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In order to organise the Cavey Reunion 2001, William James Norris (a.k.a. Bill), Nicole Lathe Ervin (a.k.a Niki) and Sharon Zinkand has the idea to create a Family site at My

After the meeting they create a new site at the same host to share family trees, family bibles, pictures (of the 9 june 2001 event as well as of their ancestors), recipes, news or whatever that can be shared in relation with the name "Cavey".

Although this site is focusing on the Maryland branch of the U.S. Cavey, I would encourage at least those of the U.S. Cavey who want to share information about their origins, to become a member of this group as it appeared that Maryland is the berceau of the name in the U.S. (specificaly the Baltimore area).

The site is in the middle of a Web site (as Cavey Familly Worldwide Society is) and a mailing list (as is).

You must be a member to have access to the content, but it's for free.

To do so, send a mail to one of the above owners of the site.

Then you could be able to access to the site at this URL :



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