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According to the French telephone directory (and others reliable sources), there are around one hundred families whose surname is Cavey in France. That means, if we assume that there is two children for each family and a wife, we will be four hundreds of Caveys at the most. Click here to see how many and where did Caveys live in France ?

Seventy-five per cent of them live in Southern Normandy and more precisely in three departments : Calvados, Manche and a little less in Orne. Others Caveys, living all over the place in France, come from Normandy by at least one of their parents.

We know that because my father plans, twenty-five years ago, to construct our family tree

The first way to do that is to search for the date of birth of your parents, grand-parents and so on, through the registers of births, marriages and deaths.

  • It is relatively easy since king François the first (1515-1547) promulgates the "Edit de Villers-Cotterêts" (10 or 15 August 1539). Titled :"Ordonnance générale sur le fait de la justice, police et finances", this act compels the clergy to have charge of the registers of births, marriages and deaths everywhere in France (this act also orderd to use French instead of Latin in the official documents). Since the French Revolution (1789-1794) this registers are held by the mayors of the communes. Before the "Edit de Villers-Cottrerêts", there was no recognizance to keep registers of births, marriages and deaths so that the only way to retrieve our ancestors are the notary-public acts of marriages, bill of sales or heritage. These documents can be found, however they need to have a good knowledge of the old French or of the low Latin.
  • It is sometimes difficult because of the the damage caused by World War II, especially in Normandy, which has destroyed many of this registers (by fire) due to the air raids needed for the allied landings in Normandy in June 1944.

So, my father went back, from a register of births, marriages and deaths to an other, to the origins of our family. He spend a time (and of money) to do that, but since then, he is able to tell to every Cavey living in France, where he comes from and who are their parents and relatives.

By an other way, I decided to help my father and I used to look to the telephone directories of the hotels, searching for Caveys' name, when I had to travel through France or in foreign countries.

A week, I was in San-Francisco (June 1980) for my job, I opened the telephone directory at the hotel and I discovered that there was a many Caveys living there (around ten). Much more than in Paris (where I am the only Cavey at the present time). I have done the same things in Los-Angeles and I discovered an lot of Caveys (around twelve). An other year (1985), I went to New-York and, this time, I found twenty Caveys in the phone directory !

My assuption was that there was probably much more Caveys in the U.S.A. than in France...

I wondered "What about the Caveys in United-Kingdom" ?

A day, I decided to go to the central post-office in Paris ("rue du Louvre") where I was certain to find the phone directory for the United-Kingdom. I discovered that Caveys where extremely numerous in the Southren Great-Britain, specially in England (Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex) even if  I found some Caveys at Liverpool, Glasgow, or elsewhere.

What I'd like to know is : "Did the French Caveys came from England or did they do the way in the opposite direction" ?

For that reason, in June 1997, I decided to build a Web site to try to share my Father knowledge of our family surname with anybody who wants. I would have been happy to link with a dozen of Caveys in UK....

The result was over my best dreams.

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