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From :



Yvonne Marie Cavey
(UK) 10th October 2013

I have been amazed reading through your website.

I have always understood that our family name was of Irish origin coming across to England. I had no idea of any French connections - and neither did my parents despite their naming me as they did (Cavey is my maiden name)!

I notice two postings from my cousins Philip King and Angela Cavey over the years. My father died in 2011 and there is now only one brother remaining of that generation - children of John and Mary Agnes Cavey of Chadderton, Oldham.

He was a brother of the James and Martin Cavey of Chadderton also referenced in previous postings.


Mary-L Acott
(UK) 22th July 2012

A million thanks, surely one of them will know of Colin.

All the best to you!


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 22th July 2012

Moreover :

Returns names and full addresses for free.



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 22th July 2012

There are two Caveys at Wallington, according to the white pages UK ( : Clifford J Cavey and Marc Cavey.

Also, six Caveys at Croydon : Adrian Franklyn Cavey, Adrian Franklyn Cavey, Anthony Cavey, Heather R Cavey, Iris D Cavey and Kelly Cavey.

I would suggest that you get in touch with them if not yet done (note that for each city you get the full address of the first cavey listed. You have to pay for the other addresses).

All the best.


Mary-L Acott
(UK) 21th July 2012

Would any of you know of a Colin or Barbara Cavey? They are in England. I would assume near the Wallington or Croydon regions.


Mary-L Acott
(UK) 18th June 2012

I located a C. Cavey in wallington, Surrey yesterday, but she  said she was unfamiliar with Barbara or Colin.


I do hope I can make contact with them.


Thank you for your reply, and hope to hear more!


Mary-L Acott
(UK) 17th June 2012

I am trying to locate Colin and Barbara Cavey from Croydon in the UK.  We had a person very close to us pass away in 2011.  Please pass on the email address- This is a friend's computer I am using, thus who it is from.  I am an Acott trying to locate them. 


Thank you


Mary-L Acott
(UK) 16th June 2012

I am in search of Colin, or Barbara Cavey.  The last known area I have for them is Croydon, UK.  We lost touch when we relocated. It would be brilliant to locate them. 


Many thanks!


Lin Atherton
(UK) 14th April 2012

To Laura Smith and David McPhail,

I have just looked at my records and the Robert McLelland Cavaye you both refer to is not actually my great great grandfather. This particular RMC is my great great grandfather's grandson by his first wife Mary Black. I descend from the second wife (Margaret Boyd).

In about 2 hours I have to go away for the weekend, so I hope you make contact before that. Then when I return on Sunday evening I will start to exchange information with you both.

Bye for now


Laura Smith (
UK) 14th April 2012

Forgot to say my gran's dad was John Sutherland whos brother William died young in a fall at a train station so we are related!


Laura Smith
(UK) 14th April 2012

I cant get onto the yahoo group anymore for some reason...

My gran was Charlotte Cavaye Sutherland and her grandparents were John Sutherland and Susan Russell. Its a fascinating family! Charlotte's parents moved from Edinburgh to Glasgow where my family were all born and still live.


David McPhail
(Scotland) 13th April 2012

Hello Linda.

So nice to here from you, my Mother Susan Russell Sutherland, is Robert Mclelland Caveys, niece, i would love to contact you direct, do you have Skype address is SHAWNEE 1874, would you also e-mail me the photographs, and details that you have of the cavey family tree, this would be exciting asmy mother who is now 89 years of age, has just learned that she had two uncles, the brothers of her father John Sutherland, who were William Charles Sutherland and Robert Mclelland Cavey this means that my great gran was Susan Russell, and Robert and William Charles were my great uncles.William Charles was born in 1875 and died quite young in Glasgow in 1887. Please keep in touch as i would like to find out more about our conections in the family, i was born in Glasgow in 1955.

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


David Irwin
(Ulster) 13th April 2012

Hello Linda

I am not a Cavey. My family is from Cavey Townland, County Tyrone, Ulster UK.


David McPhail
(Scotland) 8th November 2011

I would like to contact Laura Smith regarding the family. My mother is Susan Russell Sutherland.Named after her gran mother, and gran father John Sutherland. Younger sister of Charlotte Cavaye Sutherland. We would love to see photos.

Hhope to hear from you.


David McPhail
(Scotland) 29th October 2011

Hello,my name is David McPhail my mother's name is Susan Russell Sutherland, her gran father was John Sutherland married Susan Russell, his brother was Robert McLelland Cavaye. Could you contact laura Smith who contacted you by e-mail, she said she has photos of the Cavaye family.


Sally Chilton
(UK) 5th February 2010

My grandmother was Ann Cavey, she was one of 7, (I think 4 sisters and 3 brothers) I met as a small child one brother called William Cavey and they had two sons Colm and Kevin Cavey. They had a hotel in Bray called the Royal Starlight.


Joan Crouch
(UK) 7th May 2009

I have not been in touch with this site before - how do I contact people who put requests out on the site?   I have information for Lesley Chivers which might be of use to her.


Nigel Phillips
(UK) 5th January 2009


Still no closer to tracing the SE London shop keepers under the George Cavey and Sons name You may recall the tokens the shop issued It would be good to find some genuine decendents of this branch as there are some assets in this name that have never been distributed from the estate


Lesley Chivers
(UK) 30th December 2008


My great grandmother was Charlotte Annie Cavie married to Henry Braybon they lived in Frant, Tonbridge. Having daughters Cicely(My Grandmother) Lucy, Mable,Betrice,Alice & sons Arthur,Leslie,and Fredrick.  I think my Ggrandmother's father was a Edmund Cavie married to a Mary May. I think she also had a brother called Stephen Cavie. Thats all the information i have.  I have a family bible with names, marrigages births and deaths added. Also pictures of the family.  If any body can throw more light on my ggranmothers side of the family i would be grateful. I believe that Charlotte Cavie was also known as Annie. My mother Joyce  her granddaughter is still alive and would love to ahave more info also, if anybody out there has any.

Regards Lesley


Sheila Cavey
(UK) 3rd September 2008


I am the daughter of James Cavey and Martin Cavey was my uncle. My father died in 1990, 21st August. and Martin died on 8th Sept, - sorry cannot remember the year. I have a sister Kathleen and a brother James. My sister  and my brother and I live in UK. My Father spoke of the Mayor of Wigan and I know that the family originated from Ireland but not sure where, except it was Eire. My paternal grandmother had the name McDonagh, and I think they were Liverpool Irish. Dad returned  Chadderton at the end of his life after my Mother died. My Father and Mother were both from Oldham in Lancashire.


Paul Cole
(UK) 3rd September 2008

Hi Jean-Luc,

I am actually from England (Swindon) not Canada. My grandmother Annie Louise Cavey did not emigrate to Canada, only her brother, William Henry did.



Lauren Cavey
(UK) 21th June 2008


I am another Lauren Cavey who ever thought 2 other Lauren Caveys out there. I thought I was the only Lauren Cavey. I would like to know more about my family so if anyone has any info about Terry Cavey tell me please . Most of my family is around the World.


Paul Cole
(UK) 30th May 2008


My name is Paul Cole and my Maternal Grandmother was Annie Louisa Cavey, born in Badbury, Near Swindon, Wiltshire, England. She was the sister of William Henry Cavey who emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. He was the father of Fred Taylor Cavey who has posted information on the "Cavey in Canada" page of your website. Are you able to give me an e-mail address for him. If possible also Tim Cavey, Nancy Cavey and Bruxy Cavey who have also posted info.




Lin Atherton
(UK) 18th may 2008


Yes the road in London is named after one of our ancestors. It is CAVAYE PLACE in Kensington.

Best wishes



Lin Atherton
(UK) 18th may 2008

Dear Jean-Luc, 

I recently sent you an email regarding my own family name of CAVAYE.  Not sure if you received it.  I would like to compare notes with you about whether or not our two surnames have a connection.

Best wishes



Lin Atherton
(UK) 14th may 2008

Dear Jean-Luc,

Have you ever considered the spelling CAVAYE to be associated with CAVEY ? We have a massive CAVAYE family tree.  It is definitely French, and we now have members all over the world.  The Aude region of France seems to be our origin and one of our possible earliest ancesters is Pierre Honore Claude Cavaye who received the Legion d'Honneur.  We also have just discovered that a Louis Cavaye de la Fontaine is connected though we have not fully investigated it. 

Regards Lin


James Cavey
(UK) 17th January 2008

Grandad Dennis Cavey from Australia dad Keith Cavey from Welling (AU). I was born in London. My great great grandad owned land and shops in Plumstead

Note from the Editor : could James tell us more about his family and the place qhere he is living right now ? Is the Plumstead he is speaking of the one in the suburbs of London ? If yes, Plumstead is the town where the tokens of G. Cavey & Sons store was located. Consequently I would recommend James to get in touch with Nigel Philips in UK (below in this page).


G Barry Cavie
(UK) 4 December 2007

I am Geoffrey Barry Cavie b Tunbridge Wells, Kent (b 59 years ago!) My Father was Geoffrey Royston Cavie b Tunbridge Wells, Kent My Grand Father was Albert Harry Cavie of Tunbridge Wells Etc etc.


G Barry Cavie


Phil Cole
(UK) 27th November 2007

Dear Mr.Cavey,

Reference your section on the 'trade tokens' of G. Cavey, Plumstead. I collect coins/tokens (amongst other things) and was also seeking information specific to these items. Unfortunately I have found none; however, I can throw some light on the general type. These tin tokens are almost certainly 20th century and issued in response to the very similar Co-operative Society Shops' tokens (adjacent Woolwich housed the RACS, the very sucessful Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society). My father was a member of the Dartford branch. Anything we bought in store was rewarded with the isssue of tokens to the same value. At the end of the year any net profits were divided up (the 'dividend') between the members who could then remit their tokens back in payment for more goods (Of course the dividend may have been 5% so that the tokens were then only worth 5% of their face value). This system continued at least until the early 1960's by which time some tokens were plastic. Without any evidence except similarity of design/material to these and other similar shop tokens, I suggest that G. Cavey & Sons, although not part of the Co-operative movement, operated some kind of 'cash-back' scheme with these tokens. Therefore they are more akin to money-off vouchers than the replacement token money of earlier eras that you mention, although they are just as interesting! I haven't seen any more denominations than those shown on your site but suspect there are more. Incidentally I suspect that the O in "O. Cavey" is just a die-worn G.

I was born in South London and would also point out that Plumstead at the time of issue would have been part of Kent, not London. I am now domiciled in Kent about 15 miles East of Plumstead.

If I find out any more I will let you know.


Yours Sincerely,

Phil Cole


Ben Cavey
(UK) 22 October 2007

Hello I am the youngest Cavey in my family(17 years old.) my Father is the son of Patrick Cavey who is married to Angela Cavey. We all come from woking in Surrey. However my grandparents now both live in Sussex. I came across your site by coinsidence and I am now very interested could you shed any light on anything at all threw my Cavey relations please. Would be very greatful.

My Great Grandfather was a builder and had 3 sons and a daughter the sons are called: Dennis Cavey Patrick Cavey and Gilbert avey and the daughters maiden name is Iris Cavey.

Please get in touch asap.

Many thanks B cavey


Nigel Phillips
(UK) 25 September 2007

If anyone has any info about the descendants of this general store that was open in London early last century then please get in touch.

Kind regards



David Cavey
(UK) 28 August 2007

My name is David Cavey i live in Birmingham England, iam trying to trace the family of my father Joseph Franklin Cavey born Baltimore October 23 1914. He was inthe 18th inf Regt and saw action in Normandy Northan France [Distingueshed Unit Badge  Purple Heart Medal Eastern Servise Ribbon with Bronze Arrowhead EuropeanAfrican Middle World ware iiVictory Ribbon]   His fathers name was Evan R Cavey his mother was Elizebeth B Cavey.dont no maiden name.      

He past away in the VA Medical centre baltimore .M.D.20TH Febuary 1980.,and was bueried at Woodlawn Cemetery next to his then wife Gladys M Cavey.  There are 2 children by a previouse marrage and perhaps 1 by Gladys  I just want to find any Brothers or Sisters i may have  and any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Nigel Phillips
(UK) 2 July 2007


Does anyone know about the above general store that was open in London in the 1920s-30s?

Can anyone claim to be a descendant of the owners of this store?




Nigel Phillips
(UK) 18 April 2007


We have corresponded on the above name in the past.

As the Cavey group administrator I would welcome some advice on the following BEFORE I (or you) post a general message to your loop.

The above business was a shop in south east London and in the early 20th century they subscribed for some shares in a UK company.

The company is still operating (I am a shareholder) and the share register shows the George Cavey entry but this is a shareholding with no known beneficial owner.

The market value of the shares registered in the name of George Cavey and Sons is c.GBP 50,000 (70,000). It would be marvellous to find a genuine decendant of George Cavey & Sons and reunite them with the shares subscribed for by your family in 1913.

What are your thoughts on how this matter could be approached via your Cavey family email loop?

Kind regards



Tim Cavey
(UK) 10 March 2007

I am the son of Richard Robert Cavey, He had four sons and one daughter : Janet, Michael, David, Tim,and Martin.

We are from the area of Standish,Wigan, Lancashire,England.

I am Married to Amanda and I have two Daughters Lisa and Jennifer.


Julie Bennett
(UK) 3 February 2007

Dear Jean-Luc

Thought I would send you an email regarding your dialogue on the following webpage:

I am a descendent from William Levi Cavey (Sussex), he was my great, great grandfather.

Thought you may find attached spreadsheet interesting detailing my family connections.

Would be wonderful to hear from you.

Julie Bennett.

[Note of the editor] Julie spreadsheet is downloadable from there : Excel Gene Cavey (for a faster download, right click and chose [Save])


Nigel Phillips
(UK) 17 January 2007


You have a truely great site.

I am looking for details of the George Cavey & Sons that ran the store in Plumstead South East London at the turn of last century. You have some value tokens issued by this store shown on your site.

Do you know what became of this shop or have any links to the family of this branch of your tree?

Many thanks


Philp King
(UK) 13 January 2007

This is in response to Janet cavey's posting [March 2004]

My name is Philip King. My mother was Winifred Cavey who was the granddaughter of martin Cavey who was the brother of James Cavey,Janet's great grandfather and first Catholic Mayor of Wigan.

It would seem that sometime before 1891, Martin moved from Wigan to Chadderton. I too am keen to find more about the Irish connection.


Colin Stevenson
(UK) 9 October 2006

As a follow up to recent posts concerning Cavey families in England please note that I am doing a one-name study of Cavie/Cavey see

I have some data on both of your families and if you would like to exchange information please contact me directly.


Colin Stevenson


Tom Cave
(UK) 29 June 2005

I was trying to get some background about my uncle, Dick (Sir Richard Cave of Thorn EMI fame and not the MS Society chap of the same name) when I stumbled across your web site. Just to add something into the melting pot, my branch of the Caves has always thought the name derived from a Norman French nickname given to tonsured monks – in this case the curved place referred to in “cave”  being their bald pate!


Jackie Carvey
(England) 22 April 2005

Not quite ~ William Cavey's parents were Thomas Carvey (1817) and Ann Ball, Thomas' parents were William 1777 and Hannah (1852), William's parents were Henry Carvey 1737 and Mary Carter, Henry's parents were Robert Cavey 1746 and Elizabeth Dance - somewhere I think there is a connection between Robert and Thomas, I think they may have been brothers, if so this would join my two largest family trees for Carvey / Cavey together.

[Note of the editor] See :


Lorraine Secker
(England) 22 April 2005

My husband is related to William Cavey, born Liddington, Wiltshire and Hannah born Watchfield, Shrivenham, Berkshire.

[Note of the editor] See :


Bob Douglas
(England) 18 April 2005


There are three people called Cavy in my family tree

See :

Judeth Cavy is in IGI as Judeth CAUY

They are all from Godalming in Surrey


Colin Stevenson
(England) 2 february 2005

Hello Denise

> would like to know if anyone has any information on her father
> Charles Harry Victor Cavey born 19th October 1912.
> His place of birth shows Surrey England maybe registered there his
> birth certificate shows Lincolnshire.

According to my records his birth was registered Oct-Dec 1911 in the Guildford, Surrey registration district.  His mother's maiden name is given as Unwin.

> He had 4 sisters Queenie, Sylvi,Grace & Meryl and 2 brothers Percy &
> Bob I'm not sure where they were born if in A ustralia or England.

I can see no further births to mother with maiden name Unwin after this. However in Guildford district there is Queenie Violet Apr-Jun 1909 (mother's maiden name not given until 1911).  Also Stanley George H 1908 Donald Adolphus 1907 and more but no names correspond probably other families.

I have a large Cavie/Cavey database, mainly E & W at the moment.  If I can be of further help let me know.

[Note of the Editor] I apologize for having been unable to find to whom Colin was replying.


Julie Cavey
(England) 14 january 2005

I am sorry I dont know anything about any caveys in america, I can only find as far as my husbands great grandfarther who was James Cavey from Keyworth Nottingham his grandfarther was James Henry Cavey and his father Walter Cavey.


Julie Cavey
(England) 18 november 2004

I am married to John Cavey of Stapleford Nottinhamshire, I understand his G G Grandfarther came from Keyworth Nottm. Can any body tell us any more.

His name was John Henry Cavey.


Nancy Cavey
(England ) 26 october 2004
  My name is Tony Peter Cavey and I live in Cornwall.
(England) 16 october 2004
  I am from Kent, England.

My father came from Southampton and moved to Birmingham early 1940s. Previous to that they are from Hawkhurst and Cranbrook(also in Kent)


Steve Cavey
(England) 9 September 2004

I've recently met up with Valerie Cavey and her daughter Debbie Francis.......

Val is my cousin 6 times removed and has done a hell of a lot of research over the last 15 years.....(I found her using this site and friends reunited/genes reunited) and have put our whole family together on 1 big from various different people has been amended and there is now 120 caveys listed......If anyone would like to view this tree please email me through genes reunited or contact me at This would be especially useful to Sonia Fritch who is most defineatly related to our Devon branch(Thomas Cavey (my ggg grandfather) and Mary Beer married in 1815 Atlifton Devon)...............


Lisa McNally
(England) 11 July 2004
  I thought you would be interested to have a look at my new website. It is to advertise my services as a family history researcher but I have included some of my family history, including the Cavey/Carvey's. I have some more info but that has been given to me by other researchers so I have only included what I have discovered myself. I will be continuously updating the site with my family history and as I'm sure you know takes some time.

Although I do research for others for a fee obviously anyone connected to my Cavey's is welcome to contact me to swop information etc. I will be adding a links page and would like to add the Cavey website as a link with your permission.

Hope this finds you well. The site is


Deborah Cavey
(England) 25 June 2004

Hello, my name is Deborah, and I found your incredible site while looking for information about my grandfather ~ DONALD ADOLOPHUS CAVEY (deceased) and his family.

Donald Adolphus Cavey married Florence Spencer (my grandmother, also deceased) and they had 4 children:

Jeanne Cavey ~ married to Terrence Drummond, and 2 daughters: Carol Pollard and Deborah Drummond
Brian Cavey (deceased) ~ married to Ruth, and 2 sons: Nicholas Cavey and Simon Cavey
John Cavey (deceased) ~ no children
Jillian Cavey ~ married to Douglas Dalgleish, and 1 son: Paul Dalgleish

I am trying to find out more information about my grandfather's side of the family, so if anyone can help, that would be wonderful !

Thank you for an amazing website !


Jackie Carvey
(England) 20 Mai 2004
  If any ones to see the family trees I have a Cavey going back to Thomas and Mary Wheeler 1764, Robert Cavey & Elizabeth Dance 1746 from Liddington Wiltshire,

These are the largest files, there is also a Yorkshire branch of Carvey, but I don't think they are connected.

I have the files in Family Tree Maker.


Jackie Carvey
(England) 20 Mai 2004
  I am a Carvey in Wolverhampton, I researched our family tree back to 1864 in Shrivenham, Berkshire to a Thomas and Mary Wheeler Cavey, where it is recorded as 'Cavey' the name changed in the records to Carvey with their Grandchildren, but some are shown as Carvey and some Cavey.

If any one wants to contact me I have two very large trees of Carvey / Cavey from Wiltshire.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 20 May 2004
  Great !

I wrote "who knows ?" and Lisa got the answer.

If one looks at "The debate" page I wrote (as far as I can remember) that we cannot exclude that the name may have been misspelled in the past.

For that reason, I have put "Cavey, Cavee , Cavie, Kavie, Kavy, Cavy, Caveye, Cavet, McCavey, McCavett, McCavitt, McKevitt, Le Cavey, Van de Caveye" as surname in the "keywords" list of the home page of the site so that the search engines (Google or whatever) can point to the site while searching for different spellings.

I have added Carvey right now.

Thank you so much Lisa.


Lisa McNally
(England) 20 Mai 2004

My Cavey's became Carvey's - well some of them did.

My gg grandfather Alfred was baptised Cavey in Shrivenham Parish Church Berkshire but his birth is registered Carvey. In the parish registers there are Cavey's and Carvey's in the same family. It seemed to depend on the vicar/curate at the time. I found one marriage entry where the bride is Cavey and her brother as witness is Carvey. I would suggest anyone in England stuck for a Cavey looks for Carvey or vica versa, particularly in Indexes of births, marriages & deaths.

I have also found a couple listed as Covey. I am happy to hear from anyone linked to the Berkshire Cavey/Carvey's.


Sandra Carvey Kingseed
(England) 19 Mai 2004

Would like to reach Charie & Floyd Carvey as we have a common ancestors, William & Elizabeth Hawley Carvey.

Thanks for your help.


Barbara Chiles
(England) 29 March 2004

Mother-in-law of Evan Cavey from Birmingham, England looking for his grandfather Joseph Evan Cavey from US.

[Note of the editor] Barbara Chiles is the only Cavey in this database whose family is known to have moved from US to UK.


Laura Smith
(Scotland) 23 mArch 2004

  Hi there,

I came across your website while doing some research on my own family. My grandmother's grandfather was John Sutherland, who married Susan Russell in Edinburgh circa. 1870s.

She had a son by her previous husband, William Cavaye, called Robert McLellan Cavaye (my grandmother has an old photo which up until recently, we weren't sure who everyone was! I've attached this for your information as you may find it interesting).

The Robert McLellan Cavaye in my family tree is a direct descendent (great grandson) of Claire Cavaye (b. 1783 in Haiti) and William Cathcart (b. 1775 in Greenock, Scotland).

Hope you find this of interest!



Janet Cavey
(England) 22 March 2004

My maiden name is Janet Cavey my great great grandfather was Patrick Cavey and Grandmother was Bridget Kelly They were married in St Johns chapel in Wigan Lancashire England in 1854 they had 5 children Michael .James(my great grandfather who became mayor of Wigan) Martin, Patrick and Jane. on Patricks marriage certificate it says his father was James. Both Patrick and Bridget were born in Ireland. the 1881 census gives Patricks age as 60 and Bridgets as 44 their marriage certificate says 22 for her and 20 for him. I think they possibly lied about their age when they were married as Bridgets age at death matches up with the census .I'm having difficulty finding where they came from in Ireland and also finding anything on their son Martin and daughter Jane.

Can anyone help at all??



Lisa McNally
(England) 23 February 2004

My Cavey/Carvey's seem to be from Shrivenham, Berkshire.

My gg grandfather Alfred Cavey/Carvey moved to Middlesex abt 1866 and married before moving to Barking Essex.

Barbara Cavey Dunn
(Missouri) 18 February 2004


My Thomas who was born in 1808, my great great grandfather was born in Beckley,SSX and married Rebecca born 1809 from Lyminge,Kent. They were married in 1830. Their children were Thomas 1833 stone, Kent, Stephen E. born 1841 Stone,Kent, Charles 1838 Stone, Kent who died at age 15, Mary Ann born 1843 Stone, Kent, Mark born 1846 born Stone, Emily born1849 in Stone, Henry born 1851 born1951 died at 33 months and Sarah born 1855 Stone. I don't know if these names are just English names or if there is some connection. Perhaps you would want to write to Julian Cavey who is the great great grandson of Geo, listed above. He has a great deal of information of the Cavey's back to 1500. We have been corresponding by mail as he does not have a computer. His address is Cnoc-na-Coileach I left out George born 1836.

18 Achfrish
Lairg, Sutherland
IV27 4DN, Scotland
01549 402049

Could you perhaps tell me where to contact in Kent to get information about the Cavey's. I have tried on the computer and had no luck.

Good to hear from you, and it would be exciting if we did find some connection. Cavey's in the U.S. are limited. Many live around Boston, N.Y. and my family lives in Mo., Okla, and California and very few now. There were very few boys to carry on the name. Hope to hear from you.


Steve Cavey
(England) 3 February 2004


my name is Steve Cavey,37,from Kent in England....I have recently started a family tree and progreessed onto the Cavey Society site and this message board...

I've gather a fair bit of info in the past couple of weeks that I'm really interested in for my lineage includes my great uncle tom Walter Cavey who died in the first world war.....I know that a Tim Cavey has researched this line and I am related to him,probably as a cousin 3 times removed.....

My grandfather was Edward Victor Ernest Cavey DCM and he served in Canada between 1900 and 1915....Ii have info from the 1st world war but there are missing pieces about his time spent in Canada and also Africa....can any body help?....even if you cant please feel free to drop me a line at...stevecavey at snippets of info can help...



Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 9 January 2004
  A Marc Cavey member oh the UK Parliament ? Whooo...

I'm impressed !


Lauren Cavey
(England) 28 November 2003

I'm from Oxfordshire in England!

My grandfather is called Kenneth Cavey, but I know nothing further back than this so I hope that you or anybody else can

Help me?


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 25 November 2003
  Hi Lauren,

It's true : there are other Caveys !

Where are you from ?

We will be happy to find if you are a relative.



Lauren Cavey
(England) 25 November 2003

I can't believe this!

I thought that my family was the only Cavey family in the world!

I haven't had time to read all of the webiste as yet, but as far as I can tell there are no links to my branch of the family! Would this be something that you are looking for?


Sonia Fritsch
(England) 2 October 2003


Is it possible to join the Cavey yahoo group ? I found this link on the website. Years ago, Jean-Luc Cavey drop me a line about it, but I was looking fot other part of my family tree . Now, I would like to know more about my Cavey ancestor



Sonia Fritsch
(England) 2 October 2003

Hoops, I think I really missed something . As my Cavey were married in France, the last message I posted are on the french page , and I was stupid enought to not look at the english page . Now I come, years later ! Is anyone able to give me Tim Cavey address ? He wrote something exactly for me , about a George Cavey ancestor, born in 1864 in Battersea !

And what about this George 's father, an other George, born in 1833 ? Coud he be the George Cavey Colin Stevenson was talking about ? So , anyone who know Colin Stevenson address ?

Gee ! Almost able to find what I'm looking to since years, and not able to just because all this messages were posted 2 or 3 years ago ! Can anyone help ? Many you, Jean-Luc ?Please ...


Gordon Wilcox
(England) 10 May 2003

For what it is worth - the surname 'cavey' i have always been told meant 'lookout'/'beware' from a cavey in England.

[Note of the editor] I'm not surprised by this assumption : "cave" in latin means "beware" (cave canem : beware from the dog).


Michael Cavey
(England) 13 January 2003

Hi, Michael Cavey here from the UK.

I just thought I'd send you a quick note to tell you that I got married on 21st Dec 2002 to Lucy Burke, who now becomes Lucy Cavey.

Her e-mail address is it would be great if you could send her an email welcoming her into the Cavey world-wide family.

Best regards


Jackie Carvey
(England) 11 January 2003


Do you know of any links to Carvey? I traced my husbands family tree back to Wiltshire, and the suddenly became Cavey - that is a lot of Carvey's that maybe Carvey ?


Clive Martin Cavey
(England) 05 February 2002
  The Church doesn't seem to know me but have linked me to your site.

Clive Martin Cavey

Formerly of Folkestone, Kent, UK.

Family from Kent area. Son of Dennis Arthur Cavey & Norah nee (Davies)


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 13 August 2001
  You'r welcome Mike.

I'm currently rebuilding the site to make it more confortable to the visitors.

I'll update it later.

Hope the UK Caveys will help you to find your roots.



Michael Cavey
(England) 13 August 2001

Just thourght i'd send you a mail as i too am a Cavey. I'm 30 years old and live in the county of Surrey which is Southeast of England. My father Peter Cavey also lives near me.

I know absolutly nothing about the history of my name apart from that it's apparently a French / Irish name that means "Look-out". But that could be a load of crap for all i know.

I also know nothing about my relatives as my father has no family members on his side (We think). This means that only my father, mother and sister share this name with me in my family.

Now i know this site is hear i will login from time to time as it's interesting to know there are other Cavemen out there too.

All the best


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 29 June 2001

[Note of the editor] I've replied to Evan on the Cavey in United States page.


Evan Cavey
(England) 29 June 2001

We have a rather interesting family tree. We are actually not sure who exactly we're related to. My name is Evan Cavey. I am the son of David Evan Ronald Cavey. His father, my grandfather was Joseph Cavey.

Joseph Cavey fought in WWII in England. While staying here, he met my grandmother Veronica. She fully intended to move with him back to the USA, however she lost confidence at the last minute, and didn't go. She was pregnant at the time, though with David. He has never known his biological father. That's where we are now.

SO,.... There's Joseph Cavey, who's whereabouts are unknown. His last known address was in Maryland on Herbert Avenue. Pretty vague, I know. Veronica lives in Durham, England. She has kept the Cavey name even though they were never married. She is known as Veronica Cavey-Wilcox. She had 2 sons, David Cavey, and Gordon Cavey-Wilcox. Gordon has the Cavey name even though Joseph is not his father. David married Jean and had one son, Evan Cavey, that's me. David and Jean divorced and David married Vera. Back to me, I have married Natasha, oddly enough an American from Missouri. We live together in Birmingham, England. We've just had a daughter named Chloe Emma Cavey. This is where our line ends. Now, Gordon Cavey-Wilcox, my uncle married Sandra who recently passed away. They have 3 girls, Charlotte, Ruth, and Fay all Cavey-Wilcox's. Everyone apart from my grandmother Veronica live in or around Birmingham, England.

If you should know anything about Joseph Cavey please let us know. He may not be alive now, but my Father could have brothers or sisters that he's never met. We are currently on holiday in Missouri, but the permanent email address to contact us on is Please let us know any helpful information. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Evan Cavey

By the way, Jean luc, I look just like you. There is an uncanny resemblence with me and all the "Cavey" pictures in your website!


Colin Stevenson
( England) 24 July 2000
  I am a bit surprised about this, to me, contradictory statement. Anglo Saxon to me means that the name is Old English and came to England with the Germanic tribes of Angles, Jutes and Saxons, i.e. not from France. If as seems more likely, the name is of French origin then it is more likely to have come with the Normans or later with the Huguenots. However there is good evidence to suggest a Huguenot origin. The earliest record I have found in England is a 1548 marriage in Sussex but I have not as yet tackled mediaeval records. The name remains most common in SE England today. Of course according to 1881 census the highest concentration of Caveys in Great Britain was in the Channel Island of Jersey.

I have not done work on the historical distribution of the name in Ireland but the scant evidence I have suggests Caveys in Ireland by the early eighteenth century. There was certainly migration from Ireland to England, some Caveys in 1881 census giving Ireland as place of birth. This group are found in NW England and are distinguished from those with a Protestant tradition from the South of England by their Roman Catholic tradition as evidenced by places of marriage and choice of forenames.

Scotland is even more of a problem, there are few historical occurrences of the name but the earliest I have found is 1587. The most common occurrence in Scotland is the name CAVAYE. I am not sure if this is a true variant or a completely different name but it 'appears' in Scottish records in the nineteenth century.

I am afraid the problem is far from solved but I would be interested in any evidence anyone has to offer.

Colin Stevenson
Dorset, England
GOONS #2887


Colin Stevenson
( England) 24 July 2000

I have no Pittuck in my database as spouse etc. No specific entries for Wivenhoe but some for Lexden registration district and more for nearby Colchester. Most of these are 20th century.

Do you have more specific details?

Colin Stevenson
Dorset, England
GOONS #2887


Colin Stevenson
( England) 27 January 2000

Hello Jean-Luc and All

I just wanted to clarify my work on CAVEY/CAVIE family history, (my paternal grandmother was Kate Willoughby Cavie, b Tunbridge Wells Kent England 1887, d Leicester England 1961). I am undertaking a one-name study and as such record any genealogical events relating to the name including variants. The study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies of which I am a member. This is only a part of my hobby of family history, I am also researching my own and my wife's ancestors.

I have around 4000 records related to the Study and a number of pedigrees. The vast majority of these records relate to England. So far I have extracted Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales from the GRO Indices from 1837, 1881 Census entries for Great Britain, National Probate Calendars 1858-1935, IGI entries and a few other records such as other censuses for towns or counties, parish register entries and soldiers died in WW1.

A number of people have kindly provided me with results of their own research and I welcome any contributions. I will also provide any information I have from my records on dead persons. Information on the living (even from public sources) is held only for my private research. This is in respect of privacy and in conformity with data protection laws in UK and EU.

I do not have a web site nor will I post all my data to this group for a number of reasons.

  1. There are a lot of data and they are increasing all the time.
  2. The data are of variable accuracy from a wide variety of sources; this needs to be explained to individual recipients.
  3. Some information has been provided by other researchers on the specific understanding that it will not be published on the Net.
  4. Many of the pedigrees are 'best guesses', I do not have all the information that would be necessary to prove relationships.

However, I am very willing to help anyone research their CAVEY/CAVIE ancestors, especially in England and Wales for which I have most data and experience of sources, so please contact me. It is not that I am unwilling to share my information but there is a lot of it and it is not always appropriate to do so 'in public'.

Colin Stevenson
Dorset, England
GOONS #2887

PS This message was written before I went off line for nearly three weeks due to failure of the power supply unit in my PC. Sorry this is out of date but it will take me a while to catch up on correspondence.


Tim Cavey
( England) 5 Otctober 1999

Dear All

I have had some great feed back from my previous listing including a line I didn't know about.

What I am looking for now is any one who has an ancestor George Cavey born Battersea (Surrey!!) in 1864 and died in 1897 in Poplar Middlesex.

With thanks to Colin Stevenson.


Colin Stevenson
( England) 3 September 1999

I have checked E&W births from 1839 - 1880 no John W. There are several Johns a number of whom are not accounted for in 1881 census or by prior death but I have not yet finished searching for and matching transcription errors.

Emigration is always a possibility.


Colin Stevenson
( England) 27 August 1999

Hello J. A Cavey

From my data held for my one name study I have made the following speculative links for John Cavey. They may be wrong, probably is, so beware.

Individual Detail

Subject* John Cavey ,

Father* Thomas Cavey
Mother* Mary Beer

Birth* __ ___ 1825 ,
Marriage* __ Mar 1849 Launceston, CON,, ENG.
Death* __ Mar 1853 Truro, CON,, ENG. ,

Printed on: 27 Aug 1999
Prepared by:
Dr Colin H Stevenson
4 White Lovington, Bere Regis
Wareham, Dorset, BH20 7NF, England


E-mail Tim 20 Aug 1999, n.d..

General Register Office Indices of Births, Marriages and Deaths, England and Wales, n.d..

John does not appear in 1851 census of Devon, I have not looked in Cornwall.

If you have an alternative hypothesis based on other evidence I would be very pleased to see it.

By the way I would be pleased to receive any details of your ancestors for the One-Name Study at

Best wishes

Colin Stevenson
Dorset, England
GOONS #2887


Angela Cavey
( England) 27 August 1999

Hello Jean-Luc,

My name is Angela Cavey and I was born in Oldham, Lancashire, near Manchester, in 1954. My father's family had contacts with Ireland, so I guess our ancestors are from there. Especially because our family is Catholic. Most of our family members from my father's generation are dead, there are only two uncles left, one of whom is a priest in Denton, Manchester. I have six cousins of whom only two males are named Cavey and one of them (Richard Cavey) is married with two children and the other (Martin) is unmarried. They still live in the Manchester area. I know we had some distant cousins who went to Australia.

I don't know anything about the name Cavey or the family so I'm very interested in this website. Most of all, I would like to know where the Caveys came from in Ireland.

I wish you good luck in your research.

Best regards,


Colin Stevenson
( England) 26 August 1999

Hello Tim and All

Thanks for posting all this information. I will add it to the information I have already built up from the GRO indices and census and post the results when I have done so.

Best wishes


Tim Cavey
( England) 20 August 1999

Dear all

Its been some time since I contacted you, but I have been doing a little research in the mean time. I know this is quite alot of information to look at, but if you can find a link to any of your own families I'm sure you will think its worth it.

I am sure there are a few mistakes in here and there are certainly a few gaps especially in generation 2.

I ought to make it clear that I didn't do the research myself, that was down to my aunt and Valerie Hutley my first cousin once removed (see the computer family tree is good for something! ) and others.


He married MARY BEER in WEST TEIGNMOUTH DEVON, 3/7/1815. THOMAS became the father of THOMAS CAVEY 1820. THOMAS became the father of JOHN BEER 1822. THOMAS became the father of WILLIAM CAVEY 1823. THOMAS became the father of JOHN CAVEY 1825. THOMAS became the father of RICHARD CAVEY 1827. THOMAS became the father of ELIZABETH SITTON BEER 3/1829. THOMAS became the father of MARY CAVEY 1831. THOMAS became the father of GEORGE CAVEY 1833.


THOMAS was born 1820.


JOHN was born 1822. JOHN died 1824 at 2 years of age.


WILLIAM was born 1823. At 21 years of age WILLIAM became the father of MARY FOX 1844. He married ELIZABETH JANE FOX in LIFTON, 25/8/1844. At 24 years of age WILLIAM became the father of ROBERT CAVEY 1847. At 26 years of age WILLIAM became the father of WILLIAM CAVEY 1849. At 29 years of age WILLIAM became the father of TOM CAVEY 1852. WILLIAM died 1857 at 34 years of age. At 55 years of age WILLIAM became the father of ELIZABETH JANE CAVEY 1878.


MARY was born 1844. She married an unknown person 1869.


ROBERT was born 1847. He married MARY HARDCASTLE in TAVISTOCK, 1873. At 26 years of age ROBERT became the father of ALICE MAUD MARY CAVEY 20/3/1874. At 28 years of age ROBERT became the father of ARTHUR JAMES ROBERT CAVEY 18/8/1875. At 29 years of age ROBERT became the father of FREDERICK SYDNEY CAVEY 29/3/1877. At 31 years of age ROBERT became the father of ELLEN ELIZABETH CAVEY 28/9/1878. At 33 years of age ROBERT became the father of EDITH BLANCHE CAVEY 15/7/1880. At 34 years of age ROBERT became the father of JAMES CAVEY 7/2/1882. At 38 years of age ROBERT became the father of VIOLET MAY CAVEY 1885. At 40 years of age ROBERT became the father of EMMA VICTORIA CAVEY 1887. At 43 years of age ROBERT became the father of FLORENCE MARY CAVEY 1890. At 49 years of age ROBERT became the father of DORIS GRACE CAVEY 1896. ROBERT died 1925 at 78 years of age.


He married an unknown person 1920. ALBERT became the father of ROBERT A T CAVEY 1921. ALBERT became the father of GWENDOLINE CAVEY 1923. ALBERT became the father of EDWARD CAVEY 1927.


ROBERT was born 1921. He married GOODSELL 1941. At 21 years of age ROBERT became the father of ANTHONY P CAVEY 1942. ROBERT died 1985 at 64 years of age.


ANTHONY was born 1942. He married MANN 1964. At 29 years of age ANTHONY became the father of ANDREW ROBERT CAVEY 1971.


ANDREW was born 1971.


GWENDOLINE was born 1923. She married JONES 1953.


EDWARD was born 1927. He married COOK 1951. At 27 years of age EDWARD became the father of STEPHEN CAVEY 1954. At 32 years of age EDWARD became the father of SUSAN CAVEY 1959.


STEPHEN was born 1954.


SUSAN was born 1959.


ALICE was born 20/3/1874. She married A H BODLEY Jun 1900.


ARTHUR was born 18/8/1875. At 21 years of age ARTHUR became the father of CECIL ARTHUR ROBERT CAVEY 1897. He married GRACE JANE BARLING 24/7/1897. At 23 years of age ARTHUR became the father of EDGAR D CAVEY 27/6/1899. ARTHUR died 20/5/1947 at 71 years of age.


CECIL was born 1897. He married HILDA PRICE 1920. At 24 years of age CECIL became the father of PAMELA CAVEY 1921. At 33 years of age CECIL became the father of MICHAEL JOHN CAVEY in CLAPHAM, 15.10.1931. CECIL died 1962 at 65 years of age.


PAMELA was born 1921.


MICHAEL was born in CLAPHAM 15.10.1931. He married PAMELA GWENDELINE JENKINS 26/5/1956. At 31 years of age MICHAEL became the father of NICHOLAS JOHN CAVEY in EPSOM SURREY, 25/5/1962. At 32 years of age MICHAEL became the father of TIMOTHY ROBERT BRUCE CAVEY in EPSOM SURREY, 9/4/1964. At 36 years of age MICHAEL became the father of ANDREW MICHAEL CAVEY in EPSOM SURREY, 12/4/1968. He married S. DYBLE in ELY CAMBRIDGE, 1989.


EDGAR became the father of TERENCE CAVEY 1933. EDGAR became the father of MAUREEN CAVEY 1935. EDGAR was born 27/6/1899. He married ROSA MALLING 9/10/1927. At 29 years of age EDGAR became the father of PAULINE CAVEY 1928. At 40 years of age EDGAR became the father of VALERIE CAVEY 1939. EDGAR died 20/5/1947 at 47 years of age.


TERENCE was born 1933. TERENCE became the father of PAUL CAVEY 1951. He married I FREEMAN 1951. TERENCE became the father of JANICE CAVEY 1953. TERENCE became the father of CHRISTINE CAVEY 1955. TERENCE became the father of ANTHONY CAVEY 1964. TERENCE became the father of LORRAINE CAVEY 1965. TERENCE became the father of MICHELLE CAVEY 1966. TERENCE became the father of MICHAEL CAVEY 1970. TERENCE died 1997.

1323211 PAUL CAVEY

PAUL was born 1951. PAUL became the father of RICHARD CAVEY 1975. PAUL became the father of JONATHAN CAVEY 1980.


RICHARD was born 1975.


JONATHAN was born 1980.


JANICE was born 1953. JANICE became the mother of IRIS 1977.

13232121 IRIS

IRIS was born 1977.


She married R MORTIMER. CHRISTINE became the mother of ANDREW MORTIMER 1974. CHRISTINE became the mother of HAZEL MORTIMER 1976. CHRISTINE was born 1955.


ANDREW was born 1974.


HAZEL was born 1976.


He married J PLATT 1985. ANTHONY became the father of CHARLOTTE CAVEY 1992. ANTHONY became the father of SOPHIE CAVEY 1996. ANTHONY was born 1964.


CHARLOTTE was born 1992.


SOPHIE was born 1996.


LORRAINE was born 1965. She married D JERVIS 1983. At 29 years of age LORRAINE became the mother of LUCY JERVIS 1994.

13232151 LUCY JERVIS

LUCY was born 1994.


MICHELLE was born 1966. She married T MAYES 1987.


MICHAEL was born 1970.


MAUREEN was born 1935. She married P SWAIN 1955. MAUREEN became the mother of MICHAEL SWAIN 1960. MAUREEN became the mother of JONATHAN SWAIN 1962. MAUREEN became the mother of JANET SWAIN 1963. MAUREEN became the mother of BARBARA SWAIN 1965. MAUREEN died 1992.


MICHAEL was born 1960.


JONATHAN was born 1962.


JANET was born 1963.


She married A HOPKINS. BARBARA became the mother of STEVEN HOPKINS 1991. BARBARA became the mother of SEAN HOPKINS 1995. BARBARA was born 1965.


STEVEN was born 1991.


SEAN was born 1995.


PAULINE became the mother of EDWARD LAMBERT. PAULINE was born 1928. She married P LAMBERT 1947. At 20 years of age PAULINE became the mother of JAMES LAMBERT 1948.


EDWARD became the father of MARK LAMBERT. EDWARD became the father of CLAIRE LAMBERT.




He married M BUTLER. JAMES became the father of SUSAN LAMBERT 1973. JAMES became the father of JOANNE LAMBERT 1976. JAMES was born 1948.


SUSAN was born 1973.


JOANNE was born 1976.


VALERIE became the mother of DEBORAH HUTLEY 1962. VALERIE was born 1939. She married P HUTLEY 1959. At 23 years of age VALERIE became the mother of KAREN HUTLEY 1962. At 27 years of age VALERIE became the mother of ROBERT HUTLEY 1966. At 27 years of age VALERIE became the mother of JANICE HUTLEY 1966. At 29 years of age VALERIE became the mother of MICHAEL HUTLEY 1968.


DEBORAH was born 1962. She married M FRANCIS 1986. DEBORAH became the mother of ROBERT FRANCIS 1989. DEBORAH became the mother of ANTHEA FRANCIS 1993.


ROBERT was born 1989.


ANTHEA was born 1993.


She married Z BEKTESI 1985. KAREN became the mother of SUSAN BEKTESI 1985. KAREN was born 1962.


SUSAN was born 1985.


ROBERT was born 1966. He married M COULDRIDGE 1994. At 29 years of age ROBERT became the father of CHLOE DANIELLE HUTLEY 1995.


CHLOE was born 1995.


JANICE was born 1966. At 24 years of age JANICE became the mother of LAURA HUTLEY 1990.


LAURA was born 1990.


MICHAEL was born 1968. At 26 years of age MICHAEL became the father of BENJAMIN MICHAEL HUTLEY 5/1/1995.


BENJAMIN was born 5/1/1995.


FREDERICK was born 29/3/1877. He married an unknown person 1910. FREDERICK died 1959 at 82 years of age.


ELLEN was born 28/9/1878. ELLEN died 1962 at 83 years of age.


EDITH was born 15/7/1880. She married BEATTY 1902. EDITH died 1939 at 58 years of age.


JAMES was born 7/2/1882. He married an unknown person 1903. At 22 years of age JAMES became the father of PATRICIA CAVEY 1904. At 30 years of age JAMES became the father of RHYS CAVEY 15/11/1912.


PATRICIA became the mother of DAUGHTER1. PATRICIA was born 1904. She married an unknown person in MEDHURST, 1934.

132711 BRIAN

132712 DAUGHTER1


RHYS was born 15/11/1912. RHYS died 1913 at less than one year of age.


VIOLET was born 1885. VIOLET died 1892 at 7 years of age.


EMMA was born 1887. EMMA died 1953 at 66 years of age.


FLORENCE was born 1890. She married A WRIGHT 1915.


DORIS was born 1896. DORIS died 1965 at 69 years of age.


WILLIAM was born 1849. He married EMILY SHERRIN 1873. At 25 years of age WILLIAM became the father of GRACE CAVEY 12/10/1874. At 26 years of age WILLIAM became the father of TOM WILLIAM CAVEY 28/3/1876. At 28 years of age WILLIAM became the father of ALBERT HENRY CAVEY 22/12/1877.


GRACE was born 12/10/1874. GRACE died 29/4/1880 at 5 years of age.


TOM was born 28/3/1876.


ALBERT was born 22/12/1877. ALBERT died 9/10/1879 at 1 year of age.


TOM was born 1852. He married LUCY JACKSON 1880. At 30 years of age TOM became the father of ETHEL CAVEY 1882. At 31 years of age TOM became the father of LUCY BEATRICE CAVEY 1883. At 32 years of age TOM became the father of VIOLET CONSTANCE CAVEY 23/11/1884. At 35 years of age TOM became the father of TOM WALTER CAVEY 1887.


ETHEL was born 1882. At 22 years of age ETHEL became the mother of ALFRED CHAPNESS 1904. She married an unknown person 1908.


ALFRED was born 1904.


LUCY was born 1883. She married an unknown person 1917.


VIOLET was born 23/11/1884. VIOLET died 28/7/1887 at 2 years of age.


TOM was born 1887. At 28 years of age TOM became the father of THOMAS HENRY CAVEY 1915.


THOMAS became the father of PETER CAVEY. THOMAS became the father of STEPHEN CAVEY. THOMAS was born 1915. He married an unknown person 1940.


PETER became the father of MICHAEL CAVEY 1971. PETER became the father of JEANETTE CAVEY 1973.


MICHAEL was born 1971.


JEANETTE was born 1973.



She married an unknown person 1878. ELIZABETH was born 1878.


JOHN was born 1825.


RICHARD was born 1827. At 30 years of age RICHARD became the father of THOMAS RICHARD CAVEY 1857.


THOMAS was born 1857.


ELIZABETH was born 3/1829. ELIZABETH died 11/1830 at 1 year of age.


MARY was born 1831.


GEORGE was born 1833.


Colin Stevenson
( England) 19 August 1999

Hello All

Just a note to remind you all that I am doing a one-name study of CAVEY/CAVIE/CAVY (these are the common more recent variants in UK that I have registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies) but I am interested in any variant such as CAVAY, CAVAYE, CAVEE, CAVEYE, CAVI, CAVYE. As my ancestors were English Cavies and I am in England I started with the data for England and Wales but I am interested in data WORLD-WIDE. So please send me information on your Cavey ancestors. To keep the study manageable I only collect data on people with the name Cavey, so that for females born Cavey who marry I do not keep information on their descendants and for females who marry Caveys I do not keep information on their ancestors except the names of their parents. I am interested in all records of genealogical interest, such as civil registration (births, marriages, deaths), church records (baptisms, marriages, burials), probate records (wills and grants), census records, military service records, occupational records, taxation and population lists. It is also helpful to list the source e.g a date of birth can be from a certificate, an index of registrations, a family bible, a census record, a death record etc. This is useful to other researchers as it provides an estimate of the strength of the evidence and sometimes an opportunity to go to the source. Please do not be put off sending information because it is incomplete or you are uncertain of sources etc. I do not intend to publish data on the internet but as a Guild member I am required to answer enquiries on my registered names from researchers. Please consider this when providing information about living or recently deceased individuals or information you regard as sensitive. Most genealogical information is already in the public domain but I would not wish to cause any distress. My purposes in collecting and collating these data are to build up a database on the name for the use of anyone with a genealogical interest and to determine the origin(s) and changing distribution of the name.

Please help by sending your data to me at . Any enquires should be sent to the same address.

Many thanks

Colin Stevenson
Dorset, England
GOONS #2887


Colin Stevenson
( England) 16 August 1999


Hello All

A lot has been happening in my two weeks away from the computer! Congratulations on linking up these families. I had a note today from Julian who is obviously very excited about developments. I look forward to getting down to the detail.

I have been busy sorting out the Caveys that do and don't appear on GB 1881 census on LDS CD-ROM. Some appear as Caney, Carey, Casey etc and I believe some apparent Caveys are not.

More details later.


Alison Cavey
(Scotland) 13 August 1999

This is really amazing! Now we seem to have found the Australian branch of the family. We knew that Mary had gone to Australia, but knew nothing after that. You are definitely the same branch of the family as us and we know most of the names on the front of your chronology. If you would like to get a copy of the family tree as we have it going back to the 1600s please shout and Dad will send you a copy. I have sent him a hard copy of your note and he is quite excited about it all! Do you have a land address as Dad is not on the Internet?

His address is below in the last note.

Great to meet you Pat!


Alison Cavey
(Scotland) 12 August 1999

Well....... we have American cousins and never knew it!!

I have just spoken to my father Julian who has the family tree going back to the 1500s and we have your great grandfather Stephen Ebeneezer Cavey on our tree, born in Stone in Oxney in Kent in 1841 - oldest brother Thomas Cavey born 3.3.1833 at the same place. A second brother George is a direct part of our family line based in Kent and Sussex for the next 150 years. We had a blank around Thomas and Stephen until now. My father will pull together some more details for you, but it looks as though we have a firm link! Isn't this exciting? If you know anything more about Stephens direct forebears please let us know and we can cross check further.



P.S. If you wish to contact my father directly he can mail you some stuff - Julian Cavey 18 Achfrish, Lairg Sutherland, Scotland, IV27 4DN.

Unfortunately he is not on the Internet.

Or you can email me back.


Julian Paul Cavey
(Scotland) 4th June 1999 posted via land mail 2nd June 1999

Dear Jean-Luc,

Many thanks for your letter of the 9th May, and your kind comments.

Your first comment concerning experienced genealogists who do not have access to a computer but do hold valuable records, leads me to comment that while a computer is a new tool which makes access easier, it is not the Magic Wand which many operators think they command! I am convinced that there is a mass information "out there", held by Caveys on paper, and in old photographs, in suitcases and attics, about which we know nothing as yet.

Colin Stevenson is a case in point, labouring hard to obtain sets of P.R.O. records, which where already in the Cavey domaine, researched by Valery Hutley (nee Cavey) and her daughter five years earlier, whith photo-copies to myself!

Colin has contacted me - we have exchanged snail-mail, and find much common ground. I will send him all my result to date, to incorporate in his Guild of One-Name Studies, and will continue to liase with him.

In your fourth paragraph, you mention King Henry VII, and "The Auld Alliance" between Scotland and France, which was renewed for each new monarch - in our case, 1547.

Although the Scots were considered a fierce enough fighting force to provide "The Gen'dArme Ecossaise", and "Les Gardes de la Manche", and the "Compagnie Ecossaise de la garde du corps du Roi", The Wars of the Roses were very complicated, and involved many ambitious, powerful seigniers who desired the English Throne. In England, the Scots/French were not a major force in the armed conflict, but were present on the battlefield of  Bosworth with Henry Tudor, when he won, and was later crowned Henry VII in Londond. It is possible that an early Cavey seigner fought in that battle, and added the two red roses of Lancaster to his shield in memory of the Tudor victory, before returning home to France ("The Auld Alliance", Stephen Wood, 1989, for background reading). Henry Tudor was, of course, Welsh!

I will continue to research my family in my quaint old fashioned way, using word-processer, real paper, history books, and the postal service, and will keep you and - Colin - of my progress.

Happy Hunting !


Colin Stevenson
( England) 14 Mai 1999

Hello Mike

Thanks for the message.

You don't give a time period for your interest but there are not many Cavey events in Essex, they were mainly south of theThames. The 1881 census has only one Cavey in Colchester.

Do you have any specific Cavey data relating to the area?


Christopher Cavey
(England) 24 April 1999

Hi nice to hear from you.


Julian Paul Cavey
(Scotland) 24 April 1999 posted via land mail 17 april 1999

[Note of the editor] This part of the mail was originally written in French

Dear Jean-Luc

I am the father of Alison Cavey who wrote to your website on April 7, 1999.

When my two aunts died in 1988 I thought I was the only Cavey in the World. Until I retired as a schoolmaster and moved from Braodstairs in Kent to Lairg in Scotland. There I started genealogical research with my typewriter - 700 miles away from Sussex - which is very slow and very difficult by mail.

This month my daughter drove up as a 65th birthday present a Brother L.W.800ic Desktop Publisher with 2 H.D.'s to help me with my research. She lives near London and works as a "Management Consultant".

She also prints all your Cavey pages on the Internet and sends them to me by mail. I wish I had a computer at home.

For the past ten years, I have been able to trace my entire Cavey family back to James Cavey married in 1655 in Tonbridge, Kent. I also have various Caveys up to 1545 but have not yet reunited them. I have also written a history of my family with all the details like profession, addresses (1655 - 1999). If you want I can send you all these pages by mail (but in English!).

This is the first time I have written a letter in French in 46 years, I apologize. There will be no accents...

I admire your father's and your research and your English. I think it is better than my English.

[Note of the editor] This part of the mail was originally written in English

Some observations on the Cavey research in South-East England, after ten years of work.

1- My close plotting of many Cavey root names by their villages on the map of Hampshire, Sussex and Kent, leads me to believe that from approximately 1700 onwards, the Cavie families were quite set in the spelling of their surname, and on the map, are not to be confused with the villages containing Cavey, Cavy, or, before 1650, the mediaeval Cavye. Geographically speaking, they separated themselves - very handy to us who follow.

2- Regarding immigration to England from France by the Hugenots circa 1572, I have a letter from the Hugenot Society of London stating that there are no Cavey/Cavie's on their extensive records at all (21st January 1995). They suggested that any Cavey immigration from France not due to religious persecution, but more likely trade oriented.

3- Still on a negative note - William the Bastard's conquest of East Sussex, and defeat of Harald in 1066, drew on many nobles and other fighting men from Normandy. There are no Cavey's mentionned on the bronze tablet in the Castle Falaise in Normandy, set up in 1931 to record the Knights who fought with William (the Conqueror) ("My Ancestors came with The Conqueror", by A.J. Camp. 1990).

4- What is worth considering, is that either they were lesser mortals of William's party, or that came with the next Regal invasion of Southern England during The Wars of The Roses, when King Henry VII "brought nearly three thousand (Frenchmen) with him, the worst that could be found in Normandy" !!! ("The Wars of the Roses" Hubert Cole, 1972). This in 1470.

5- Owing to the small numbers of Cavey's from Ireland moving to America, may I suggest that the MacDevitt/Cavey gaelic translation was spontaneous progression into the English tongue, rather than direct immigration from France, for which as yet we have no indication.

6- Rietstaps Armorial General entry for Cavey. I had The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies research it for me in 1997 (it cost 35!). Paraphrasing this expensive letter "there is no information on the granting of the Arms and it seems likely, therefore, that they were used in the 19th Century without officialy recognised entitlement". However, the arms of Claude (de) Cavey, granted by King Louis XIV in 1696, can only, in my own humble opinion, be totally genuine.

I hope, with these notes, to have thrown some pieces of meat into the stewpot, to be chewed on, and discussed... If only we had been alive at the time, we could have asked !

Happy hunting.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 22 April 1999

Hello Mike Thanks for the message.

You don't give a time period for your interest but there are not many Cavey events in Essex, they were mainly south of the Thames. The 1881 census has only one Cavey in Colchester.

Do you have any specific Cavey data relating to the area?


Alison Cavey
(Scotland) 19 April 1999

My father, Julian, has been undertaking considerable research into the Caveys in Sussex and Kent, and I know is keen to make contact with you.

Unfortunately he is not on e-mail. Do you have an address where he could land mail you?



Colin Stevenson
(England) 16 April 1999

Hello All I am interested in the origins of the Caveys.

In Great Britain there seem to be three groups in the 1881 census.

One, the largest, is based mainly in South East England (Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex) with a few outliers in the South West, East Midlands and Yorkshire.

The second is based in North West and consists of recent immigrants from Ireland and their families.

The third group is on the Channel Isle of Jersey.

Now I believe the first two are separate groups and that the name arose separately in the English and Irish groups.

At the moment I have no evidence for origins of the Jersey group. The name has been present in England for at least 400 years again mainly in SE. I wonder if this group could be descended from Huguenots (Protestant refugees expelled from France in two main waves in 1572 and 1685). There are amongst the IGI entries a few events at Huguenot churches and marriages with individuals with French names. My own Cavie ancestors from Kent/Sussex were Protestants.

I suspect that the Caveys of Irish origin in England came from a Roman Catholic tradition. I would be interested to know of the religious tradition of other Cavey families and in particular if the French and Jersey groups were Protestants or Catholics. Incidentally I don't think the spelling of the name is of any significance, my ancestors seem to have standardised on the Cavie variant from about 1830. this is particularly common around the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent but occurs sporadically elsewhere. Unfortunately, from a name origins point of view, CAVE and COVEY appear to have been used as variants at times.

I would be interested in your views and any evidence you may have for the origins of the name.


Alison Cavey
(Scotland) 7 April 1999

My father, Julian Cavey, now living in Lairg , North Scotland, has spent the last few years researching the family history, and has managed to get as far back as 1548. His immediate forebears come from Hastings, in Sussex, and further back from Northiam and Stone-in-Oxney, Sussex (William, born 1744). His father George Cyril, and his grandfather Stephen, were both bank managers for Lloyds bank in the area. His great aunts, only recently deceased (Bobby and Marjorie), spent their entire lives in Hastings.

I believe that Dad has made contact with at least one of the names on your list - Kay Cavey - but he is keen in his retirement to glean as much information as he can to fill out the family history. Consequently he would be interested to hear from anybody in your 'family' who may be able to help. I have been able to pas on to him some very intersting material from your web site.

Unfortunately he is not on email, but anyone can write to him direct at:

18, Achfrish
Lairg Sutherland
Scotland IV27 4DN.

Many thanks.


Paul Cavey
(England) 31 March 1999

My father is tracking our family history and has dated back to 1694, all in southern counties of England.

I'm interested in the information you have here as some seems to be of relevance. Will visit your site agin in the near future.



John Cavey
(England) 14 February 1999

I am John Cavey in Derbyshire , England. Just to let you know that I enjoyed your site and will let you have some English Cavey history shortly.


Andrew Cavey
(England) 19 January 1999

Thank for all your emails. I've been reading them with great interest. Sorry I can't contribute in any way to the name's history!

My father would like to be added to the mailing list if that's possible.

His email address is :

If you cannot do this yourself could you please let either of us know what to do?

Thank you for your help.


Surat James Cavey
(England) 14January 1999

I am Stuart James Cavey, living in Maidstone, Kent, England, formerly of Hoo, Kent. Born. 09.06.69.

I'm an only child. My fathers name was Ivor John Cavey born 31.08.39, in Southampton, Southern England.

My grandfather Reginald Cavey (birthdate unknown) worked on building Spitfire warplanes during the WW II. He died between 1946-47. My grandmother, Eleanor Cavey (maiden name unknown) birthdate unknown, died 1965.

Lack of information due to father passing away on 8.6.87. Any info gladly received.


Amanda Cavey
(England) 07 January 1999

Hi ! My name surname is cavey but i don't know what to do next.


Kay Cavey
(England) 27 December 1998

I have married into the Cavey family and my aunt, Pamela Boyle (previously Cavey) has asked me to write to you.

Pamela and her cousin Valerie have been looking into their Cavey family tree.  I mentioned your home page to Pamela and she had heard of a Jean-Luc Cavey and she was wondering if that was you.  What would you like to know about our Cavey family tree?

I hope that you had a good Chrsitmas and I look forward to hearing from you.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 6 November 1998

Here is some information about Caveys in UK for the web site.

Cavey/Cavie Households in UK Telephone Directory 1997 by County :

  • Buckinghamshire 1
  • Cambridgeshire 4
  • Cornwall 8
  • Derbyshire 4
  • Devon 9
  • Durham 2
  • Essex
  • Flint 1
  • Hampshire 2
  • Kent 38
  • Lancashire 13
  • Leicestershire 1
  • Middlesex 1
  • Norfolk 2
  • Northamptonshire 2
  • Nottinghamshire 1
  • Oxfordshire 6
  • Shropshire 1
  • Somerset 3
  • Suffolk 4
  • Surrey 18
  • Sussex 10
  • Wiltshire 3
  • Worcestershire 1
  • Yorkshire 1
  • Dumfriesshire 1
  • Renfrewshire 1
  • Sutherland 1
  • N Ireland 1


Census of Great Britain 1881 CAVEY/CAVIE Numbers of Persons Enumerated by County :

  • Berks hire 7
  • Buckinghamshire 1
  • Cornwall 8
  • Devon 5
  • Durham 2
  • Essex 1
  • Glamorgan 5
  • Hampshire 5
  • Kent 87
  • Lancashire 12
  • Lincolnshire 4
  • Middlesex 15
  • Nottinghamshire 13
  • Somerset 1
  • Surrey 45
  • Sussex 24
  • Wiltshire 7
  • Worcestershire 4
  • Yorkshire 13
  • Jersey 33
  • Royal Navy Ships 2


1881 Census Great Britain Place of Birth of Caveys/Cavies Enumerated by County (Males & unmarried females) :

  • Berkshire 1
  • Cornwall 3
  • Devon 9
  • Glamorgan 4
  • Gloucestershire 3
  • Hampshire 5
  • Kent 72
  • Lancashire 6
  • Lincolnshire 3
  • Middlesex 14
  • Norfolk 1
  • Northumberland 1
  • Nottinghamshire 9
  • Oxfordshire 2
  • Staffordshire 1
  • Surrey 19
  • Sussex 23
  • Wiltshire 11
  • Worcestershire 3
  • Yorkshire 9
  • Jersey 24
  • Ireland 3
  • France 1


The two tables from 1881 census show that most individuals are from SE England.  There are smaller groups in the rest of Southern England.  A group of immigrants from Ireland have settled in Northern England. There is a large group in Jersey but none in Guernsey.  While there were no Caveys in Scotland in 1881 I have today found a bit of information about Caveys in Scotland in earlier times.

More information and details to follow.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 29 September 1998

I have not had as much time as I had hoped for family history this summer and I have had computer problems.

I hope that I shall send you some interesting results on the 1881 census and the current numbers and distribution of Caveys in UK.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 01 May 1998

Please include my e-mail address on your web site.

I am very happy to answer any enquires about Cavey/Cavie ancestors in UK if I can. In the next few weeks I will be writing a questionnaire to send to Caveys/Cavies in the UK telephone directories asking for information about their ancestors.

I hope to send it to members of the World Wide Cavey Society as well, because I am interested in collecting information from anywhere not just UK.

I shall also be sending a letter explaining about my project and I hope you do not mind if I mention your web site and the Society.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 22 April 1998

I am sorry it is so long since I wrote but I have been busy with the Cavie project, my other family history and lots of other things as well.

However, as far as my Cavie study goes I have now extracted births and marriages for England and Wales 1837 to 1921and deaths to 1949. I have also extracted entries from the England and Wales Census returns for 1881. I have also extracted entries from about a half of all the recent telephone directories for the UK. I have also sorted my IGI database for UK, but not yet integrated this with BMDs and census data. I look forward to providing some interesting results of the distribution of the name at various times. I am also planning to contact all the names in the current directories.

Will write again soon.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 1 March 1998


I thought I would update you on progress with my project.

I have extracted the indexes to registrations in England and Wales for Births from 1837-1912, Marriages 1837-1884 and Deaths 1837-1910. This is being extended each week.

I have also downloaded entries from the IGI for British Isles. I am sorting this database at the moment.

My next step is to extract all entries in the 1881 census and the 1851census where this is suitably indexed. I also plan to send out a 'Newsletter' to those people in the current telephone directories to see if that brings some replies. I shall start in Kent and Sussex where I am most likely to have relatives.

Although I have not yet done a detailed analysis one or two interesting features are suggested by a brief examination of the data. Amongst the IGI entries are marriages to people with obvious French names and a christening in a Huguenot church. This raises the possiblity that the Southern Caveys are descended from French Huguenot immigrants. However the pattern of birth registrations in the North particularly in cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham is suggestive of immigration from Ireland but of course it could simply be migration from the countryside. The census should help to sort that out.

I will keep you and Caveys Worldwide informed of progress.


Marc Cavey
(England) 24 February 1998

Hi, this just a note to tell you about the cavey's in Surrey, England.

My name is Marc Cavey and I get the name from my father, Donald James Cavey who was born on 21.03.35 in London.

To the best of my knowledge my father has lived all his life in and around London although he has a sister who lives in Belgium but did not keep her maiden name.


Colin Stevenson
(England) 1st February 1998

Descendant Story

Generation 1

1 William CAVIE
.... William was employed 1822 as a brickmaker. (All other baptisms of children of William and Jane describe William as a Farmer.)
.... William was employed 1854 as Gentleman.
.... William and Jane recorded in census 1841 at Ropers Gate, Frant, Sussex.
.... William and Jane lived 1851 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... They had the following children:
.... .... 2  i  Thomas Botten CAVIE was christened 15 Feb 1807 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 3  +  ii  Stephen CAVIE was christened 15 May 1808 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 4  +  iii  William CAVIE was christened 12 Nov 1809 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 5  iv  George CAVIE was christened 03 Mar 1811 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 6  v  John CAVIE was christened 07 Jun 1812 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 7  vi  Edmund CAVIE was christened 29 Oct 1815 at Frant, Sussex; died Mar 1884 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... .... 8  vii Frederic CAVIE was christened 26 Oct 1817 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 9 viii Elizabeth Sarah CAVIE was christened 15 Aug 1819 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 10 + ix Henry CAVIE was christened 06 Oct 1822 at Frant, Sussex; died Jun 1885 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... .... 11 x David CAVIE was christened 05 Dec 1824 at Frant, Sussex.

Generation 2

3 Stephen CAVIE
.... Stephen was christened 15 May 1808 at Frant, Sussex.
.... Stephen and Ann were married.
.... They had the following children:
.... .... 12  i   Stephen CAVIE was christened 28 Apr 1833 at Frant, Sussex; was born about 1834; died Mar 1883 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... .... 13  ii  Edmund CAVIE was christened 16 Apr 1837 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 14  iii Joseph CAVIE was christened 05 Apr 1839 at Frant, Sussex.

4 William CAVIE William was christened 12 Nov 1809 at Frant, Sussex.
.... William and Elizabeth were married.
.... They had the following children:
.... .... 15  i  William CAVIE was christened 03 Jan 1830 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... 10  Henry CAVIE
.... .... .... Henry was christened 06 Oct 1822 at Frant, Sussex.
.... .... .... Henry was employed 1854 as a wheelwright.
.... .... .... Henry lived 1854 at High Street, West Hackney, Middlesex.    
.... .... .... Henry and Mary ELLWOOD were married 07 Nov 1854 at West Hackney, Middlesex after banns, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. (Entry 373 HC FA bach, ME FA sp. Min George Hervey. Wit. Thomas Hilsdon, Martha Sims)
.... .... .... They had the following children:
.... .... .... .... 16  i  Albert Ellwood CAVIE was born about 1858 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent; recorded in census 1871 at 8 Calverley Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent; died Dec 1889 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... .... .... .... 17 + ii Sydney Ernest CAVIE was born 17 Oct 1864 at Camden Road,
Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... .... .... Henry was employed 1864 as a wheelwright master.
.... .... .... Henry and Mary lived 1864 at Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... .... .... Henry recorded in census 1871 at 8 Calverley Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. (Henry declares his age as 45.)
.... .... .... Henry died Jun 1885 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Generation 3

17 Sydney Ernest CAVIE
.... Sydney was born 17 Oct 1864 at Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. (Entry 481Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Inf Father)
.... Sydney recorded in census 02 Apr 1871 at 8 Calverley Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... Sydney lived 1884 at 64 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
.... Sydney was employed 1884 as a saddler.
.... Sydney and Eliza Jane WILLOUGHBY were married 20 Jul 1884 at Vale Royal Chapel, Tunbridge, Kent by certificate, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Wesleyan Methodists. (Entry 3 SEC 22 bach, EJW 23 sp. Min John Knowles, Reg William Wiseman. Wit Frank Balcombe, Kathleen Savage)
.... They had the following children:
.... .... 18 + i Kate Willoughby CAVIE was born 13 Mar 1887 at 13 Springfield Cottages, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent; died 03 Oct 1961 at Royal Infirmary, Leicester of coronary insufficiency.
.... .... 19 ii Ethel Lily CAVIE was born Mar 1892 at Redruth, Cornwall; died Sep 1892 at Redruth, Cornwall.
.... .... 20 iii Mavis ?Catherine CAVIE was born Sep 1893 at Redruth, Cornwall.
.... .... 21 iv James Henry CAVIE was born about 1897; died Mar 1899 at Redruth, Cornwall.

Generation 4

18 Kate Willoughby CAVIE
.... Kate was born 13 Mar 1887 at 13 Springfield Cottages, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. (Entry 250 Tunbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Inf father 13.4.1887)
.... Kate and Horace STEVENSON were married 23 Sep 1911 at St Andrews, Leicester after banns, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. (Entry 229 HS 30 bach, KWC 24 sp. Min A A Thomson. Wit Luther James Stevenson, Annie Stevenson)
.... Kate died 03 Oct 1961 at Royal Infirmary, Leicester of coronary insufficiency. (Entry 477 Leicester, Leicester Third, Leicester. 1a Coronary insufficiency, 1b Coronary atheroma. Cert G E Bouskell Wade Coroner for City of Leicester after post mortem without inquest. Inf D H Stevenson, son, 21 West View Av Glen Parva Leicester. 5.10.1961. Reg K F Tew)

  • Sources :
  • Baptism entry of child
  • Marriage entry of child
  • Letter M Copus
  • Parish register
  • GROI
  • Marriage certificate certified copy held
  • Census
  • Birth certificate certified copy held
  • Birth certificate of child
  • Death certificate certified copy held


Colin Stevenson
(England) 29 January 1998

Congratulations on your website. Obviously I am not a Cavey but my grandmother was Kate Willoughby CAVIE. This is a variation (common around Tunbridge Wells in Kent where she was born) on the spelling CAVEY but sounds exactly the same in English. The spelling of names did not become fixed until about 100 years ago when most people could read and write. My ancestors names were spelt both ways and some old documents use the spelling CAVY.

As you know CAVEY/CAVIE is a rare name in England and I noticed when I was researching my ancestors that it was concentrated in the South East (Kent and Sussex). I suspect that the name may have originated in that area and all the English CAVEYS may share the same ancestor. I decided to start a one-name study and collect all references to CAVIE/CAVEY/CAVY genealogical events so as to map the name over time and hopefully link individuals together with the help of other researchers. I am extracting births, marriaged and deaths since1837 for England and Wales, individuals in the 1881census (because it is indexed) and IGI and other data available at LDS Family History Centres. I am also extracing entries from current telephone directories for the UK. Later I hope to use other sources such as Parish Registers. I have registered this study with the Guild of One-Name Studies. I would welcome any relevent data on any CAVIE/CAVEY and spouses anywhere and any time for inclusion in the database and will answer e-mail enquiries or reply paid snail mail enquiries. However this study has only just begun and it will be some months before I have much data.

What information if any do you want about my ancestors and how would you like it, GEDCOM or text?

Sorry I am unable to correspond in French but it is 35 years since I studied it at school!


Ken Farley
(England)  31 December 1997

I will send along the information, sketchy though it is, of 'my' Caveys, although the name was adopted.

Does this count as belonging to the Cavey Line?


Ken Farley
(England) 14 October 1997

I live in England, the elopement took place from Selby in Yorkshire and I have been unable to find out where they went to in Canada.


Ken Farley
(England) 11 October 1997

I have a Cavey in my Family Tree, a daughter of one of my ancestors eloped to Canada in around 1890 with the son of her employer. They changed their name to Cavey ( latin for "hide") to escape being caught.

If this is of interest please let me know.


Adrian Cavey
(England) 6 August 1997

Bonjour, Je m'excuse. Je ne parle pas bien le Francais et je l'ecrire plus mauvais- so it's got to be English.

I'm also sorry that it has taken me a while to get back to you. I have been very busy lately and I mis-filed your e-mail, I've only just found it again.

Are you or were you on Compuserve? I checked on the Caveys who were CServe members a while ago and was extremely surprised to find a Jean-Luc Cavey in listed in Paris and I can't believe that there are 2 of you.

Does your family come from Britain? (Cavey doesn't sound very French to my Anglo Saxon ear). Did you get many responses to your e-mail? My name (as you know) is Adrian, my dad, Frank, was born in Kent. He does not have much family left now but they were based all over the county of Kent. My dad's relatives were mainly merchants and shopkeepers (so perhaps Napolean was right after all!). I have been to France a few times (and around Paris several times but never into the city). I particularly like the South (le Midi?), and had really nice Holidays in Frejus and Port Grimaud where I picked up my bad French (the accent is even worse).

It was very nice hearing from you.


Martyn Cavey
(England) 12 July 1997

As far as I know there are not too many Caveys in britain, i am 36 years old and i have 2 brothers 8 and 10 years older than me. They both have families, one has 3 girls and the other has 3 boys. We all live in the south of england including my 2 uncle's and an aunt who also have the Cavey surname. My father told us that our relations came from france many generations ago, 1700's i think. My brothers names are Roger and Alan, and my uncle's names are Jack and Edward. My aunt's name is Dorris. My fathers name was Douglas, he died in 1985 and my mothers name is Edna. Hope this helps.

Dean Edward Bond (U.-K. - England)  23 June 1997

I know Mark Cavey. He lives in Working, Surrey, England with his wife Pat. If you would like, you could send me a message that I would be happy to pass on. Perhaps you could communicate using "snail mail" as I do not think Mark has an Email address.


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