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Southern Normandy
An History of Normandy
The Fontenil
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Each person has two homelands, his country and France (Thomas Jefferson).

This site is intended to promote relationships between those, all over the World, whose surname is "Cavey"
or who have a family connection with a Cavey.
Our goal is to exchange any suitable information about our families, our ancestors, our history, our roots, our family tree and our genealogy.

Our main research is "where did the Caveys came from ?"


You can help me to maintain this site updated and you are encouraged to send to me
any information related to the Cavey name (surname, given name, location, or whatever).

  • You are a Cavey (or you have family connection with a Cavey) and you have an e-mail address : e-mail me the information you have collected about you and your family and which you would like to be published on this site.
  • You are not a Cavey but some person you know is a Cavey and he/she have an e-mail address : give them the URL address of this site ( so that they can e-mail me.
  • You are not a Cavey but some person around you is Cavey and he/she have no e-mail address : print these pages and give them so that they can send me a "snail mail" or, better, ask them to give you a word-processed paper that you can forward to me (Word, RTF, HTML or ASCII format will be accepted).
  • You are not a Cavey (and you have no family connection with à Cavey), but you got some information about our family name. You are more than welcome. Please, e-mail me this information.
  • You are not one of the above ? It does not matter! We're always pleased to see you. And perhaps this site will give you the idea to create your own "Family Worldwide Society" site.

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by using information included in these pages in an other way than for free friendly relationships.
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