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My genealogy :

Since these lines were written I have undertaken extensive genealogical research taking advantage of the fact that the French Civil Registry is now (in 2021) digitised and accessible online. I have corrected the errors on this page. As for the statements on the page about the history of some Cavey, I have left them as they were.

My complete and sourced family tree is available on Généanet. Unfortunately it's in French. Here are the essentials of the "Cavey" branch.


My parents :

Pierre, Jean Cavey. Born : 24th December 1921 at Saint-Cyr l'Ecole. Engineer in electricity, then director of a wind turbine in France and then director of a factory. Dead on 20th October 2010 at Romorantin (Loir et Cher).
Huguette (maiden name : Chauvel). Born : 15th June 1927 at Paris. Dead 7th may 2013 at Castera-Verduzan (Gers).


My daughters :

Claire Quintanar (maiden name : Cavey-Tardy). Born : 17th July 1979 9:30 pm at Nanterre. Living at Clichy with her husband André Quintanar. They have two daughters Ellen born 17th June 2008 and Chloé born 23th May 2012.
Sophie Cavey-Tardy. Née le 17 Juillet 1979 9 9:40 pm at Nanterre.


My brother :

Michel Cavey. Born : 29th December 1948 at Saint-Cyr l'Ecole. Geriatrician. Married to Martine Lemoine. Two sons (see "my nephews" below).


My nephews :
(sons of Michel)

Nicolas Cavey. Born : 13th July 1975 at Auch. entertainment contractor. Living close to Toulouse in the south of France. He has two sons Mathis born on 1 September 2008 and Lino born on 1 February 2019)

Simon Cavey. Cook. Born on 22 August 1986 in Auch.

Ten ancestors

The latin number at the beginning of the line (preceeding the name) indicates the number of generation I am from them.

My grandfather (father of my father)

II - Pierre, Joseph Cavey. Born on December 28, 1894 in Bessé-sur-Braye (Sarthe). Married (1919) with Georgette Pierre-Bes (1900-1976). Died January 23rd 1968 at Nogent-le-Rotrou He was a boilermaker for the French Railways. Specialist in non-ferrous metal boiler making for steam engines. 1st class foreman.


My Great-Grandfather (grandfather of my father)

III - Julien Cavey. Born on 30 September 1865 in Blainville-sur-Mer (Manche). Married (1889) with Elisa Lalande (1859-1915). Died on 8 March 1919 at Châteauneuf-sur-Charente (Charente). He is the first Cavey in my branch to have left Lower Normandy because he worked for the State Railways, so he had to move more than once.


Generations of Caveys before my Great-Grandfather

Note that all the Caveys listed below were born, lived and died, in Lower Normandy, in the canton of Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin(La Ronde-Haye is about 3 kilometres - 1.8 miles - and La-Vendelée ababout 8 kilometres - 4. 9 miles - from Saint-Sauveur), except (IV) Pierre Cavey who lived and died in Blainville, canton of Saint-Malo-de-la-Lande (Blainville is about 6 kilometres - 3.7 miles - from Saint-Malo which is about 12 kilometres - 7.4 miles - from Saint-Sauveur).


IV - Pierre Alexis Cavey. Born on 25 February 1831 in La-Vendelée (Manche). Manche). Married (1863) with Flore Virginie Leplanquais (1839-1908). Died on 22 December 1892 at Blainville (Manche). He was the father of Julien above, my great-grandfather. He was a weaver and road-mender. He lived under the reigns of Louis-Philippe I (1830-1848), Napoleon III (1848-1871) and the third republic (1871-1940).


V - Toussaint Adrien Cavey.Born on 25 December 1796 in La-Ronde-Haye La-Ronde-Haye (Manche). Married (1822) with Rosalie Lepelley (1800-1876). Died on 4 April 1866 in La-Vendelée (Manche). He was the father of Pierre above. He was a shoemaker and small farmer. He lived under the reigns of Napoleon I (1804-1815) and the kings Louis XVIII (1815-1824), Charles X (1824-1830), Louis-Philippe I (1830-1848) and finally Napoleon III (1848-1870).


VI - Jean Baptiste Cavey. Born on 4 April 1770 in La-Ronde-Haye (Manche). Married (1792) with Marie Anne Yon (1769-1837). Died on 10 February 1838 at La-Ronde-Haye (Manche). He was the father of Toussaint above. He was a ploughman and day labourer. He lived under the reigns of Louis XV (1715-1774), Louis XVI (1715-1774), during the French Revolution (1789-1794), then under those of Napoleon I (1804-1815), Louis XVIII (1815-1824), Charles X (1824-1830) and Louis-Philippe I (1830-1848).


VII - Toussaint Cavey. Born 8 septembre 1732 in La-Ronde-Haye. Marié (1759) avec Françoise Laisney (1739 - 1851). Décédé le 2 octobre 1780. Il était le père de Jean-Baptise ci-dessus. Il a travaillé comme journalier. Il a vécu sous les règnes des rois Louis XV (1715-1774), Louis XVI (1774-1792), pendant la Révolution française (1789-1794), puis, sous les règnes de Napoléon 1er (1804-1815), et des rois Louis XVIII (1815-1824) et Charles X (1824-1830).


VIII - Toussaint Cavey. Born after 1683. Married (1718) to Marie Delalonde (? - ? still alive in 1759). Died before 22 September 1759. He was the father of Toussaint above. He was a labourer. He lived during the reigns of Louis XIV (1643-1715) and Louis XV (1715-1774).


IX - Jean Cavey. Born about 1663 at La-Ronde-Haye (Manche). Married (1683) with Jeanne Fauvel (? - ?). Died after 1690. He is the father of Toussaint above. He lived in the reigns of King Louis XIV (1643-1715) and two years in the reigns of King Louis XV (1715-1774).

He is mentioned in his marriage certificate (28 October 1683 (Thursday), Millières, 50190, Manche) and in the birth certificate of his son Toussaint.


Because Jean Cavey was "born around" and we don't know who his parents were, we can't go further back. As told on the page French Caveys' history the name is continuously present at La-Ronde-Haye without any breaking since 1580, but we could not link the Caveys found there with my ancestors Cavey above.

During the Second World War, and particularly the landing on 6 June 1944, the whole area was bombed by the Allied air force. Numerous archives were destroyed and permanently lost.

More details about my family on Généanet (in French).

Last update : Jun-20-2021 16:37:48 CEST

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