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From :
  For your convenience, the messages are classified in decreasing order of date.
Tomas J. Cavey
(Jakarta) 24 April 2003

Dear Jean-Luc,

I recently read a note on your site from Emily Burns of Rhode Island in which see talks about a distant relative - Jane Cavey - from Donegal, Ireland who migrated to Wigam in Northern England. My mother told me that the Cavey's (my father's family) originally came from Donegal many generations ago. I thought it would be interesting to compare notes with Emily. If you wish, you may release my E-mail address to her.


Jean-Luc Cavey
(France) 21 April 2003
  Hi Tom!

I'm happy to read of you.

I remember you : you were one of my first contact in the U.S (your first mail, on the site is dated September 20, 1997).

I also remember when you moved to Singapore and you are still quoted on the site with the comment "Tom Cavey (Singapore - previously New-Jersey)". Your last post on the site is dated June 29, 1999.

You were also an active participant to "the debate".

Great to have news from you.

Just wondering if I keep you (for this message and the coming ones) on the US page or on the "Cavey in other countries" (they are few, so when I get one...).

Hope to read you again, our family Worldwide traveller !


Tomas J. Cavey
(Jakarta) 21 April 2003

Thank you for your E-mail. I haven't visited the site in a number of years (see Thomas).

At the time I was living in the US. Since that time I have spent nearly five years in Singapore and am now working in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Just to let you know who I am, my name is Thomas J. Cavey. I was born in Brooklyn, New York on March 22, 1940. I grew up in New York, but moved to New Jersey when I got married. My father's name was John T. Cavey and he was born in Delavan, Wisconsin on June 25, 1910. His father's name was Martin Cavey, also born in Delavan, Wisconsin. My grandfather claimed he was the fifth generation of Cavey living in Wisconsin. I don't know if that was a bit of an exaggeration or not, because if true the first generation would have been living with alot of Indians.

The Cavey family came to America from Ireland but no one kept very good records.

From my earlier visit to your site, I sometimes wonder if they didn't really originate in France a long time ago.


Noel Cavey
(Italy) 8 January 2001

En fouillant sur copernic (thème : CAVEY) je suis tombé sur votre site

Je m'appelle Noël Cavey et je vis en Italie.

Je suis né à Coutances (Manche) et j'ai vécu à Lithaire (50) ou vit toujours ma mère

Feu mon père (Paul Cavey) né à Neufmesnil en 1927 (décédé en 1996)

Feu mon grand-père (Eugène Cavey) né dans la région de Lessay en 1892 (décédé en 1942)

Ca s'arrête là car je n'ai jamais fait de recherche.

[Note of the editor] Translation :

While searching on Copernic (keyword: CAVEY) I found your site.

My name is Noël Cavey and I live in Italy.

I was born at Coutances (Manche) and I have stayed to Lithaire (Manche) where still lives my mother.

My father (Paul Cavey) was born to Neufmesnil in 1927 (deceased in 1996).

My grandfather (Eugene Cavey) was born in the Lessay area in 1892 (deceased in 1942)

It's stop there because I never made more research.


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