was a retaining wall of loose granite stones about 6 feet high.

As Sharon had said, a line of evergreens started on the upper side of the chimney and went toward the river. We followed them and came to what looked like a junk pile, parts of a space heater, cookstove, bedsprings, etc. and then continued on down to the end of the line of trees and came upon the cemetery just before the ground slopes off sharply towards the river.

The cemetery had about 8 sets of plain stones designating burials, and only one set appeared to be for an adult of our size today. Will and I ran out of film but felt we had taken all the shots we had wanted.

We came back the trail the way we went in. We surmized the field may have been farmed in the past. The path that follows the river probably goes up that far, but it had some low parts that probably would not have dried out yet, so we didn't try to come back on it.

Mr. Bear had told us if we wanted to go to the quarry (he hadn't heard of the name Fox Rock Quarry) , we should go straight and not turn left at the first crossing. That is waiting for another day, sometime in the future.

We returned to my car, very tired, and went back to the parking lot beside the old #9 trolley line in Ellicott City. There used to be a row of about 10 houses where that parking lot is, Bennett's Row, and my mother, Maud Irene (Cavey) Babylon Norris, and her first husband, Chester Babylon, lived in the end one, next to Oella Avenue, and my half-sister, Thelma, was born there. A picture showing that house is hanging in The Trolley Stop. "Agnes" damaged the houses so bad they were taken down.

Paul is going to draw a new map of where we went, and we will also get the correct one from Sharon and put them both on the net for others to use.

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Bill Norris


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 1st October 2000

Cavey's of woodstock.


I have been looking for Levi Cavey from Maryland for years. Just can't seem to find him. He came to Carrollton Ohio had Mary and John William. John William is my gr grandfather. His son was Charles Thomas Cavey. Levi married Margaret Allison in Pennsylvania, I think.

Can you help.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 1st October 2000

How do you have time to do anything? So many messages from this family.

I too would be interested in a get together in May. I have read all of the messages from Bill. My uncle, Paul Mathew Cavey, was here just before they were to go to the homesite. When I was at work, I thought about them as I watched the rain pouring down.

Thank you for the updates.


Donald R Cavey (Son of Roy O Cavey, son of George C Cavey)
107 Oella Ave
Baltimore, MD 21228-5414

[Note of the editor] : I havn't... ;:-)


Jake Cavey
(Arizona) 1st October 2000

Well people, if the timing is right, I will be there.

This coming May is a busy time -- my one son, Derrick, will be leaving on his church mission and my daughter, Rachel, will be graduating from hgh school. Both of those events will be held in Pinetop, Arizona. Early in the month of May or late June would be OK

Jake. (Charles G. Cavey III)


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 1st October 2000
  Hi !

By the way. Whatever you decide dont' miss to take a lot of pictures of the family gathering you'r planning.

I'll put them on the site !

All the best.


Susan Hood
( Maryland) 1st October 2000


My name is Susan Hood. I would like to be added to your members list. If any one is related to Miranda Cavey & John Linton I would be very interested
in hearing from them. I would love to know more about them.

My Lineage is as follows:

Joseph Cavey, Sr. & Sarah Knight-gx4 grandparents
Miranda Cavey & John Linton -gx4 grandparents
William Linton &Harriett Pickett -gx3 granparents
Charles Linton & Susanna Keefer -gx2 grandparents
Levi Linton &Callie Franklin -great grandparents
Estella Linton & William Pumphrey -grandparents
Joyce Pumphrey & Vernon Hood -my parents
Me - just "a twig on the tree"




Bill Norris
( Maryland) 30 september 2000

What an honor and pleasure it will be to have you at the reunion. Sure hope you can make it.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 30 september 2000
  Hi Sharon,

The time frame for the reunion sounds good to me, not too hot, not too cold in May. I'll help in contacting people once we get it set. Do you think we would be safe to set a date before we get a confirmation on a picnic site? I'm going to the state park sometime next week to try to get a topographic map of the territory around Granite and I'll get info on Pickell Area and camping info on Hilton and Hollowfield Areas.

Please send me Nikki's current email address again. Susan Hood tried to contact her by the address on Jean-Luc's site and it bounced. Susan is a descendant of Miranda Cavey (d/o Joseph) and John Linton and when I put her onto Jean-Luc's site last night she was "like a kid in a candy shop". I gave up at about 2 AM, but I wonder if she went to bed at all. She lives in the Baltimore area. and works close to where I live. She is very excited about the reunion also.

As far as Lou Gherigs Disease or Amytrohic Lateral Sclorosis, I don't recall anyone saying anything about it.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 30 September 2000

Well ! I'll try to put some money aside on the sly to be with you. And try to perfect my english accent by that time.

May 2001 is a very convenient date for me especially 21th 'coze it's my birth date... 54 years old ;:((

After all, by building the Caveys' Worldwide Society I've been the starting point of this wonderful and unexpected family adventure...

All the best.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 30 September 2000


We really do want to do the reunion. Next step is to talk to Nikki about a date. Looking at May of 2001. I am leaning towards the state park as there would be ample room and I like the idea of the pavilions with fire places if it is rainy and cold. We have had some reunions of my Mom's family there and it worked out nice (Pickall area) As soon as Nikki and I pick a date we will start asking (begging) for help in contacting as many as we can.

How does that sound to you?

Also just curios if you or anyone else has come across members of the family who had/have Lou Gherigs Disease or Amytrohic Lateral Sclorosis? That is what my Dad died from and they said it could be Familial. So far I have only heard of one other case in the Cavey family...

Take Care and talk to you soon!


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

RL Grimes was the Judge Marion's son. Ella married Lawrence Boylan, died 25 oct 1934 Robert L (judge) born 15 Mar 1862 died 5 Nov 1930 Margaret, died 1909 Sherman F Grimes, Susan married JOhn Scurlock, Reason married Helen?

Evan married Rachaell died 1928, Wilson married Ales Conrad, Kathryn married a Exline.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

Yes Mary Cavey was married twice. in CArroll county she married can't think of his first name but Shepherd was his name they had Rezin Cavey & John who came to Jackson county Ohio when she did. They spelled it Reason also.

Right now that is all I know. My files are buried.

When I find more will let you know. Rita Ray George Shepherd her husband died 4 Sept 1855 23 years old Reason Shephard died at the age of 88 His wife Helen Shepherd died in 1944 they had 3 sons. Washington Ch , Ohio Marion's father was JOhn Grimes mother CAtherine Allender.

Marion died in Coalton, Ohio. Sept 10, 1913 Mary Ellen died June 20, 1970 their son R>L> Grimes was a Judge in Jackson county Ohio Rita


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

Hi connie,

Rita Parish Ray John W Cavey was my gr grandfather got a lot of info about the Grimes. my Mary Cavey, John W Cavey's sister married Marion Cavey. I am looking for the father of Levi back in Maryland.

Got any suggestions.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

Grandfather was Charles Thomas Cavey his father John W Cavey. His father Levi Cavey. Have traced :Levi to Maryland then Carrollton, Ohio then Jackson, county Ohio. Charles Thomas Cavey's sons: Ralph, Paul, William, Wilbur, Herman, Bernard, can't find Levi in Maryland.

Can you help?


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 30 september 2000
  Hi Sharon,

The men I mentioned are PROBABLY the sons of John, but what Kathy told me didn't have any documentation, as far as I can remember. I really believe we are going to find the documentation some day that will tie them all together but I don't feel comfortable with saying that until we do.

Wasn't she baseing her information mostly on the fact that they lived next to each other or was there something in the land records she found that was more substantial? The loss of Kathy set us all back a lot.

Well you and Nikki have us stirred up about the reunion. Any new thoughts?

Talk to you soon.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Connie Rhea Rowe
( Maryland) 30 september 2000

Saw your corresp re Levi Cavey family.

He and wife Margaret Allison had a total of 8 children based on census records. Mary Ellen was oldest child born abt 1832, then Sarah A born Oct 1833 married twice, then a Susana Cavey b abt 1835 who married Max Bowmaster, then John W. who was married twice, b 1837, then Margaret Jane b abt 1839 and then Ellenor b abt 1841, Avis b abt 1844 and Catherine Cavey b abt 1846 married three times. My ancestor is Sarah A. who was first married to John Graham and then to Alfred Glassburn.

Does anyone have information On Susana, Ellenor or Avis. Catherine was first married to John Glassburn, had children, then married a ? Sulivan (also children) and then a James G. Danes.

Would appreciate information on the children of Mary Ellen and Marion Grimes also.

Appreciate any help.


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 30 september 2000
  Hi Rita (again),

I was good to see you on the net again.

Did Mary Ellen Cavey, d/o Levi, marry twice? I have a marriage to (unkn) Shepard before her marriage to Marion Grimes in 1854. Can you shed any light on that?

I have no children for her first marriage, but 9 children were supposedly born to her and Judge Marion Grimes, but I have only the initials of "R. L." for one of those children. Do you have names and dates for any of the other

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

Dear Bill,

Sort of out of the loop but are you talking about Joseph as the father of Joseph, husband of Sarah or are Levi, Brice, Rezin, and Henry possible brothers of our Joseph. I can't remember, but I thought it had been decided his father was a John? Has anyone gotten back any farther or are we still stuck ; ) on Joseph, the Husband of Sarah Knight?

I can't believe how working with Will Chambers has gotten me all fired up about all of this, it has been too long, so please forgive me for trying to play catch up. When Cathy died it kind of knocked the wind out of my sails.

Talked to Will today and it sounds like you had a great day!!!! He will need a vacation when he returns to CA!!! : )

Bill Norris
( Maryland) 30 september 2000
  Hi Rita,

We haven't forgotten about Levi's family. We still haven't made that definite connection, but the searching for the homesite we are doing in Granite could well be the birth place of Levi (Ohio), Brice (Pittsburgh, PA), Joseph, Sr., Rezin and Henry who stayed in MD.

Believe me as soon as we find that connection we will be very glad to let you and several other Levi decendants know about it.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

Jake I have been looking and looking for the father of Levi. Your tree has all the right names. William Charles grandfather Charles Thomas his son William, other sons Ralph, Paul, Herman, Bernard, Wilbur. Gr grandfather John W. Cavey and his father was Levi from Carollton, Ohio before that Maryland. can't seem to find the Maryland connection.

Can you help?

Mother was Bertha Carman Cavey her sisters, Marcella, Marima, Milford, Levi had John W and Mary Cavey. Mary married in Carollton, Ohio then came to Jackson County Ohio.

She married Judge Grimes.

I need some help.


Emily Cavey
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

I would be more than happy to help with the planning of Cavey reunion!


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 29 september 2000
  Hi Jake,

I am your 3rd cousin 2 times removed. My mother was a Cavey. I'd like to contact your brother Michael. Do you have some contact information you can send to me? My email address is below.

You mentioned cousins, Edward and William, who are (or were) Jesuits. Your father is the only child that I have of Charles G. Cavey, Sr., and Hildegarde.

Are Edward and William brothers? Are they sons of another son, or sons, of Charles, Sr.? How many children did they have?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland) 29 september 2000

I don't know where they used to hold the old Woodstock Picnic (or even if they still do) but it seems that would be an even better venue in terms of sentimental value. I can't help but think of the many who now lie in St. Alphonsus churchyard who courted, and married after an initial meeting at that event.


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland) 29 september 2000

Oops! I meant Jake Cavey, not charles III as in my original message.

Sorry about that, Jake. My bad.


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland) 29 september 2000
  I think the idea of a Cavey reunion is grand, and I salute the trekkers who ventured into the woods on that drippy day earlier this week to locate the old family homestead.

Unfortunately I am rather too busy to help with any organizing, but please keep me informed of developments.

By the way, for those of you whom I have not met, especially for Charles Cavey III, I am the son of James T. Cavey, now of Cockeysville, MD, and the grandson of Thomas M. Cavey (brother of Charles Cavey, Sr.) and Grace E. Miller Cavey. I remember well both Cavey and Miller haunts in Granite and Woodstock, where I spent many happy boyhood days on visits there.

Also as regards family issues, some of you may remember me as an early and ardent defender of the French connection: nous Cavey sont des Normands!!

Anyway, blessings to all,many thanks to our cousin Jean-Luc who started the ball rolling, and may the ancestors smile on our undertakings.


Michael R. Cavey (I put the middle initial to honor my other grandfather, Robert I. Koch, and to differentiate myself from all those other Michael Caveys, of whom apparently there are droves!


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 29 september 2000
  Hi Sharon and Nikki,

It is a great idea. The McKelden Area of the Patapsco State Park would probably be the closest to Woodstock. When I was on an earlier trek up the river I could hear the shots at the pistol range on Marriottsville Road

The Pickle Area would be close also. It is in Baltimore County right beside of I-70. You get to it off of Johnnycake Road (about one block before it ends at the river) and then cross over an overpass that spans I-70. I had the 1980 Norris-Cavey-King family reunion there in 1980 and it was an excellent site with pavilions, fireplaces, open areas for group pictures, etc. There is a ball field close by but my sons were they only ones who used it. Most of the folks just wanted to meet their cousins and talk about old times and relationships. It is easy to find from Howard County also

If you decide the state park is what you want to do, you have to be at their office on the first day they assign sites, because they can be sold-out quickly. I believe the cost was about $60.00 then for a site for about 150 people and I believe you would have at least that many attending.

Another possibility is to have it in the hall under St. Alphonsus Church. Kathy and Ralph and I went to something there that was held inside and outside and it seemed to work well. If you rented a tent to cover the area right beside the church it would certainly give protection for enough people. They have a kitchen and served food the day we were there. The church people might even consider serving food for a good donation to the church. Just a thought!

Keep me informed of what you decide.

We found the Reuben Cavey homesite yesterday, I'll get back to you about it

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 30 September 2000


I am really excited about it now . . . I have been thinking about it and felt like it was way too huge of a project to try alone...BUT now that we are in this together!!!; ) ; )

It would be great to have it somewhere in Woodstock. I don't know of any pavilions in the State Park even though they now own the land where my Gr. and Gr. Gr. Grandparents lived. The park would be good cause plenty of land and pavilions in case it rains. I had thought of maybe the grounds of St. Alphonsus but if it rained . . . so the park sounds like the best place to me... as close to Woodstock as we can get I would think.... What about early May? I AM SO EXCITED!!! I feel like my Grandmother is sitting on my shoulder right now egging me on!!! : )

I but a little bleep in the Cavey web and maybe I should forward this to them too? We would get a lot of input that way.

Let me know what you think!


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 30 September 2000

Hi Sharon !:)

Sounds like fun to me!! I am in! I supose that we should start by posting it on the Cavey Web Site... then contacting all the Cavey's that we have been in contact with.. We should shoot for a date..and get started..Hopefully the others will want to participate in helping organize this.. I would suspect that we should probably do this in Maryland as this is where all the Cavey bunch is located and would be more convienient..too :)

Spring sounds great..not to cold not to hot.. Do you have an area in mind in which we could do this??? I don't get to Md much..and don't know the area all that well..I could ask My G Uncle too... have alot of other relatives in that a matter of fact all of them basicially live out there in that neck of the woods... :)

Being that you live in Md.. you probably do pass alot of relatives every day... day in day out! funny! :)

Let me know. I will be around to help. Heck. We only live once right??

So... I say we do it! Pass this along to the others and see what they say as well.

Your Cousin


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 29 September 2000

Dear Nikki,

I am glad the info was helpful... Funny you should mention a reunion. I have been thinking a lot about it. I think it would really be fun and interesting. So are you game? Where would we start?!?!?!? Maybe we could shoot for next spring? I would love to do that. I think it would be shocking for me to see as I probably pass a lot of relatives every day!!! : )

Take Care and talk to you soon!

"I wish you peace in the world in which you live and in the smallest corner of your heart where truth is kept."


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 29 September 2000
  To all !

If such a family reunion is succesfull this will be the greatest reward Ican receive for creating the Caveys' site.

Hope this will happens.

Looking forward to see what you plan.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 29 September 2000

My grandfather's name was Charles Thomas Cavey. His father was John W Cavey. his father was Levi from Carrollton, Ohio then Maryland.

Charles Thomas has sons Wilbur, Paul, Herman, Ralph, William Bernard and girls, Mariama, Bertha Carman(mother), Milford, Marcella.

I am very interested in finding where our overseas connection can you help?


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 29 September 2000

Hi Everyone!

Nikki and I were talking this morning about the chances of getting together a Cavey family reunion. . . . What does everyone think? I think it would be a lot of fun. Anyone with any ideas? It would be great to have in Woodstock! Let us know what you think.


Jake Cavey
(Arizona) 29 September 2000

Might I suggest you contact my brother, Michael L. Cavey who lives in that area.

This is Jake Cavey (Charles G. Cavey III) alive and well in Tucson, Arizona. When you visit the cemetary across from the old St. Alphonsus Church, my grandfather and grandmother (Charles G. and Hildegarde Cavey) are buried there. Cousins Edward and William (Bucky) were Jesuit seminarians at the old Woodstock seminary (now a Maryland Job Corps Center).

Wish I could be there but my duties covering the University of Arizona athletics prevent it.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 27 September 2000

Dear Bill and all the Cavey's who might go on hike in Woodstock,

What I forgot to mention was the reason that we have not had any recent expeditions back to "the old homeplace." When my son, husband and friend where going on these adventures there was a murder in the area that at the time they had arrested someone from the Job Corp group that is now occupied in the old Woodstock College. Our friend didn't feel comfortable taking these hikes back in the woods anymore. So FYI, go in groups for safety sake.

While there are plenty of horse trails back there, there are also Job Corp residents, not saying that they are bad people, just be aware.


Emily Cavey
(Maryland) 27 September 2000
  Hi Everyone!

I was telling me father about this hike Paul, William and Bill went on and he is very excited! His name is Robert Cavey and his father died (William Cavey) in 1964ish when my father was only 12... needless to say my father knows very little about his family roots. A couple years ago I spoke with Bill Norris, who was kind enough to track me down! I am forever grateful to you Bill!!!!

Well anyway, I first wanted to thank everyone for sharing the stories of the "Cavey Homestead" but I also am trying to figure out how we are related to Joseph Cavey and some of these others that people are talking about. Bill I know you have told me once before, but would you mind telling me again? my father and I would be truly grateful!


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 27 September 2000

Dear Bill,

My husband and son have made the trek back to where "the old homeplace" was supposed to be a few times about 10 years ago.

They were guided in part by the Park Rangers and a friend who lives in the area. They were following the directions that my Uncle (who drew the crude map and wrote out the directions that you have) gave them as my grandmother would make trips back a few times a year up to the early 1970's. Before my grandmother died she asked me to do some investigating as to the condition of her childhood home. (My grandmother is G. Ruth Kimber Gosnel Ryan, daughter of Mary Jane (Molly) Cavey and John (Jack) Kimber who took over the house from Mary Catherine Strebeck Cavey, wife of Rueben) who lived with them there for a while before she died. A wild goose chase led to me to a man whose name is buried somewhere in my files, but was known as the Mayor of Woodstock. He and his sons hunted the area.

To make a long story short he told us that the house had burned down a few years before. The home which after my Great Grandfather died, was abandoned by his family, the last of the Cavey line to live there,then was a retreat house for Woodstock College, then back to a private residence. The last trip my Grandmother made it was abandoned. In doing some searching later I was told that the property then belonged to the State Park.

When my husband and son made there trip they followed by Uncle's instructions. On leaving Howard Co. and going across the "OLD" bridge into Balto. Co. immediately at the end of the bridge they went left. They came to a gated path that used to be the Quarry Road. From there they followed the map as best they could. What eventually they came upon was a ruin of a home. A fireplace still standing. Quarry rock made up the fire place and outside walk. Which would make sense since my Great Grandfather Jack Kimber worked the quarry as did Rueben.

The pine trees may be of a great significance because in the front yard of my Grandmothers house in Halethorpe, MD stands a tall pine (sorry I don't know
what kind) but she told us she had brought it home from the old homeplace as a sapling to remind her of her home in Woodstock. She told us it lined there property, home, drive. She also told me that down a hill towards the river were graves. I don't know who's graves these would be as her baby sister is buried with Mary C. and Rueben at St. Alphonses.

Bill, I talked to Will Chambers yesterday and tried to make it clear to him in the direction my husband went. Unfortunately I don't have photo's but do have a video they made when they went on there adventure. Something else my Grandmother said that might be of help is that at times when they were coming home from visiting relatives in Granite they would go back through the Woodstock College property.

I hope this info is of some help and best of luck!!!!


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 27 september 2000
  Hello All,

The expedition to find the homesites was basically rained out as far as any findings, but we went anyway. If anyone saw us they left us alone, us three old codgers walking through the woods with boots and umbrellas.

Will Chambers, Paul Cavey and myself, Bill Norris, all g-great grandsons of Joseph Cavey and Sarah Knight, met at The Trolley Stop and had breakfast and then went to Granite to meet Donald Cavey, who's grgrandfather had been a part owner of at least one of the quarries at Granite. Don had a family emergency and couldn't make it. Will and I had never met before.

We proceeded to the Cavey-Knight Cemetery in the Hernwood Landfill and I showed Will and Paul the gravesite of William T. Knight who was the father of Sarah Knight who married Joseph Cavey.

William T. Knight's is the only engraved stone there, but there are about 30 crude stones buried in neat rows. His stone reads "In Memory of William T. Knight who died June 18, 1842 in his 68th year". That means he was born in 1774 and the earliest ancestor of the Caveys of Maryland to our knowledge. After some pictures we hiked back up the steep hill and out of the landfill. (Anyone who wants directions contact me, because Jean-Juc has to retype all of our messages).

The rains started just as we reached the edge of the woods on our trek for the homesites. We located a quarry but couldn't determine which one it was, and it was raining so hard it kept us from exploring around. Another deterrent was our ages of 64, 68 and 74 and the wet footing.

We backtracked and took the left trail to what I call a boat lake. There is a substantial 4 to 5 foot dam across the tiny stream and a lake of about 1/2 acre. There is a ruin of a shed right at the edge of the lake that might have functioned as a small boathouse. About 15 feet from that shed is a car garage that appears to be of the 1930's or 1940's vintage. On a previous trip I was able to follow a driveway (defined by a row of cedar trees and levels of the terrain) from the garage to an open area surrounded on three sides by much taller cedar trees. The cedar trees really standout because it is heavily forested in most of the area we covered.

I imagine a large house stood in the open space, facing the driveway, with the tall cedars in the rear and both sides. What would have been the front yard is less heavily wooded and what trees are there seem to be larger and thus stunted new growth. Off to what would be the left of the house is another line of cedars that extends forward to the path and the stream, and aligns with the beginning of the lake.

Below the dam the stream runs in a trough (created by some stone and mortar sections, and some poured concrete sections about a yard high) for about 150 yards to two culverts built over the stream. It looks like the road approached from the south, crossed the lower culvert and continued up near the stream to the garage and then made a sharp turn to the left to go up the cedar lined driveway to the house which would have faced easterly towards Old Court Road and the rear of the current St. Alphonsus Church.

As the road crossed the lower culvert a spur doubles back over the upper culvert and goes back to another open space that appears to have been the site of another house. This house was probably half the size of the other one, and probably much less elegant, at least in the setting and size. It probably faced the stream and the upper culvert would have been at the end of a small front yard. It was too wet to explore this site also. There were remnants of a trough below the culverts also but it was getting just too wet to go any further.

We returned to my car at St. Alphonsus and went down Old Court Road and across the river and railroad tracks to the little bar and restaurant that used to be Cavey's Bar in the 1950's and 1960's (as best Paul and I could remember). The one employee had only lived here for 10 years and had no idea what we were talking about when we asked about it being Cavey's Bar. There is a parking area across the road, which is named Woodstock Road on the Howard County side, where a house once stood that Caveys lived in. It was very close to the railroad tracks.

Down the railroad a ways are the farms of the Key family that married into the Cavey family. Will is C1R4, (1st cousin 4 times removed), of Francis Scott Key who penned the Star Spangled Banner on board a ship in Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1812.

We left the bar with little more information and went up the hill to Cavey Lane and took a short trip to the Cavey House. It is on private property and we didn't want to trespass. However, the owners are very interested in the history of the house and were restoring it a few years ago when they gave me a guided tour.

We returned to the Trolley Stop and had some lunch and made plans to do it again this Thursday, Sept. 28, 2000, but to go in at a different location closer to the Patapsco River.

Maybe we will have better weather and better luck.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris


Emily Cavey
(Maryland) 27 September 2000

Hi Everyone!

Bill how did the search go on Monday! My family is very excited to here!

Emily Cavey (Grand-Daughter of the late William Cavey and Daughter of Robert Cavey)


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 25 September 2000


I sent a map that I got from my Uncle showing the was to Reuban and Mary's homeplace, hence my grandmothers home at the turn of the century, to Will Chambers who I believe is going with you.

Hope that it is helpful. Just remember that the bridge crossing over the river on the map, was the old bridge and the new one crosses over a bit more towards Granite.

My grandmother would also cut through Woodstock College to get home. My husband and son have made this expedition a few times and went back a couple of miles to the general area using the map Will has.

My grandmother also spoke of graves on hill looking over the river near the house. The house burnt down a few decades ago though.

Wishing you all good luck!


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 23 september 2000

Hi Jean-Luc,

On Monday morning, Sept. 25, 2000, a group of 4 or more Cavey cousins will meet for the first time and go on an expedition to locate the Cavey homesite.

We have the location narrowed down to the wooded area behind the Woodstock College in Granite, MD. This is just a few miles from the Cavey Lane you have the pictured in the North America part of your site.

If there are any other Cavey descendants who want to go along they contact me.

I will let you know what we find.

( @ @ )
Bill Norris

[Note of the editor] : This mail is the very beginning of the Cavey Reunion 2001. Visitors can look at the pictures on the "Cavey Reunion 2001 Pictures" page.


Donna Jo Brown Parsons
( Florida) 18 Septembrer 2000

This picture is:

Annie Mae Standley Cavey Lehew
she was born February 28.1871 , in Jackson County Ohio
she married John Evan Cavey on March 25.1889
she died March 13, 1965 and is buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Glouster

Athens County, Ohio
John Evan Cavey
he was born April 13, 1866, Jackson County Ohio
he married March 25, 1889
he died March 25, 1923 after 34 years of marriage

his parents were: John Washington Cavey - born 2/7 1837 died 7/28/1915
Mary Willis
born ?? died 6/04/1880
his grandparents were: Levi Cavey born ??
died 2/28/1892
Margaret Allison born 9/21/1808 died 1/01/1885

These dates some are confirmed by obituaries, death certificates, etc., some were obtained by oral history. I'm sure family members who read this will confirm or deny these facts. Hopefully this information will be of use.

Click on the picture to see the actual size.
Click on the picture to see the actual size.


J. A. Cavey
(California) 21 August 2000

I too have found evidence of Norman, not Saxon connections and no French connections whatsoever.

I have been trying to find the time to post what I have, unfortunately am very busy, maybe soon.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 26 July 2000

Will you please help me?

I am having trouble with my Cavey research. I submitted you a pedigree family sheet and several other things. Will you please look at these and see if you can help?

Levi Cavey married in Pennsylvania want to go back from there to see what country we came from all help appreciated.

Mother was a Cavey


Michael Kimber
(Alaska) 25 July 2000


As you know the Pittuck name is unusual. I had seen it in connection with a geneaology. The dates were in the late 1600s I think.

Yhe Pittuck folks Iam associated with were mariners one of whom ws an early participant in teh Americas cup, They have generally been associated with Wivenhoe and perhaps the Brighton area.

Thanks again for looking.


Michael Kimber
(Alaska) 22 July 2000

Looking for the Cavey Pittuck connection in Essex England, the Wivenhoe area seems to be a frequent location.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(California) 1st June 2000

I would dearly love ANY help you can provide.



Bill Norris
( Maryland) 31 May 2000
  Hi Carol,

It is too late tonight, and I'm busy tomorrow night, but I'll be able to help you.


Carol Cavey-Ross
(California) 31 May 2000

I am looking for relatives to Maurice Nelson Cavey; father was Ernest Cavey and mother last name Cooms. Born Aug 19, 1920 in Baltimore, MD. Raised in Strawbridge Orphanage outside Baltimore, MD. If anyone knows of any relatives, please email me.

Thank you!


Alyce Goldberg
(Florida) 28 May 2000
  Hi Jean-Luc and all other Caveys,

I was just reading all the letters on your site and happened to read my own and found I made a BIG mistake. I stated Levi Cavey married Mary Willis. That is not true - his son, John Washington Cavey married Mary Willis. Levi's wife was Margaret Unknown (maybe Allison). Thought I should correct this.

Sorry for the big Boo-Boo.



Rebecca Cavey
(Maryland) 27 May 2000
  Hello Jean,

My name is Rebecca Cavey, I live in Baltimore,Maryland.USA I have been Searching for my ancestors. I have got as far as my Great-Great Grandfather.

My grandfathers name is Leonard Edward Cavey and he is still alive. My Great-Great Grandfathers name was

Leonard Asberry Cavey he died on May 21,1943. I don't know his D.O.B. I don't know how to find out anymore info.

If you could could you give me some help.

Thank you so very much


Carol Cavey-Ross
(California) 14 April 2000


My name is Carol Cavey and I reside in a suburb of Los Angeles, California. My father was born in Baltimore, Maryland (1920) and raised in an orphanage outside Baltimore. I have no records of any relatives.

I only know my father's mother was not married at the time he was born. His biological father was Ernest Cavey of Baltimore. I would love to use your website to help me find any living relatives. My father has not interest in finding any since he was placed in the orphanage at a young age. My email is

I would love to hear from you.



A. Garvey
(Maryland) 28 January 2000

Hi All,

I am a descendant of John D. Cavey b.abt 1836 in Md., was married to Elizabeth Lowman. Their known children were John D.Jr., James A., Lillie J., Charles W. & they lived in Oella, Balto.Co., MD. I am interested in the parentage of both, and any info would be very appreciated.


J. A. Cavey
(California) 28 January 2000
  Dear Mr. Stevenson:

I received your e-mail via the CAVEY groups (J.L. Cavey) and am interested to know if you have any listings for a JOHN WESLEY CAVEY. He was my great-great grandfather, possibly from England/Ireland. I know almost nothing about him and he is my "missing link" to doing further research.

Thank you in advance for anything you might provide.


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 8 January 2000
  Hi Jake,

I'm also descended from the Woodstock Caveys thru my mother, Maud Cavey. You and I are 3rd cousins, 2 times removed, both descending from Sarah KNIGHT and Joseph CAVEY, Sr. Are you interested in researching the CAVEY name? If so, go into "Roots Web" and then into their "Social Security Death Index" (SSDI). which has an extra feature which allows "Post-em" notes to be attached and therefor identify the entries much better. Check your father's parents and see if I have their info correct or if there should be corrections or additions.

I've never met your dad but my prayers will be with him and my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I live in Elkridge, MD., and as you know it isn't far from Woodstock, and even closer to Ilchester where Sarah and Joseph moved to from Woodstock. Their house still stands on College Avenue but there is a movement going on to build large developments on both sides of College Avenue which will come very close to Joseph's house and the house his son, Nathan, my great-grandfather, built across the road from it and also right next to the Cavey Cemetery that he originated.


Jake Cavey
(Arizona) 7 January 2000

To all of you Cavey people out there, I am told that there is another spelling as well -- Keavey -- and at one time there was a tavern in Dublin bearing that name.

By the way, I am from the Woodstock, Maryland Caveys but, through the promptings of a great man -- my father, Charles Gilbert Cavey Jr. (now of Cocoa Beach. Fl) -- relocated to Arizona to pursue my life's passions. I am officially Charles Gilbert Cavey III, known to one and all who aren't bill collectors as "Jake." One more thing, when you hit your knees tonight to thank your Creator, send one up for my dad.

He is very sick and could use all the prayers you've got.


J. A. Cavey
(California) 7 January 2000
  Dear Jean-Luc:

The pronounciation of the Cavey and Cave in English are different. Being an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher I am most interested in pronounciations. Cavey is pronounced (the first part) as where a bear goes in the winter, a "cave", the last part, the "y" is pronounced like an "ee", as the e in eat. I'd be interested to hear how Cavey is pronounced in French (or any other languages for that matter). Many people seem to try to change the pronunciation by saying "Cav" (like have) and then "vey" (like in convey).

That to me sounds very French!


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 20 December 1999
  Hi Barbara,

It is good to read of you!

I know Julian Cavey : he is the father of Alison Cavey an English member of our family group. As Julian is now retired in Scotland after beeing primary school teacher and has no computer neither any Internet access, Alison print the pages of the site and sends them to her father.

Julian wrotes to me twice and give us information about the great job he has done as regards of is family tree. I know that he is in touch with Colin Stevenson via snail mail.

This is a big problem that I do not know how to solve : I have no idea of what Julian an Colin (or other Caveys) exchange via snail mail about our family tree. I think it is regrettable because other Caveys cannot learn about this.

So it should be great if you can take time to send us what Julian and Colin send to you. I shall uload this information on the site.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 19 December 1999

Hi Marian,

It is possible that there is a connection between CAVE and CAVEY last name as well as with CAVIE.

However, there are two things we have to consider:

1- Because most people during the last century do not know writing / reading, misspelling was frequent when registering a new-born in the registers of births, marriages and deaths. So the last name was frequently written as it sounds. Does CAVE sound as CAVY, CAVEE, CAVIE in English ? I send this mail to the Caveys' e-group so that other Caveys can give us their opinion about this.

2- Note that in French a confusion can exist between Cave and Cavé. They do not sound identical but there is no way to distinct them when wrote in capital letters (when a word is writing in capital letters, there is no accent the letters). Consequently, if you search for CAVE in the white pages you will find those whose last name is CAVE and all the cellars that sold wine because it is the same word! By another way, Cavé as well as Cavet may have a link with us even though CAVE last name origins are lot located in the same place than CAVEY (they do not seem to come from Normandy but from Picardy).

Hope this helps.

[Note of the editor] : I've been unable to retreive the original mail sent by Marian.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 18 December 1999

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to be a part of your group.

I have founnd a cousin (Julian Cavey) in Scotland that I was not aware exited. He does not have a computer, so we have been writing back and forth. I have been trying to find something about the Cavey's in England for years and he has helped me do that. He sent the information to Colin Stevenson,. Am I also supposed to send the information to the group? Thank You again. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the U.S. Sincerely

Barbara Cavey Dunn


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 13 December 1999

To all,

I understand how obituaries of somebody may be indecent in this news group.

However may be Magaret Cavey-Brock had a link with some U.S. Caveys.

The link is here :


Dan Cavey
(Florida) 8 October 1999


There are a few of us Cavey's here in Florida. We are definitely scattered around. As Jean-Luc wrote I live near Jacksonville (actually Ponte Vedra Beach) probably about an hour drive from your sister Carol.

My family is also from the Baltimore area. You actually know a lot more about your ancestors then I do...I really can't go much further back than my grandfather! Knowing as much as you do, if you read through all the letters on the web site for the USA, I'm almost positive you'll find
some more connections.

The most interesting thing we've discovered through this web site is that our name is French in origin. Until I found Jean-Luc 3 or 4 years ago, the common belief was that it was Irish or Scottish. Some who write in still try to insist it is not French!...oh well, long held beliefs are hard to give up!

The one connection we have not found for certian is who the first U.S. Cavey was, when did they come, and from where did the first Cavey's in
the late 1600's come. The most likely idea is that they came from some where on the British Isles a generation or two after leaving France.
BUT, this would take a lot of work and a couple of months stay in England to figure out! That is, unless someone finds one of those long
lost Bibles, or some records that weren't burned in the great Ellicot City fire.

Sorry for running on. Send me Carol's last name, maybe I'll run into her sometime.


cc: Jean-Luc ... your English (American) is getting better! I see your using idioms more freely now!


Bruce Cavey
(Florida) 1st September 1999

Dear all,

I have recently discovered your page although I have known about it for the last four ! My originates from where else Baltimore Md. We moved down to sunny Florida in 1972 from Edgewood near Aberdeen Proving Ground. I have two sisters, Nancy who is an attorney in St. Petersburg, Fla. and my other sister Carol who is a mother of two who resides in Middleburg, Fla. near Jacksonville, Fla, As for my self I am 40, single( though leaving with my girlfriend) in Gainesville, Fla. Iam the manager of a garden center here. I have some knowledge of my portion of our family.

My father was Thomas J,.Cavey Jr ( deceased ) his brother Bernard . There father was Thomas J Cavey Sr. ( deceased ) His father was also Bernard born 1870 on Paca Balt. and died in 1945.there were 8children : Bertha, Elise, Lilly, Carrie, William, Thomas, Harry, And Fannie. His fatherhad three children himself and another boy and a girl. He was born in Balt. and served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was born in 1839. There is a widely held rumor or talk?????? about a famly bible started in 1692 with the first entry.

Also that the family owned property in downtown Balt. but the records were destroyed in a fire in Ellicot City, Md. Please anyone who may read this give me a message and we can clear up our missed up family tree and how and who we all relate too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J. A. Cavey
(California) 1st September 1999
  Dear Dr. Stevenson:

Thank you for the information you e-mailed, the John W. Cavey I am searching for was married to Harriette (HIGH) Cavey, lived in Baltimore, MD. This was most likely in the late 1800's since my grandfather (the last child) was born in l896.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 29 August 1999

My grandfather was Charles Thomas Cavey whose father was John W cavey whose father was Levi cavey sounds like we at least have the same names in both lines wonder if they could connect?


Judy Cavey
(Maryland) 28 August 1999
  Hi Everyone ~ Hi J A Cavey

Sorry I''ve been so rare these days. I guess I could give excuses, but I don't have any :o)

Nice to hear from a Cavey cousin though. The John Cavey you are investigating I have no clue. I'm kinda new at this so not much help. But if you have some dates or more specific information there are many Cavey Marylanders who say they can trace back to 1700. I found a possible link through Nicole"s reference to Artimis Cavey,father of Cllton my great grandfather possible brother of Arthur Eugene Cavey. So there is hope...Please don't give up.

I have recently been to St John's cemetery ( there are 7 Caveys buried in Genevieves plot that need investigating) I found two Paul W 1918-1927 and looks like Thomas Robert 1916-1924 also a Robert L.Cavey son o George & Josephine 1884-1934, this has to be a match, although I have not seen any links in the E-Group. I stay out of there ... as I once got trapped and couldn't navigate my way out, I was ok today though.

Sorry JA I'm not much help, There are a lot of John Caveys but who knows he maybe the link to unit all the Caveys in the World... Then what?

Feel free to EMAIL me anytime I have a lot of interest and my box always needs stuffing. I included my mom Caveys cookie recipe you ask for, sorry to brag but she was a great cook ( It's also my lame attempt at a website) LOL:o) it connects to another well you'll see. If you are on aol or computer you may need to enable cookies(whatever they are) to accept a attachment.

I also tried taking some rubbing with what art supplies I had on hand_there still in the car though_ so I will let you know what they turn-up.

Keep in touch.


J. A. Cavey
(California) 27 August 1999
  To Mr. Bill Norris:

Mr. Norris, years ago I wrote to you for information regarding our common (uncommon!) last name. I remember you provided a wealth of information but we did not "connect" anyone at that point. Please e-mail me at for more detailed information and chat about updates.



J. A. Cavey
(California) 27 August 1999
  Dear "Dot":

I'm interested in the cemetary you mentioned to Bill Norris on Aug. 7, l999 in St. Johns. Please let me know if you have information regarding: JOHN WESLEY CAVEY, HARRIETTE (HIGH) CAVEY or any of their children (5) one of which was my grandfather (HARRY CAVEY. He was the youngest and so I have relatively zip on his siblings. They lived in Baltimore, MD., near or on Pratt Street for some time.



J. A. Cavey
(California) 27 August 1999
  Dear Judy:

I read your e-mail to Bill of Aug 8, 1999, interested in a copy of your Cavey Kisses Cookies!

I'd love that for my kitchen and my Cavey Clan information. We share a name (first and last) and two interests, I too am an artist (though my "real" career gets in the way!) and I envy you being able to walk the old homestead. I'm a couple of thousand miles away from mine--I love Maryland, have not been there in quite a few years, sadly.

Good Luck with your search, I'm hunting for my g. grandfather, JOHN WESLEY CAVEY, husband to HARRIETTE (HIGH) Cavey. My grandfathers name was HARRY CAVEY.


J. A. Cavey
(California) 27 August 1999

Regarding your inquiry of John Cavey, I am also searching for a John Wesley Cavey, have no real info, just he was married to HARRIETTE (HIGH)CAVEY, had 5 children with her, one, youngest, my grandfather, Harry Cavey.

Are we at all connected by "John"?


J. A. Cavey
(California) 27 August 1999
  Dear Tim:

Received a copy of you e-mail dated Aug 20, 1999, I'm interested in the line item name #14, JOHN CAVEY, any further information? The other names and information do not ring any bells.

Thanks for any information in advance.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 18 August 1999

Dear Alllison:

I wrote you a few days ago but had trouble with the address so don't know if you got it. The parents of Stephen and Thomas were Thomas Cavey and Sarah Philpoot Cavey. She died in 1897 in Longmont, Colorado. There were also 2 sisters of Thomas and Steven, Emily and Sarah, they are also buried in Longmont, Colo. Do you still this is the same family as your George. I presume Thomas Sr. died in England and then Wife Sarah came to U.S to be with other children.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 17 August 1999

Dear Bill,

Thank you for sharing with me your information to Judy. I am not quite sure how you got my email address, if maybe Cathy Cavey had given it to you... or if you even remember be. We talked through Cathy and then I saw you up at Granite Hill campground and your barbershop quartet sang Happy Birthday to a friend of mine camping with us.... Anyway I am the Great Granddaughter of Molly (Mary Jane ) Cavey Kimber and the one who connected a few things together in Mary C. Strebeck and Rueben Cavey's (my Great Great Grandparents and son of Joseph and Sarah Cavey) line for Cathy.

I unfortunately haven't done much work on my Cavey line since Cathy's passing and you are right, she was the fire behind me many times. She was always pushing for more and sort of drug us along in her enthusiasm. I would really like to get back to work, so to speak so please keep me informed, and if you come across anyone from my branch of the family tree please let me know. One question I do have is have we ever decided if we are of Irish, Scottish, French, or whatever descent?

I haven't been keeping up and it was of hot discussion of the Cavey web page originating in France.

Take Care and thanks again!


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 14 August 1999

Dear Alison;

I thought I would send some information about Stephen and Thomas. Their parents were Sarah Philpoot and Thomas Cavey. Sarah died in 1897 in Colo. There were also 2 sisters, Emily and Sarah. They are all buried in Longmont Colo.

I will look forward to hearing from you.


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland) 13 August 1999
  Dear Alison Cavey,

What a thrill to read your news! I have been part f the family web site nearly from its inception, and this is truly a blockbuster! My own strain of Caveys is the central Maryland batch, which I sense is the North American point of propagation for us over here, for the most part. And my own documentable ancestry goes back to the 1790s and arguably earlier in that part of the state. Indeed, I have several times driven down the "Cavey Lane" pictured in the web site.

I am sure there are some gapsw yet to be filled in, but I noticed to my delight that the family tree forwarded to you by that family in Sussex contains many male names that repeat themselves in my territory: notably, Thomas, William, and John. (we also have a sprinkling of James and Joseph). In addition, the Caveys seem to oversprinkled with males, as has certainly been the case here for generations. In my own direct line, no females born to the last 5 generations.

As for me, I've lived in the Baltimore area most of my life. I'm a PhD in history and teach at a girls secondary scho0ol near the nation's capital. I am currently engaged to a lovely, creative, and energetic woman with three children (no children here, by the generation belongs entirely to my brother). I am the only one of the family online at present.

If you are interested in names in order back as far as I can go, they are :

  • Michael Robert Cavey (me) b. 1948)
  • Timpothy Patrick (brother, b 1951)
  • Richard Scott (brother, b. 1958)

  • James Thomas Cavey (b. 1925)

  • Thomas Milton Cavey (1898-1953) (brothers Edward, William, Harry, Charles)

  • William E. Cavey (1865-1951) (brother Charles` d. 1961)

  • James H. Cavey (184?-1916)

  • Beal Cavey or Cavy (1815-1904)

  • Joseph Cavey, b. 1791

In addition there is the record of marriage of a John Cavey in the 1720s in the next county to theirs.

Anyway, Alison....I would REALLY love a copy of that ancient family tree your dad has, and to keep up the correspondence (tho with school starting up and my commuting back and forth between western and cetnral poortions of the statwe this may be a bit diecy).

Would love to know more about you and yours, and offer you a standing intivitation to visit what many co0nsider to be the ancestral sspawning ground of the Norht American Caveys.

Very warm regards from your putative cousin,



Alison Cavey
(Scotland) 12 August 1999

[Note of the editor] Alison has replied to Barbara.

I have put his post on the U.K. page.


Barbara Dunn
(Missouri) 10 August 1999

Hello. I live in Savannah, Mo a small town in Northwest Missouri. I am new to the Internet so I do not know much about what I am doing. My
greatgrandfathers name was Stephen E. Cavey Born 1841 -Died 1923.

I believe he came from Kent, England to Colo. with his brother Thomas. Later Stephen came to Missouri. I have all of the information after he came to Colo. but am looking for information before that time. There are very few living relatives in the U.S. it seems.

I am hoping someone can help me.

Thank You.


Judy Cavey
(Maryland) 10 August 1999

Hi Nicole:-)

Thanks for responding to my search for my grandfather Arthur Eugene Cavey. He died 1924,buried at ST. Johns next to Robert and I am not sure who else because I was told by the caretaker their. that their are seven in that plot which needs investigating further. Also I don't believe his birth is recorded on the tombstone as the shock and confusing over his early death, was probably overlooked.

In any case, I am glad I could shed some light on Cliffton and Artimis and let me know what you find. I am new to the forum and have a lot to learn about the Cavey Clan. By the way I heard from my Aunt Jo that Eugene swore on a stack of Bibles he was Welsh and would fight any one who called him English. I guess there was controversy back then. Oh well , I may have some English in me, from the Craig side, I hope he's not mad.

Again, thanks Nicole and if you have any info or know where I can look please let me know.

Isn't this internet a wonderful media when used for good, and now I have cousins I never knew about.



Judy Cavey
(Maryland) 8 August 1999

Dear Bill, 

I was really touched and overwhelmed by your response to my search for my grandfather Arthur Eugene Cavey. My eye are still weeping. How did you find out so much with so little to go on? I was ready to give up as you can tell our family is disconnected due to early deaths. But, now feel hopeful because of your bright sunshine. 

As a artist it always a struggle to keep spirit alive and find sacred ground. ..I often walk back to the old farm and through those woods and it renews my spirit (yes it's changed)State Park now, but, it still works. 

I am new at this genealogy so forgive any awkwardness. After speaking with my uncle Robert and Aunt Josephine Cavey, both in their 80s and still sharp as a tack,this is the information I found about my Grandmother Genevieve Roche Cavey: 

GG married a Roche, he died and she remarried a Cliff Cavey (perhaps son of blind Artimis) thier children:

  1. Genevieve Roche
  2. Agness Roche
  3. Axshey(don't know spelling)Roche or Cavey
  4. Gertrude Cavey from Clffton 
Genevieve married Arthur Eugene Cavey(my uncles says his brothers were Robert and William they could be as they are buried near by at ST Johns Cemetery) Children: Arthur,Robert,Joseph. Josephine,Genevieve(my mother) and Isabell(born blind). 

Agness Roche married Carrol Jacobs 

Axshey married Steve Bloom had a daughter Cecielia married Donovan of Lisbon MD died of cancer. After Axsheys death Steve Bloom married my grandmother Genevieve they owned a farm there in Woodstock.

Gertrude Cavey (forget), but The Graham family Larrys, and Buck (don't know his real name but was a trolly car driver) and Mary Cavey lived behind us.These are their children my uncle mentions(they could be misconstrued with other Cavey)These you may be more familiar? Elenor,Emitt,Tom,Nelson,Rose 

My Uncle also mentiond a Tom,sister Sally and Randolph who lives in Landsdown MD He also just came back from visiting his daughters in Noth Carolina and stopped to visit with Aunt Gertrude but has passed away. 

Well thats all the Cavey information I know for now. I would like to thank Jean Luc Cavey for bringing this fine forum and hope he got the Cavey Kisses(cookie receipe) I sent. 

Lots of kisses to you too Bill and I hope I shed some light on this Cavey Puzzle.


Rita Ray
(Maryland) 8 August 1999

My Grandfather had several sons one of who was Ralph. Names here always handed down.

Our Levi was born in Maryland moved to Pennsylvania, married  and moved to Jackson county Ohio. 

Do you know anything more about this Levi ? 


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 8 August 1999

Hi Connie, 

Levi Cavey was probably born in Waltersville (later became Granite) in Baltimore County, Maryland. The area is located near the most western part of Baltimore County and near the eastern side of Carroll County. Carroll was carved about half out of Baltimore County and the western half out of Frederick County. So Baltimore County once extended to the Frederick County line which was about in the center of the current Carroll County. Another possibility that he was born just across the Patapsco River from Granite and in the community of Woodstock. It is currently in Howard County but all of Howard was in Anne Arundel County until 1850. You may find a William T. Knight living in the Granite area also. 

If you find anything there are many of us who would like to know. 

Good luck.


Connie Rhea Rowe
( Maryland) 7 August 1999

In query to your message on the list re John Cavey being the father of several, one being Levi Cavey. Do you have anything more on these people. My ancestor is Levi Cavey who was born in MD (per census) married in Pa and settled in Ohio. 

The 1840 Census shows him with an additional male between 60 and 70 years old. He named his son John which could be indicative of his father's name. I would appreciate any information on the John referenced plus the possible children to see if I can make any connections or if anyone has any definite information. I haven't found marriage records yet but the Ohio census for my Levi's oldest child Sarah shows her being born in Pa. I would appreciate any information that might help me in my search. 


Bill Norris
( Maryland) 7 August 1999

Hi Dorothy, 

I remember when you lived near Irvington and we talked on the phone a few times and I believe we met when you were attending to your garden at your Uncle Paul's on River Road. I didn't know if you were still interested in the Cavey Genealogy anymore. Glad to here from you. 

I would love to have the info on the Caveys buried in St. Johns Cemetery. Kathy and I both tried to collect all of them but each time we came up with something new, so maybe you found something else we missed. The Cavey Cemetery on College Avenue, Ilchester, was established by my great-grandfather, Nathan Cavey. He built the house that adjoins the cemetery property and moved there from "The Old Home Place" (TOHP) located at Grays Level. My grandparents, William James and Carrie King Cavey, then moved from Ellicott City to TOHP around 1892 and my mother was their sixth child, but the first one born after they moved back to the house where he, Wm. James, also was born. TOHP was down the hill toward the river from where your grandparents lived and they were doubly related because the men were first cousins and the ladies were sisters. I recorded the burials in the Cavey Cemetery and they are published in Book I of the Howard County Genealogical Society Cemetery Records. 

It is great to hear from you again and lets keep in touch.


Bill Norris
(Maryland) 7 August 1999

Hi Judy,

I'm sorry that this search into the Caveys has been so elusive and I may be partly to blame. I put up a Cavey home page and haven't put anything in it yet. Another thing that caused a great loss to the research of the Caveys in MD and (in Baltimore City and surrounding counties in particular) was the death of Kathleen Burton Cavey, wife of Ralph Cavey. She kept spurring us on all the time. 

I am Bill Norris son of Ernest F. and Maude Cavey Norris. I was born and raised on Rockhaven Avenue which was the road that went back to your grandfather, George Healy's, farm. We kids knew your dad as Bunk and recognized all his brother's trucks and them by name also, and would yell and wave to them as they passed my house several times a day. I didn't know your dad personally until a couple of years before he died. I sing in a barbershop quartet and after our weekly meeting we would go to "The Trolley Stop" for refreshments. Your dad lived just around the corner and loved to hear us sing so he came in every Tuesday to listen. One night he asked us if we knew the song "Sweet Genevieve". We explained that it wasn't one of the songs that we really knew. but we would try it for him. We sang the song and he stood there and cried like a baby and had us crying too before we finished. He explained that Genevieve was his late wife and how much our singing had meant to him. I talked with him later and found out that he was the Bunk Healy whom I had known many years ago and that her maiden name was Cavey and possibly one of my cousins. It was a rather emotional night for us. 

As far as Arthur Eugene Cavey is concerned I am stuck in the same place you are. I don't know his parents either. Your reference to the immigration of so many Caveys to the same area is probably incorrect. There are lots of unconnected lines either in this area or from this area but I feel one day we are going to be able to connect them all because they were all born in MD, and more specifically in the Waltersville (later became Granite) area of Baltimore County and just across the Patapsco River in Woodstock in Howard County (before 1850 part of Anne Arundel County). Kathy Cavey was convinced that John Cavey was the father of Joseph, Levi, Brice, Henry and Rezin Cavey but she didn't have documentation to convince me.

Was Genevieve Roach Cavey married two more times? I believe her grave is about 40 feet from my parents and my mother was born and raised at Grays.

Let me know if I can help any more.


Genevieve Cavey
( Maryland) 1st August 1999

Dear Jean-Luc

Sorry about the confusion on the e-group site, it just would not work for me that day. My Pisces Sun has been in Leo and not myself.

Yes. you can kiss me, but don,t pinch me. You sound just like my Uncle Bob Cavey, he always wants to kiss everyone,except he pinches too. In anycase, you almost made me laugh, not easy to do as I am 50's with health problems and bit of a grouch.

So I am sending you back froggy kisses and a receipe for kisses any time you want. My mom was a great cook. I hope you enjoy.

Cavey Kisses

1 1/2 cups of flour 1 cup sugar
1/2 cup cocoa 1 egg
1/4 teaspoon salt 1 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1 10 oz jar
1/4 teaspoon soda maraschino cherries
1/2 cup butter 1 6oz bag semi sweet
1/2 cup eagl brand sweetened chocolate peices condensed milk

Sift together flour, salt , baking powder and soda. In mixing bowl, beat together butter and sugar untill fluffy...Add egg and vanilla. Beat well Gradually add dry ingredients to creamed mixture and mix untilll well blended. (I mix this with my hands at this stage). Shape dougn into 1 inch balls, place on ungreased cookie sheet.

Press down center of ball with thumb. Drain cherries....reserve juice. Place one cherry into each ball.

Melt chocolate and milk together. Stir in 4 teaspoons of cherry juice. Spoon 1 teaspooon of this over each chery, spreading to cover cherry. Bake en 350 degree oven for 10 minutes.

Genevieve Cavey (donated by Judy Craig Davis)

PS: Please don't laugh at my little "Cavey website" I started,it's only to link back to your site. I'm having "html" headaches building at my other site as I am teaching myself. Hope the Dragon does not jump out and eat your computer.


Connie Rhea Rowe
(Maryland) 31 July 1999

Read your web site with great interest.  Even found reference to my ancestor Levi Cavey born MD settled Ohio.  He is listed in the 1840 Ohio Carroll County census and them later in 1860 Jackson County, Ohio.  He had a daughter older than John who was my descendent.  The census record shows an older male bet age of 60 - 70 living with him.  He married in Pa to a Margaret Allison.  

Right now I am stuck with Levi.  Plan to visit Carroll County Courthouse in  near future to see if I can found any records on the older person living with him and whatever is there.  Has anyone documented his family in MD.  1860 Ohio census says he was born in MD and his wife born PA.  Also census for his daughter Sarah says she was born PA abt 1832. I would like to know where to search in MD.  Would appreciate any help on this family.


J. A. Cavey
(Maryland) 26 July 1999

I am most interested in the information you've collected/researched on the Cavey family.  I am searching for information regarding my great-grandfather JOHN WESLEY CAVEY, of Baltimore, Maryland USA. He was married to Harriette (HIGH) Cavey, they had 5 children, my grandfather was one of them (the last), Harry Cavey.

If you have any information regarding John W. Cavey, please e-mai.

Thank you,


Judy Diane Craig-Davis
(Maryland) 16 July 1999

 I joined what is suppose to be a group interested in sharing information about Cavey's and their roots.  I don't see much going on here or if any one even cares.  I have wrote a few times to J.L Cavey and posted on the egroup which is not connected to the web-site of the Cavey family.

When you go to the Cavey Family site by JL Cavey their is no link to the group or any way of communicating with any one on the site . Like it is a brick wall.  how does one even get on members list ect. on this exclusive Cavey Family ?

I feel totally alone out here in Cavey land and feel I am wasting my time in trying to figure out this Cavey puzzle.


Judy Diane Craig-Davis
(Maryland) 15 July 1999

Hi Everyone,

I came across this site after investigating my grandmother Genevieve Roache? Cavey (b. about 1903) marker was crumbling at St Johns cemetery.

After speaking with the caretaker there I asked if he could tell me anything about my grandfather Arthur Eugene Cavey as his early death has been a mystery. Died of appendicitis 1924 he was 40years old and left 6 orphan children: Arthur Eugene (died in WW II)Robert Leo, Joseph, Josephine, Genevieve b. 1922 (my mother), and Ezabelle (born blind). 

The only other relative to Arthur I know of is Mary or Martha Cavey McCulley/MCCullough possible sister. I know this because they were neighbors and now confirm by their joint sharing of cemetary property. 

Their are 7 buried in this plot that needs investigation.

What amazes me is the immigration of so many Caveys in this one area (not related?) yet so few in the world (guess they stayed in their caves ha ha). What ships did they arrive on and from where?

In any case, if you can help me with my grandfather "Arthur Eugene", very much loved and missed, it would be greatly appreciated and I will E- mail you with any findings.


Judy Diane Craig-Davis
(Maryland) 8 July 1999

I'm happy to touch base with you again and hope everything is going well there in France. 

As you know I just recently joined the Cavey group, although there has not been much activity lately.  Much concern about viruses.  Well. not to worry with my WEBTV not virus friendly.  It is a great solution  for surfing the web fast and now they just gave us a page builder with a free website.  Now, as soon I can get mine up and running I would like to link to your site if it is alright.  Then we can be real cousins.

In regards to my grandfather Arthur Eugene Cavey 1884, wife Genevieve Roche Cavey Baltimore, Maryland I would like to mention some facts that have recently come to mind.  Although, many of the Caveys from this area in Maryland claim to be of Irish decent my mother Genevieve claimed her mother did mention they were French and something about Wales.  This was all very painful for them to  talk about  as I wrote before they were in catholic orphanages for 7 years after his death. Then thinking again, Is not Genevieve French and what is Roche(not sure of spelling). Well, there is so little to go on here and I'm just blowing_ in_ the _wind.

I do hope someday... with hard work we can solve this Cavey puzzle.

When I become more familiar with this technology I hope to send pictures of my mother Genevieve, not to brag but, she was very beautiful and took after the Cavey side and the one and only picture of Arthur, loved and missed very much. There are two relatives left Robert Cavey and Josephine, but up in years and again hard to talk about.

So, thanks much for this forum and keep up the good work your doing Jean-Luc.  Peace and love from your new cousin.


Judy Diane Craig-Davis
(Maryland) 1st July 1999

Great job you are doing--- Now maybe I can leave something behind before this last line of Caveys are blown to the wind.

I came across this site after investigating my grandmother Genevieve Roache? Cavey (b. about 1903) marker was crumbling at St Johns cemetery. After speaking with the caretaker there I asked if he could tell me anything about my grandfather Arthur Eugene Cavey as his early death has been a mystery.

Died of appendicitis 1924 he was 40years old and left 6 orphan children: Arthur Eugene (died in WW II)Robert Leo, Joseph, Josephine, Genevieve b. 1922 (my mother), and Ezabelle (born blind). The only other relative to Arthur I know of is Mary or Martha Cavey married to George McCulley/MCCullough (lived at we called Grays Level/Ellicott Mills) possible sister. I know this because they were neighbors and now confirm by their joint sharing of cemetary property. Their are 7 buried in this plot that needs investigation.

What amazes me is the immigration of so many Caveys in this one area (not related?) yet so few in the world (guess they stayed in their caves ha ha). What ships did they arrive on and from where?

In any case, if you can help me with my grandfather "Arthur Eugene", very much loved and missed, it would be greatly appreciated and I will E- mail you with any findings.


Thomas J. Cavey
(Singapore - previously New-Jersey) 29 June 1999

Hi Jean Luc,

Just to let you know I have relocated from New Jersey to Singapore.  I  am Thomas J. Cavey, married to Alice Cavey, with children Nicole, Daniel and Christina.  Nicole Cavey, the oldest, just married David Reilly and lives in Santa Rosa, California.  Daniel Cavey lives in San Francisco.

My father was John T. Cavey who was born in Delavan, Wisconsin in 1908. I am his only child.  His father, my grandfather was Martin Cavey.  He was a telegraph operator for the railroad.  He claimed to be a third generation decendent of Cavey's living in Wisconsin.  Martin's children included  John, Nell, Mary, Lawrence and William.  They are all now deceased except for Nell who is 91.

If anyone has more information on Cavey in Wisconsin, I would like to hear from them. 



Mike Kimber
(Alaska) 22 April 1999

Thanks I am researching the Kimber family nad flying blind as I was always told that it was none of my business.

The Kimbers I am looking for were from Steventon area.

They were farmers until the corn laws destroyed their business.

My great grandfathers brothers were George (who was involves with Smithfields meats), Harry (who went to California), Bill (who went to Canada) and Walter (who lived in South Africa, Irelands and Canada as well as England). Walter died in 1949 and his siblings about the same time.

Kimber seems to be uncommon so there seem to be only 3 or 4 branches as of the 1880s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 19 April 1999

Hi Mike !

I have Kimber ancestors and that caught my eye!!!

My Great Grandfather was John (Jack) Kimber, born Sept. 12, 1862 in Shropshire England, son of George and Matilda Kimber.

He came to America c1880's along with his brother James Kimber.

Jack settled in Woodstock, Maryland and his brother, when he was last heard from, was in Colorado.

They were from the Kimber family in Clee Hills, Shropsire,England.

As far as I knew none of the rest of the family (sister's Rose, Mary, Ruth, Ada, and brother George Jr.) came to this side of the Ocean.

I have much much more info if you think we have a connection.

Looking very forward to hearing from you!


Mike Kimber
( Alaska) 17 April 1999

Very interesting.

I am researching the Kimber, Pittuck, Record and Geoghegan families The Pittuck, Geoghegan familie are from the South-East area Essex (Wivenhoe).

Do you know of any connections ?


Rita Ray
(Ohio) 15 April 1999

My mothers name is Bertha Carmen Cavey her brother is Ralph.

10 children in the family.

Her father was Charles Thomas Cavey his father John William Cavey his father Levi Cavey from Pennsylvania where he married Margaret coming from Batimore.

Don't know too much more about Levi but he came to Jackson County Ohio would love to find Levi's parents in Baltimore.


Rita Ray
(Ohio) 15 April 1999

If you find out anything will you tell me and let me help I am anxious to find our Cavey in Maryland also.


Alyce Goldberg
(Florida) 15 April 1999

Hi all Cavey cousins,

My ggg grandfather, Levi Cavey, was b. abt. 1810, somewhere in Maryland.

He is in the Carroll Co, Ohio 1840 census and then in Jackson Co, Ohio1860 census.

He married Mary Willis and had one son that I know of, John Washington Cavey and several daughters.

I'm trying to find out where in Maryland he came from and who his parents and siblings were.

Sometimes the family name was recorded as "Cavy". Anyone out there know Levi ?




Bill Norris
(Maryland) 15 April 1999

Hi John of Seattle, I'm Bill Norris from Elkridge, MD.

Do you know who and when your Caveys located in Washington state?

A son of Brice, Alfred Brice Cavey (dob ca 1829 Maryland dod 1905 Pittsburgh, PA) went to Walla Walla, Whasington on a wagon train (ca 1860), and his wife done the trip.

He later returned to Pittsburgh. Is it possible he started another family in Whasington   before he returned?

I'm not a direct descendant of Brice, but there are several members researching that line who would be very interested.

Thanks, Bill


Barry Cavey
(Wisconsin) 15 April 1999

My Mom's name is Joyce Carpenter (French) and my Father is Ralph Cavey (Irish).

We relocated from Baltimore Maryland in 1972 to Tampa Florida.

My father still resides in Baltimore.


John W. Cavey Jr.
(Washington) 14 April 1999

Hi Barry Im John and live in Seattle.


Pat M. Cavey
(Wisconsin) 14 April 1999

Greetings to Barry: What is your "Cavey" lineage

Who are your parents, grandparents

What is your family's ethnic background (french, irish, etc)

Did your family relocate to Florida?

From what state?


Barry Cavey
(Florida) 14 April 1999

Hi, my name is Barry Cavey : )

How's things going?

I live in Tampa Florida.

You? bye.


Allison Cavey
(Texas) 9 April 1999

Ahh, another Allison Cavey. Never knew there were 2 of us.

But she does spell her name wrong:)

Hope all is going well in Paris.


James Arthur Cavey
(New-Jersey) 13 March 1999

My name is James Arthur Cavey.  I and my brazilian wife Sulamita Vilela Cavey live in  Marlton, NJ USA.  I am the son of Arthur Murray Cavey and his father William Henry Cavey who came to Canada from Swindon Engand .

Some of my relatives are already on this site and have gone into  more detail beyond my Grandfather William Henry Cavey (See Fred Taylor Cavey -my uncle )  March 4 , 1999. 

I have a brother  John Freeman  Cavey  also married to a brazilian Elizete Nunes Cavey presently living in Sao Paulo Brazil. Your  web site is terrific  !  Keep up the good work !.


Sandy Brooks
(Missouri) 5 March 1999

I live in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Sorry I didn't put that there in the beginning.

I really enjoy your Web Site even though I have no idea if any of the people are related to me.

I know my Great Great Grandfather came from England, Stephen Ebenezer, maybe the Kent area, and then to Colorado, and then St. Joseph, MO.

I'm just getting started on the search, and with two kids, a job and husband, time is very limited.


Allison Cavey
(Texas) 5 March 1999

I wrote a while back, I think it was in December some time and you never answered my question.  I was wondering how you got my e-mail address. 

I have this AOL account and it shouldn't trace back to my last name unless you have some insiders information or know someone that works for AOL.  Will you please let me know how....Mr. Inspector Gadget.

I have never been out of the country.  I actually am wanting to come visit.  I think my older brother and I are going to travel around in about two years, when he completes medical school.  You will have to let us know the places worth visiting.   And if you ever want to come to the states let me know. 

We live Dallas, Texas and the other Caveys in my family live in North Carolina and Virginia.

Well, I must run.  Please write back soon!


Emily Cavey
(Maryland) 4 March 1999

Hi my name is Emily Cavey my grandfather is William Cavey and his mother was Mary Miller and his father William Cavey.  I have contacted you before and because of this web site I was put in touch with Bill Norris, who is my cousin.

I hope we can be in touch regarding the Cavey Clan!  I live in Silver Spring, MD. 

My Father is Robert Cavey his brothers are Ken Cavey and Bruce Cavey.


Barry James Cavey
(Maryland) 23 February 1999

Hi Cavey's. Im from Tampa Florida.

My Father Ralph Cavey still resides in my home town of Baltimore.


Willam J. Norris
(Maryland) 22 February 1999

I'm looking for Emily Cavey who was looking for William and Mary (Miller) Cavey of Catonsville, Maryland.

William was a brother of my mother. We are  descended from Joseph, Sr. through his son Nathan and Mary was also, through Nathan's sister Nancy.

Please contact me.


Donald R. Cavey
(Maryland) 10 February 1999

The street sign is not far from my house.  I use to go motor cycle riding on this street in the early 1970's.

The town is called Woodstock and I think that there are only maybe 1 or 2 Cavey's living on Cavey Lane.  I am very familiar with this area.

You may ask me to investigate any area around here. My grand father and geat grand father are buried in St. John's cemetary in Ellicott City, MD, not far from here.  As I said in a previous message, my uncle Paul Mathew Cavey, age 72 was here with a book of geneology going back to the 1700's.  The book had much information in it.  It had me and my ex wife.  (we are still friends) And it had our daughter listed in it.   Her middle name was wrong.  My ex wife is Michele, maiden name is Swimm.   My daughter's name is Karen Marie Cavey, aged 22, going to Towson University in Towson Maryland.  She is an "A" student with a grade point average of 3.94.   She is majoring in biology with a minor in bio chem.

I work for the local telephone company, Bell Atlantic of Maryland.  I have worked for them for 27 years.

In 1994, Karen, my daughter and her mother, Michele, and Michele's mother JoAnn, who is Italian, went to France for 11 days.  We started in Paris, went to Normandy, went to Claude Mone's home, then to Nice.  It was the second time I have been to France.   I was there in July of 1970 when I was in the US Army.  I was stationed in Neu Ulm, Deutschland for 13 months.  I as a Pershing 1 missle repairman.  We went to gay Paris for the weekend.  must say that in 1994, I found France to be much nicer than in 1970.  I must also say that without hesitation that in Paris, I saw the most beautiful women in the world!  We were 5 adult's escorting 5 High School kids from the Chesapeake High School in Pasadena, Maryland, USA.

In previous years, we went to Canada to Quebec escorting middle school kids.  I speak very little French, I took it in High School back in the 1960's.  A funny story, when in Quebec, one of the female parents asked one of the kids how to say, "where is the toilet?"  Well what the kid told the mother was translated as "I am the toilet".  What a surprise!  I am sure that you could correctly spell the French version for me, I will not embarass myself trying to spell it correctly. 

I am sitting here listening to a CD playing in the computer as I type this message to you. The CD is from the movie "Titanic".

Thank you for taking the time to read (and translate)  this message.  I welcome a response and if you would like me to go somewhere in Ellicott City and take pictures and send them to you, I will.  Sprechten ze Deustch?


Donna Jo Brown Parsons
( Florida) 4 February 1999

Enjoyed reading "our" family page. I see many names that perhaps are from the Southeastern Ohio Cavey branch of the family. If there members of "my" part of the family,please, send e-mail.

I have a picture of my Great-Grandmother Annie Mae Standley Cavey Lehew that if will sending soon. Keep up the good work.

Ya all write


William J Norris
(Maryland) 2 February 1999

My Mother was Maud Irene Cavey. 

I have been researching the Cavey name in Maryland since 1975.  I know the "Cavey Lane" street sign very well and was given a tour of the house where the man lived whom the lane was named after.  My objective is the same as yours, to find and connect as many Caveys as possible. 

My gggrandfather, Joseph Cavey, was born 11 February 1791 in Maryland and lived his whole life here.  He had 12 children and more than 70 grand children. 

I have located over 3,000 descendants of Joseph and I'm still actively searching. Sharon Zinkand and the late Kathy Cavey were great contributors, and part of the 3,000. 

I will be glad to share my information with you and the rest of the world.


Donald R. Cavey
(Maryland) 2 February 1999

My name is Donald R. Cavey and I do receive email information from you.  I live in Baltimore, Maryland USA. 

My uncle Paul Matthew Cavey is standing next to me and I am showing him your web page.  I have not visited your web page before.  My uncle has a book that goes back to 1791.   The title is Decendants of Sarah Knight and Joseph Cavey Sr. 

Joseph was born on 11 Feb 1791 and he was my great great great grandfather.  We have briefly looked at the book and at a later date, I will send some more information about my immediate family.


Kristen Marie Cavey
(Maryland) 1 February 1999

Please add me to the Cavey's eGroup.

I am from Baltimore Maryland. My fathers name is Joseph Cavey and his fathers name was Albert they are italian, but our last name is irish.

Please get back to me.


Susan E. Cavey
(Maryland) 27 January 1999

I am currently listed as Susan Cavey.  My ex-husband is Patrick Cavey, and my daughter is Anne Cavey.  However, my ex-husband recently found out that his father was not really William Cavey, but someone else!

That means that all of us are not really Cavey's!  Although I was a Cavey by marriage, I will still keep the name because my maiden name is German and very difficult to spell and pronounce.

Due to this discovery, please remove my name from you list as I don't feel I continue to qualify as a "true" member.  Thank you.

Also, feel free to pass this information along to the rest of the group, if so desired.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
( Maryland) 27 January 1999

I have more info to come soon!!




Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Maryland) 27 January 1999

My "oh" my do I ever have a load of info for the Cavey site!!!  I believe after reading through all the postings that I am..indeed related to alot of ;you folks out there!!!  I hope that all this info helps out.  Please don't hesitate to reach me..  :)

Here goes....

My Grandma...Mary Margret Cavey B. 11/22/16

Mary Margret's Mother:  Mary Ellen Swann

Mary Margret's Father:  James Thomas Cavey born July 26, 1876 in Granite Maryland  died: 5/26/51

Thier Children are as follows:   

  1. Theodore Robert Cavey b. 1920  Never married (Still Alive)
  2. Mary Margret Cavey b. 11/22/16  died august 27, 1988  married Warren C. Lathe of Baltimore
  3. Rebecca Cavey b. 4/7/1910  she married a Mr. Narrer  (Still Alive)
  4. Iona Cavey b. 6/7/03 died 12/5/62 married Harry Diffendall
  5. Elizabeth Cavey b. 1904  married Charles Lewis Halethorp
  6. Thelma Cavey b. 1907  aka (Sis) married William Hellwig
  7. Lycester Ezekeal Cavey b. 1906 died Oct 1976  he had four children that I know of. James, Theo, Patricia...and Lycester Jr.

James Thomas Cavey (My Great Grandfather): 

His Dad: Ezekeal Cavey b. 26, March 1849 Died March 20 1912 ( My Great Great Grandfather)

His Mother:  Rebecca Tacey or Tacy...not sure which spelling. (My Great Great Grandmother)  Her Father was:

Thier Children are as follows:

  1. Mary Cavey. Unmarried Died at age 21
  2. Blanche Married Robert Wilson..they had no children
  3. Sally  Married Oliver S. Rye..they had no children
  4. Addie.  Married Harry Smith. they had two children : Mildred who married Ramond Liedlick and Mary who married Louis Shannon.
  5. Olivia  Married James Elliot they had five Children:  William, Ruth who married Fred Tedesco,. Naomi who married William Whittaker, Oliver, and Irma who married Chas Covill
  6. Gertrude marriedAmos Graham , they had four children:  Pauline, Gertrude, Richard, who married Ellen Price..and Winfield
  7. Beal...married Catherine Redmond and had four children:  Cecelia, Elizabeth, Robert, and William
  8. Morris..who married Ellen..??? their Children:  Morris and Leonard who married Ida Mitchell.
  9. George  married Frannie Zepp thier children: Marian, Catherine, Orville, Ernest
  10. Artemus (was blind) married Agnes Cavey. 4/25/39.( no relation) had five children:  Leonard, Archie, Gordon, Gladys, Clifton
  11. Frank  never married
  12. Bradley  married Carmeth Braglio had two children :  Stanley and Woodland
  13. Claude.  died at infantcy

Ezekeal's Mother:  Sarah Kennedy his step mother was Eliza Brady. 

Ezekeal's Father:  Beal Cavey b. 12/29/1816 in Waltersville md.  died in 1904 is burried in Mout View Cemetary in Marriotsville Md. He was a Farmer in Granit Maryland. 

Beal's Father: was Joseph Cavey b. 2/11/1793 in Woodstock Maryland died 1/25/1880 in Grays Howard Co. Md. Married twice ..

Beal's Mother was Sarah Kennedy b/.1792 in Waltersville (Granit) Md.  died 23 April 1873 in Ilchester Md.  Her Father was William T Knight (my GGGGG grandfather!!!!!)   Her Mother was :  Elizabeth Howard Rowels

Children of Sarah and Joseph are as follows:

  1. Louisa 11/22/1813 - oct 1886 she married Jessie Grace in 1833
  2. Miranda b. 18 March 1815  Married John Linton in 1835
  3. Beal  b. 12/29/1816 d. 1904  married Kate Redman (MY GGG GRANDFATHER AND GG GRANDMOTHER)
  4. Basil  b. 1/19/1818  married Lydia Knight
  5. Cornelius  b. 11/21/1820 d. 1/15/1906  married Allice Berry in 1847
  6. Reuben b. 3/7/1823 d. 1881 at St Alphonsos  married Mary Catherine Strebeck in 1847
  7. William b. 9/30/1824  d 9/13/1914 St. John's Cemetary.  married Catherine Frost in 1857
  8. Nathanial b. 3/3/ 1827  married Mary Ann Frost
  9. Nancy b. 8/30/1829  married Peter Miller
  10. Sarah Rebecca b. Oct 6, 1831  d. 1849
  11. Joseph b May 22, 1834 married Sarah Jane Forrest in 1868 7th of Sept.
  12. Mary b June 3, 1837  died Sept 12. 1837  burried in the Cavey/Knight Cemetary

Beal's Children (My GGG Grandfather)

Are as follows:

  1. Priscilla A. b 2/1838 in Woodstock Md. d. 3/1914 married Charles Porter
  2. James H.  b. 1840 d. Oct 3. 1916  Married Sarah Pierpoint
  3. Louisa
  4. Ezekial b. March 26, 1849 ( My GG GRANDFATHER) d. 20 March 1912 Married Rebecca Tacy
  5. Sarah Rebecca b 1853 in Granit Md. d 1917 in Washington DC  married Hillary Tacy
  6. Eliza Jane b 1835 in Granit Md.  married Nathan Porter
  7. John Thomas b. 12/30/1855 in Woodstock Md.  married Annie M. Nee
  8. Abline "Abby" b 1863 in Granit Md. died in Catonsville 1/17/1940 married Henry Gaither


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 23 January 1999

Hope and trust you are doing well and your health has improved.

I am visiting a great uncle..Theo Cavey in Maryland on Tuesday..hoping that I can get alot of info from him..I am taking my lap top with me so he can see your site!!  I know he will be inthrawled!  I will get back to you with more Maryland Cavey week.

All the best


Mary Cavey
( Texas) 19 January 1999

Hello from Dallas, Texas. 

My name is Mary Settlemyre Cavey.  I am married to Joseph Hackett Cavey son of Lee Eugene Cavey (originally from Columbus Ohio) son of Joseph Emmett Cavey of Columbus, Ohio.  Joseph has three sisters:  Mary Ann Cavey McFarland and Catherine Cavey of Oakton, Virginia and Carol Cavey Ward of Charlotte, NC.

We have three children:  Matthew Lee Cavey who attends Medical school in Galveston, Texas, Allison Elizabeth Cavey and Justin Joseph Cavey of Dallas,Texas.

I know that Joe's sister Mary Ann Cavey McFarland has responded to your web site.  She has a lot of family tree information.  I know that you have e-mailed Joe at work and perhaps here at home. You may already have this information.


Nigel Cavey
- ?) 16 December 1998

Hi there Mary,

I am researching my family name, I can't at the moment shed any light on your Grandfather, but I can tell you my whole family comes from Jersey C.I. This makes tracing back relatively easy and if you can give me further details about your family, I will let you know if there is any link.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


Ray Truman
( Ohio) 02 December 1998

Although I am (not ?) a true Cavey, I do thank you for the visit to my page..I am kinda like a CaveMan, thats why they gave me the "nick" of Cavey. I have passed through almost all of the links you have here and they are very interesting...

Thank You


Patti Cavey
( Maryland) 30 November 1998 (via ICQ)

Hello, Jean-Luc, thank's for e-mailing. I am married to a Cavey and since going to your site. He has opened many lines of communication with family, especially one who has done serious research on the Cavey's.

I think she may have already been to your site as well. She knew of you. It is amazing though how much some of your pictures look like people in my husband's family.

Especially the ears. Hope to talk to you soon.


Mike Kimber
( Alaska) 19 November 1998

I am researching the Kimber family and notice you also have connections I am unable to discover those roots.

Any help you can give wil be appreciated.


Sandra Cavey
( Arizona) 15 November 1998

Please place me on your e-mail list. I am married to Charles Gilbert Cavey lll. I have produced six little Caveyett's. I think they would have a blast reading about their name origin. Thanks, Sandra Cavey.


Patrick Cavey
( Iowa) 02 November 1998

I live at Mechanicsville, Iowa. With my wife Pamela Cavey, 4 kids: Ann(19), Jamie(15), Kelsie(13), and Jason(11), and our 2 cats, Socks and Gus.

Thanks for your time.


Rachel Cavey
(Arizona) 16 october 1998

I am a Cavey and have never really know any of my Cavey history past my great-grandfather Charles Gilbert Cavey Sr. That is a given though, because my dad is Charles G. Cavey III and my grandpop is Charles G. Cavey Jr.


Patricia Mary Cavey
( Wisconsin) 25 september 1998

It was a pleasure to hear from you again.  I hope your health improves.  My husband and I hope to vacation in the north of France next year.


Emily Cavey
( Maryland) 25 september 1998


Thank you for responding to my email- I am sorry to hear that you are under the weather.  Thank you for addiing my name and I look forward to hearing more about the Cavey's!



Emily Cavey
( Maryland) 25 september 1998

This is Emily Cavey again.  I was looking at your Web Site and the Cavey Pictures.

My Family is also from Catonsville.  My grandfather William Cavey, looks alot like James Cavey in those pictures, I believe these people could be my family that I have been looking for, I would be greattful if you could help me.  William Cavey died in 1966 of a heart attack, he was married to Jean Cavey and had three children Bruce, Robert (My Father) and Kenneth.

Again I would be greatful for any information you may have, I have been looking for these people for years.  William's mother's name was Mary Miller and only recently died. 

Thank you


Vern M. Cavey
( Colorado) 25 september 1998

I'm Vern Cavey. I received this message from where or whom I know not. But  had no idea there were this many Caveys. I'm from Iowa originally, now living in Colorado


Emily Cavey
( Maryland) 16 september 1998

My name is Emily Cavey, my father is Robert Cavey his father is William Cavey and his father is William Cavey.

I have been doing the Familt history for a while now, but have not had much luck.  All of the family I know about are from Baltimore and Ellicott City, Maryland USA. 

I am very interested in the information you have, and I could share the information I have about the Cavey's. 

Thank you.  Please feel free to write back, I look forward to talking with you


Jake Cavey
( Arizona) 09 september 1998

Real name is Charles Gilbert Cavey III and I am a descendant of the Woodstock, Maryland Caveys.

I live in Pinetop-Lakeside,Arizona. Father is Charles G. Cavey JR. in Cocoa Beach, Florida.


Shari Kelly
( Maryland) 24 August 1998

I have signed up to be a member a few times and haven't seen my name on the member page.  Maybe that is because I never sent you permission to list it.  Now I am sending you permission to list my name on the member page with the others.

I have a lot of information on my Caveys, who are from Maryland, USA. My great grandmother was a Cavey.  I don't know any of them personally, but would like to meet some of them.  I have seen some of my ancestors in the posts to your webpage.


Sandy Brooks
(?)  02 August 1998

My great great grandfather was Stephen Ebenezer Cavey. I know he came from England but that is about all. He then lived in Colorado and then St. Joseph, MO. Is anybody have his name in your search?


Mary Ann Cavey McFarland
( Texas) 22 June 1998

I am delighted to have found this website. I have been researching my father's family tree. If I can fill in any information about our family, I would be happy to do so. Several of us have e-mail addresses. Look forward to finding additional inform tion on your very interesting website!! Please feel free to contact me.

John L. Cavey (- Maryland) 5 june 1998

My Name is John Linwood Cavey

Born in Baltimore MD.. - 1950 - Grew up in Lansdowne, MD.

Wife - Catherine Louise (Zentgraf) Cavey

Children - Jennifer Marie Cavey, Michele Lee Cavey

Father : John Lee Cavey - Born 1918 - 1979  Elkridge, MD. - Machinist

Mother : Lillian Carrie Hobson - Born 1919 - Baltimore, MD..

Grandfather  : Edward L. Cavey - Born 1870 Died ? - Howard County, MD.. Machinist B&O RR

Grandmother : Annie Best - Born 1878 - Died 1930

Children (My Aunts and Uncles)

Edward (Nip) Cavey

Charles (Bud) Cavey - Twin Sister - Catherine (Sis) (Bopst), (Medcalf) Cavey

John Lee Cavey -Fraternal Twin - Linwood (Linny) Oliver Cavey

Virginia (Ginny) (Marshall) Cavey

Lucille (Biemiller) Cavey

I don't have any more information.

Jim Studdard (U.S.A. - Maryland)  01 May 1998

Just a note to let you know I have little info for you about my years ago acquaintance with Charley Cavey.

He moved to Florida at the Cape the last I heard.

I knew him in Maryland in 1977. He was 44 then with 3 kids I think. I know he bought five new pintos, one for each in the family.

Anyway, I was very impressed with your homepage and I hope Charley (the one I knew) is on your list.

He was a very large man and who knows if he's still alive.

Please take me off your mailing list since that is all I know about any Caveys.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Virginia)  30 April 1998

Nicole Ervin here...I'm a Cavey by relation to my Grandmother who was a Cavey..also from Maryland as so many of your readers are from...Anyhow..I fowarded your letter to my third cousin..who's grandmother also is a Cavey..she is still alive, but in a nursing home in Md.

I am hoping that she will recognize this picture of James Cavey that you had attatched as a link in your letter...How interesting...My Great pap was James Cavey from Md...Not sure though of his father's name...I am working on finding this info out..Hopfully I will have more information for you soon.

I too agree that we should have a listing of all the Cavey's emails...with permission from them of course! Hope all is well in Paris.

Take care


Nicole Lathe Ervin
( Virginia) 26 April 1998

My Grandmother was Mary Margret Cavey

My Great Grandfather was James Cavey..both from Maryland..

My Grandmother's brother Theodore Cavey is still alive and living near Baltimore Md in the house his father built. His sister Rebecca (Beck) is also alive, living in Md. at a rest home.

Looking for relatives on the Cavey side..If you think that you might be related, please contact me.



Bob Cavey
(Minnesota) 26 April 1998

Bob has build a wonderful site. Visit it and see Cavey art and animation.

[Note of the editor] :

This site name is KV Graphics.

My grand-father, who was boiler maker, use to engrave its tools with the letters "KV" ! It is interesting because the two same letters sounds cavee in English and cavay in French ! In other words, Cavey can be shorted in KV whatever the language you speak !


Catherine Lee Cavey
(?) 19 April 1998

How grand, a place to locate and learn more about the name "Cavey name" when and where, if possible, it all started. Thought it came from scotland, but now I know there is more to the name. My father came via Colorado? From there he does not know. Help!


Susan Cavey
(Tennessy) 05 April 1998

To add to the existing information.

I moved to Nashville Tn., from Cedar Rapid, Iowa in 1986 in search of warmer weather and as a budding songstress.

My daughter, Ann, lives with her father and step-Mom in Mechanicsville, IA. She will be attending SouthWestern Missouri State University this Fall. She made a big name for the North Cedar basketball team her last year in high school.

I work for the Postal Service fulltime, but am working on my autobiography and hope to make writing my career.

Can anyone recommend a publisher? I can send a sample chapter and outline.

The book is intriguing, exciting, offers plenty of drama, diversity, and surprises.


Susan Cavey
(Tennessy)  05 April 1998

I married into the Cavey family in 1979. I am now divorced, but kept the Cavey name.

I have a daughter named Ann Cavey, who is playing professional basketball.

I am working on my autobiography.


Edward Cavey
(?) 04 April 1998

Just paying a visit to look at all the updates.

Thanks for all your hard work, Jean-Luc.

A bientôt.


Doris Cavey
(Maryland) 16 March 1998
  My name is Doris Cavey and my father is Joseph Forrest Cavey from Baltimore, MD.

I happened upon your website and noticed the unusual amount of Caveys in Maryland, yet our family doesn't know any of them.

There is a Cavey Lane in Woodbine Maryland named after my relatives' farm.

We always thought we were of Irish lineage, so it is interesting to learn about France.I would like to communicate, unfortunately I will only have this e-mail address until May.

My father is very interested in our family line, but he is now preoccupied with the Forrest/Barber side of our family.

Anyone who would like to can contact me here.

A very good site!


Rita Ray
(Ohio) 22 February 1998

Mother was a Bertha Cavey. John W Cavey was great grandfather who fought in the Civil War as a wagonmaster at the Cumberland Gap.

His father Levi was born in Maryland.

Am looking for Levi's parents. Any help appreciated.


Bill and Mary Cavey
( Illinois) 16 February 1998

The January 15th posting by Tom Cavey was such a thrill for us. We have found family that was unkown to us before you began your quest to find all the Cavey's.

Thank you from Bill and Mary Cavey of Evanston, Illinois.


Pat Cavey
(Wisconsin) 15 January 1998

Thank you for your efforts in obtaining and distributing "Cavey" information.

Does anyone know of background of Michael Cavey, County Clare, Ireland, CIRCA 1880'S?


Thomas J. Cavey
(New-Jersey) 15 January 1998

It's not every day that one finds a genuine first cousin that you did not know existed. That's exactly what has happened as a result of the Cavey Family web site. Several months ago you were kind enough to post my letter which outlined what I knew of the Wisconsin Cavey's ( where my father grew up). In that letter, in passing, I mentioned my Aunt Nell.

Mary Cavey of Evanston, Illinois made a posting to the web page on 12 August searching for possible relatives of her husband, Bill. Bill never knew his father and had no information about his father's family. According to her posting, Bill and Mary were contacted by Nell Cavey in 1984 when Nell saw an obituary for Bill's mother, and recognized that she was her brother's wife. After that, Nell's location was lost and Mary had no way to learn more about the Cavey side of her husband's family.

Mary saw my reference to Nell, and just contacted me on the chance that Nell was a relative common to both of us. In fact she is! My father, John, and Bill's father, William, were brothers, and Nell was a sister along with Mary Cavey, and another brother, Lawrence. Nell is the only one still living of that generation. She is 91 and lives in a retirement home in Connecticut. So not only has a first cousin appeared that I never knew about, but now it's possible to fill in for him a great deal of family information of which he was deprived.

Thank you Jean Luc!!


Elizabeth Ann Cavey
(Arkansas) 09 January 1998

I was born a Cavey in Baltimore MD. in 1949...

I would like to find out about my family...

Ancestors and present day...

Most of us have moved on...and lost touch...

Family is very important to me... and I would love to hear from all ...


Mike ?
( Maryland) 1st December 1997

Hope you are having luck with the web pages. I still owe you photographs of "Cavey Lane" in Woodstock, MD, USA. I will get these as soon as possible.

I am interested in a family "Coat of Arms" or a Crest of some sort. Please send me a link of an area of where I may view one, or some information of where I could obtain a picture or such.


Karen Hopkins
(Maryland) 30 November 1997

Hi, my name is Karen Hopkins and I live in Baltimore MD.

My grandmother was a Cavey from Ellicot City MD Her father was Ernest Joshua Cavey from Woodstock MD on Cavey Lane.

This is as far as I have gotton on my Cavey side and I thought you might help me more Ernast was married to Anna Lauman from Ellicot city.

I do a lot of photograpy and live in the area of the cemetary and Cavey Lane and would love to take those pictures you requested. Call me if you still need them


Stephen Cavey
(California) 13 November 1997

My sister is trying to build a family tree.

If you would like some of the information just tell me and I will see if she can help you.


Charles G. Cavey
(Maryland) 2 November 1997

I gave your address to my son Michael L Cavey and he wrote you before I could.

I will send you a detailed family history in a document in MS word. Michael R. Cavey is my cousins son and Michael L and Michael R share common great-grandparents.

My father Charles G Cavey, Sr. is buried in the cemetery at St. Alphonsus Church in Woodstock, Md. that Michael R mentions. Cavey Lane is about a mile from that cemetery.

Charles G Cavey Jr (father of Michael L) Much data will follow later this week. I have one son Charles G III who left the Catholic Church and became a Mormon and lives in Arizona and he will salivate over this data as the Mormon Church is big on geneology.

I am glad I found out about your great job. That Web sight is fantastic.


Michael L. Cavey
(Maryland) 1 November 1997

My name is Michael L. Cavey

I live in Maryland, USA, and more specifically 5 minutes from "Cavey Lane" in Woodstock that you speak of in your "wanted.htm" page.

I would be more than happy to take some photos and forward them as jpeg files to you.

I drive by that street on a regular basis.

I almost bought a house on that street in 1992, but the transaction never came to fruition.

Please drop me a note, and we can communicate further.


Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 3 October 1997

A picture of my Great Grandfather: James Cavey

James Cavey


Thomas J. Cavey
(New-Jersey) 2 October 1997

I was thrilled to read in your recent mail to the "cousins" that you are continuing to improve and expand the "Cavey" site. All of my children (3) now visit the site.

In answer to your question about mail being hung-up, because you had not heard from people for a while, the answer is YES, it is being hung-up. In particular the button that sends an automatic E-mail to you to let you know that someone has stopped-by doesn't seem to work. Everytime I visit, I hit the button, and always the next day I receive a message from Daemon Mailer that the mail was not delivered.

The most recent was on Tuesday of this week. I hope this is helpful to you.


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland) 1 October 1997

Dear Cousin (in very fact!) Sharon,

Just got in from a long day at work and am ready to fix dinner, but let me first say thanks for establishing that all important link! I am sure Beal is a direct ancestor of mine, but that is where my info stopped until today.

Am going to print up both your letters (this one and the one to Jean_Luc) and read them to my dad over the phone.

Briefly to answer some of your questions:

The other name in my Woodstock heritage is Dad's mother's family....also Bodka and Gallagher through that connection.

My Dad is James T Cavey, his parents Thomas Milton Cavey and Grace E Miller (Grace the sister of Bernadette, Frank, Ambrose, and Paul Miller)

Thomas M Cavey the son of William E Cavey, son of James H Cavey. son of Beal Cavey, etc....

Grace E Cavey daughter of Mary Bodka Miller and William E Miller (his borther Peter is buried also in the St Paul's (Methodist) Episcopal Church, directly across the street from the Miller home on St Paul Ave.

I have seen the school house and know that my grandmother attended grades 1-3 there.

Personally I plump for the French connection across the Channel to England and thence to Ireland rather than the other way round, but have no backup for either argument....just makes historical sense to me.

Had no idea about Gehrig's disease but it is something to look out for: thanks.

What I know of James H Cavey is that he is buried in the St Alphonsus churchyard; I suspect that he may have been in a Maryland regiment (Union) in the Civil War because there is a James Cavey about his age mentioned in the muster of I forget which regiment (MD Historical Society has the archives--or was it the State Archive in Annapolis? Been a long time, Sharon)

Anyway I hope to get back to you, Dan and Jean-Luc in more details concerning my findings, and will check to see if your info helps establish the link which I am convinced carries all the way back to 1720.

If you'd like to send me that copy of the coat of arms, please feel free to send it via regular mail as I do not have a fax.

Meantime, stay well and I hope to be in touch with some fuller info.

Thanks so much!!


Sharon Zinkand
( Maryland) 1 October 1997

Comments: Hi ! After finally taking the time to check out your web site all I can say is "WoW!!!

My Great Grandmother was Mary Jane Cavey, born on September 5, 1865 in Woodstock, Maryland, USA. She was the 9th child of Reuben and Mary Catherine (Strebeck) Cavey. Mary Jane was born in the "old Home place" that was built by her father, Reuben. in the hills overlooking the Patapsco River. Reuben was also born in Woodstock, on March 7, 1823. He lived his life in Woodstock where he died in 1881. Through out his life he life he worked as a farmer, in the Stone Quarry, and for the Railroad. He is buried with his wife, Mary C. in St. Alphonsus Cemetery in Woodstock. He is one of 12 children of Joseph and Sarah (Knight) Cavey. Joseph was born on Feb. 11, 1791. (I have his parents as John Cavey and and Ann Knight) He married Sarah Knight ( I have her parents as William T. Knight and Anne Cavey) on Feb. 11, 1812, in Balto. Co.. They lived in Woodstock, where all of their children were born, on piece of property they bought from Sarah's Uncle, John B. Knight in Woodstock, 6 acres in an section call Chatom. Sarah's father had adjacent property. Sarah's father William T. Knight was born c1774 and died on June 18, 1841. He is buried in now what is the Hernwood Landfill in a marked grave surrounded by unmarked graves, in a fenced in area.. Sarah and Joseph decided to relocate to Grays Station Ellicott City, Maryland, where some of their children had already moved. That is where they lived out the rest of their lives and are buried on what used to be their property in unmarked graves. Three of their sons stayed behind in Woodstock with their families, Beal, Ezekial and Reuben.

I have copies of the family bibles belonging to Sarah and Joseph, and Reuben and Mary C. Cavey if anyone would like a copy. I would be happy to fax or snail mail them to you.

I have also heard the family name is derived from the Irish MacDavitt or McCavey. We had many Cavey relations who looked Irish having been very light completed, freckled, red hair, and short of statue.

Also of interest to me would be any cases of Lou Gherigs Disease. My father died from it in 1989. We were told it is not Hereditary, but Familial and that there were probably others who suffered with it. I have come across one other case so far.

Thanks so much to all of our "cousins" who have done so much hard work and Thanks in advance for any help you can give me in my research. Please feel free to email me at

Thanks Again !


Sharon Zinkand
(Maryland) 1 October 1997

Sorry I am so slow to respond to you information filled letters. Thanks for sending them and I hope to get to your web site. I thought I would share my Cavey info with you as it may help some one else.

My Cavey line was located in Woodstock, Baltimore County,Maryland, USA.

My Grandmother, Genevieve Ruth Kimber was born in Woodstock on April 18, 1885 to John Kimber and Mary Jane Cavey. Genevieve was the oldest of 6 children. She was born in the house that Mary Jane had been born in. I can take the line back to the late 1700's, they are still living in the USA in the same area. We have been told that they are from Northern IReland, and I have a copy of a coat of arms. I would love to forward this info to you in the hopes that it might help some one else. Can you send me a snail mail address as it is about 12 pages of info... if you would like me to send it to you.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work !!!!

Your Cousin



Nicole Lathe Ervin
(Virginia) 26 September 1997

Hello...My name is Nicole Lathe Ervin..I'm 33 years old and live in Fredericksburg Virginia..USA I have some information on the "Cavey" name.

My Grandmother's maiden name was Cavey..her name..Mary Margret Cavey she was from Maryland.( born 11/27/ Baltimore Maryland... died 8/27/88 . Her father's name was James Cavey (not sure of the birth or death date) also from Maryland.

His Father: Ezicial Cavey

His mother: Rebecca Tacy

He Married Mary Ellen Swan who was from Prince William Co. Va..( her genealogy is linked to the Mattaponi Indian reservation). They lived in Maryland (Landsdown area) He was a stone mason.

Their children as follows:

  1. Lyster Ezicial
  2. Ione
  3. Chick
  4. Mary Margret (My Grandmother) Married..Warren C. Lathe (MD)
  5. Sis
  6. Rebbeca (Beck) (Still alive and living in Maryland)
  7. Theodore (Boy) (Still alive and living in the Family home which his father James Cavey (My G. Grandfather built in Maryland)

I have no other information on his Father's side..only his mother's side..which is not Cavey.

I hope that this information helps your page...Would like to find others who are related to James Cavey..I suppose that they are all in Maryland??? I don't know.w

Thanks...I enjoyed your page.


Thomas J. Cavey
(New-Jersey) 20 September 1997

I am glad you were able to find me and include me on your Cavey mailing list.

I tried entering your web site a few weeks ago, but it didn't work. Ron Cavey informs me he successfully entered your site a little while ago, so I shall try again tonight.

Some information to add to your genealogy tree.

I am Thomas John Cavey. (No brothers or sisters) I was born at Brooklyn, New York on March 22, 1940. I grew-up in The Bronx, New York City. I graduated from Fordham University and married Alice Baga (also from The Bronx) on November 8, 1969. I worked for The Chase Manhattan Bank for 34 years until my retirement November, 1996.

We have three children. Nicole Danielle born March 23, 1972, in Montclair, New Jersey, Daniel Christopher born July 30, 1975, also in Montclair, New Jersey, and Christina Marie born December 19, 1984 in London, England.

My children are still students. My father's name was John Thomas Cavey. He was born June 25, 1908 in Delavan, Wisconsin, and died August 3 (?), 1981 in Miami, Florida.

My father, John, had the following brothers and sisters: William; Lawrence; Mary; and Nell.

  1. William - not much known about him. Was wounded during WW 11 and died at relatively young age.
  2. Lawrence - married Jane XXXXX and had seven boys: Martin; James; Richard; Michael; Lawrence; and Jack, and a girl Mary. All are living except Richard who was killed in a motor cycle accident at age 19. Most of the children were born in Massachusetts, but the family settled around Medina, Ohio.
  3. Mary - married Robert Lorentz. They had one daughter, Jane, who is married to William Gleason and lives in greenwich, Connecticut.
  4. Nell - never married. She is the only one living of the brothers and sisters. She is 90 years old and lives in Connecticut.

My grandfather was Martin Cavey. He raised his family in Delavan, Wisconsin. I believe he was born in Delavan, but I am not positive. I believe he had a brother, John M. Cavey who also lived in Wisconsin.

I am not able to go back any furtur. Any information which you have would be helpful and interesting to me.

Please tell me something about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? Do you have a family? Have you been able to tie into the principle Cavey line, which I gather originated in Maryland. Are you able to see where Cavey's in Maryland perhaps broke-off and went to Wisconsin?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Clarence Richard Cavey
(Maryland) 10 September 1997

I am Clarence Richard Cavey, I live in Glen Burnie with my wife.

My father's people came from Woodstock, Maryland. His fathers name was Artemus, and mother's name was I think Mary, they had five children. Starting with the oldest, Archie, Leonard, Gordon, Glades, and my father, Clifton Monroe Cavey Sr. All lived in south Baltimore.

I have a younger brother who is a junior.

When I was very young I visited Woodstock, at that time The Cavey family had a gas station, and a tavern, which is still there. At one time they also had a post office and railroad depot. Today if you visited Woodstock you can find a road named Cavey Lane.

Following is a list of names at the small cemetery there.

  1. Gertude M. Cavey 1873-1961
  2. Bazil Cavey 1854-1929
  3. Margaret E. Cavey 1860-19??
  4. Husband John T. 1856-1935
  5. Wifw Annie M. 1864-1949
  6. Son Herbert 1912-1926
  7. Husband Jas H. 1840-1916
  8. Wife Sarah J. 1842-1923
  9. Rueben Cavey 1823-1881
  10. Mary C. Cavey 1828-1893
  11. Charles W. Cavey 1868-1961
  12. Grace J. Cavey 1869-1960

I'll Send more info later.


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland)  1 September 1997

[Note of the editor] I have received, from Michael R. Cavey, an e-mail in fluent French (I hope my English to be as fluent as his French). Here is the translation I have made.

Dear Cousin(?) Jean-Luc,

I searched for your home page of the World Wide Organization of the Cavey Family after my (ex) wife found your e-mail at an old address.

Thank you for starting this wonderful work! I hope I can be of some assistance with your efforts.

Your biography and family history had such coincidences with mine. I was born almost a year after you, and I share my name with your brother (in my high school French class, the teacher always called me Michel--like your brother). I see in your portrait the eyes and ears that are also seen in my family here in Maryland. (Forgive the lack of accents, etc., but my keyboard writes only in American.)

I've written some other things to you on the "application form" and would be happy to send you more information about the branch of the family here in Maryland in a few weeks. (Also I'll write sometimes in English--I was well educated in French but that was a few years ago.)

More about me:

  • occupation: history teacher (high school level--not currently employed)
  • born: 28 III 1948 in Baltimore, MD
  • separated after 25 years of marriage 1997
  • no children
  • two Cavey nephews:
  • Ryan Scott Cavey (7. VIII. 1984)
  • Matthew Hunter Cavey (18. II. 1987)
  • Education: BA University of Delaware 1970
  • MA University of Toronto 1990
  • PhD Rutgers University 1997

Good luck,and let me know more of the Caveys in Europe. Thank you so much!


Michael R. Cavey
(Maryland) 31 August 1997

I have established direct family ancestry in Maryland as far back as 1815.

I know of other Caveys in the same general region of Maryland during the early 18th century, but have not made firm connections between them and the post-1815 line. The residence of both groups in the pocket of Maryland between Baltimore and Washington DC leads me to theorize a relationship, but I have no firm connection. The area in question is Howard County and Anne Arundel County (Howard was created out of Anne Arundel early in the 19th ct).

I am interested in connections between Maryland Caveys and those in Britain, Normandie, and Flanders.


Dean Cavey
( Ohio) 28 August 1997

I am Dean Cavey, son of Jesse and Jennie Cavey.

On a recent visit to my mother, I reviewed your family tree outline with her as well as my brother Fred and my sister Judy. They were very interested. They also helped me with some corrections/updates.

[Note of the editor] ...I have updated the lines, Dean refers, below on this page...]

Thank you for assembling this family tree. It is very interesting. I would very much like to receive a copy of the revised document.


John W. Cavey Jr.
(Washington) 19 August 1997

I am a Cavey John W. Cavey Jr.

My father was John W. Cavey Sr and passed away 2 years ago, I have two 36 year old twin sisters and my mother still lives in Spokane,Wa.

The Only Cavey we know is Betty Cavey of New Jersey that is a known relative...


Edward Joseph Cavey
(Michigan) 18 August 1997

I'm now home from work and enjoying the web page(s)!

I would very much like to be placed in the membership rolls. My given name is Edward Joseph Cavey.

I'm married to Kerri and we have two children: Eric Cavey age 15 and Krista Cavey age 10. I work as an engineer at the Fermi Nuclear Power plant in southeastern Michigan, USA I am aware of dozens of Caveys in my family tree branch currently living in Iowa and Minnesota and will be forwarding this site address to those with E-mail.


John Myer
(Atlanta) 15 August 1997

Bonjour Jean-Luc: Your message has been forwarded to me.

Jeff Myer is my brother and Pat Cavey is his wife. I tried to forward your email to them but the email address I had wasn't working.

So, I will send them a copy of your inquiry by snail mail (that's a US idiom for the postal service, I don't know that it is world wide usage, hence my definition here.) If Pat has any genealogical interest, I'm sure you will hear from them.



Mary Cavey
(?) 12 August 1997

I have an interest in finding out more about the Irish Cavey's. My husband is a Cavey but never new his father. At his mother's funeral in 1984 we received a call from a long lost aunt who saw the notice in the paper and recognized this as her deceased brother's wife. We met and I started to probe into the family's history. She told us a strange family story that I believe to be only legend but my children are so infatuate with it that perhaps it would be of interest here.

Aunt Nell Cavey told us that it was passed down from her childhood that the origin of her family began several centuries ago in Spain. The Caveys were some sort of pirates until they were shipwrecked in a storm (or being chased by the Spanish Armada) Apparently they landed off the seacoast of Ireland and this is where they settled down. She gave us an approximate location that I don't remember now. Anyway, we had friends of ours in Ireland check in the phonebooks near that area. They wrote us back that indeed the phonebook was full of Caveys.

I tend to find this story improbable in terms of the Spanish pirates (maybe they were English pirates) but my three children delight in telling their friends they are of Spanish pirate decent. Perhaps your journey into the Cavey puzzle may unravel some of the mystery associated with the Cavey name.


Alyce Goldberg
( Florida)  4 August 1997

Glad Carroll and Donna Sent you the Cavey information.

I had sent the "old genealogy" concerning John Washington Cavey and Levi Cavey to Carroll and Donna a few months ago. It seems fairly correct except for a few things: Levi and Margaret Allison Cavey died and are buried in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio, not Wood County.

Also, Margaret Jane Cavey was married to Evan J.(?) Richards, not Richard T. Evans. According to the 1880 Jackson Co.OH census they had a son Thomas L., 18, and daughter, Mary E., 8. There could have been more children. I have forwarded your e-mail and web page address to Rita Ray in Ohio.

She is a descendant of Charles Thomas Cavey (John Washington Cavey's son by his second marriage which was to Mary Jane Eubanks) and working on the Cavey line. How far do you want to branch out with the Caveys as far as siblings spouses, etc.?

I keep picking up bits and pieces, for example, one of Levi's daughters was named Mary and married Marion Grimes, had nine children, etc. (If you want names, I have them).

I might try to e-mail you my genealogy pages, if I can figure it out.


D. Jo & Carroll Erskine
(Ohio) 1 August 1997

I got your name from Jean-Luc's letter, and I thought I would respond to all.

We are descendants of, but not Cavey's in name. Below is our list of what we have at present.


1. Levi (Levy) Cavey was buried on Mar 31 in liberty Twp., Wood Co., OH., McCune Cemetery. He was born about 1811 in MD.. He died on Mar 28 1892 in Liberty Twp., Wood Co., OH. He was married to Margaret Allison ? (Cavey). Margaret Allison ? (Cavey) was born about 1808 in PA.. She died on Jan 1 1885 in Liberty Twp., Wood Co., OH.. Children of Levi (Levy) Cavey and Margaret Allison ? (Cavey) were :

+2 i. John Washington Cavey
+3 ii. Margaret Jane Cavey
+4 iii. Susan Cavey
+5 iv. (_____) Cavey
+6 v. (_____) Cavey
+7 vi. (_____) Cavey


2. John Washington Cavey was born on Feb 7 1837 in Carrolton, Carroll County, OH.. He was married to Mary Willis on Jan 15 1863. Mary Willis was born about 1844. She died on Jun 4 1880 in Jackson, Jackson Co., OH.. She Buried at Fairmount Cemetery in Jackson, Jackson Co., OH.. Children of John Washington  Cavey and Mary Willis were :

+8 i. Cyrus J. Cavey
+9 ii. Elizabeth Frances (Lizzie Mae) Cavey
+10 iii. John Evan Cavey
+11 iv. Mary Florence (Flora) Cavey
+12 v. George Washington Cavey
+13 vi. William Garfield Cavey
+14 vii. Daisy Bell Cavey

He was married to Mary Jane Eubanks on Feb 22 1882. Mary Jane Eubanks was born about 1845. Children of John Washington Cavey and Mary Jane Eubanks were :

+15 i. Charles Thomas Cavey

3. Margaret Jane Cavey was born about 1840. She was married to Richard T. Evans on Jul 28 1859. Margaret Jane Cavey and Richard T. Evans had no known children.

4. Susan Cavey was born between 1838 and 1843. She was married to (_____) Lewis. Susan Cavey and (_____) Lewis had no known children.

5. (_____) Cavey. She was married to Grimes. Children of (_____) Cavey and Grimes were :

16 i. R. L. Grimes Esq

6. (_____) Cavey. She was married to (_____) Daines. (_____) Cavey and (_____) Daines had no known children.

7. (_____) Cavey. She was married to Oliver. (_____) Cavey and Oliver had no known children.


8. Cyrus J. Cavey was born on Feb 2 1865. He died on Nov 16 1917. He was married to Letisha C. Tippie on Apr 4 1889. Letisha C. Tippie died on Mar 31 1919. Cyrus J. Cavey and Letisha C. Tippie had no known children.

9. Elizabeth Frances (Lizzie Mae) Cavey was born on Nov 25 1866. She died on Feb 15 1950. She was married to James Ellsworth Barrett on Jul 24 1887. James Ellsworth Barrett was born in Nov 1861 in Vinton County. He died on Nov 25 1902 in Trimble Twnshp, Athens County, OH.. Children of Elizabeth Frances (Lizzie Mae) Cavey and James Ellsworth Barrett were :

+17 i. Arthur E. Barrett
18 ii. Roberta Barrett was born about 1892. She died about 1892
+19 iii. Mary Coral Barrett
+20 iv. Nellie Garnet Barrett
21 v. Floyd Barrett was born in Jan 1900

10. John Evan Cavey was born on Apr 13 1869 in Jackson, Jackson Co., OH.. He died on Mar 25 1923 in Athens Co., OH.. He was buried on Mar 28 1923 in Bishopville, Athens Co., OH., Maplewood Cemetery. He was a Miner. He was married to Annie May Standley on Oct 23 1888. Annie May Standley was born on Feb 28 1871 in Athens Co., OH. or Jackson Co., OH.. She died on Mar 13 1965 in Glouster, Athens Co., OH., At Home. Death Certificate shows surname as Lehew, she remarried John Lehew after John Cavey's Death. She was buried on Mar 16 1965 in Bishopville, Athens Co., OH., Maplewood Cemetery. Children of John Evan Cavey and Annie May Standley were :

+22 i. Frank W. Cavey
23 ii. "Goldie" M. Cavey was born in Jan 1892
+24 iii. John M. Cavey
+25 iv. Sylvia Blanche Cavey
+26 v. Eessie Elma Cavey
+27 vi. Clara Cavey
28 vii. William Cavey was born about 1906 in Athens Co., OH..
+29 viii. Jesse V. "Jake" Cavey, born on July 17, 1908. She died on July 16, 1960 and is buried in Bishopville, Athens County, Ohio, at Maplewood Cemetary

11. Mary Florence (Flora) Cavey was born on Jan 31 1871. She was married to James Jordan Ewing on Aug 31 1889. Mary Florence (Flora) Cavey and James Jordan Ewing had no known children.

12. George Washington Cavey was born on Nov 26 1872. He died on Jun 21 1929. He was married to Celia Hamilton. Children of George Washington Cavey and Celia Hamilton were :

30 i. Meshnick Cavey was born about 1903

13. William Garfield Cavey was born on Jan 6 1875. He was married to Daisy A. Sell. Daisy A. Sell was born about 1882. She died in Jul 1956. William Garfield Cavey and Daisy A. Sell had no known children.

14. Daisy Bell Cavey was born on Aug 11 1817. She was married to William J. Davis on Sep 16 1896. Daisy Bell Cavey and William J. Davis had no known children.

15. Charles Thomas Cavey was born on Jan 12 1883. He died on Nov 29 1962. He was married to Fannie Maude Miller on Jan 28 1903. Children of Charles Thomas Cavey and Fannie Maude Miller were :

+31 i. John Herman Cavey
+32 ii. Charles Ralph Cavey
+33 iii. Wilbur Francis Cavey
34 iv. Marimba Grace Cavey
35 v. Mildred Cornelia Cavey
36 vi. Bertha Carmen Cavey
37 vii. Marcella Catherine Cavey
+38 viii. Paul Miller Cavey
39 ix. Bernard Lamar Cavey
40 x. William Cavey


22. Frank W. Cavey was born in Mar 1890 in Athens Co., OH.. He died in 1961. He was married to Lola Murphy on Mar 4 1911. Lola Murphy was born in 1895. She died in 1963. Children of Frank W. Cavey and Lola Murphy were :

46 i. Ellis H Cavey was born on Aug 10 1913. He died on Dec 14 1969.
47 ii. Jean Cavey was born in 1933. She died in 1934

24. John M. Cavey was born in Apr 1895 in Athens Co., OH.. He died on Aug 20 1971 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. David Cemetery. He last known home was on Aug 20 1971 in Kettering, OH., 2729 South Blvd.. Mary A. Tippie was born in 1901. She died on May 1 1973. Children of John M. Cavey and Mary A. Tippie were :

+48 i. Icel Cavey
+49 ii. John E. Cavey Jr..
+50 iii. Forest W. Cavey
51 iv. Robert C. Cavey
+52 v. William L. Cavey
53 vi. Ernest E. Cavey
54 vii. Tom R. Cavey

25. Sylvia Blanche Cavey was born in Jun 1898 in Athens Co., OH.. She died in 1968. She was buried in 1968 in Bishopville, Athens Co., OH., Maplewood Cemetery. She was married to John C. Humphrey who was was born on Sep 22 1889 in Athens Co., OH.. He died on Jul 7 1972 in Athens, OH., O'Blenness Memorial Hosp.. He was buried in Bishopville, Athens Co., OH., Maplewood Cemetery. Children of Sylvia Blanche Cavey and John C. Humphrey were :

+55 i. Norma Humphrey
56 ii. Russell Humphrey
57 iii. Dale Humphrey

26. Eessie Elma Cavey was born on Dec 9 1900 in Athens Co., OH.. She died on Mar 24 1969 in Nelsonville, Athens Co., OH., Mt. St. Marys' Hospital. She was buried on Mar 27 1969 in Bishopville, Athens Co., OH., Maplewood Cemetery. She was married to William Mckinley Humphrey about 1918. William Mckinley Humphrey was born on Oct 23 1896 in Hollister, Athens Co., OH.. He died on Jul 14 1972 in Logan, Hocking Co., OH.. He was buried in Bishopville, Athens Co., OH., Maplewood Cemetery. Coal miner for 53 years. Retired as an electrician at Mine 255 in Athens County Ohio. Avid fox hunter for many years. Best grandfather a girl could have. Spoiled me rotten.. Went with him many times to get the dogs after they had run all night. We would stop at the store in Murray City and get sardines in tomatoe sauce and in oil, with a little bit of sharp cheese and crackers. Was good at the time. I couldnt eat one now if I tried. Grandpa had a tendency when he was young to "shall we say" run after women. Children of Eessie Elma Cavey and William Mckinley Humphrey were :

+58 i. Donna Mae Humphrey
+59 ii. William Howard Humphrey
+60 iii. Elmer Kenneth Humphrey

27. Clara Cavey was born about 1904 in Athens Co., OH.. Children of Clara Cavey and Leo Bailey were :

61 i. Margie Bailey
62 ii. Jean Bailey
63 iii. Rose Bailey
64 iv. Leo Vilas Bailey
65 v. Jack Bailey
66 vi. Ronnie Bailey
67 vii. Wayne Bailey
68 viii. Janice Bailey
69 ix. Patty Bailey
70 x. Dick Bailey

29. Jesse V. "Jake" Cavey was born on Jul 17 1908 in Athens Co., OH.. He died on Jul 16 1960. He was married to Jennie D. Hooper on Apr 2 1932. Jennie D. Hooper was born in 1915. Children of Jesse V. "Jake" Cavey and Jennie D. Hooper were :

71 i. Betty Cavey was born on May 4 1933. She died on Jan 5 1934
72 ii. Fred Cavey was born about 1935. He lives in Glouster, OH..
73 iii. Judy Cavey was born about 1939 and lives in Glouster, OH..
74 iv. Dean Cavey was born 1951 and lives in Champaign, IL..

31. John Herman Cavey was born on Jun 1 1903. He was married to Edna F. ? (Cavey). John Herman Cavey and Edna F. ? (Cavey) had no known children.

32. Charles Ralph Cavey was born on Jan 15 1905.  He was married to Gladys ? (Cavey). Charles Ralph Cavey and Gladys ? (Cavey) had no known children.

33. Wilbur Francis Cavey. He was married to Freda ? (Cavey). Wilbur Francis Cavey and Freda ? (Cavey) had no known children.

38. Paul Miller Cavey was born in 1916. He was married to Peggy J. ? (Cavey). Paul Miller Cavey and Peggy J. ? (Cavey) had no known children.


48. Icel Cavey. Icel Cavey and Woodrow Kelly had no known children.

49. John E. Cavey Jr.. Children of John E. Cavey Jr. and Rowena (Cavey) were :

78 i. John Cavey Jr..

50. Forest W. Cavey. Children of Forest W. Cavey and Wilma ? (Cavey) were :

79 i. Linda Cavey
80 ii. Cavey

52. Charles William ("Bill") Cavey was born between 1925 and 1930. He resided at Newark Health Care Center in 1996 in Newark, OH., 75 + 78 McMillan Dr., 43055 (914) 344-0357. He was married to Florence Kennedy abtt 1940 and is buried in Newark, OH.. William L. Cavey and Florence Kennedy, who survives and resides at the Newark Health Care Center in newark, OH. Their children are:

81 i. James Cavey, St. Louisville, OH
82 ii. Larry Cavey, Newark, OH
83 iii. Janet Cavey
84 iv. Ruth Ann Cavey, Atlanta, GA -Deceased July, 1997 and buried in Newark, OH
85 v. Curt Cavey-Deceased approximately 1993 or 1994 in Newark, OH

58. Donna Mae Humphrey was born on Mar 3 1919 in Hollister, Athens Co., OH.. She was married to Paul Edward Brown Sr. on Jun 22 1940 in Hollister, Athens Co., OH.. Paul Edward Brown Sr. was born on Apr 22 1919 in Dunbar, Kanawah Co., WV.. Children of Donna Mae Humphrey and Paul Edward Brown Sr. were :

+86 i. Donna Jo Brown
+87 ii. Paul Edward (Buddy) Brown Jr.
+88 iii. Robert Rondell Brown


Marykay Cavey Snell
(California) 31 July 1997


Happy to hear from you again.

I have had several messages from you as a matter of fact. To answer your questions I am a female, 59 Yrs old. (Bet you were hoping I was younger!!) I have a ceramics business. My interests are in art and am an avid golfer. Our branch of the Cavey family is from Missouri. Most of the males had daughters. There are very few males left. My brother, Sid is one.

I had another brother who has passed away and he has a son named Alan. There are some black Caveys in San Diego also.


Bruce Cavey
(somewhere under the sea) 29 July 1997

I am Bruce Cavey a graduate of the US Naval Academy class of 1974.

I am a Captain in the US Navy nuclear submarine force. I am married to a beautiful gal from Penn State for 22 years and have 2 daughters one who entering her junior year at UNC and the other going into senior year at high school. I am a born again spirit filled Christian and plan to go into the ministry after retiring from the navy.

I am from Kalamazoo Michigan and my wife is from Pittsburgh. I was the Commanding Officer of the fleet ballistic missile submarine Daniel BOONE and am currently chief of all US Counterdrug operations.

I met a Bruxy Cavey from Ontario and am wary that Jean Luc is a virus waiting to happen--but may be not--to all the Cavey's I have be all my life thought we were Irish--

God Bless.



Dan Cavey
(Florida) 29 July 1997

Here is my conjecture, I've tried to be logical:

It would seem based on the various accounts that the Cavey name originated in the Orne Department of France sometime before 1288. There was apparently a migration to southern England sometime very early in the 1700's, possibly spurred by a combination of French enlightenment (Montesquieu, Voltaire), the industrial revolution in England and the suppression of local governments by Louis XIV.

During the 1700's, I would guess that the Cavey's that did leave France moved through various parts of southern England and on to Northern Ireland. I would be bold enough to guess that the noble branch may have moved to southern England and the farmer branch may have moved to Northern Ireland. Of course, that is based on stereotypes of the areas, but is an interesting guess.

Immigration to the USA started to gain momentum during the the late 1700's, so it is no surprise that some Cavey's were included. Based on names and what history is passed on I would guess that Caveys from Ireland immigrated and settled in the Baltimore area probably due to the lure of the railroad. Although, because of the brief time apart, it would not be surprising if some of the English relatives followed their Irish kin. Because of the adventuresome spirit of the time, it is also not surprising that a Cavey also made it to New Zealand!

I would guess the story we American Caveys have always heard about our Irish roots and mangled names, may have the following explanation: It was sometimes considered an embarrassment, at that time, to have Irish surnames, so some of the Cavey's who had Irish names by marriage may have taken their maternal grandfather's name which sounded more English when pronounced by an American of the time. Others who had the name just kept it. One or both of those seems most logical. The close phonetics to Gaelic is probably just a nice coincidence for those of us who liked the romance of being Irish!!

In any case it's nice to know where the roots seem to begin. If we keep putting pieces together maybe we will find out if the American Caveys have roots in French farmers or French nobility!


Alyce Goldberg
(Florida) 25 July 1997

I am female and live in Florida, USA. My great grandmother was Elizabeth Cavey, daughter of John Washington Cavey and he the son of Levi Cavey who was born in Maryland, USA abt. 1810. (Can't get back beyond that) They moved to Pennsylvania, USA for a few years and then to Ohio, USA sometime in the mid 1830's.

If you want to contact lots of Caveys in the USA, there are hundreds of them around Maryland USA. If you could find a directory on the internet you would find many Cavey phone numbers and addresses, but don't know about e-mail addresses.

Did your family ever spell Cavey "Cavee"?


Ronald D. Cavey
(Maryland) 12 July 1997

Write any time you like. I would love to exchange information.

My branch of the Cavey clan in the USA has been traced back to 1790. I am following up this letter with a copy of a letter I sent to another Cavey in the UK, giving a short history of the Caveys in the Baltimore, Maryland USA area.

[Note of the editor] To read the copy of the letter Ronald speaks about above click here : Caveys in Ireland


Dan Cavey
(Florida)  08 July 1997

I am a 39 year old man. I live in Florida and I work for a bank. I manage a group that creates computer programs for the bank. I did not know that there were any Caveys in France or anywhere in Europe. I believe that the Cavey name first appeared in the America in the late 1700s. I thought that it was a created name, like many other American names.

If you could write me about any history of the Cavey name in France and Europe, I would appreciate it. I do not know from what European country or area our surname heritage originated.

I know just a little about the Cavey history in America. The first Cavey's lived near Baltimore, Maryland. They were mostly railroad workers and tavern owners. Eventually some moved to Cleveland, Ohio. They went there because the railroad went there. Today, most Caveys live near one of those cities. I would guess that there are less than 300 Cavey families in the entire country.

A few Cavey's, like me, live in other places. I live in Florida. There are probably only about 3 or 4 Cavey families in the whole state! Florida is about half the size of Italy. I have also lived in Texas. I do not think there are any Cavey's in Texas and it is the same size as France!


Chris Cavey
(Maryland) 21 June 1997

My name is Chris Cavey.

I live in Hampstead, Maryland. Hampstead is located 35 miles northwest of Baltimore, Maryland.

I have a wife and 2 children. I live next door to my parents (Eugene & Mary Ruth Cavey).

My father's Cavey family came from south Baltimore. He also had many relatives in Oella, Maryland.

We have lost touch with any relatives from that part of Maryland. I also have 2 brothers, Daniel who lives in Jacksonville Florida and David who lives here in Hampstead also.


Kurtis M. Kiesel
(Ohio) 27 June 1997


My name is Kurtis M. Kiesel and I have no Idea why you sent me this... the truth is though that I do know a Cavey in fact I know an entire bunch of them. One is in my Grade and I work with her and her sister. Cristie and Catie, they are both pretty cool. Cristie is 18, now and works 2 jobs one is with me. We lip burgers for a living not much but a living. There mother works at the local Catholic church as a secretary. That is about all I can tell you for now I am busy but send me E-mail at my real E-mail address and I'll get back to you....

[Note of the editor] Here is a picture of Cristie Cavey, Kurtis speaks above :

Cristie Cavey


Donna Cavey
(Maryland) 24 June 1997

Received your message and was fascinated that you are trying to communicate with all Caveys. Cavey, unfortunately is my married name and I have since divorced Mr. Cavey. I kept the name since I have used it for almost 20 years in my Real Estate business. My ex-husband had a lot of Caveys in his past as his grandmother was a Cavey and married a Cavey and they were not related. So there are a bunch of them in Maryland.

Hope you get to talk to many more Caveys. If I run into any I will certainly pass on your address.


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